Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is based on an Italian horror comic that has been in print since 1986 and follows the exploits of a young supernatural detective who battles all things that go bump in the night. Werewolves, vampires and zombies – Dylan battles them all while dressed in his signature red shirt, black jacket and blue jeans. Brandon Routh will play the titular character and the early promo trailer has the horror/thriller film showing promise.

Source: Collider, Horror Movies Canada

Scream of the Banshee

Though it’s hard to tell by looking at the poster, Scream of the Banshee is a direct-to-video B-horror film made for the SyFy Channel. Lauren Holly and Lance Henrikson star in this movie about an archaeologist who digs up a dangerous artifact (are there any that AREN’T dangerous?) only to accidentally release a deadly creature that has the ability to kill with the power of her scream. Sexy sisters Kim and Misty Ormiston play dual roles as the Old Hag and the Banshee herself. Set your DVRs to record because you don’t want to miss the Scream of the Banshee.

Source: Horror Movies Canada

The 83rd Oscars

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are coming up quickly and there was a lot of competition this year. True Grit, The Social Network, Inception, Winter’s Bone, 127 Hours, TRON: Legacy, Toy Story 3 – these are just a few of the films that have a chance to win a 2011 Oscar. The nominations haven’t been released yet but the Academy did release these four promotional posters to help generate some excitement.

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Source: DVD Town

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