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  • Rock of Ages

    ‘Rock of Ages’ Review

    Adam Shankman (Hairspray) is back with another Broadway show turned movie musical but can ‘Rock of Ages’ satisfy song and dance enthusiasts as well as non-fan newcomers? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 2 years ago59 Comments

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting

    ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ Review

    Want to know what to expect when you watch ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ – the new ensemble rom-com from Kirk Jones (Everybody’s Fine)? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 2 years ago6 Comments

  • Dark Shadows

    ‘Dark Shadows’ Review

    Does the latest Johnny Depp and Tim Burton pairing offer an enjoyable modern retelling of the classic ‘Dark Shadows’ TV series that both fans and casual moviegoers can enjoy? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 2 years ago82 Comments

  • The Three Stooges

    ‘The Three Stooges’ Review

    Is the Farrelly Brothers’ ‘Three Stooges’ passion project a funny and worthy homage to the classic comedic trio? Or the degradation of something classic and great? Read our review.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 2 years ago52 Comments

  • Lockout

    ‘Lockout’ Review

    Does the Luc Besson (‘Taken’) developed ‘Lockout,’ about one man on a mission to rescue the President’s daughter during a prison break in space, deliver an exciting action-thriller experience? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 2 years ago28 Comments

  • Casa de mi Padre

    ‘Casa de mi Padre’ Review

    Is ‘Casa de mi Padre’ a winning bit of cinematic satire for star Will Ferrell, or a flick to put in the ‘future potential rental’ column? Read our review.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago8 Comments

  • Act of Valor

    ‘Act of Valor’ Review

    ‘Act of Valor’ stars active duty Navy SEALs and brings a new level of realism to the Hollywood military genre – but does the final film also offer an entertaining movie experience? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago106 Comments

  • This Means War

    ‘This Means War’ Review

    McG (‘Terminator Salvation’) brings his action movie chops to the romantic comedy genre with the spy versus spy story ‘This Means War,’ but does the film deliver the best of both genres? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago18 Comments

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D

    ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D’ Review

    George Lucas is back with another ‘Star Wars’ re-release – but does the post-converted 3D effect in ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D’ offer a reason to see the film again on the big screen? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago176 Comments

  • Man on a Ledge

    ‘Man on a Ledge’ Review

    Is ‘Man on a Ledge’ a smart thriller worth a theater ticket, or a future rental? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago35 Comments

  • Contraband

    ‘Contraband’ Review

    Is ‘Contraband’ an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat heist film? Or a movie that should’ve been tossed overboard? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago21 Comments

  • In Time

    ‘In Time’ Review

    Is Andrew Niccol’s ‘In Time’ a thought-provoking sci-fi thriller, or the poor execution of a rich idea? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago69 Comments

  • The Three Musketeers (3D)

    ‘The Three Musketeers’ Review

    Is ‘The Three Musketeers’ an exciting update of the famous tale that’s worth the price of a 3D ticket? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago51 Comments

  • Trespass

    ‘Trespass’ Review

    Is Joel Schumacher’s ‘Trespass’ a compelling single-setting thriller, or another ‘Batman & Robin’ on the director’s hit-or-miss resume? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago5 Comments

  • Dream House

    ‘Dream House’ Review

    ‘Dream House’ may seem like just another spooky haunted house tale, but in fact it’s something much more convoluted. Read our review to find out more.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago20 Comments

  • Killer Elite

    ‘Killer Elite’ Review

    Is ‘Killer Elite,’ the directorial debut of Gary McKendry, based on the novel by Ranulph Fiennes, an exciting dramatic thriller or just a flimsy excuse for Clive Owen and Jason Statham to beat each other up? Read our review.

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago20 Comments

  • Shark Night 3D

    ‘Shark Night 3D’ Review

    It’s a B-movie called ‘Shark Night’ that comes complete with a 3D gimmick. It’s not good – but is it fun? Read our review to find out.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago22 Comments

  • 30 Minutes or Less

    ’30 Minutes or Less’ Review

    Is the odd-pairing of Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari comedy magic? Or will you wish for this movie to end in ’30 Minutes or Less’? Read our Review.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago23 Comments

  • Bad Teacher

    ‘Bad Teacher’ Review

    Is ‘Bad Teacher’ a bit of naughty good fun, or just plain bad? Read our Review.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago24 Comments

  • Cars 2

    ‘Cars 2′ Review

    Pixar’s ‘Cars’ franchise is coming around for a second lap. Does ‘Cars 2′ get the checkered flag or does the film finish the race as one of Pixar’s least successful runs?

