Remakes & Reboots: Upcoming Movies You’ve Seen Before

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movie remakes reboots superman spider-man crow akira oldboy dredd dragon tattooMovie remakes and reboots seem to be more reviled than ever - but is all the hate justified?We look at over 30 upcoming movies that will be covering some familiar ground, letting you know who is involved, what our take on it is, and how the project should be labeled:
  • Remake - Recreating a previously released film.
  • Reboot - Doing a "fresh start" re-launch of a previously established franchise or character.
  • Reinterpretation - Creating a unique new cinematic vision of literary source material.
Our list consists of films currently in production or confirmed for production, in order of their release dates.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Rooney Mara Noomi RapaceRelease Date: December 21, 2011Director: David Fincher (Se7en) Cast: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgård, Robin WrightCategory: Reinterpretation of Stieg Larsson's best-selling novel.Our take: David Fincher proved to be a master of hard-boiled Noir with films like Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, and The Game - and now he's returning to the dark side with the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Read our Review). With a script by multi-Oscar-winning writer Steven Zaillian (Gangs of New York, Schindler's List), a pulsing soundtrack by Oscar-winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network), and a Golden Globe-nominated performance by actress Rooney Mara in the role of hacker Lisbeth Salander, it's safe to say that this version of Dragon Tattoo was a worthwhile new vision of Larsson's work.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street Movie vs. TV ShowRelease Date: March 16, 2012Director: Phil Lord & Chris Miller (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Ellie Kemper, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle and Johnny Depp (cameo)Category: Movie reboot of the 1980s TV show.Our take: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are two of the most divisive young stars currently working in Hollywood; people tend to either love or hate them, respectively. That's going to be the biggest obstacle for the 21 Jump Street movie - more so than the odd choice of having Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller calling the shots. And, while the 21 Jump Street trailer was funny enough, this reboot is pretty much Jump Street in name and premise only. Beyond that, it's just your average buddy-cop action/comedy.

Mirror Mirror

mirror mirror snow whiteRelease Date: March 16, 2012Director: Tarsem Singh (Immortals) Cast: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Sean Bean, Nathan LaneCategory: Reinterpretation of the Snow White fairy tale.Our take: Tarsem Singh (Immortals) is a director who has been defined more for the style, rather than the substance, of his films. With Mirror Mirror, Singh hopes to make a family-friendly and stylistically lavish new vision of the Grimms' "Snow White" fairy tale - one that is more light and satirical than its main box office competitor, Snow White and the Huntsman.While the Mirror Mirror trailer was visually stunning, a script by two newcomer screenwriters, a hammy performance by Julia Roberts as the evil queen, and Singh's track record for having little underpinning to his pretty pictures, makes it hard to believe that anyone but the juice box crowd is going to be thrilled by this one.

The Three Stooges

 The Three Stooges movie Release Date: April 13, 2012Director: The Farrelly Brothers (Dumb & Dumber) Cast: Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso, Sofia Vergara, Jane Lynch, Larry David, SnookiCategory: Movie reboot of the classic Three Stooges comedy sketches.Our take: After losing an all-star cast of actors during a troubled development, The Farrellys' Three Stooges arrives with three lesser-known actors in the lead roles, and a cameo by Jersey Shore star, Snooki (take that how you will). While the trailer for film looked like a dutiful homage to classic Stooges comedy schtick, the attempt to carry it out in a modern setting looked to be more "miss" than "hit."Fans of the comedic trio are likely going to come away wishing that Hollywood had left this one alone.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Movie Tim Burton Release Date: May 11, 2012Director: Tim Burton Cast: Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley and Christopher LeeCategory: Movie reboot of the Dark Shadows TV show.Our take: Tim Burton is taking a cult-favorite Gothic TV show about supernatural monsters, and re-fashioning it as a weird blockbuster movie about supernatural monsters - and he's bringing along some of his favorite collaborators (Depp, Carter) a few pretty additional faces (Green, Pfeiffer) and a screen icon (Lee).As far as it being a reboot: considering that most of the target audience for this movie didn't watch the original TV show back in the late '60s and early '70s, Burton's movie will hopefully feel like a welcome introduction to the Dark Shadows mythos. 

