5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

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Checkmark Screen Rant 2013For the second year in a row, we began the new year in cinema by pitching 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks. Our list basically consisted of issues related to the year in film that we felt would be worth some reflection as the year ran its course. And, for the second year in a row, the results have been proven that we had our collective finger on the right pulses.From Superman's return to horror's box office clout, to the state of sci-fi, superheroes and more - here the 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013.

5. Can Old Dogs Sell New Tickets?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone in 'The Tomb' (2013)Nope.Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback vehicle The Last Stand had an abysmal box office debut; Sylvester Stallone's film Bullet to the Head did no better; and even having Arnold and Sly team-up film Escape Plan was not a big draw.Bruce Willis collected paychecks for Die Hard 5, G.I. Joe 2 and Red 2but even those films had moderate returns and poor critical reception.Guess these dogs really have had their day...

4. Is This Horror's Money Year?

Horror Movies 2013 PreviewsIn a lot of ways, Yes.Mama led the year with a big box office win; Insidious director James Wan fulfilled our prediction of massive success with The Conjuring and followed that with the success of Insidious 2; and the Evil Dead remake earned solid bank and respect alike.Not even duds like The Last Exorcism 2 could stop the horror genre from proving that ghouls and ghosts are very much alive at the box office.

3. Will Sci-Fi Beat Superheroes?

2013 Science Fiction sci fi movies previewsIn terms of personal tastes, it's highly debatable. In terms of box office earnings, however, it's no contest.M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth tanked hard, despite the Will/Jaden Smith headliners; Tom Cruise's Oblivion did okay after slow word-of-mouth buildup; Neil Blomkamp's Elysium had almost the exact same middling numbers (and reception) as Oblivion - and even Star Trek Into Darkness couldn't crack $500 million. It would be kindness to add Gravity's half billion earnings to this list.Meanwhile Iron Man was in the billionaires club, Thor and Superman went over half a billion each, and Wolverine in Japan nearly equaled the earnings of the entire Enterprise crew and a not-so-secret Khan reveal. 'Nuff said.

2. Can Marvel Keep the Magic After 'Avengers'?

Marvel Movie 2013 Preview Iron Man 3 Thor 2While Marvel's two 2013 releases made a billion and over half a billion at the box office, respectively, the fanbase has ironically been divided in opinion over the start to the Studio's Phase Two initiative.A mishandled mythos in Iron Man 3a half-cooked story to Thor: The Dark World and an odd post-credits intro into the world of Guardians of Galaxy... The Marvel slate for 2014 looks promising, but as of right now, the excitement about the MMU seems to have cooled, even though profits are up.

1. Will DC Get a Shared Universe Off the Ground?

I quote what we said at the start of the year: "Come Comic-Con 2013... we think the world at large will finally get an answer to this mystery. Expect WB to make some big announcements during the year."A Batman vs. Superman movie; Ben Affleck as the new BatmanFast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman; rumors of potential big stars joining the DC Movies; a Justice League movie clearly taking shape...[MIC DROP]

Additional Questions

Just for fun and/or discussion, we added some additional questions to our original list that now need answers:  
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  1. Yes, yes, everyone’s bored with Marvel and is chomping at the bit to see DC pull this off. Funny how I only know three people who give a crap about any sequels to MoS, while scores of my friends are excited about Guardians. Over half of them aren’t even “geeks”. They’re your average viewer. Marvel is faltering because IM3 and TDW weren’t loved as universally as The Avengers? Yeah, because MoS wasn’t divisive AT ALL.

    Kofi’s pretentious fanboyism is hugely turning me off of this site. It increasingly seems that his articles boil down to “DC is rising, Marvel sucks lol [mic drop]” when the only news we’ve had is the casting of Affleck and Gadot. The rest is pure conjecture. I’ve also noticed his articles pre-MoS aren’t like this. Hmm…

    • I really like this site and the guys here, but I can’t disagree with your assessment.

