Website-Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

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website movies Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

Here at Screen Rant we’re trying to play a bit of Nostradamus. We started by trying to predict the next big Upcoming Hollywood Movie Fads, then followed that up a few months later with some Ridiculous Toy-Based Movie Ideas and then, most recently, gave some examples of Ridiculous (but Possible) Upcoming Video Game Movies.

It would seem that Hollywood hasn’t exactly been listening to our suggestions because not only did we fail to predict a Mafia Wars movie based off the popular Facebook app but the only item from the list that even got a fake trailer was our Oregon Trail idea (and they didn’t even mention J.J. Abrams). But we’re not going to let that deter us from continuing to try and stay one step ahead of the Hollywood Think Tank.

It appears that Hollywood is now looking to websites for inspiration. The Social Network, which is the supposed true (but not that true) story behind the beginnings of Facebook, is slated to arrive this Fall with some big time names behind it. Add the fact that Google now has a film treatment in the pipeline and you end up with what could be the beginnings a disturbing website-movie trend…

So with that in mind, here’s a list of 10 websites that could be next for a big screen adaptation ranging from the absurd, yet plausible, to “come on, man, seriously?” Take a look and see if your favorite website made the list.



myspace poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Drama) – MySpace is a compelling drama inspired by, and based on, the mostly true story of the time when the once social networking giant controlled the internet world. Based on a screenplay by Danny Boyle (127 Hours) and directed by Darren Aronofsky (The Black Swan), the story follows co-founders Chris DeWolfe, Josh Berman and Tom Anderson as well as the mismanagement that allowed the dominant website to slip into 2nd place (and further) – by assuming they would always be king of the social network mountain.

MySpace the movie will open shortly before The Social Network (the movie about Facebook) but viewers will be allowed to switch theaters during the middle of MySpace to watch The Social Network instead.



ebay poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Horror) - eBay has been the world’s leading website when it comes to online auctions since its humble beginning in 1995. Millions of people from all over the world innocently go about their business, bidding on and selling everything from Barbie dolls and Rock’em Sock’em Robots to used appliances and scrapbooking materials. All sorts of weird and strange objects have also been up for bid, ranging from human kidneys to a young girl’s virginity. But what most people don’t know is that a demonic cult puts the very souls of people up for auction, with all the winning bids going to B.L. Subub – who always collects in person.

Trouble ensues when Elaine, a casual bidder, accidentally stumbles into the private auction and unwittingly outbids B.L. Now he wants what should rightfully be his. Can she pay the devil his due or will she end up losing her soul in the process?



digg poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Drama/Thriller) – Helen McKeller is just a simple reporter and blogger for a small town newspaper in Wisconsin – but has always aspired to write the big story. Until her “chance” comes she settles with reporting on little league baseball games, corn prices and local grocery store openings. Occasionally she’ll get the opportunity to report on a “big” story, such as the birth of a new calf – but when a mysterious stranger turns up dead one morning in the middle of Main Street, Helen seizes the opportunity to have a big publication take notice of her work. In an effort to uncover the answers, she’ll be have to embark on a journey that will take her away from that familiar, small town life – a journey that could get her killed.

The more she writes, the closer she gets to her career-making story, while simultaneously attracting more attention from a series of evil secret organizations, big government agencies, and multi-conglomerate companies. She wants desperately to get on the front page, where everyone can read her story, but to get to the truth she’ll have to Digg.



amazon poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Action/Adventure) – When a group of international poachers venture deep into the Amazon rainforest, they hope to come back with a rich bounty full of endangered animals and expensive birds. Instead, they cross paths with Marpesia (played by the Spanish female body builder Maribel Barnes) who is a direct descendent of the Tapuya tribe, and has been charged with protecting a sacred part of the forest for decades. After one of the poachers severely injures her during a fight, she escapes, and passes out on the edge of the rainforest where a young GRANOLA worker (Global Rainforests  And Nature On Litigation Alert), Micah, finds her and takes her to a hospital.

