Latest 4.5 star movies

  • Cloud Atlas

    ‘Cloud Atlas’ Review

    This is a unique blockbuster experience and is the type of bold choice in filmmaking that (in my opinion) deserves to be applauded

    by Kofi Outlaw | 2 years ago116 Comments

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

    ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1′ Review

    The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 is a must-buy for any Batman fan – including those who swear by the comic version of the story.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago110 Comments

  • The Master

    ‘The Master’ Review

    The Master may seem like a movie of more questions and suggestions than answers and clarity, but the sheer beauty of its composition and the intensity of its central performances are enough.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago29 Comments

  • Finding Nemo 3D

    ‘Finding Nemo 3D’ Review

    Finding Nemo 3D is another example of post-conversion done right and, paired with the especially humorous Partysaurus Rex short, is well worth another trip to your local box office.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago21 Comments

  • Prometheus

    ‘Prometheus’ Review

    Regardless of the connections to the Alien universe, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a welcome return to form for the director.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago390 Comments

  • The Avengers

    ‘The Avengers’ Review

    The few drawbacks and criticisms aren’t enough to stop The Avengers from delivering a fun and satisfying time at the movies.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago268 Comments

  • Marley

    ‘Marley’ Review

    Marley paints a portrait of the famed musician in such a way that few films before it have been able to.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago16 Comments

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Review

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will deliver a compelling ride for die-hard fans of the book series, dramatic thriller enthusiasts, as well as anyone who enjoys Fincher’s darker works.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago95 Comments

  • Shame

    ‘Shame’ Review

    For movie fans who are willing to buckle up, there’s no doubt that McQueen delivers an experience that simultaneously offers beautiful filmmaking and a welcome punch to the gut.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago32 Comments

  • The Muppets

    ‘The Muppets’ Review

    Segel and company have managed to produce a Muppet film that not only lives up to the franchise legacy, but for some fans, might just end up being one of their all-time favorite adventures.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago49 Comments

  • Martha Marcy May Marlene

    ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ Review

    Anyone who is interested in a subtle, yet challenging, character drama with stand-out performances and some truly beautiful camerawork, the film is sure to deliver a thought-provoking time

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago4 Comments

  • Drive

    ‘Drive’ Review

    With ‘Drive’, director Nicolas Winding Refn mixes high art, bloody violence and pulpy crime drama into a high-octane thriller punctuated by some excellent performances.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago72 Comments

  • Warrior

    ‘Warrior’ Review

    Is ‘Warrior’ a heavy-hitting character drama or just another fighting film looking to capitalize on a familiar ‘rise to glory’ story? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago53 Comments

  • Attack the Block

    ‘Attack the Block’ Review

    Can a low-budget alien invasion flick truly be better than all the big-budget invasion blockbusters crowding movie theaters? Read our ‘Attack The Block’ review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago40 Comments

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

    ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2′ Review

    Is ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2′ the epic finale that fans of the franchise have been hoping for? Read our review and find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago91 Comments

  • The King's Speech

    The King’s Speech Review

    ‘The King’s Speech’ is a competent Oscar-baiting historical drama, but does the film stammer too much for the mainstream moviegoer? Read our review to find out.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago36 Comments

  • True Grit

    True Grit Review

    ‘True Grit’ stands as a testament to the fact that apparently it IS possible to produce an excellent remake of a classic and beloved film.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago92 Comments

  • 127 Hours

    127 Hours Review

    Danny Boyle’s ’127 Hours’ stars James Franco in the gripping real-life account of climber Aron Ralston’s struggle to survive after his arm is trapped under a boulder.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago23 Comments

  • ‘Inside Job’ Review

    ‘Inside Job’ Review

    ‘Inside Job’ is a documentary that every American should watch – a film that pierces the veil of partisan politics to examine the root causes of the 2008 global economic crisis.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago12 Comments

  • The Town

    ‘The Town’ Review

    ‘The Town’ is a must-see crime thriller which proves yet again that Ben Affleck is a talented director who is somewhere on the verge of greatness.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago55 Comments