    • Get the f*ck out of here. Kofi can defend himself, but all this Screen Rant DC bias talk just annoys the living sh*t out of me. Iron Man 3 was mediocre of how it honored the shared universe and Thor did have a half baked story. I personally love whats happening with both studios, Marvel and DC.

    • “…scores of my friends are excited about Guardians. Over half of them aren’t even “geeks”. They’re your average viewer.”

      Average viewers excited about Guardians? How so? A Twitter pic of Chris Pratt? I’m honestly confused. The internet exploded at the announcement of Ben Affleck as the caped crusader. Affleck was on late night television being asked about it. I’m a geek, so I know about all these films and I’m genuinely excited for all them for different reasons…ok, one reason…I’m a fanboy. But, my wife is married to me and she knows nothing about Guardians…but she heard about Affleck and asked me about my opinion on that. I’m sure that plenty of movie buffs and comic book fans are following Marvel’s film production, but the average movie goer had the same reaction to the Guardians button scene as they did with Thanos…they scratched their heads and asked “who’s that.”

      That’s when geeks like us get to shine.

      • Chris Pratt is sexy

      • @ Professor Procrastination

        “… but the average movie goer had the same reaction to the Guardians button scene as they did with Thanos…they scratched their heads and asked “who’s that.

        That’s when geeks like us get to shine.”


        Hail HYDRA!

        • Hail HYDRA!

    • I would agree with Bladeseekers opinion and assessment of the article. The article is definately a little biased saying that “excitement for Marvel has cooled” and then ending with DC being on the up and up. I disagree with Kofi on this. There is plenty of excitement about Guardians of the Galaxy and CA: Winter Soldier plus the casting of Paul Rudd in Ant-man.

      Kofi is correct about the mishandling of IM3 and it did have mixed reviews. But in general it was still a success by critics and earnings. The problem is the same can be said about MOS but that wasn’t mentioned in the article. There are plenty of people out there who didn’t like MOS just like plenty of people didn’t like IM3.

      I will agree with Kofi though that the excitement IS picking up for DC cause of all the publicity. The difference is most of the Marvel news has been out for awhile so its not as fresh. The DC news about Gal Gadot and Affleck, etc. will die down soon enough until the next big fresh news about either Marvel or DC comes out.

      Personally, I’m stoked about all the movies of both universes. I was really excited about Affleck being cast but the excitement went away. Then my excitement for Marvel kicked up again with news about Paul Rudd.

      • I’m not denying that IM3 and TDW were subpar compared to Phase One. I am saying that MoS wasn’t really any better. Yes, a lot more people are aware of BvS than Guardians; I never intended to infer otherwise, but as far as people I know actually intending to see it, it’s skewed towards Guardians simply for the Avengers connection.

        And Deadpool, there’s no need for such hostility. My comment isn’t even about what the studios are doing. My comment is about how this site seems to want to manufacture this idea that Marvel is flailing in the water and will soon be crushed beneath the iron boot of the almighty DC when they have only one slightly above mediocre movie under their belt. (I’m not stating my opinion of MoS, I’m stating the general public’s.)

        It’s immature little things that can be found in Kofi’s anti-Marvel articles, like the [Mic Drop] here, or an AoS critique that replaced the letter s with $. I suppose he was trying to infer that AoS is only on the air to “cash in”. Wow. A television show designed to make money? Inconceivable! MoS was made so that WB wouldn’t be sued by Siegel’s family. How many times have I seen Man of $teel on this site?

        I loved this site before the fanboys wars came here. Ever since MoS wasn’t universally praised, we’ve had articles like this and people like Dr Mindbender going around saying that Disney paid people to give MoS bad reviews. Bashing one company to try to make the other look better is not only subpar journalism, but sometimes makes Kofi come off as 17.

        • @bladeseeker… Good eyes for catching the dollar sign. If that is what happened then I completely agree that that is tacky journalism.

          Could have been an honest mistake that Kofi didn’t catch.

