Why Movie Piracy IS Bad (And What To Do About It)

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The cable bill was the biggest selling point for me: I already pay $100 bucks a month for my service – what’s an extra $15-20 every month or two on top of that to watch a couple new movies I want to see? If I go to a theater, bring my girlfriend and some A-hole(s) can’t shut up and let me enjoy myself…that’s $30 (at least) down the drain for the sake of one unsatisfying night. I already pay Netflix $17-20 a month to rent three movies at once for as long as I want – maybe one month I run through 15 films, but another month I’m super-busy and end up getting through just two or three. In that latter case, I’ve paid $17-20 to let movies gather dust next to my DVD player.

With SDOD or DD, I only spend when I’m SURE I’m going to watch a film, and my personal satisfaction is entirely up to my own discretion and imagination ;-). Sounds pretty freaking worthwhile to me.


This whole SDOD/DD issue really boils down to market perception, IMHO. Right now, it still feels as though movie studios view SDOD/DD as a sort of dumping ground, rather than a legit way to market movies to the masses and therefore, movie goers also view the services that way. To stimulate the market, I think studios need to change how they utilize it by taking some key steps:

  • Offer more digital-based releases that premiere before theatrical releases – What’s there to lose? Offer your movies on digital cable, smartphone or computer (in HD quality) a few days to a week before a theatrical premiere and already you’re cutting out one of the main incentives for pirating. And let’s be real: if your movie is good enough, people WILL shell out again for the “big-screen experience.” You may end up making more money than you would’ve. If Zombieland had been available on cable same day as in theaters, would a sequel be hanging in the balance? Maybe, but then again, maybe not…
  • Market the $mart way – If you’re taking full advantage of the digital market, what’s the need for huge billboards, three different trailers, TV spots, print ads, etc… If you’re selling a movie to the online/digital consumer then use the free promotion you get from blogs like Screen Rant (HINT!) – or maybe loop your trailers and spots on cable on demand menus ad nausem. Archive movie info in one place (on cable menus, websites), use fan reactions and early screening promotions to build an interactive rating/review system to let perusing viewers know what new movies are worth their time and money. Once the consumer adapts to the new digital model (i.e., learns where to go to find out about movies), you can spend less, more effectively, to reach them.

At the end of the day, trying to stop the times from a changin’ is like trying to hold onto a hand full of sand in the middle of a thunderstorm – all your going to end up with is a messy hand and no sand left to hold. The movie biz should learn from the mistakes of the music biz: Make it easy for your consumers to get what they want, how they want, when they want, and they will pay for the comfort and convenience.

Gen X punks 570x572 Why Movie Piracy IS Bad (And What To Do About It)

To quote 80s Gen X punks, “I want my SDOD/DD!”

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  1. Arguing that the money I’d pay to go watch or legally download or a stream a movie is helping the producers assess its worth thus affecting and shaping the movies industry future is just stupid.. first of all, it isn’t the money a movie makes that matters, at least not alone, there’s critics reviews, and viewers opinions and ratings, and awards and nominations and all that, I mean they’d be just stupid not to make Zombieland 2 after the crap loads of publicity they gained thanks to us illegally downloaders.
    Even if we assume money is what matters, fair enough since the world is pretty much driven by money, then we should also note that all movies _except record-breakers like Zombieland_ are pirated and downloaded illegally by an almost consistent amount of people who want to watch movies or want to be entertained without having to pay, or simply cannot actually pay and can barely afford Internet connection they pirate things through, then the percentage of people who pay is also pretty much consistent, therefore still providing the studios with the knowledge they need to make “future-shaping decisions”, and still have millions upon millions upon millions if they make a good movie.
    Oh, and the stealing and wrong and right argument is just silly that I won’t bother replying to it. yes, some people consider the morality of their online activities, and so is their right.. and I just don’t, and so is my right, unless you’re the producer or the police of course.

    • Hey guess what isn’t your right? To steal f’in movies. God you people are the worst.

  2. there’s this guy on Craigslist and he sells downloads of anime to your hard drive and charges you 15 to 20 dollars per season. this guy puts up ads daily I have flag them numerous times this guy makes me mad because I’m a legitimate seller of DVDs and can’t get hardly anything, my question is how do you turn this person in to fbi, they leave their phone number on the ad, and this guy is it hard to find on the internet.

  3. People really don’t pirate crappy theatrical copies of movies. The majority of all pirating is done on dvd and blu-ray copies due to the severely higher quality of the picture and audio. Not to mention you shouldn’t blame pirating for the lack of a “Zombieland 2″. You should blame the lack of a Zombieland 2 on HOW THE HECK CAN YOU MAKE A ZOMBIELAND 2??? It was a standalone movie with nowhere left to go at the end. No one has any sympathy over the fact that people like you are brainwashed enough to want a second, watered-down version of the same movie that was only marginally good in the first place. If I’m wrong then I’m sorry, but tell me how it’s possible to make a Zombieland 2 after their shallow characters were resolved due to twinkies and clowns?