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Charlize TheronRelease Date: June 1, 2012Director: Rupert Sanders (directorial debut) Cast: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Sam ClaflinCategory: Reinterpretation of the "Snow White" fairy tale.Our take: Snow White and the Huntsman is a perfect example of how to win over a new audience with an old idea. Thanks to one fantastic trailer, this re-imagining of "Snow White" as a Lord of the Rings fantasy epic is now one of THE talked-about movies of summer 2012. Even though this is director Rupert Sanders' first feature-length film, the talents of the cast (particularly Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron as the evil queen) and the overall aesthetic make SWATH look like a truly promising contender - as well as a worthy re-visit to an all-too-familiar tale.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spiderman Andrew Garfield vs. Tobey MaguireRelease Date: July 3, 2012Director: Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Sally Field, Martin SheenCategory: Reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise.Our take: The latest poster for The Amazing Spider-Man touts it as "The Untold Story" - you know, the story no one's ever heard of about the kid who gets bitten by the radioactive spider and gets super powers?Jokes aside, Sony is taking a serious gamble by re-starting the Spider-Man movie franchise so soon after Sam Raimi's trilogy. Equally risky is their approach to the character as a modern-day NYC teenager - a choice that is splitting the fanbase down the middle. Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) has also never tackled a blockbuster of this size and scale, so there is plenty of reason to worry that this  Spider-Man is going to be anything BUT "amazing."

Total Recall

colin farrell in total recall remakeRelease Date: August 3, 2012Director: Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) Cast: Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, Bokeem WoodbineCategory: Reinterpretation of the Philip K. Dick short story / remake of the 1990 film.Our take: More than most films on this list, the new Total Recall has carried the dirty label of being an unnecessary "remake" - but this is in fact not (entirely) the case. The 1990 Total Recall film by Robocop director Paul Verhoeven was a very loose adaptation of the trippy sci-fi story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, dumbed down  converted into an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick.This new Total Recall will supposedly stick closer to the reality-bending elements of Dick's original story - though there will be plenty of action (and likely a certain iconic three-breasted woman) thrown into the mix as well. If we had to call it at this stage, we'd say this film will be equal parts remake and reinterpretation. Whether it will be good or not is anyone's guess...


Judge Dredd Karl Urban vs. Sylvester StalloneRelease Date: September 21, 2012Director: Pete Travis (Vantage Point) Cast: Karl Urban, Lena Headey, Olivia Thirlby,Category: Reboot of the Judge Dredd movie franchise.Our take: Comic book fans will quickly point out that the 1995 movie adaptation of Judge Dredd - which featured Sylvester Stallone in the titular role - was a far departure from the wrathful force of nature depicted in the comic book source. It's for that reason that Dredd, the upcoming reboot by Vantage Point director Pete Travis, has been given that rare pass of being a "worthy" reboot of the character.Travis and his leading man Karl Urban (Star Trek, Red) have promised that they will be bringing the Judge Dredd of the comics to the screen in a way fanboys will appreciate. That said, some behind-the-scenes issues with production on the film have us a bit wary that the final product might not have been worth the renewed effort.

Red Dawn

Red Dawn 2012 CastRelease Date: November 2, 2012Director: Dan Bradley Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Connor CruiseCategory: Remake of the 1980s film.Our take: The Red Dawn remake has been sitting on the shelf for well over a year, while some of the young actors in the cast have gone on to bigger and better films (see: Chris Hemsworth in Thor). However, even before the studio troubles, this remake was facing the challenge of trying to put a modern spin on the nightmare of a small U.S. town being invaded by foreign enemies - a story that's only more preposterous now than it was in the 1980s.As luck would have it though, the increased fame of the cast may now help the Red Dawn remake snag an audience it never would've lured before.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead RemakeRelease Date: April 12, 2013Director: Fede Alvarez (Panic Attack!) Cast: TBDCategory: Remake of the 1981 film.Our take: Sam Raimi's Evil Dead is considered a horror movie cult-classic - hence why that adoration has turned to hate for this upcoming remake, which is allegedly going to be more grounded and gritty than its campy predecessor. As many ED fans will inform you (ad nauseam) - camp and gore is what made the original great.On the plus side: Sam Raimi himself is producing the remake, as well as helping out Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (Young AdultJuno) with scripting duties. However, until we know more, it's hard to say either way whether this is going to be a success or a failure. But if icon Bruce Campbell doesn't make at least some sort of cameo...FAIL will definitely be the verdict.

