3D Movie Tickets Get a Price Hike

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3D movie ticket prices 3D Movie Tickets Get a Price Hike

Quick anecdote: earlier this month, my girlfriend and I went to see Alice In Wonderland in 3D. Always the gentleman, I of course paid for the tickets, unaware that here in the wonderful NYC, the price for a 3D movie ticket was up to $16.50. For you mathematically challenged readers, that was a total of approximately $35 for two movie tickets.

If that figure isn’t shocking enough, maybe this next bit of news is: 3D movie ticket prices are about to get even higher.

The Wall Street Journal reports that as of…RIGHT NOW, tickets for 3D movies will experience a bump in cost. The increases will reportedly vary by market (state/city/town), and/or by theater chain (Regal, AMC, etc.). However, increases could be as steep as 26% in some areas, and some moviegoers (the ones who don’t read Screen Rant) are going to be in for a shock the next time they venture to the theater for some 3D fun.

Our friends over at Collider have done some market research, discovering that the price for my non-matinee Wonderland ticket today would be $17 as opposed to $16.50, while in Georgia it would be a larger bump, from $15.50 to $17.50.

Avatar logo money piles 570x427 3D Movie Tickets Get a Price Hike

There are undoubtedly two schools of thought on this issue: those who are ripping their hair out and screaming in frustration, versus those who see it as ‘inevitable.’

Certain parties have been claiming for some time that Avatar only became the highest-grossing movie of all time because of its 3D ticket prices; while Wonderland broke first week records for March, clearly because of 3D ticket sales. It’s a whole new profit margin for the film industry to measure by.

However, I’ll tell you right now how I feel about all this: If I’m paying higher prices, I’m only doing so for the “true 3D” experience.

movies 3D 3D Movie Tickets Get a Price Hike

3D? Not really...

Movies like Alice In Wonderland or Clash of The Titans will not be getting my 3D money. These are films that were converted to 3D after they were shot, and have that cheap, gimmicky pop-out look that I (and many of you) can’t stand. Films like Avatar or the upcoming Tron Legacy, on the other hand, are filmed in 3D, resulting in that “impressive and immersive experience” so many moviegoers have been praising as of late.

So I will skip all the marketing hype, do my research and if what I’m getting isn’t “true 3D,” then 2D is fine for me. I have the same rules about the whole ‘stretched for IMAX’ vs. ‘shot in IMAX’ issue.

how to train your dragon 3d 3D Movie Tickets Get a Price Hike

The great irony in all this? This 3D movie ticket price hike comes on the very day that How To Train Your Dragon, a wonderful “true 3D” movie is hitting theaters (read our review HERE).

Sigh… Hollywood, you’ve gotten me again…

Sources: Wall Street Journal via Collider

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  1. Shady move. In this economy to raise the prices by as much as 26% is greedy. Some theaters will even raise regular movie ticket prices.

    Most 3D movies do not really use 3D technology in its full potential. Avatar is an exception and I would pay to see that. Everything else feels a little like a a gimmick. Btw, I saw Avatar for $11 at IMAX 3D a few weeks after it was released. It was still $16.50 at my local AMC theater. What gives?

    Anyway, this will just fuel more piracy. Hollywood enjoyed its highest profit last year from theater income so I will not be listening when they cry about money being taken away/stolen through piracy. That, along with higher ticket prices, will definitely see an increase in piracy and I, for one, don't feel bad about that at all. Paying almost $20 to see a movie is a freaking rip off.

  2. Some more info, if you don't mind (Screenrant)


  3. Leave it to Hollywood to try and push the drug then raise the price to get the fix. Hollywood = fail.

  4. eh…
    ill tell you what…

    from the industries perspective, this is THE ONLY way to combat piracy right now, and having a price that when the purchaser sees screams “THATS CRAZY” but then hands you $35 is just smart business, regardless of the economy.

    from a movie goer perspective myself.. that blows haha

  5. how does it fuel piracy?

    id understand this if they had raised the prices on the movies that were pirateable.
    but you cant steal a 3d experience, and im refering to the quality ones btw. With avatars huge numbers and expected numbers from a film like TRON, even hardcore piraters will be paying to view.

    its just smart business, and in their eyes a way to RECOVER revenue they'll lose when someone sitting at homes pirates a video saying “ill show you”.

