Website-Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

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website movies Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

Here at Screen Rant we’re trying to play a bit of Nostradamus. We started by trying to predict the next big Upcoming Hollywood Movie Fads, then followed that up a few months later with some Ridiculous Toy-Based Movie Ideas and then, most recently, gave some examples of Ridiculous (but Possible) Upcoming Video Game Movies.

It would seem that Hollywood hasn’t exactly been listening to our suggestions because not only did we fail to predict a Mafia Wars movie based off the popular Facebook app but the only item from the list that even got a fake trailer was our Oregon Trail idea (and they didn’t even mention J.J. Abrams). But we’re not going to let that deter us from continuing to try and stay one step ahead of the Hollywood Think Tank.

It appears that Hollywood is now looking to websites for inspiration. The Social Network, which is the supposed true (but not that true) story behind the beginnings of Facebook, is slated to arrive this Fall with some big time names behind it. Add the fact that Google now has a film treatment in the pipeline and you end up with what could be the beginnings a disturbing website-movie trend…

So with that in mind, here’s a list of 10 websites that could be next for a big screen adaptation ranging from the absurd, yet plausible, to “come on, man, seriously?” Take a look and see if your favorite website made the list.



myspace poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Drama) – MySpace is a compelling drama inspired by, and based on, the mostly true story of the time when the once social networking giant controlled the internet world. Based on a screenplay by Danny Boyle (127 Hours) and directed by Darren Aronofsky (The Black Swan), the story follows co-founders Chris DeWolfe, Josh Berman and Tom Anderson as well as the mismanagement that allowed the dominant website to slip into 2nd place (and further) – by assuming they would always be king of the social network mountain.

MySpace the movie will open shortly before The Social Network (the movie about Facebook) but viewers will be allowed to switch theaters during the middle of MySpace to watch The Social Network instead.



ebay poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Horror) - eBay has been the world’s leading website when it comes to online auctions since its humble beginning in 1995. Millions of people from all over the world innocently go about their business, bidding on and selling everything from Barbie dolls and Rock’em Sock’em Robots to used appliances and scrapbooking materials. All sorts of weird and strange objects have also been up for bid, ranging from human kidneys to a young girl’s virginity. But what most people don’t know is that a demonic cult puts the very souls of people up for auction, with all the winning bids going to B.L. Subub – who always collects in person.

Trouble ensues when Elaine, a casual bidder, accidentally stumbles into the private auction and unwittingly outbids B.L. Now he wants what should rightfully be his. Can she pay the devil his due or will she end up losing her soul in the process?



digg poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Drama/Thriller) – Helen McKeller is just a simple reporter and blogger for a small town newspaper in Wisconsin – but has always aspired to write the big story. Until her “chance” comes she settles with reporting on little league baseball games, corn prices and local grocery store openings. Occasionally she’ll get the opportunity to report on a “big” story, such as the birth of a new calf – but when a mysterious stranger turns up dead one morning in the middle of Main Street, Helen seizes the opportunity to have a big publication take notice of her work. In an effort to uncover the answers, she’ll be have to embark on a journey that will take her away from that familiar, small town life – a journey that could get her killed.

The more she writes, the closer she gets to her career-making story, while simultaneously attracting more attention from a series of evil secret organizations, big government agencies, and multi-conglomerate companies. She wants desperately to get on the front page, where everyone can read her story, but to get to the truth she’ll have to Digg.



amazon poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Action/Adventure) – When a group of international poachers venture deep into the Amazon rainforest, they hope to come back with a rich bounty full of endangered animals and expensive birds. Instead, they cross paths with Marpesia (played by the Spanish female body builder Maribel Barnes) who is a direct descendent of the Tapuya tribe, and has been charged with protecting a sacred part of the forest for decades. After one of the poachers severely injures her during a fight, she escapes, and passes out on the edge of the rainforest where a young GRANOLA worker (Global Rainforests  And Nature On Litigation Alert), Micah, finds her and takes her to a hospital.

When Marpesia tells Micah of the poachers and atrocities happening in her rainforest, he vows to help her in any way he can. Together the pair works side-by-side in an effort to run the poachers out of the forest before they can peddle their ill-gotten gains online.



flickr poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Ghost Story) – Katrina Malroy and her twin brother Keith are taking a vacation across Europe, enjoying the trip and sharing pictures of their fun times with their younger sister, Kelly, back home via Flickr. What starts off as an innocent way to share their adventures soon turns into a horror as each picture sent to Kelly by her siblings becomes increasingly creepy. At first Kelly thinks she’s seeing reflections or “ghost” images produced by the digital camera but with each new picture, she sees an eerie pattern emerging – a pattern that shows her brother and sister dead.

Kelly must find a way to warn her dear siblings from the impending doom but are the ghost demons after them… or her?

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  1. Paul did you think up all those movie ideas and posters?

    • Yes…spent the better part of 10 hours doing them all.

      • wow paul, nice job man

        • TY…glad people are enjoying the article and the idea behind it. It’s all just good fun.

          • im begining to wonder what hollywood mogul is salvitating right now though seriously lol

  2. LOL no wonder all the other pages are dead u gys are here hiding from me LMAO!

  3. Well that’s pretty good work there Paul.

    A few of those are perfect Julia Roberts/Sandra Bullock vehicles. Amd the IMdB idea I can see Seth Rogan in that one. 8-)

    • it’d have to have lots of bong hits and Apatow involved 790 lol

    • Hey thanks for the kudos bud. Maybe a high profile producer will contact me regarding my ideas lol.

  4. Breaking bad is great just finished season 2 so I thank you for that plus you got me in to Dex as well.

    So far this year I got in to Chuck, 24, Californication, Hung, Breaking Bad , Burn Notice, Dextar and True Blood enjoying them all. Oh and I kind of enjoy Eureka but it’s not as good as the others still enjoyable though.