The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger Movie 2012 DisneyRelease Date: May 31, 2013Director: Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) Cast: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom WilkinsonCategory: Movie reboot of the classic Lone Ranger radio/TV show.Our take: Disney's updated take on The Lone Ranger is another reboot that's been plagued with problems; from the script, to the budget, to the casting search. Still, with the budget now reduced and production back on track, the debate is once again raging about whether this film should exist at all.Director Gore Verbinski took the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride and turned it into a hit cinematic trilogy - but his take on the Ranger - in which the cowboy (Hammer) is something of a comedic dunce and his Native American sidekick, Tonto (Depp), serves as the real brains - has been a major turnoff for older fans.Unless a well-crafted trailer changes things, right now the old guard is crying foul about this one.

Man of Steel

Superman Henry Cavill vs. Brandon RouthRelease Date: June 14, 2013Director: Zack Snyder (300) Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Christopher Meloni, Laurence FishburneCategory: Reboot of the Superman movie franchise.Our take: In accordance with the recent relaunch of the Superman comic book, this reboot film will seek to update the superhero's mythos for modern times.The red underwear are gone, the attitude, costume, and powers have (slightly) changed, and the origin story is being retooled as well. Immortals star Henry Cavill will be the man donning the red cape (sorry Brandon Routh and Tom Welling fans...).The inclusion of General Zod (Michael Shannon) is already causing some people to write this off as a remake of Richard Donner's beloved Superman II  - but in truth, Watchmen director Zack Snyder is going to be offering audiences a Man of Steel they haven't seen before - for better or worse.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing remakeRelease Date: [PROJECT HAS BEEN POSTPONED]Director: Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) Cast: TBDCategory: Remake of the 1987  film.Our take: For many people whose hearts were stolen by the tale of sheltered 'Baby' Houseman (Jennifer Grey) and bad boy dancing instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), the news of this remake is going to be akin to blaspheme. A different dance movie remake (Footloose) did well enough for itself recently, and the fact that this new Dirty Dancing will be directed by High School Musical helmer Kenny Ortega all but ensures that it will hold strong appeal for the tween-to-teenage crowd.Line up a few big-name teen heartthrobs in the leading roles, and sad to say, another classic will have effectively been painted over with a hipper, booty-shaking, crotch-grinding modern sheen.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20000 Leagues Under the Sea RemakeRelease Date: [PROJECT CURRENTLY IN PRODCUTION]Director: David Fincher (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) Cast: TBDCategory: Reinterpretation of Jules Verne's classic adventure novel.Our take:  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a movie do-over that people seem ok with. Disney's 1954 adaptation of Jules Verne's tale was a whimsical film filled with sea shanties and crude effects. This new version  will be a  darker vision, focusing on the relationship between the mad Captain Nemo, Prof. Piere Aronnax and sailor Ned Land.David Fincher is no stranger to dark worlds and dark characters, but his technical proficiency will surely be tested, as this new 20,000 Leauges will follow in Avatar's footsteps as a Live-action/CGI 3D blockbuster. The script is being handled by the likes of acclaimed writer Michael Chabon (Spider-Man 2) and Fincher's Se7en scribe Andrw Kevin Walker, so the combination of creative talent alone is enough to make us hopeful about this new 20,000 Leagues.


Akira RemakeRelease Date: [PROJECT HAS BEEN POSTPONED]Director: TBD Cast: TBDCategory: Reinterpretation of the Akira comic book/remake of the animated feature.Our take: This version of Akira is playing things fast (and very loose) with the source material: the futuristic dystopia of Neo-Tokyo has been traded for the futuristic dystopia of Neo-Manhattan (hence the non-Japanese characters), and a lot of the post-WWII allegory is going to be replaced by a different thematic narrative. All that change hasn't stopped fans of the Japanese Akira from crying foul, though.TRON Legacy star Garrett Hedlund isn't the most inspired choice to play the lead role of biker gang leader Kaneda, but director Jaume Collet-Serra has turned in  some very solid work in films like Orphan and Unknown. With a screenwriting team that includes Iron Man duo Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby - as well as Steve Kloves (the Harry Potter movies) - it's safe to say that, from a personnel standpoint, Akira isn't a complete disaster...yet.UPDATE: Currently the project is dead in the water. We'll see if it stays that way.

