Next up we have a rather cool motion poster for Saw 3D, the seventh and possibly last installment in the inexplicably popular and long-running torture-porn horror series.

[SPOILER ALERT!] Despite Jigsaw having been killed in Saw III, Saw 3D continues on with the twisted genius’ effort to teach people a lesson for the bad things they’ve done in their life. Blah blah blah – does the plot really matter? Fans of the series just want to see as much blood as possible, topped off with a twist at the end. I’m sure the seventh Saw movie will be no different, other than the fact that it’s in 3D.

Here’s is latest heart-pounding motion poster and one of the Jigsaw (pun intended):


If nothing else the Saw series has given us some of the most inventive posters in recent memory. I think I may enjoy looking at the posters more than I do watching the actual movies! :-P

After changing dates to avoid competition from Paranormal Activity 2, Saw 3D now opens in theaters on October 29th, 2010.

Next we have a new UK quad poster for Legend of the Guardians, the upcoming fantasy-adventure film from director Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch). I’m looking forward to this one for the amazing visuals alone, but I have to admit those owls still creep me out. It’s a strange film for Snyder to have done but as his past work shows, he’s diverse in the projects he chooses.

Take a look at the new Legend of the Guardians poster:

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole swoops into theaters on September 24th, 2010.

Source: Collider

A new poster has been released for Due Date, the new comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis which is directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover). When I heard about those two actors starring opposite one another I have to admit I was dubious that it would work. But the teaser trailer put all my worries to rest as I thought they had great comedic chemistry. I personally think this movie looks hilarious.

Check out the new poster below which, as you’ll see, is Photoshopped to no end:

Due Date arrives in theaters on November 5th, 2010.

Source: Yahoo

Moving on we have a striking new poster for The Town, the second film from actor-turned-director Ben Affleck. Affleck’s first film, Gone Baby Gone, was an impressive first effort, gripping and emotional in equal lengths. Judging by the first trailer, The Town looks like it’ll prove Gone Baby Gone wasn’t just a fluke for Affleck, and that he may have been spending most of his career on the wrong side of the camera.

Here’s the new poster:

The Town opens on September 17th, 2010.

Source: Apple

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