Checkmark Screen Rant 2013 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

For the second year in a row, we began the new year in cinema by pitching 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks. Our list basically consisted of issues related to the year in film that we felt would be worth some reflection as the year ran its course. And, for the second year in a row, the results have been proven that we had our collective finger on the right pulses.

From Superman’s return to horror’s box office clout, to the state of sci-fi, superheroes and more – here the 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone in The Tomb 2013 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback vehicle The Last Stand had an abysmal box office debut; Sylvester Stallone’s film Bullet to the Head did no better; and even having Arnold and Sly team-up film Escape Plan was not a big draw.

Bruce Willis collected paychecks for Die Hard 5, G.I. Joe 2 and Red 2but even those films had moderate returns and poor critical reception.

Guess these dogs really have had their day…

Horror Movies 2013 Previews 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

In a lot of ways, Yes.

Mama led the year with a big box office win; Insidious director James Wan fulfilled our prediction of massive success with The Conjuring and followed that with the success of Insidious 2; and the Evil Dead remake earned solid bank and respect alike.

Not even duds like The Last Exorcism 2 could stop the horror genre from proving that ghouls and ghosts are very much alive at the box office.

2013 Science Fiction sci fi movies previews 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

In terms of personal tastes, it’s highly debatable. In terms of box office earnings, however, it’s no contest.

M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth tanked hard, despite the Will/Jaden Smith headliners; Tom Cruise’s Oblivion did okay after slow word-of-mouth buildup; Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium had almost the exact same middling numbers (and reception) as Oblivion – and even Star Trek Into Darkness couldn’t crack $500 million. It would be kindness to add Gravitys half billion earnings to this list.

Meanwhile Iron Man was in the billionaires club, Thor and Superman went over half a billion each, and Wolverine in Japan nearly equaled the earnings of the entire Enterprise crew and a not-so-secret Khan reveal. ‘Nuff said.

Marvel Movie 2013 Preview Iron Man 3 Thor 2 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

While Marvel’s two 2013 releases made a billion and over half a billion at the box office, respectively, the fanbase has ironically been divided in opinion over the start to the Studio’s Phase Two initiative.

A mishandled mythos in Iron Man 3a half-cooked story to Thor: The Dark World and an odd post-credits intro into the world of Guardians of Galaxy

 The Marvel slate for 2014 looks promising, but as of right now, the excitement about the MMU seems to have cooled, even though profits are up.

Justice League Movie Cast Characters Preview 2013 5 Big Answers for Movie Geeks in 2013

I quote what we said at the start of the year: “Come Comic-Con 2013… we think the world at large will finally get an answer to this mystery. Expect WB to make some big announcements during the year.

A Batman vs. Superman movie; Ben Affleck as the new BatmanFast & Furious star Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman; rumors of potential big stars joining the DC Movies; a Justice League movie clearly taking shape…


Just for fun and/or discussion, we added some additional questions to our original list that now need answers: