5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013 – SR Underground Ep. 78

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Screen Rant Underground Podcast Header 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013   SR Underground Ep. 78

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode seventy-eight of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we discuss the 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013 with topics including Justice League, Marvel Studios Phase Two, and the return of 80s action stars.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 78 - 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013

In episode 78 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we discuss the 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013 with topics including Justice League, Marvel Studios Phase Two, and the return of 80s action stars.

[0:00] 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week’s Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

Last Week’s Reader Winner (Warm Bodies opening): Sal reports that Chris A is once again this week’s winner with a score of 13!

Opening this Week in Theaters (Wide):

  • Beautiful Creatures (2013) (on Thu.) – 2,900+
  • Escape From Planet Earth – 3,000+
  • A Good Day to Die Hard (on Thu.) – 3,500
  • Safe Haven (on Thu.) – 3,000

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • NA

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  1. 1 – A Good Day to Die Hard
    2 – Beautiful Creatures
    3 – Identity Thief
    4 – Safe Haven
    5 – Escape From Planet Earth
    10 – Mama

  2. I agree they should be using Avengers footage like him at least falling back to Earth with the voice over of “Things haven’t been the same since New York” first trailer came out it wasn’t what people expected & the reaction to the trailer was that it’s “Iron Man’s version of The Dark Knight” but the Avenger marketing didn’t really kick off fully until March so maybe they are using the same model I am excited for it & I like that I haven’t seen a ton of Footage(or Photage) so much of movies are spoiled by trailers/TV spots I think the last trailer was more of a shock & awe attempt with the Mansion destruction but I see the slippery slope of bringing these guys together and then separating them so maybe that’s the factor in not using the footage…

    • Yeah, I think we’ll definitely see a ramp-up soon with more revealing footage. I’m curious to see how ‘Iron Man 3′ goes. I actually think it’ll be pretty good but I’m less certain moviegoers will turn out for it.

    • Yeap, I think they should do an extended 5 min trailer beginning with the end of The Avengers and moving into Stark’s issues dealing with the aftermath.

    • Blade: Trinity is more fun of a watch than many movies being put out. Blade 3 is better than Matrix 3. Remember Baby face? That’s right. ;-)

      • HA! Baby face! Alright Blade Trinity > Matrix Revolutions.

    • I like Blade Trinity as well. The story is fun, Ryan Reynolds is funny as hell, Parker Poser as a vampire is hot (Jessica Biel ain’t bad either) and the final showdown rocks! It’s very entertaining if you don’t expect the greatest movie in the world or if you aren’t aren’t a hardcore Blade fan.

      • *Poser = Posey!

  3. It’s too bad Ben Affleck turned down Justice League. I would like to have seen that.

    • Seconded.

    • Agreed! When I wrote that up I thought he’d be a genius pick. I LOVE, love love love, The Town and that style.

  4. On the WB debacle.

    The thing is, the power struggle at the top of WB is between money hungry non-creative types, who don’t care about movies except how much money they make. The battle over the purse strings is slowing down the process but no matter which way the chips fall the winner will still be a bean counter.

    If we could be a fly on the wall during WB’s board meetings, it would probably be a surprise how seldom the term “Justice League” even comes up.

    Yet here at Screen Rant it’s a never ending hot button topic.

    Kofi’s joke about a JLA premier in 2015 (asterisk) 2017 is too funny and too real at the same time……. I think we’ll be lucky to get JLA by 2017.

    • It’s looking more and more like WB doesn’t really have a plan in place and that they are legitimately waiting on ‘Man of Steel.’ Frankly, I’m actually glad. I’d rather they get this whole thing figured out when the time is right.

      • Agreed. Just curious what they’ll reveal at Comic con… if anything.

        • If I ran things, I’d take advantage since Marvel’s presence will be reduced due to D23. And it conveniently comes out right after Man of Steel so they can make all of the decisions before the big event.

          • Thats the way to go man. If WB’s got plans, they just need to come out and say it.