The Crow

The Crow RebootRelease Date: 2014Director: TBD Cast: TBDCategory: Reboot of The Crow movie franchise.Our take: Relativity Media's reboot of The Crow has been a cursed endeavor. The reboot has burned through two directors - Stephen Norrington (Blade) and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) - as well as two possible leading men in Bradley Cooper and Mark Wahlberg. Action star Brandon Lee was killed while filming the original movie, so maybe these ill tidings are meant to serve as omens that putting this character on film is just a bad idea altogether......Then again, when does Hollywood ever heed the omens in front of its face? Expect to hear more about The Crow reboot in the near future.


Oldboy RemakeRelease Date: 2013Director: Spike Lee (Inside Man) Cast: Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth OlsenCategory: Re-interpretation of the Oldboy comic book / remake of Korean film.Our take: Fans of Korean director Chan-wook Park's 2003 adaptation of the Oldboy comic book have mistakenly labeled this new Hollywood version as a "remake" - though in truth, the new film will borrow elements of both the source comic and Park's film, mixing them together with an American setting and some new ideas and themes. Of course, that hasn't stopped fan outrage over the fact that this new Oldboy exists and that Lee is directing it.But if the cast ends up being as distinguished as it's looking at the moment, Oldboy (U.S.) could ultimately be an interesting new take on the story.


robocop remakeRelease Date: 2013Director: José Padilha (Elite Squad) Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Gary OldmanCategory: Reboot of the Robocop movie franchise.Our take: Robocop is yet another case where remake/reboot hatred amongst fans has reached seething levels. The reboot's director, José Padilha, has gained a strong following both abroad and in the US thanks to Elite Squad, which holds the record as Brazil's highest-grossing movie release.Padilha has already discussed some modern ideas and themes for the new Robocop, so this film will at least attempt to cover some new ground - but the real test will be who they cast in the leading role of Alex Murphy/Robocop. UPDATE: The Killing star Joel Kinnaman is an interesting choice for the lead role, but it will be Gary Oldman's supporting role that we suspect will earn respect for this reboot.

Short Circuit

Release Date: 2013Director: Tim Hill (Alvin and the Chipmunks) Cast: TBDCategory: Remake of the 1986 film.Our take: The Short Circuit remake has actually been in the works since 2009, with several writers and directors having joined and then left the project. As of now, Dimension Films has placed Chipmunks director Tim Hill in the director's chair, and if you're wondering what kind of film he'll likely make, allow us to answer that: a kid-friendly cash-grab.Will lovable robot Johnny 5 end up singing a Lady Gaga number or hanging out with a Jersey Shore cast member? We'd like to tell you it could never happen. We'd like to...


Godzilla RebootRelease Date: 2014Director: Gareth Edwards Cast: TBDCategory: Reboot of the Godzilla movie franchise.Our take: The last time that Hollywood tried to reboot the Godzilla franchise, Matthew Broderick played hide-and-seek across Manhattan with a giant lizard. Needless to say, movie fans haven't been eager to open that door again.This latest attempt to relaunch Godzilla in a movie franchise rests on the shoulders of director Gareth Edwards, who proved himself a creative sci-fi talent with his 2010 indie flick, Monsters. With a script being written by both David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and up-and-comer Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son), there's reason enough to be optimistic that this new group of filmmakers will get right what the previous group got so very wrong.

Logan's Run

Release Date: [PROJECT HAS BEEN POSTPONED]Director: Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) Cast: Ryan GoslingCategory: Reinterpretation of the Logan's Run novel.Our take: Anyone familiar with the work of auteur director Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Valhalla) should know that no matter what source he draws from, the end result is going to be very much his own work. And after seeing the...unique way Refn and his "muse" Ryan Gosling approached crime drama in Drive, it's really anybody's guess how the pair will tackle the dystopian themes of Logan's Run.Refn informed us that he indeed has a fresh new vision of the classic tale in mind - though he's not sharing what that vision is. Since this project will mark Refn's first big-budget studio film, it's also questionable just how much creative freedom he will be allowed: don't be too surprised if "creative differences" ultimately knock this Run back to the starting line.

