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  • The Lost City of Z UK Trailer: Charlie Hunnam Seeks His Destiny

    The Lost City of Z (UK Trailer)

    Charlie Hunnam plays an explorer who’s off on a dangerous quest to seek his destiny in the new UK trailer for The Lost City of Z.

    (1) by Dan Zinski
  • Sandy Wexler Teaser Trailer: Adam Sandler’s Back in 1994

    Sandy Wexler (Teaser Trailer)

    Adam Sandler stars as a goofy talent manager in the teaser trailer for Netflix’s forthcoming 1990s comedy, Sandy Wexler.

    (2) by Dana Getz
  • Logan Trailer #2: Old Man Wolverine Teams With X-23

    Logan (Trailer #2)

    Twentieth Century Fox releases a new trailer for Logan, which sees an aged Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) taking care of young Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen).

    (38) by Molly Freeman
  • Power Rangers Trailer #2: Goldar vs Megazord

    Power Rangers (Trailer #2)

    The new Power Rangers movie reboot trailer features Bryan Cranston as Zordon, the Putty Patrollers, Goldar, Zords – and much more!

    (54) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Powerless Extended Trailer Includes Starro, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

    Powerless Trailer Includes Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

    The extended trailer for NBC’s DC universe spinoff, Powerless, gets a longer, funnier look at the employees of Wayne Security.

    (4) by Daniel Ricwulf
  • The Belko Experiment Trailer #2: Office Wars Gone Mad

    The Belko Experiment (Trailer #2)

    The second trailer for The Belko Experiment shows the James Gunn-produced (and written) film gearing up for an office killing frenzy.

    (3) by Cooper Hood
  • The Discovery Trailer: The Afterlife Isn’t What It Seems in Netflix Movie

    The Discovery (Trailer)

    Rooney Mara, Jason Segel and Robert Redford find out the afterlife is real, and must deal with the consequences, in the trailer for The Discovery.

    (4) by Dan Zinski
  • Wilson Trailer #2: Woody Harrelson is Neurotic & Hilariously Honest

    Wilson (Trailer #2)

    Woody Harrelson is a neurotic middle-aged loser looking for an insta-family in the second trailer for the comedy movie, Wilson.

    by Dan Zinski
  • Attack of the Cyber Octopuses! Trailer is as Awesome as it Sounds

    Attack of the Cyber Octopuses!

    A crazy concept and awesome practical set pieces are the highlight of the retro-inspired Attack of the Cyber Octopuses! film.

    (5) by Paul Young
  • Snatch TV Series Trailer: Crackle Adapts Guy Ritchie

    Snatch TV Series Trailer

    Crackle gives us a glimpse of their upcoming series adaptation of Guy Richie’s frenetic action movie, Snatch.

    (6) by Dan Zinski
  • Raw Red Band Trailer: France’s Coming-Of-Age Cannibal Drama

    Raw (Red Band Trailer)

    The red-band trailer for France’s coming-of-age cannibal drama Raw is probably not safe for work, unless of course one’s boss is a cannibal.

    (3) by Michael Kennedy
  • Sleight Trailer: A Chronicle-Style Magician Thriller

    Sleight (Trailer #1)

    A trailer arrives for the indie magic thriller Sleight, starring Jacob Latimore, which originally premiered at 2016’s Sundance Film Festival.

    by Aaron Neuwirth
  • Kong: Skull Island Japanese Trailer – Kong is King Here

    Kong: Skull Island (Japanese Trailer)

    The Japanese trailer for Kong: Skull Island arrives and it’s setting everything aflame – or at least, King Kong himself is.

    (5) by Sarah Moran
  • The Rezort Trailer: Westworld Meets The Walking Dead

    The Rezort (Trailer #1)

    Taking a cue from things like Westworld, The Rezort invites viewers to a world where people can pay big money to hunt zombies on a private island.

    (5) by Michael Kennedy
  • iBoy Trailer: Maisie Williams Costars in Netflix’s Superhero Film

    iBoy (Trailer #1)

    Netflix releases the trailer for iBoy, the upcoming superhero thriller starring X-Men vet Bill Milner and Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams.

    (3) by Dana Getz
  • CHIPs Trailer & Poster: Michael Peña and Dax Shepard Are Ride or Die

    CHIPs (Trailer #1)

    Michael Pena and Dax Shepard are middle-aged motorcycle cops assigned to the California Highway Patrol in the first trailer for CHIPs.

    (9) by Dan Zinski
  • LEGO Batman TV Spots: Bruce Wayne Loves Barbara Gordon

    LEGO Batman TV Spots

    New TV spots for LEGO Batman shed light on relationships between characters in the new comedic take on DC’s Dark Knight.

    (5) by Bob Chipman
  • XX Trailer: Four Tales of Horror from Female Directors

    XX (Trailer #1)

    A new trailer for the horror anthology film XX highlights four different horror shorts from four different female directors.

    (6) by Aaron Neuwirth
  • Guardians Final Trailer: Russia’s Superhero Squad to the Rescue

    Guardians (Final Trailer)

    The last trailer for Russian superhero movie Guardians arrives, showcasing some of the stellar action we’ll see throughout the film.

    (9) by Daniel Falconer
  • Gold Red Band Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Gets Stupidly Rich

    Gold (Red Band Trailer)

    A new trailer for Kenny Wells biopic Gold shows a different side to Matthew McConaughey. Specifically, the backside.

    by Lena Wilson
  • Clinical Trailer: Netflix’s Next Original Horror Movie

    Clinical (Trailer)

    Netflix releases a trailer for its new original horror movie Clinical, which arrives on the streaming service this week.

    by Michael Kennedy
  • Cars 3 ESPN Trailer: It’s Not Over Until Lightning Says So

    Cars 3 (ESPN Trailer)

    ESPN debuts a new trailer for Cars 3, teasing Lightning’s (Owen Wilson) rivalry with new generation racer Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer).

    by Becky Fuller
  • Worlds Collide In New Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot

    Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot - Two Worlds Collide

    This latest TV spot for Transformers: The Last Knight highlights the major moments found in the film’s first theatrical trailer.

    (1) by Aaron Neuwirth
  • Baywatch International Trailer Brings on the R-Rated Ridiculousness

    Baywatch (International Trailer)

    An international trailer for the Dwayne Johnson-led Baywatch movie reboot shows off more action and some of the film’s R-Rated humor.

    (5) by Alex Leadbeater
  • The Handmaid’s Tale Trailer – Offred Intends To Survive

    The Handmaid's Tale Trailer

    The first trailer has been released for Hulu’s upcoming original series, The Handmaid’s Tale, starring Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss.

    (2) by Henry Faherty