  4. Just stop stealing people! Its that easy. If u cant afford money to go to theater then thats your problem! Save 8the bucks and go see it later. If u opened up a small buisness and every day 1it person comes into ur store and steals 10 bucks worth of items isnt that wrong? Isnt that stealing? If someone puts millions into a year ling project and movie comesout and some idiots dont wanna pay to see it but see it free…..isnt that the same damn thing as stealing? YES IT IS! with todays technology fbi etc can find a way to bust ANYONE who steals films. Givem a 10000 dollar fine per film when caught. Guarentee piracy goes down 80% once word spreads.

  5. How can anyone on here say they steal movies becuase they can’t afford 6 bucks.to go to movie theater to see tge movie(anyday before noon and rush hour is $6) but dont u need internet and a computer to steal these films? And i bet all of u thay steal prob own smart phones that cost money plus internet on phone which costs money. But u don’t have 6-10 bucks to go see a movie? Shut the hell up. U do have the money. People r just to fat and lazy these days. They want to go nowere. Just wanna sit on there fat asses and be lazy and have everything come to them and for free i might add. U guys r part of the problem. Part of the reason why we have so many crappy movies these days. Producers and studiis know some cheapos r gonna steal from them. Wouldnt it be coll if all pirates owned small buisness. And every week a few people walked into your store and stoles some items scott free! Why not right. Maybe those people just cant afford your stuff but tgey want your stuff. Therefor they should be able to take from your store. U take from studios. Its only fair!

  6. Please be forewarned be careful with these piracy site for example prime wire ag is a site that partake not only in linking movies they have a game where they also recruit the members by linking movies for points on there illegal site.. which is illegal even though they say nope its not it is. they will gang stalked and will also do smear campaign and bully and troll there members for there sociopath,vampire. psychopath pleasure of cyber path game on there piracy site forums.. so be careful any site which provide free movies and you feel its to good to be true trust your instinct there always a cost eventually, that how twisted people can be online in these piracy site.. they are terrorist that should be banned off the internet.. and if you join these gang stalking thugs you will end up in jail and follow there mafia you will end up in a ditch . do not partake in any of these illegal activities online you are helping the mafia and destroying the world.. we don’t need more violence on the street .we need a society which will help the youngster built a better community that will lead to lucrative role status but in real work not illegal piracy. help the actors and help your society.. trust me at the end you will win don’t surround yourselves with losers .. be a leader and help the world be a better place.

  7. Maybe this has been talked about before, maybe not, so here goes. First, when it comes to watching tv shows no stations, network or online service can match the elegance of what you can get from downloading a pirated version. No commercials, which is the big one for me, I stopped watching regular tv because of them. But also you can keep them, watch them at your leisure without any entry into anyone’s log book. That quality of product is not offered by any network.

    There are many sides and views about these things and it’s unlikely anyone is entirely wrong or right. But, really, hasn’t everyone who has had anything at all to do with the production of any video, movie, song, , hasn’t everyone concered already been paid?

    We’re really just talking about corporate greed, right?

    • No, this has nothing to do with corporate greed. My god I hate you people

  8. I would be happy to pay, contribute something but there is also nothing in place for that. I can pay 3 bucks for a single episode I can only watch one at a time when I’m online and logged in. With the shows I download I can queue up an entire season and binge watch for a week.

    In the end, if it wasn’t for the downloads I wouldn’t see any tv show. I haven’t paid for cable in over 25 years because I simply cannot tolerate paying to watch 30% or more commercials designed to manipulate me. Oh, and btw, I’ve only been downloading shows for about 5 years. I went without tv for nearly 20 years.

    Showing many of these producers and actors and directors, and writers, my appreciation for their talent would be great, if it didn’t mean sacrificing so much of my privacy.

  9. 1: it is theft. plain and simple, is it yours? no. if you can’t recognise that it is wrong, you are a few moral beers short of a six pack.
    2: as it is theft, all attempts to justify it fail at the the moment you try and form a defensive rationale. wrong = no.
    3: Pirates are on average middle classed massively spoiled petulant quasi adults, who could easily afford to pay for what they pirate, but don’t because they don’t possess the self discipline to regulate their behaviour. if you do it, at least own it.

    if watching films and tv was in the top 10 of a humans essential needs to survive, you might have a point.

    Either get some self discipline or own up to the idea that you are a thief and through a pretty shallow upbringing and low moral fortitude you believe you should be able to choose as an individual what precepts you live by within a society.
    But that is exactly what “society” is not.
    Option 2 then expands out to the notion that everybody should have exactly the same right to do the same thing,
    which in turn leads to a break down of common law. So …buh bah…no society.
    to counter act your anarchistic tendencies, society will impose blanket restrictions on everybody, you, me, your mom.
    Society works better when it’s citizens voluntarily raise the bar of expectation, rather than encourage a police state.
    but you knew all of this already and you fully deserve the society you create.