Other Upcoming Remakes & Reboots

 Scarface Perry Mason Invisible Man remakesThe films in the list below are remakes and reboots (and a few reinterpretations) that have been rumored for production, but have yet to gain much forward momentum. And there are plenty of them...Click any of the titles below to find out everything we do know about that film:
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  1. Why Hollywood, Why?

    Remaking 80′s classic movies, there are so many ideas like making a video game being turned into movies.

    Here is my list of great video games that can be turned into movies:
    Call Of Duty
    Assissain’s Creed
    Metal Gear Solid
    Battlefield 3

    But still studios keep on remaking classics or good movies from the past 10 or 12 years.

    Come on, a Spiderman reboot, I mean it’s been 10 years since the first oen got released and now a reboot, I think it is too early but still judging by the trailer, I think The Amazing Spiderman will have a Batman Begins style movie.

    I hope it is dark and The Lizard turns out to be a great villain.

    Still I think rebooting is a bad idea, what ever happen to originality idea.

    I hope in years to come, studios do more original movies than remake movies.

    • So i take it you might not be in favor of the mortal kombat reboot(:

      • he might not be but i am, i really am

    • there are many ideas,but most all of them are in genres that people like and they can´t handle too new ideas,most movies with new fresh ideas became flops. because movielovers like action/heist,martial-arts,fantasy/adventure/superhero and comedy/romanticfilms. they can´t handle too many new ideas that are not familiar with what they like. i.m.o. that´s why we get reboots from beloved movies. at least the question is will it be as good as the original ,or will it be even better or worser!

    • why is it that people think that film is the end of all beat all of artistic expression? Its hard enough to make a good film out of a book, and impossible out of a video game. I can tell you that no movie will ever be made that I will enjoy more than I enjoyed those games. It can’t be done, just leave them alone

    • I don’t mind the fact that they are rebooting the franchise but do we really have to see his origins and the murder of Uncle Ben again? And why recast his aunt and uncle as younger versions of themselves? I had no problem with the original supporting cast in the Raimi series. Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson were perfect as Aunt May and Uncle Ben. If you are going to do a reboot, why not use them again?

      • Cliff Robertson passed away, unfortunately.

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a very good storyline. It impressed me so much, that I wished it was a movie. Ideas of a Russian invasion of America has never been done before. I don’t know why, but it will make a great action war movie.

      • Actually there is the classic, well i consider it a classic, movie from 84 called Red Dawn. It stars really young Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen as part of a group of high school students who when Russians invade and begin an occupation of the US take refuge in the mountains of Colorado and fight back guerrilla warfare style. They call themselves The Wolverines after their high school mascot. For an 80′s movie it actually had great action and drama and is one of the few alternate history movies that I know of. I really can’t think of any others that don’t involve aliens or zombies. I just read that apparently it is also being remade and will probably be on this list, but really check out the original it’s really great.

      • RED DAWN ring a bell?

    • Assassin’s Creed is already in the works by Sony and Ubisoft.

      I’m betting that movie will be pretty awesome. Ubisoft will also have some creative control over the project. So that’s a major plus.

      MGS is also rumored to be in production as well.

    • Assassin’s Creed movie is apparently in the works, and as for the FPS suggestions…any war movie ever made has kinda done it all already

    • So how does a movie based on the ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Battlefield’ series end up not just being another war movie? It doesn’t, so those are more or less out (any movie tying in with those franchises are simply doing so to lure in their fans…not a great omen).

      Of all the titles you list, Halo would seem to be the one with the most potential (although translating a “faceless” protagonist to the big screen would seem to be the one obstacle standing against it). I only hope that when it’s done (it will be), it’s done right.