          I would also agree that there is bias on screen rant but I think it goes both ways. I do agree that it leans towards DC a little bit. But that is just my opinion from my observations.

        • Fanboy Wars.

          Now there is a movie that I want to see.

          • We’re both fools if we don’t start working on a script and a pitch… IMMEDIATELY.

    • 100% agree.

  2. A. Cash is king – and marvel is cooling off?

    B. If you told me 5 years ago a Thor movie would even be in the same stratosphere of gross earnings as a Superman movie, I would’ve laughed. Say the same with Iron man, but say IM would make double, I would laugh harder. That’s enough proof of the Marvel success.

    • Marvel has cooled off a bit. Iron man 3 just was not good. TDW advertised its self as the “Game of Thrones” style movie for Marvel, and turned out to be completely different. The first thing people say is how funny TDW was. Not that the ACTION was great, or this scene was soooo EPIC and MINDBLOWING. I think Marvel was good not great this year and when you take into account AOS it really exposes a few chinks in the armor. Can they rebound ABSOLUTELY. Cap 2 looks awesome and Guardians is loaded with talent. So we’ll see.

      • You can’t continuously have great for every movie. It isn’t possible.

        • And the excitement hasn’t “cooled off”. Guardians, Cap, Ant-Man, Avengers tells otherwise.

          • My excitement is for Marvel is cooling off a bit, my interests sharply increased with each of Marvel’s Phase 1 movies and exploded through the roof between Avengers and Iron Man 3, then Iron Man 3 came out and left me rather disappointed but still excited for Thor 2. Thor 2 was not as good as I expected so now, while I am excited from Cap 2, I am becoming very sceptical of what Marvel are doing. The Guardians mid credit scene in Thor 2 was awful, it’s only Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana that are keeping me interested at this rate.

            James Spader should be a pretty awesome Ultron.

        • It is possible, but it requires a lot of devotion. Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, and Alfred Hitchcock are perfect examples of my statement, almost all of their movies are amazing, in my opinion, all of Nolan’s films are good – sure, TDKR was more drama then TDK, but overall I liked it. James Cameron doesn’t really need to have all of his films be good, he created Terminator, that’s good enough. Hitchcock’s had like one bad movie – Rope – and that was an experimental film. So yes, it is possible, but likely? No, probably not for awhile.

      • My point is, you can’t really say Marvel is “cooling off” if they are making money like its going out of style. Its contradictory. I agree, CBMs in general were mediocre this year. Nothing was really AMAZING (critically) but as a genre they are making more money than ever before.

      • @Julien, you forget that for every person i’ve heard say they didn’t think IM3 was good there was another one saying it was great. Same can be said about MOS. I remember when it was released there was such a fanboy backlash against it just like what happened with IM3. Technically, IM3 did better critically.

        Either way, you are right that the faultering of Agents of Shield hurts Marvel. I like the show but it definately has its many shortcomings.

        • AOS doesnt hurt Marvel in any way.

          • money wise? No definately not. It is widely viewed.

            BUT…ratings of that show had fallen since it first aired showing that it may be losing part of its fan base or general audience who don’t buy into it.

            Again, I love the show but I am a biased comic fan. Some of my friends said they gave up on it cause it was generic and boring.

            I would say losing viewers hurts. Just my opinion though. To each their own

      • 100%agree. Could have said it better myself.

      • IM3 WAS great though. I know plenty of people still talking about how much they enjoyed it. IM3, Thor 2 and The Wolverine were so good, I couldn’t stop myself talking about them to everyone I knew, whether they’d seen the movies themselves or not.

        What was the only thing I said about MOS?

        “Wait until it’s on TV if you wanna see it, it’s not that good”.

        As someone who has always preferred DC slightly more than Marvel, that hurt me to say it because I wanted both companies to have huge success stories but it just didn’t work out that way.