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago45 Comments

  • Hesher

    ‘Hesher’ Review

    ‘Hesher’ is a movie that is definitely NOT for everyone. If you are easily offended or annoyed by off-putting characters, then do yourself a favor and skip this strange and twisted heavy metal meditation on grief.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 3 years ago29 Comments

  • Super

    ‘Super’ Review

    James Gunn’s ‘Super’ is an occasionally funny, but generally depressing film that is too inconsistent in tone to offer a sharp critique of the superhero genre.

    by Rob Frappier | 3 years ago23 Comments

  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch Review

    Is Zack Snyder’s ‘Sucker Punch’ a story of self-empowerment and fantasy worlds, a dream come true – or just another over-the-top action film with slow-motion cinematography?

    by Ben Kendrick | 3 years ago364 Comments

  • Mars Needs Moms

    ‘Mars Needs Moms’ Review

    ‘Mars Needs Moms’ is a decent sci-fi adventure for kids that is hindered by a convoluted mythology and the use of Robert Zemeckis’ motion-capture technology.

    by Sandy Schaefer | 4 years ago11 Comments

  • Kill The Irishman

    Kill the Irishman Review

    ‘Kill the Irishman’ is the standard mobster drama you’ve seen a hundred times before. The only thing that sets the movie apart is a slew of fun cameos by some mob movie icons.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago15 Comments

  • Rango

    ‘Rango’ Review

    Is ‘Rango,’ Gore Verbinski’s CGI animated film about a heroic chameleon (Johnny Depp) in a small western town, the hero we’ve been waiting for – or, like the cowboy, a relic from another era?

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago87 Comments

  • Hall Pass

    ‘Hall Pass’ Review

    The Farrelly Brothers return with their latest comedy, ‘Hall Pass’ starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. Read our review to find out if you’ll want to pass on the film – or renew your vows with the Farrellys.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago19 Comments

  • The Eagle

    ‘The Eagle’ Review

    ‘The Eagle’ is a Roman epic that’s more arthouse drama than action-packed thrill ride. But does it still make for an engaging afternoon at the cinema? Read our review to find out.

    by Sandy Schaefer | 4 years ago25 Comments

  • The Rite

    ‘The Rite’ Review

    ‘The Rite’ is an average and predictable exorcism flick, whose only distinguishable feature is the wild theatricality of Anthony Hopkins.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago21 Comments

  • The Green Hornet

    The Green Hornet Review

    If you enjoy watching a lead character that’s so annoying and such a jerk that you’d like to punch him in the face yourself, then ‘The Green Hornet’ is for you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago150 Comments

  • Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear Review

    Despite the fact that ‘Yogi Bear’ has plenty of flaws, it’s a movie aimed squarely at the 10 and under crowd – but with far fewer childish jokes and sight gags than one would imagine.

    by Paul Young | 4 years ago12 Comments

  • The Tourist

    ‘The Tourist’ Review

    The defining characteristics of ‘The Tourist’ are its overt efforts to emphasize that Angelina Jolie is beautiful and that Johnny Depp is a ‘regular guy.’

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago39 Comments

  • The Warrior's Way

    The Warrior’s Way Review

    ‘The Warrior’s Way’ is an odd duck of a movie – and that doesn’t even include the wire-fu/Western combination.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago23 Comments

  • Saw 3D

    Saw 3D Review

    ‘Saw 3D’ will certainly appeal to fans who have stuck with the ‘Saw’ franchise through the previous six films, however the 3D doesn’t really offer anything new.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago44 Comments

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife

    ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ Review

    ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ is a step up for the video-game turned movie-franchise but still falls short of being a great zombie-action film.

    by Ben Kendrick | 4 years ago143 Comments

  • Machete

    ‘Machete’ Review

    No one is expecting an Oscar-caliber film – but does ‘Machete’ work even on the down and dirty level to which it aspires?