    • the best video game to turn in to a movie is mass effect call of duty wouldnt make a very good movie just another war movie ,and as for battle field yes if its bad company and you forgot left for dead

  2. David finches 20000 sounds awesome. And a 3d setting that could be great. Fantastic voyage would also lend itself nicely to an avatar-esque 3d experience.

  3. Any word on re-shooting Red Dawn with the passing of Kim Jong Il? Doesn’t really matter, there is no way I’m going to see it anyways. The premise of the original relied on the paranoia of the time in which it was made, much like Watchmen did and much the way Akira makes no sense out of context. Telling these stories to an audience that doesn’t share the sense of impending doom that drives the action is like asking an audience of Kansas farmers to care about something they really don’t care about (thank you Black Adder for helping me finish this sentence).

    I’ve got a similar view on most of the other entries, with the exception of Dirty Dancing. In the story you link to Kenny Ortega is identified as the original choreographer of the film, why ignore that completely in your review, regardless of what he’s done lately? My wife (a professional dancer) has gotten me hooked on SYTYCD, for which Mr. Ortega was a guest judge this past season. He announced the remake on the show (though that may not have been the first anyone had heard of it), which tells me that the producers are also gearing it to appeal to more serious fans of dance that may not appreciate mere “booty-shaking and crotch grinding”.

    • With the word “dirty” in the title, I’m hedging my bets that there will be plenty of booty shaking and crotch-grinding.

    • Oh, there’s enough paranoia to go around to make a retelling plausible…

  4. While they’re at it why don’t they remake lassie,dick tracy,& the 6th sense,come on you know i wanna see it,give it to daddy.

  5. Wow, we are in for a rough 2 years. :/

  6. You guys are awesome and everything but why do you have no faith in the amazing spiderman? I like the idea of the untold story thing because thats one of the original story arcs from spiderman. Its souly based around his parents. Look at the original movies, Sam Rami had no real plot or direction besides Peter’s issues with Harry and the currant issues he delt with in each film. Also, It seemed like Sam kept rushing and throwing villians on screen just to make people (Mostly fans) Happy.
    Just because it a reboot doesnt mean it would be bad. Plus beside the story, The only the new Director did was take pieces of the original and ultimate spiderman books. When I say Ultimate I mean the original Ultimate comics. So thats my take.

    • EVERYBODY has a weak chin, compared to Sly. But that “guy” playing him is AWESOME. Um, ever seen Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? Yeah, Karl Urban, baby!

      • Xena Warrior Princess?

  7. TMNT



    • From what I understand its in Pre Production One of the original creators is on board and they want to make it live action and dark…much like the original comics intended, we’ll see if that happens. Im still a huge fan of the first one as I still feel they provided a nice balance between adult and kid audiences…and subject matter.

  8. So many remakes.. Looking forward to superman and spiderman tho

    • Jessica and Kate who? And what movie?

      • Total Recall. Kate Beckinsale & Jessica Biel. Ouch!

  9. 20th century~ warner bros.~ and sony want to keep those comic book characters so they pump out junk.. or not every year.

  10. im glad they are remaking spider-man, in fact i think they should reboot super Mario movie to actually incline with the actual game the 90′s movie sucked. and PLZ!!!!!! make a Halo movie that would awesome.

  11. I wanna see a remake of Jurassic Park and Avatar

      • LOL!

    • No way can anyone make a Jurassic Park movie better than the first one Spielberg made. I’d rather see another sequel than have them reboot the series.

  12. i hate remakes aswell. especially 80s remakes. 80s movies and tv series are classics for a reason. i dont want to see scarface, ferris bueller’s day off, star wars etc remade.
    now making a sequel can be bad aswell like indiana jones but i would love to see sequels like beetlejuice if its done right and if michael keaton, miss ryder and tim burton returns.

    i prefer sequels to remakes. like making nightrider. bring back hoff. dont put a no name young actor in it.

    the only movie made in the last 10 years to be a reboot besides superman is X-MEN.



    get rid of the black leather crap and have cyclops the leader wearing blue and wolverine the rebel wearing his yellow uniform and mask.
    have Gambit the cool guy wearing his coat etc and rogue wearing her sexy green tight outfit.