  5. 1. Die Hard
    2. Escape from Planet Earth
    3. Identity Theif
    4. Safe Haven
    5. Beautiful Creatures
    10. Silver Lining Playbook

  6. With the Oscars coming up in a couple weeks, I think it would be cool if you guys did something like a “Biggest Oscars Snubs/Disappointments” segment as well as talking about times they got it right from previous years. Would lead to an interesting discussion.

    • That could be a good idea. I’ll see where we might be able to fit that in.

      • If you can fit it in, I think it would be really cool if you guys broke down some of the more controversial Best Picture showdowns from years past like Rocky vs. Taxi Driver, Goodfellas vs. Dancing With Wolves, Pulp Fiction vs. Forrest Gump, Shakespeare in Love vs. Saving Private Ryan, King’s Speech vs. Social Network, etc. Those debates always lead to interesting discussions.

  7. How can you not listen to lyrics?

    • 1. A Good Day to Die Hard
      2. Safe Haven
      3. Beautiful Creatures
      4. Escape From Planet Earth
      5. Identity Thief
      10. Zero Dark Thirty

    • I’m a rhythm guy. Powerful instrumentals do more for me.

      • In your eyes… (in your eyes) – I have no idea what that song is about! Sounds awesome when accompanied with a boom box and/or David Copperfield trick.

  8. Can you please find out if Star trek into darkness will be available in 15/70 true imax in 2D???? This is very important!!!!

  9. I am hoping that the post-credit scene of Man of Steel is Christian Bale as Batman at a computer screen creating a file on Superman with an Easter egg of a Green Lantern file there too…and #JGL wearing tights, bouncing around, and saying gee wiz Batman. But, I get this special feeling deep in the cockles of my heart, maybe below the cockles…in that sub-cockle area that it won’t happen that way at all.

    Whoever was talking about the 3 1/2 year old… I connected with that. My daughter was 3 1/2 when this movie came out (she’s almost 4 now) and because I brainwashed her, she now knows more about superheroes than any 4 year old girl should know. In her world, its all about princesses and superheroes. I have a plan to fix that. Because when I introduce Star Wars, she’ll have a new princess to adore.

    • I think it was Kofi that mentioned his nephew – but a good friend of mine has kids and I’m in a similar boat with those boys. All they know about is the Marvel Universe (from the movies) and the Star Wars Universe (from the Clone Wars). Disney definitely knows what they are doing.

    • My plan:

      Clark Kent walking downtown, heads into building – it’s The Daily Planet – he walks up to his desk and some well-dressed man is sitting in his chair. Camera pans up – it’s Bale. Cavill’s face confused “Can I help you?” Bale says “Actually you can, Mr. Kent, or should I say Kal-El”


      • Holy crap, Rob. If that would happen, I would go nuts!

        Although, I doubt that would happen without me (or you guys) having heard something about it. Pretty hard to keep secrets in movies these days (See: Talia al Ghul). Guess I’ll have to go dark leading up to Man of Steel. Sorry you guys don’t have that luxury…

      • Dude, you need to contact WB about that now!

      • It seems like they only know how to be in the Batman & Superman business, so I feel like they should at least try to make that Batman vs Superman movie if they don’t have a set plan for the JLA movie…

        They could use Batman vs Superman as a jump off point to the Justice League movie, it would be different from what Marvel did since it seems like they don’t want to copy the formula at the end of the movie when they’ve resolved differences they could have Martian Manhunter or a Green Lantern come and have throw away line about, “Having bigger problems then costumed heroes”…

  10. You guys crack me up… Arnold is bombing because people are just tired of him. He just spent months in the press as a philanderer, cheating on one of the most gorgeous women in recent history, and he cheated on her with a ‘so-so’ maid. He’s an old man, and a lying politician. He gives the appearance that he came back to movies because it’s his ‘safe zone’, but we don’t have the same view of him as this indestructable guy anymore; especially since he just got squashed and run through the ringer by Maria Shriver like a chump.