When Marpesia tells Micah of the poachers and atrocities happening in her rainforest, he vows to help her in any way he can. Together the pair works side-by-side in an effort to run the poachers out of the forest before they can peddle their ill-gotten gains online.



flickr poster Website Based Movies: Some (Not So) Absurd Suggestions

(Ghost Story) – Katrina Malroy and her twin brother Keith are taking a vacation across Europe, enjoying the trip and sharing pictures of their fun times with their younger sister, Kelly, back home via Flickr. What starts off as an innocent way to share their adventures soon turns into a horror as each picture sent to Kelly by her siblings becomes increasingly creepy. At first Kelly thinks she’s seeing reflections or “ghost” images produced by the digital camera but with each new picture, she sees an eerie pattern emerging – a pattern that shows her brother and sister dead.

Kelly must find a way to warn her dear siblings from the impending doom but are the ghost demons after them… or her?

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  1. lol paul, nice article!!

  2. Screen Rant the movie. Jackie Earl Haley as Vic. I’m still thinking about the rest of the casting.

    • ahha! he’s perfect for our sites fearless leader lol nice

    • Haha I knew I wasn’t the only person who thought they looked similar :P

  3. the imdb one actually looks plausible

    and i kinda like the cheezeburger one too

  4. Where’s the 4Chan movie?

    • It’d be a controvertial x-rated film.

      • *controversial sorry.

  5. I really liked the EBay movie. B.L. Subub. Hilarious!

  6. Since the IMDB idea was sorta true I wouldn’t doubt someone isn’t looking into that now. If you could talk the Rock into co-starring in your Amazon picture I bet you could really sell that…

  7. Waht about the screenrant movie? I want to see Vic as a zombie coming for all of our brains!!!

    • (I know how to spell “what”)

      • Hahaha

  8. Ha! This was great! I love the tfln one.

  9. Nice one, Paul! Particularly liked TFLN, Cheezburger and “BL Subub”.

    During the showing of MySpace the movie, patrons will be encouraged to design their own theater layout, bring their own seating, even face in whichever direction they choose. IPhone use will be compulsory throughout all performances. Disorientation, nausea, and eventually complete indifference may result.

  10. LMAO

  11. good list, but here are some ones you forgot: Youtube the movie, 4chan the movie; deviantart the movie; screen rant the movie; and wikipedia the movie

  12. and Sam rockwell as rob keyes!!!!!! Lol.

  13. Lol I found MY Space and Can Haz to be the best. Especially Myspace because of the option to switch theaters. Poor myspace more features and more customization, but losing the war because it was first.

    • sadly, i still have my Myspace lol

  14. Ha! I do to anthony but its my band page so i don’t feel so bad.

  15. I loved the Digg one because I’m a journalist too! But the TFTLN was definitely the best.

  16. The Youtube one could involve a kid dying in some sort of freak accident and the day after his death, a video gets uploaded onto his channel. Then his close friends band together to find his real cause of death and get tangled up with some sort of anti-government agency finding their newest members from Youtube videos….

    Wow. I have NO life if I just came up with that…haha

    • A freak accident involving a skateboard, a mock lightsaber fight and the Illuminati. Possibly some cats.

      • Haha yes!!!!!!

    • Umm..actually..with some tweaks..I kinda like that lol

      • @jojo

      • Why thank you, especially if I came up with that plot in under fifteen seconds lol

  17. Hilarious!!

  18. ahhhh man I thought up a great wikipedia movie. A secluded, indeginous, highly evolved tribe in the amazon called the “wikis” that knows everything there is to know about everything comes out of seclusion from the world for one reason. To kill the creators and editors of wikipedia because almost all the information is false and a disgrace to their name and knowledge. But wait, anybody can edit wikipedia…….. The wikis have come to kill the human race. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    • I would totally see this

  19. I pitched this a few months ago to Speilberg. 8-)
    “Screen Rage!”
    It was just another Comic Con and Vic Holtreman was in town with a few days to relax and cover the show, at least that was the plan.

    During the biggest Avengers panel ever, Vic gets a chance to interview Robert Downey Jr. Heading off backstage he gets lost inbetween some newly constructed scaffolding. Frustrated he ends up on a catwalk where he sees a heavily armed mexican drug cartel enter the hall, and take the Avengers panel hostage.