        I can also say that on my social media pages, slightly more people on average talked about Paul Rudd being cast as Ant-Man than they did when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but despite not many people that I know reading comic books, two things strike me when I talk comic book movies with them.

        1. They didn’t think The Avengers was good

        2. They talk more about Disney/Marvel Studios movies than any other comic book movie released by Fox, Sony or WB (funnily enough, more people talk about how great Dredd is, despite none of them having actually read 2000AD comic books)

        As far as the “IM3 wasn’t a good movie” comments, you all have the right to think that but personally, you’re all completely wrong and need to go back and watch it again without your dunce caps on because other than the final fight, it was fun and it was smart and engaging.

        • Dazz, I respect your opinion a lot, you always phrase your arguments thoughtfully and constructively so I hope you don’t take too much offense when I say, Iron Man 3 is a better movie with the ‘dunce cap’ on. I was so disappointed with my initial viewing of the film that I didn’t bother rewatching it until it came out on bluray, I thought that maybe it would be better the second time round further down the track, but my God did I get bored. It wasn’t fun, it was dull and kind of dumb.

          I try not to go overboard about things like this, it shouldn’t make any difference to me whether someone liked a movie that I didn’t, but in this case I have to disagree with you on the quality of Iron Man 3.

          I really hope Cap 2 is better than IM3 and Thor 2, I can accept a bit of humour in a comic book movie, but Phase 2 feels like a watered down version of Phase 1, where tradgedy means bugger all and a every verbal interaction needs a punch line so that any building tension or drama gets nullified, and I don’t like that.

        • I must say I agree that fanboys are swaying some people to one camp or another. As a die hard dc comic fan illagree that afleck and gadot were not my #1 picks but I’m willing to give them a shot. As to the marvel cool down…idk…AoS was a real let down due to the rather lack luster story lines and just pure randomness of the cast. Im3 was such a let down due to the fact that iron man was mostly absent from the film. I mean tony stark was wondering around and that kid was annoying. TDW was interesting…but the fact that loki again stole the show. I mean thor was great but natile portmen and kat dennings ruined the movie with a flat performance and the story was ok. With guardian of the galexy its an unknown due to the general public not familer with the book or cast may not connect just because marvels name is attached. Don’t get me wrong I’m stoked as a fan for it but I know my wife has no clue who gamora or star lord is. Now cap 2 ihave no doubt will be a hit. Ant man not somuch because most general fans will be unfamiler withhim. Butyou may not know the history or stories of wonder woman but her name has weight. It would be the same for superman spiderman captain america or the xmen. Do you need the backround knowledge? It will help but in the long run the name carries more weight.

          Have a very happy new year

  3. I really thought the sci-fi genre would topple the superhero juggernaut this year. I was so wrong. Who knew Iron Man 3 would pull in that much? I honestly thought Star Trek 2 was the film to beat. But wasn’t Man of Steel actually an alien invasion flick? Talk about blurred lines (cue Robin Thicke)

  4. “the excitement about the MMU seems to have cooled”

    No. No it hasn’t.

    • Yea, saying Marvel is cooling off is not accurate. I would say DC is heating up right now and probably hotter than Marvel cause of recent castings whereas Marvel is staying hot because of Cap:WS publicity plus Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

      • I mean it’s about time for them. They’ve had their characters since forever, it shouldn’t have taken so long to do what they’re doing now.

        • That’s because DC CARES about their fans, not just about money like MARVEL. DC was situating their universe, they were seeing if they could succeed critic-wise and box office wise, and they did, so now they are moving forward quickly. They were getting everything just right, so be happy when Justice League is amazing and makes The Avengers look like the worthless piece of crap it is.

          • @ MadMan..So in other words your subtext reads

            “DC was actually waiting to see if Marvel could succeed with a shared universe and they did. Now DC is finally situating their universe and has to move forward quickly to catch up with the success of Marvel”

            Yep, you would be correct with that subtext.