    As for Sly Stallone, he needs to get away from the ‘tough guy’ movies. I mean…the guy is 66 years old. That’s moving from grandpa to great-grandpa mode. Play a supporting actor grandfather figure in a drama or something.

    • Agree with you about Arnold.

      And are you recommending a “Stop! Or my Mom Will Shoot!” sequel? Stop! Or my Grandpa Will Shoot!

    • Have to disagree. I don’t think a lot of people are still thinking much about his affair. A sad situation for sure but a lot of people LOVED seeing him in The Expendables 2.

      We’ll see Arnold sell tickets again, especially in franchise offerings (Terminator 5, etc), but it does seem like he’s not much of a draw in standalone projects.

      I do agree that Stallone does have a chance at a more legitimate career if he sticks with drama work – instead of trying to recapture his glory action hero days.

  11. 1) Die hard
    2) Identity Thief
    3) Escape from planet earth
    4) Safe Haven
    5) Beautiful Creatures

    10) Mama

  12. 1. A Good Day to Die Hard
    2. Safe Haven
    3. Escape From Planet Earth
    4. Warm Bodies
    5. Identity Thief

    10. Beautiful Creatures

  13. After listening to the podcast and reading today’s article about what may or may not happen with TJL I’ve been thinking…
    Most of us remember that MoS was supposed to be released last December, so they’ve been finished shooting for a while now and they’re probably pretty close to being done with editing & effects. So WB/DC has to know bye now what kind of film they have on their hands. So my question is, what if it’s a dud? I’d be shocked if it was. I’ve loved what we’ve seen in the trailer and I hope it’s a success but what if Snyder handed in a film that’s another Sucker Punch???
    Of course this is 100% speculation because we haven’t heard of any re-shoots or other problems but maybe it’s a question we should start considering.
    Rob your idea about the trailers for Marvel films is fantastic. Heck, I think it would be a good pre-credit sequence before the start of IM3 or Thor 2.

    • I still think ‘Man of Steel’ will be solid but I wonder if maybe it is, like Kofi said, a different film than Warner Bros. had been expecting.

      Maybe it’s a great film but it’s not a good jumping off point for the Justice League?

      I mentioned it above but it does seem as though all of the rumors and speculation missed the mark this time – and that WB really doesn’t have a solid plan in place.

    • If it’s a dud (and I don’t think it will be – I championed Snyder before he was even hired for this) – then they restart with new Batman. From there, they can replace everything.

    • That’s a great point about it being wrapped filming & into post-production for such a long time & It’s probably a really good movie but I think it’s just like Ben said that it’s not a great jumping off point to launch the JL movie especially when you consider that 5 Marvel movies lead into Avengers and they want to try to launch Justice League based on Man of Steel, which apparently is it’s own stand alone movie with no tie-ins, it’s sounds impossible when you look at it that way…

  14. Box office battle

    1. A Good Day to Die hard
    2. Safe haven
    3. Identity thief
    4. Escape From Planet
    5. Beautiful Creatures
    10. Mama

  15. 1. Die Hard
    2. Identity their
    3. Safe Haven
    4. Warm Bodies
    5. Hansel and Grettle
    10. Argo

  16. I think Star Trek(sci-fi) will win, then Man of Steel(superhero)second for 2013. Thor will own IM3.
    WB has so much money imo, it’s as if they can test the waters head on first, maybe because Green Lantern failed and Batman has wrapped up for now, they are going with Superman(again), can’t say I blame them, Wonder Woman,Flash etc. are as popular as GL but not as well known as Superman and Batman.
    Throwing them all in one movie(Justice League) is the way to go, it’s not like the other Marvel movies before Avengers with the exception of Iron Man made a whole lot of money by movie standards.

    • I’m still really jazzed about Man of Steel – so I’m somewhat glad they’re probably wrapping things around him. Though, who really knows.