    After witnessing Robert Downey Jr break into hysterics, and Josh Whedon soil himself, Vic realises that he’s sitting on a huge breaking story.
    Will Vic be the first to post the biggest story of the Con, or will he become the Avenger and save not only the Avengers cast, but thousands of Twilight fans the cartel is using a human shields?

    Armed with only a smartphone, his car keys, and a decent wifi signal, Vic and his Screen Rant team unite with local bloggers, 790 and Anthony to save the Avengers cast, and reluctantly the Twilight fans as well…
    The tagline would be, “Of course I can’t get a signal in this f-ing hall!”
    (Danny Trejo, would play the leader of the drug cartel, and Hugh Jackman would play 790.)

    • AHAHAHAHAH…nice 790! get that copyrighted STAT!!

    • who would play me?

  20. i’ll edit…to make sure Whedon’s “accident” never sees the light of day too lol

    • You guys are very, very funny. :)


  21. Anthony, i would assume it would be david spader! Lol just kidding holmes.

  22. I’m not sure Anthony, “Mark Ruffalo”?
    I picked Hugh Jackman cause I look just like him. Lol

    I’m thinkin about a post credit Ricky18 cameo. He would be played by Zac Efron.

    • LOL 790 I’m pretty sure Ricky18 is a girl…so she would have to be played by Justin Beiber. :p

      • hahaha paul thats just mean!! but nevertheless VERY funny LOL


        • jack Black as Anthony LMAO!!!

          • BTW im rickster ;) ,Ricky 18 is gone forever….. :(

          • uhh dont hate on me, lol i wasnt the one that called u a girl and put Justina Beiber as you, ijust merely thought it was very funny :)

        • Nothing but love =)

          • exactly lol

          • Yes i know paul *rolls eyes*

            Jack black would fit u well. How about will ferrell?? HAHAHAHAHA!

            Oh Jim carrey plays me cuz i want him to 8-)

            • uhh do u think im a short fat dude ricky??

              • LOL i never said that! i just said that so u can get pissed and i think u are which is why im cracking up!!!!!!

                Ok if u had to choose someone to play you who would u choose: Jack Black,Will Ferrel,or sam worthington??? LMAO!
                And You HAVE To choose….I wanna see who u pick ;)

    • i dont think my comment about ruffalo went through LOL..he isnt bad, but he is too short for me 790 LOL

  23. Anthony still got mine as well. Only log in like once a month to keep up with fam that I dont want to talk to on the phone. Still myspace is much better than facebook I have a bit much going on in life to regularly use either but my GF uses facebook and I tested it a little it was crap compared to myspace the only think it has going for it are a bunch of really awful crappy games that no adult should be caught dead playing.

    • hahhahahahha 790..i like ruffalo, just not hulk material LOL

    • Myspace is starting to become more and more like Facebook daniel.and that just sucks, FB is just too invasive.

  24. Im thinking ben kingsley for vic. 790, anthony what you think?

  25. I think Jackie Earl Haley has the tough guy look I’m going for.

    I would make sure to write in at least 3 f bombs for Vic, therefore insuring the R rating!

    • AHAHAHAH…imagine the tail we’d get for saving the tween shields 790..wait i cant, the GF would be PISSED

  26. I thought Zac Efron was a girl? He sings and dances like one. ;-)

    • LOL

  27. 790 I’m hurt no Ken J or me? Lol jk

    however I see you being better cast by Mel Gibson lol he’s basically already played the part lol

    based on age and what little description of you I have if we were casting based on looks alone I’d go with the star of Breaking Bad . Great show by the way thanks for mentioning it

  28. I vote John C Mcginly for Vic. Vic showed us some pics and he’s pretty ripped so I vote Johnny C shave his head again.

  29. Daniel there’s a scene (in the script) where I start posting about the Avengers hostage situation on a Toy Story thread.
    You and Ken both attack me and call me a conspiracy nut so I move on to a X-Men first class post.

    Seriously. Glad you like BBad. I’m really digging Dexter. 8-)

    • ur not the only conspiracy nut 790