    Oh and I was able to learn I really don’t like that lifetime show what was it called? Oh yea the unit. I think they really mislead you with the name I saw the actual Unit much less than I saw the wives.

    • Chuck is just pure TV genius

    • Man I keep telling myself that I want to sit down and watch Breaking Bad from the beginning but right now I’m hooked on watching all 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis on Netflix.

      I loved The Unit when it was on CBS and I completely agree with you about the wives. When the show focused on the men on the unit the show really clicked but when all the extra drama that no one cared about started happening back home, the show derailed for me.

  5. @Paul great work man. Funny descriptions and the posters look great. 10 hours is a lot of work but I would of guessed it would of taken longer so your fast with the photoshoping. Takes me alot longer.

  6. The IMDB idea reads like a Seth Rogan biography.

    No talent, its a big mistake, no bodys looking, yadda yadda.

    • actually growing very tired of that dude…and as far as im concerned, the only real thing worth watching that he was in(not a lot)was Freaks And Geeks

  7. WOAH! 10 hours?? Im hoping u get paid good for this man…

  8. Paul Breaking Bad is easily one of the best shows on TV. You’ll love it.

    The Unit was like two different shows. The parts with The Unit were pretty good not the best I’ve seen but a show i’d gladly keep watching the rest of it was awful though. I got very angry at the cheating wife in the very first episode and realized I probably wouldn’t be able to watch much longer. Sending your husband away to possibly die so you can sleep with his boss wow that’s wrong. Also President Palmers wife (that’s what he will always be to me) wasn’t annoying her character was pushy and very annoying and honestly not that great of an actress. However I love President Palmer, always been a fan of Scott Foley and usually Shawn Ryan is a genious.

    • he’ll always be Jose Serano to me Daniel :)

  9. Anthony I agree Chuck is great. Chuck and 24 were shows I always meant to watch but either conflicted with my DVR or I just never got around to. To bad I never got to watch 24 live when it was still on. At least I can watch Chuck with everyone else.

    Paul sorry about hijacking your thread lol

  10. Jack Black has a little garden gnome in him but he’s not fat.

    Jonah Hill, now your talking cronic fat. There’s obviously a market out there for the cronic fattys.

    (No offense to over weight readers of Screen Rant)

    • lol..well, im 6’3, 200..not 5’6 and 250 like he is lol(kidding here)

  11. were still on topic arent we??

  12. I weigh 210 lbs and im cool like that,i dont wanna lose or gain pounds….

  13. Meh I really enjoy Seth and fine him funny as hell. I loved Super Bad, Pinapple Express and Zach & Miri make a Porno.

    • ever check out freaks and geeks daniel?

  14. Anthony, Ricky is adapting and improvising like that computer in War Games… 8-)

    • *is confused*

    • ahh the infamous joshua

  15. Zack and miri was too pornerish LOL!

  16. Anthony youre 6′ 3″? I dont need a ladder then LMAO!

    • yeah you do shorty

  17. uh not really youre just 5 inches taller….

    • lol..i have a buddy thats 5’8….its short..end of convo, im about to get mean here and vic or paul wouldnt appreciate it :)

  18. Still trying to get back down to 210 Ricky. Gained over 100pounds from my accident and being unable to walk. I’ve lost alot but still have a ways to go I’m limited on excercise.

    • i wanna lose 10..

  19. Yea Anthony I’ve seen it. Greeks and Geeks was ok but I didn’t love it.

    • i loved that show man, i was pissedd that it was cancelled :(

  20. Anthony
    Im not short at all. 5’8″ isnt short…..But i know what u meant with the ladder lol!

    • 5’8′ is short to me sorry man

  21. daniel: go watch “the wire” best fricking show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    o and paul, you should check out my wikipedia idea i posted earlier. i came up with it in three minutes lol

  22. Rickster 5’8 technically speaking is short. It’s considered short for a man and about average for a girl. No offense and nothing wrong with that but some people are short no big. I’m just barely average almost short my self right there on the edge at just a little over 5’10 a hair shy of 5’11.

  23. Not a fan of the Wire. I always compare it to the shield and for me it falls way short.

  24. Daniel F

    Well then there are many short ppl in az,cuz im taller than most guys LOL!

  25. Sucks for AZ guys rickster lol. My understanding I’d that 5’10 to 6’00 is considered average. Usually 6’1 to 6’3 is tall and 6’4 + is freak lol jk

    what sucks for me is that I was 5’10 in 8th grade and was one of the tallest kids in school now that I’m in my late 20′s and still 5’10 i’m shorter than most my friends that I used to tower over. Havnt grown an inch in height since I was 13.

  26. I just need to grow 3 inches then to be as tall as you,i still dont stop growing,so who knows :P

  27. Ricky do you shop at Walmart?,,,lol,,,

    That one reminded me of you. ;-)

  28. Oh no i dont set foot at wal mart i hate it with a passion! Targets my store 8-)

  29. I’m with you Rickster I hate walmart the place disgusts me. I go to Best Buy, Gamestop, Kholes, Hot Topic and a few other places instead. Mostly I hate Hot Topic but they sell some cool comic book shirts rest of their crap sucks though.

    Walmart though is mostly a filthy store that is not only filthy but Over crowded and at least 80% of the people are blites on humanity. I say 80% because I know some good people still shop there. I don’t have any problems with Walmart as far OmG!!!1111!!1!! ThEIr TakInG OvR TeH WorLD!!11! However I don’t like the people that shop there for the most part there are to many people shopping there the store insnt clean and the employees are lazy and rude.

    • LMAO! They are rude as hell….when i wanna buy something like in the electronic part in the back they ignore…and yeah i agree with the 80% part.