            BTW if DC cared about its fans it would have fired Affleck and Gadot because all I keep hearing, with few exceptions, from many die hard DC fans is how pissed they are about Affleck as Batman and how Gadot isn’t right for WW.

            I personally am excited for Affleck as Batman. He is gonna be real good. MOS was a pretty decent movie. I’m excited to see Batman and Supes go at it.

          • @MadMan i completely face palmed myself with your first line.
            Ridiculous statements made from a DC fanboy.

            If DC cared so much why are they throwing every awesome character they have into a movie that’s supposed to be a sequel to the granddaddy of all superheroes??

            Let me answer that for you: Money makes the world go round.

            If they cared so much they would give us a standalone movie for each one of them so fans and regular folks could enjoy and love them, not just pack them into a sequel/ shared universe movie??!? (idk what it is) so they can match Marvel’s success and get a slice of the super hero hype (money) that they have created.

            • Clay – People get mad at the stupidest things now days. Do you think everybody liked Chris Hemsworth as Thor at first? No, people haven’t given Gal Gadot or Ben Affleck a chance. They are both decent actors from movies I seen, Affleck amazing in some, Gadot decent in the ones she is in. Give them a chance, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
              IronMagician – Because MARVEL already did that! It got old by the time Iron Man 2 came out. I am one of those people that waits to see movies when they come out on DVD unless they look amazing, and I couldn’t keep caught up with all of those movies. One minute, it was Iron Man, and then the Hulk. Captain America and Thor came out like a month away from each other, in the month of good movies on DVD. It’s hard to keep up with! Plus, DC wants to get things moving along. Sure, it’s taken them a bit to fly off the ground, but once they get there, they will keep going like Marvel is.

              • @MadMan- Dude I’m not sure what point you are making. I didn’t judge a book by its cover. I defended Ben Affleck in my post.

                What I was saying is that when news broke about Gadot and Affleck playing WW and Batman (respectively) there was a disappointed uproar from the DC fanbase.

                I would disagree that when Chris Hemsworth people were against it. I don’t remember anyone seeing anything wrong with it. Now if you want to use RDJ being cast as IM as an example then thats fine.

                My point was that you say Marvel doesn’t care about its fans and DC does. I used an example of how DC fans have been irked by casting of Affleck and Gadot and of course DC studios is sticking with their casting decisions even against the uproar. Good for DC.

  5. I think 2014 will be better for Arnold. What we learned this year is that the world is no longer interested in cheesy 80s-style action flicks. Schwarzenegger has been cast in some more sophisticated films like Maggie and Sabotage (ones with actual stories) and hopefully one of them will be a hit…

    • Plenty of people are interested in those kinds of movies, it’s just that dumb fun on the big screen is somehow being beaten by even dumber horror movies that aren’t scary at all and horrendous attempts at comedy that just don’t work.

      It’s like movies from back then though too, for every great movie like Robocop and Raw Deal, you get crap like Cyborg and Hard To Kill.

  6. Mr Outlaw just seems to be short of patience with the readership of this site ever since the whole spoiler article debate. My advice would be to not take it so seriously. On either side of the argument.

    A good New Year, y’all.

  7. I agree with some of the comments about there being DC bias in the writing of Kofi’s articles, as the main problem with this one is it needs to be stated that all of these superhero movies this year were very divisive. A lot of people loved and hated Iron Man 3 and/or Man of Steel. No clear consensus, and this article is stating it like the Marvel movies weren’t great while DC is taking the throne. That’s just one opinion.

    I don’t think a current lack of attention to Marvel properties is showing that they’re “cooling down” right now though for sure. I can see how it could be seen like this though. The thing is, Marvel already has all of their ground work laid down. They have their universe established, and even have most of their news about their next two years of movies released. So, yeah, it’s not being discussed as much right now because it’s stable. DC, on the other hand, is currently finding its footing. There’s been a lot of news stories recently about Batman vs. Superman, with the Wonder Woman casting and most recent Denzel rumors. All we have on this end is speculation, but that’s the point of all of its discussion, there’s lots of talk on how we think it’ll turn out. Still nothing solid. Marvel and DC are both in totally different spots right now, and I don’t think a lack of recent attention to Marvel is showing its slowing down, just like I don’t think all of the recent discussion of DC is showing that it’s surpassing Marvel yet. Me and a lot of my friends are still excited about upcoming movies from both companies. And the profit on Marvel’s movies this year shows that audiences clearly are too.