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago185 Comments

  • Piranha 3D

    Piranha 3D Review

    Piranha 3D is the uber-trashy fun B-movie you’d expect. Over-the-top, crass, gore-filled and with more bikini-clad babes than you can count.

    by Kofi Outlaw | 4 years ago292 Comments

  • Knight and Day

    Knight and Day Review

    Find out what’s good – and what’s not so good – about ‘Knight and Day’, Tom Cruise’s return to the action genre.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago44 Comments

  • Prince of Persia

    Prince of Persia Review

    ‘Prince of Persia’ is pure summer cotton candy: Mildly entertaining and immediately forgettable – but parents can bring the kids and they’ll enjoy it.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago67 Comments

  • Survival of the Dead

    Survival of the Dead Review

    There’s plenty of gore and a few creative kills, but George Romero’s latest zombie outing misses the mark on social satire and plot.

    by Rob Frappier | 4 years ago14 Comments

  • After.Life

    After.Life Review

    If you want to see both a movie that keeps you guessing as to what’s really happening AND Christina Ricci naked – then After.Life is for you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago232 Comments

  • Clash of the Titans

    Clash of the Titans Review (3D)

    Is Clash of the Titans worth seeing in 3D, or even 2D? Read our review and find out.

    by Vic Holtreman | 4 years ago84 Comments

  • Youth In Revolt

    Youth In Revolt Review

    Short Version: Not at all what it was advertised to be, Youth In Revolt will leave a lot of people scratching their heads. Screen Rant’s…

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago10 Comments

  • Ninja Assassin

    Ninja Assassin Review

    Ninja Assassin has many flaws; however, the ninjas are not one of them. All of the ninja action in this film is awesome, and for fans of the genre that’s probably enough.

    by Paul Young | 5 years ago31 Comments

  • New Moon

    New Moon Review

    Is ‘New Moon’ better or worse than the first film – and is it worth seeing if you’re not a fan of the book? Find out here.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago156 Comments

  • 2012

    2012 Review

    So is 2012 worth the price of admission? It depends on what you’re looking for – but if you think you’re going to like it, you probably will.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago143 Comments

  • Surrogates

    Surrogates Review

    Is the new Bruce Willis film Surrogates worth watching on the big screen or is it just a rental? We’ll tell you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago30 Comments

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II Review

    Short Version: Halloween II is the most ambitious and most accomplished movie I’ve seen from Rob Zombie. But it’s still not quite what I would…

    by Kofi Outlaw | 5 years ago39 Comments

  • Night at the Museum 2

    Night at the Museum 2 Review

    Looking for a family movie to which you can bring the kids? Night at the Museum 2 is harmless enough and you might get a giggle or two out of it.

    by Vic Holtreman | 5 years ago45 Comments

  • Marley and Me Review

    Marley and Me Review

    Is Marley & Me really a great family holiday film? You’d better make sure.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago104 Comments

  • Punisher: War Zone Review

    Punisher: War Zone Review

    After months of rumors and problems Punisher: War Zone is finally here. And the verdict is…

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago155 Comments

  • Max Payne Review

    Max Payne Review

    Is Max Payne finally the first video game to movie adaptation that actually works? We’ll tell you.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago44 Comments

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

    The wait is over for the next Star Wars fix. But was it worth it?

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago52 Comments

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Review

    Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Review

    What’s the verdict on Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D? Read our review and find out

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago9 Comments

  • Wanted Review

    Wanted Review

    We buck the love-fest with our review of Wanted.

    by Vic Holtreman | 6 years ago68 Comments

  • Review: Street Kings

    Review: Street Kings

    Find out if Street Kings is worth a trip to the movie theater

    by Brian Rentschler | 6 years ago6 Comments

  • Review: 10,000 BC

    Review: 10,000 BC

    Short version: While there’s an attempt to make this a personal story, it’s really about what we thought it would be: Incredible vistas populated with…

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago25 Comments

  • Review: Me & Michael

    Review: Me & Michael

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years agoNo Comments

  • Review: Transformers

    Review: Transformers

    by Vic Holtreman | 7 years ago35 Comments

  • Review: Nancy Drew

    Review: Nancy Drew

    by Miranda Holtreman | 7 years ago4 Comments

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