    THIS IS X-MEN. not some black leather wearing village people team.

    and before anyone says something about x-men not wearing the yellow outfits of that wolverine shouldnt wear a mask. i point to fact that Captain america wears a blue outfit with a mask and there was no complaints.

    wolverine not wearing a mask is like superman not having the S on his chest of Captain america not wearing his mask. it stupid.

    • sorry i kept putting ‘of’ instead of ‘or’ towards the end. lol.

    • Whoa, down boy. BREEEEEATHE…

    • Only Marvel could do this but it will never happen unless….

      a) The whole of FOX studios gets collectively high and mistakenly signs away the rights for a big gulp and a bag of chips.

      b) Disney pays them somewhere in the ballpark of about 5 BILLION dollars.

      So, in other words, not gonna happen. I AM with you in spirit but realistically FOX has pretty much a death grip on the X-Men franchise.

  13. GODZILLA (2000) feat Mathew Broderick had a budget of 130 Million and a domestic box office take of 136 million and a worldwide box office gross of 380 million. The global box office receipts for this supposed failure of a film is almost 3 times the amount it cost to make. Even when you throw in additional marketing costs the film certainly made more then twice what it cost to make and thats just in box office receipts. That doesn’t include after market like sell-Thru (DVD’s/Blu-Rays) and rental.

    Now how does that formula equal failure? I get that many critics gave the film a big thumbs down but that happens to many a film. I always thought that a failure in the movie industry was a movie that costs more to make then it generated in revenue but apparently that isn’t the case.

    No offense intended but exactly what is the formula for classifying a film as being a failure?

    BTW – The article over all was excellent as usual.

    • It depends, I think showbiz politics comes in play with these things, look at Spiderman 3, a box office hit that got the reboot treatment, and probably the expectations along with thosse movies.

  14. All these remakes, reboots, reworkings point to the same thing a serious lack of creative imagination in Hollywood and elsewhere. The only one I would pay money for or line up to see is Logan’s Run with the director and actor named to the others I say, Adios.

  15. Anyone notice Superman’s backwards “S”?

  16. I’m looking forward to the Godzilla reboot.

  17. I’m mixed on the reboots. If the acting sucked in the original but the concept was interesting then go for it. Cult movies shouldn’t be remade because they are for that generation of people. Why in gods name would you remake Footloose. The Red Dawn remake is just like “Tomorrow When the war began”. If you want to reboot movies it should be because technology would make it better.

  18. If stuff wasn’t rebooted then we wouldn’t have had movies like The Dark Knight. I’m all for reboots if they are done good. As far as the issue of making games into movies is concerned, there are a few interesting games like Bioshock, Fallout, Portal that can be made into movies. But, It is going to be one hell of a task for the director.

  19. No mention of the 2014 Thomas the Tank Engine movie set in WWII?

  20. What I’d really like to see is an extended length, trilogy set, (Lord of the Rings style)of Mass Effect. Kate Beckinsale can be Miranda (Yum!!)

    • i completely agree mass effect would be an awesome movie.

  21. If I don’t get a Saved by the Bell movie I’m gonna be livid.

  22. Not related to the issue but is Bizarro making an appearance in Man of Steel? I noticed Henry’s “S” is backward.

    If done well. A reboot can be a good thing (Casino Royale was good QoS not so much). I’m looking forward to Spidey more and more.

  23. they r going to kill freakin movies by doing the remakes like the crow and dirty dancing they need to leave those two movies alone they have plenty of other remakes that they can screw up and redoing spiderman is stupid they should have just went from the last spiderman instead of starting over and superman i love superman but come on enough with doing the freakin remakes just go from where they left off of the last one

    • remaking the crow is retarded that was an awesome movie i just watched again yesterday

  24. Makes me sick to my stomach that today’s writers are complete wusses and idiots…

    They are to afraid to write their own material, they have to sculk the pages of someone else and try to rewrite masterpieces and say it’s theirs…

    I especially hate movie writers that take a great cult classic and twist it all around and remake it into something it’s not…

    Leave the movies alone and come up with your own materials.

  25. I think Gears of War would make a good film as long as they stayed true to the source material and Halo would be awesome if done right as well.

  26. I can see 20,000 Leagues being a hit with our newest technology. It’s still a great story in bad need of being updated.