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  • The Emoji Movie Review

    The Emoji Movie

    The Emoji Movie squanders the talents of its capable voice cast on an animated film that is as cynical in its outlook as it was in its conception.

    (19) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Atomic Blonde Review

    Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde is a stylish, yet uneven, thriller, punctuated by a strong performance by Theron and thrilling action set pieces.

    (17) by Chris Agar
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Luc Besson’s Valerian is a visually stunning, if overlong, sci-fi romp that’s weighed down by an uncharming dynamic between its two leads.

    (12) by Molly Freeman
  • Dunkirk Review


    Dunkirk makes for Christopher Nolan’s most intense and nerve-wracking thriller yet, delivering a strikingly terse viewing experience in the process.

    (70) by Sandy Schaefer
  • The Big Sick Review

    The Big Sick Review

    Rich in emotional honesty and equal parts funny/moving, The Big Sick successfully infuses the traditional rom-com formula with a modern sensibility.

    (6) by Sandy Schaefer
  • War for the Planet of the Apes Review

    War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes is as satisfying a conclusion to Caesar’s journey as it is a compelling standalone, big-budget blockbuster experience.

    (36) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

    Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming works as both a (very) funny high school comedy/drama and strong standalone superhero movie set in the MCU.

    (56) by Sandy Schaefer
  • The House Review

    The House

    The House is a solid, if unremarkable, big studio comedy with fleeting moments of humor peppered throughout its runtime.

    (4) by Chris Agar
  • Despicable Me 3 Review

    Despicable Me 3

    Despicable Me 3 offers enough in the way of zany, irreverent entertainment (with a dose of heart) to please steadfast fans of the franchise.

    (1) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Baby Driver Review

    Baby Driver

    Baby Driver is an exhilarating and tense thrill ride that’s infectious with its high-octane energy, sheer creativity, and strong performances.

    (19) by Chris Agar
  • The Beguiled Review

    The Beguiled

    Though an only decent adaptation, The Beguiled is deftly directed by Sofia Coppola, giving room for the cast to shine in their performances.

    (3) by Molly Freeman
  • Transformers: The Last Knight Review

    Transformers: The Last Knight

    Transformers: The Last Knight has a deeper mythos and bigger spectacle than its predecessors, yet still ends up being mostly hollow and cacophonous.

    (23) by Sandy Schaefer
  • 47 Meters Down Review

    47 Meters Down

    47 Meters Down is a decent, yet unremarkable, survival thriller that’s little more than disposable summer entertainment.

    (3) by Chris Agar
  • The Book of Henry Review

    The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry awkwardly mashes together compelling individual elements, giving rise to a jarring and otherwise confounding viewing experience.

    (5) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Rough Night Review

    Rough Night

    Rough Night offers an entertaining genderswap on the bromantic comedy, which especially works thanks to its Broad City brand of humor.

    (10) by Molly Freeman
  • Cars 3 Review

    Cars 3

    Cars 3 offers more heartfelt storytelling and rich animation than its predecessor, yet falls short of raising the bar for the Cars franchise.

    (8) by Sandy Schaefer
  • The Mummy Review

    The Mummy

    The Mummy tries a fresh spin on the classic monster with a gender-swapped villain and Dark Universe connections but winds up a stale action reboot.

    (29) by Molly Freeman
  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review

    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

    Captain Underpants makes the most of its silly and ridiculous premise by injecting high amounts of energy and laughter into the proceedings.

    (2) by Chris Agar
  • Wonder Woman Review

    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman is a beautifully directed superhero origin story that digs into Diana’s transformation from naive warrior to inspiring hero.

    (143) by Molly Freeman
  • Baywatch Review


    Despite the charm of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, Baywatch is an overlong buddy cop (or, lifeguard) comedy with more notable action than humor.

    (11) by Molly Freeman
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is an adequate series sequel, but fails to leave any lasting impression on the audience.

    (19) by Chris Agar
  • Alien: Covenant Review

    Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant plays it safe by mashing together the best elements of previous Alien films, delivering a solid sci-fi horror/thriller in the process.

    (28) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Everything, Everything Review

    Everything, Everything

    Everything, Everything offers some creative flourishes on a fairly typical teen romance that succeeds thanks to its young stars.

    (1) by Molly Freeman
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    Legend of the Sword’s brazen reimagining of Arthurian mythos, coupled with Ritchie’s style, makes for a bombastic yet entertaining King Arthur epic.

    (23) by Sandy Schaefer
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 doubles-down on everything that audiences loved about its predecessor, to still-entertaining but diminished returns.

    (48) by Sandy Schaefer