    On a different note, I said this on another article, but concerning movies with these old action stars, it’s not a lack of interest in seeing the actors in the movie that’s not selling the tickets, it’s the movies themselves. If anything, I don’t think some of those movies would have made as much as they did had it not been for the stars. Seriously, take Arnold out of The Last Stand, and I know I would have no interest in it, because it wasn’t a good movie. Seeing Arnold was the only incentive I had to go see it, which sadly wasn’t enough. Put these guys in movies I actually want to see and I’ll see them. A good example is Bruce Willis. I went to see Die Hard 5 in theaters because it was a movie I was really excited to see (even if it turned out disappointing). Bruce Willis was also in G.I. Joe 2 though, and I didn’t see that in theaters because I thought the first one was bad and didn’t think the second looked any better (although surprisingly it was a lot better). Long point short, it’s not always the actor that’s at fault for not selling the tickets, sometimes it’s the movie itself.

  8. Look to the kids. Children now a days, lets say between 4 and 11 know more Marvel characters than DC. We as movie-buffs or comic-nerds would be adamant in saying, ‘Batman and Superman are more known than Spiderman and IronMan.’ But this isn’t true anymore. Kids today LOVE IronMan. And since most movies are seen today by parents their children, ManofSteel suffered because kids today have no idea who SuperMan is. But I guarantee you they now know Thor. I mean look at Halloween. Spideys, IronMans, Captain America’s everywhere…Times are changing people.

    • This is the argument I had on this site in 2012.

      People said “everyone knows who Wonder Woman, The Flash and Captain America are” and my argument (based on observation of the majority of the UK who are non-comic book readers) is that no, NONE of those characters are very well known so assuming the name alone will sell well because they’re known mainly in the US is as arrogant as Hollywood ignoring foreign box office takings when deeming something a flop or a hit.

      • When I was growing up, the Lone Ranger was very popular. Look what happened to his film…

      • I semi remember that discussion.

        If you state that then even if they are not very well known they are still known and can be related to.

        Along the lines of oh I remember Wonder Women she was blah blah blah or the guy that ran fast, etc. Just like when my non CB associates would say rock guy and flame dude.

        There is a connection and just because they dont know their origins, powers, loves, families etc does not mean they are not known.

        So yes I still feel a majority of (need to phrase this correctly sorry if I dont) first and second world countries know who Wonder Woman, Flash and Captain America are not to mention Aquaman and others. Animal Man? Moon Knight? etc… no way. Again they may not know everything about the characters but they have had some sort of contact with them in one way or another be it comics, reprints, old 60s cartoons, action figures, war efforts, etc.

        I still have to correct people here in the US about how Spiderman and Batman cant be in the same film.

        Does this type of brand recognition become $ for the studios? Not on its own no but once my two friends start talking about it and each of their two friends start talking about it etc. you now can have that small seed of knowledge of a character start to germinate.

        You might be correct in assuming if you walk up to someone and ask them who is Wonder Woman or Diana Prince they wont have a clue. However if you show a picture(s) of her you may get a different response. They may think she is part of The Avengers or Xmen but they will remember her.

        So yes everyone ‘knows’ Wonder Woman. Within reason. 😉

  9. DC has three or four TV shoes in the horizon for next year. Two of which could be lead-ins to the movie that is MoS Dos. Arrow is the bomb at the moment and Flash and Gotham have gotten really good hype.

    Marvel has 2 movies out next year and it might get AoS renewed. Depends.