  6. I'd pay $20 to see the Hobbit in S-3D… dunno about the rest.

  7. Can I get a discount if I use my Avatar 3D glasses?

  8. Have you seen the download numbers on Avatar torrents? They're insane. Avatar did not come out in 3D in A LOT of countries/theaters. Anyway, all 3D movies get pirated just as much, if not more, than other movies.

    I completely agree with you that it's a business decision, and a very shrewed one at that. But it leaves a very bad taste in the mouths of movie goers.

    I wish the movie industry would provide more “experiences” rather than just flicks. That would lower piracy and raise revenues. Avatar was an “experience” for many ppl I talked to and I saw that movie 3 times and was happy to pay the money. But I will not pay 14 – 17 bucks to see just a movie, especially now when everything is strictly on budget.

  9. I'm shocked! SHOCKED, I say.

    Not. Is anyone *really* surprised? Disappointed, maybe, but surprised?

    I think the only-pay-the-premium-for-true-3d ploy is a good one, too.

  10. I'm shocked! SHOCKED, I say!

    Is anyone really surprised at this? Disappointed maybe, but surprised?

  11. I don't know why ticket prices are so high everywhere else but where I live. The theater I went to see Avatar in in IMAX 3D was only $13, and it was a brand new and theater, so the prices are a little higher than others. I can go to a matinee showing for $4 at one theater in town, and $6 for another.

  12. The theater in my town does not have 3-D available, but the ticket price is $8.50 for an evening showing. The movie theater that I go to for 3-D is a half hour away, but it's only $9.50 for a 3-D showing. Even with that small difference, I will definitely only drive half an hour to see a TRUE 3-D movie that was SHOT in 3-D.

    As a side note: I am quite amazed at the difference in movie ticket prices from the coasts (east and west) and the midwest where I'm at.

  13. I find this somewhat funny. Where I live I only pay $10-$12 for 3D movies. Matinee and Evenings respectively

  14. so damn annoying, i can only watch clash of the titans in 3D because the bastard cinema wont release it in 2D until a few weeks after its release.
    whats worse is that the quality of these converted movies is terrible, and yet viewers are still forced to pay an extra $3-5 for something that looks like crap and ruins their eyes.

    i think there should be a choice to view the movie in 2D or #D, only difference being screening times.

  15. I just don't think we come even close to realizing how much goes into these movies, even a 3d movie. These people have to pour so much money, long nights, and exhausting hours just to get these things into the movie theaters. To do a really good big budget film it is just insane to get these things off the ground. Plus you are talking way more of these big movies coming out every year. I read one article about the stress of trying to get all the different formats of Avatar so it would look good one all the different 2d and 3d projection systems all over the world. Avatar might look really good on one system, but just not as good on anther. So they had to come up with like 85 different formats of Avatar before its release. That is just insane. It was worst in 3d. They had to make sure each version of Avatar didn't have ghosting on each 3d projection system running through out the world. So in a way we have just become spoiled. We walking into a movie theater, don't think about how hard these people had to work to make it, and then complain about the price. Yet we want bigger movies, better stories, better musical scores, sharper pictures, etc. but only want to pay $1.50 to see them, I just don't see how that is possible. If the price comes down, expect the quality to as well. Remember how cheap a movie ticket was compared to wages in the early 1970's, but also there were a lot of really bad movies coming out at that time as well. You got what you paid for.

    • what a weird name weirdwizerd

  16. They can taked their Cthulhu accursed jacked up 3D prices & stuff 'em. 2D is good enough for me and is much less likely to make me want to puke during movie action sequences. It's just not worth it to me.

  17. the thing you also don't see is who is driving lambo's and has mansions by the end of the day hahahahaha. well there gettin enough money how it was but damn 15$-17$ all i gotta say is im gonna go to movies more selectively and also screw that imma start downloading and just watch it off my laptop cuz i didn't know about the rise of price till i took my date and one of her girl friends to see Nightmare on elm street and it costed nearly 45$ish and yea thatwas for 3 people now think about the families with 4+ they got a family to feed haha don't think there gonna use that to see a film unless they got the money to blow. Nightmare on elm street was alright and it wasnt the best also ha but i'll stick 2 the rent a movie and popcorn and drinks at home also get some private time haha

  18. See the video “Why Do Movie Tickets Cost So Much?” at movie-goer-rights.org or youtube.com/user/moviegoerrights

  19. 1 year ago