    Overall, exciting stuff.

    • Don’t forget that Marvel also has shows coming out too!

      Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones!

  10. You guys need to chill out. It seemed clear to me that the mic drop was more of a “we told you so” in reference to what they predicted about big WB announcements. What he said about “marvel cooling off is more of an observational opinion based on fan reception to the film… As in the buzz generated by both films wasn’t very positive at least in comparison. Which, despite myself enjoying both… I’d be a fool to deny that the general reaction to both films by others was disappointment.

  11. How do you get “MMU” from Marvel Cinematic Universe?

  12. Additional question 1 answer: Who cares?
    Additional question 4 answer: There is no such thing as Nolan´s Superman (Thank God!).

    • “Additional question 4 answer: There is no such thing as Nolan´s Superman (Thank God!).”

      Yeah because who’d want to get under the skin of a character and see his motivations, what drives him to do what he does and what makes him consider himself a child of Earth when we could just see him use brute strength to destroy nameless villain after nameless villain for no reason at all?

      I’m sure you’d like a one-dimensional Superman with zero personality but no one else does.

      • I would like to see nothing from Superman. I just dont care.

  13. The only thing ‘cooling’ off Marvel is that g.d awful TV show AOS, which has nearly killed off one of their four best properties – Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which IMHO could draw Bond numbers at the box office. They should have produced Dazzler or Power Pack from ABC / Disney because S.H.I.E.L.D is a mature property tailor made for the big screen.

    MOS was a complete waste of vinyl, at this point I can see Ant-Man out preforming Supers vs. Bats. With that said all D.C. is lacking a mega star, if D.C. cast Denzel Washington in their up coming Justice League movies as has been rumored, then D.C. should be able to surpass Marvel Studios in box office receipts.

  14. I just read all these angry comments,

    I SWEAR: I’m only reporting things I’ve observed, guys. I’m not hating on Marvel or DC. Cap 2 is my most anticipated film next year, and I’m real excited for Guardians. I just know that people outside the main fandom aren’t as interested in Bradley Cooper voicing a militant raccoon as they are Ben Affleck playing Batman… I love Rocket Raccoon! You love him! But non-comic peeps? Not so much, all I’m saying.

    …and yeah, the mic drop was just me patting me on the back for making that call. I knew it was going to be trouble by the time I got to the “r” in “drop”. I still went for it.

    • I hope you didn’t take my comments to be an attack on ya bro. In fact my comments supported almost everything you said.

      For me, the one thing I disagree with is the cooling off in the Marvel camp. I would say, like I said before, it’s not so much that Marvel is cooling but that DC news is heating up. As someone else said above, DC is generating more buzz cause they are finally setting up their movie universe whereas Marvel’s is already established.

      The last thing I would say is that I think some people felt it was biased of ya when saying that Marvel’s movies were divisive among fans but neglecting to point out that MOS had the same problem.

      Either way, don’t sweat it. I enjoyed your write up. Just differing opinions is all. But that’s why we all come here, to debate and discuss the news of the “nerd” and cinema world.

    • @Kofi

      I’m with you, bro.

      I spoke to someone who has no interest in comic books but watches the movies when they release. She thought the idea of a raccoon with a gun was ridiculous and wondered how it would sell.

      I told her that people will go because Bradley Cooper’s a huge Hollywood star and seems to be all over the place now in various movies, commercials, etc. She laughed and said “in what universe is he a big star?”.

      The only draw for her regarding Guardians is Dave Bautista since she was a fan of his back when he was a pro wrestler, otherwise, she hates Vin Diesel and has no clue who the rest of the cast are.

      She’ll watch but being a lifelong Godzilla fan, she’s looking forward to Godzilla more than any other movie in 2014 (and thanked me for the Pacific Rim recommendation, I don’t know anybody who didn’t like that movie).

      • More than half of the GA probably doesn’t even knows that Bradley Cooper is in the film.

        • Agree, Tay. I don’t think many people realize Cooper is in the movie. In fact, Guardians hasn’t been publicized enough to the general audience. However, I truly believe once the trailer comes out there will be a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars fans, who know little to nothing of Marvel, that will be excited for this.

          I think sci-fi people like my dads age who don’t follow comics will be excited for it.

          Also, Cap 2 is the one movie that all of my Marvel and DC friends alike are talking about right now.

      • Wait she has no clue who:

        Zoe Saladana
        Michael Rooker
        Benicio del Toro
        Glenn Close
        John C. Reilly
        Djimon Hounsou
        Karen Gillan are?

        As for Bradley I dont think anyone (until after Silver and Hustle) considers him a big star. This may also just be chemistry and he may go nowhere after.

        And she had no problem with a man that can gain and lose a ton of muscle mass in mere seconds, a guy that can survive being shot by jets in a metal flying suit, Godzilla, etc and so forth but a talking raccoon with a gun was ridiculous?

        Shout out for Dave though who grew up in my back yard.

        What country are you from? I dont mean to sound condescending (to you or her) but to not know who some of those well rounded actors are which some play not only on US soil (and various types of roles) has me baffled.

    • Your defence of your writing is well-worded and sensible, but it doesn’t make the comments about your sometimes outright childish articles less true. There’s a time and a place to get tongue-in-cheek with stuff, and a site populated with people this prone to get instigated is neither.

      • @Kenji

        That’s always a weird comment for me to take, since in my time as head editor I basically shaped the SR you are defending.

        • I’m not sure what in my comment might be read as “defending ScreenRant”, but that’s beside the point: the point being that your excuse is “I knew it would cause trouble, but I did it anyway because it entertains me”. That doesn’t sound like wise management to me, much less a valid argument. Flaunting your credentials as a way of saying “I made this site what it is so I’ll do whatever I like” isn’t, either. All I’m saying is: sometimes we can just apologise for causing a ruckus instead of fanning the fire.

          • This is all suppose to be light, man. Nobody should take any of this too seriously. That’s the way I feel about it, in the end.

  15. “A Batman vs. Superman movie; Ben Affleck as the new Batman; Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman; rumors of potential big stars joining the DC Movies; a Justice League movie clearly taking shape…”

    All of that still points to just ONE sequel and its debatable if it will even be a proper sequel because it could just as possibly be the same movie as the last one listed there. That’s not even a DC Shared country.

  16. The only people who care about the “mishandled mythos” in IM3 are fanboys who miss their Mandarin. The general audience overall seemed to have little interest with it and it got solid reviews for a third installment.

    • Yep, I agree Mike. Because I know the mythos, I was upset but got over it and still enjoyed the movie.

      However, 2 of my best friends lOVED the movie and know nothing of the mythos. Even my parents who are in their 60’s found it to be a great movie. I’m not surprised my Dad liked it but I was surprised that my Mom liked it.

  17. I love a good sci fi or horror film and i like a good super hero film which is basically a sci fi film. I skipped Ironman 3 and Thor 2 after finding out Mandarin was a phony, however the film was good up till that, being a fan and knowing the character left me angry. I am kinda getting bored with these comic book films, however they could be better if turned more story character based and less of an action film. X-men days of future past looks like it got it right but with that franchise i am getting bored with Wolverine and Magneto after having 7 films about those two characters the last what ten years. They need to bring back The X-men Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Gambit, Archangel, Nigtcrawler, Storm, Iceman, and Colossus, and maybe some other interesting characters like Beak,Psylocke, Scarlett Witch, Sinister, Chamber, Juggernaught, and Husk, and it would give us some ore of the female characters and a much bigger story revolving around The X-men and not one character making it a much bigger universe to watch. I fear the Apocalypse film will be another Magneto/Wolverine film and my excitment for it has dropped. I would like to see an X-men film staring Cyclops, and the X-men being trained and have to go up against The Juggernaught, then build to Sinister.