Movie News Wrap Up: July 7th, 2012

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This week:

We catch a glimpse of Riddick; Dredd shows some e-motion; Angelina Jolie flies high in Maleficent and Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermott climb Olympus.

Vin Diesel has unleashed a new image from Riddick, the sequel to his surprise 2000 hit Pitch Black and its overblown 2004 follow-up, The Chronicles of Riddick. The first film was a neat little B-action movie, while the second installment was something of an overblown disaster. It was the cinematic equivalent of a McDonald’s employee opening up a gourmet restaurant after a customer told them that they made a good burger.

New Riddick Image Movie News Wrap Up: July 7th, 2012

IMBD states that the film is now going by the title The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. Let’s hope that changes – it’s Riddick-ulous.

Source: Vin Diesel

The marketing for Dredd is well and truly ramping up. The Pete Travis directed actioner is going to Comic-Con and a new (and cool) motion poster has hit the inter-web. Check out the poster below, as well as a behind the scenes image from the forthcoming 2000 AD adaptation.


Source: 2000 AD


Someone has magic-upped a slew of behind the scenes images from Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. The Sleeping Beauty retelling is currently filming and Angelina seems to be having a ‘Jolie old time’ on the set.

Maleficent 570x256 Movie News Wrap Up: July 7th, 2012

FYI – I don’t think that the cars will make the final cut of the film.


Source: Collider


Angela Bassett and Dylan McDermott have joined the cast of Olympus Has Fallen. The film sees Gerard Butler’s Secret Service agent “pull a John McClane” when a bunch of Korean terrorists take-over the White House. Aaron Eckhart plays the President.

McDermott plays a Secret Service agent (like he did in 1993’s Clint Eastwood starrer In The Line of Fire), while Bassett is the Secret Service director. I get the feeling that Bassett is going to be doing a lot of shouting at Butler via walkie-talkie.

Sources: THR & Variety

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. I simply can’t wait for “Dredd”. It has been my most anticipated film this year.

    I just Finished reading a “Judge Anderson” compilation called “Shamballa”, it’s totally awesome. Really good sci-fi, spiritual, religious, gothic and horror. Dredd hardly features, but it really shows what a good character Anderson is in the comics. I highly reccommend it, especially if you like, “Hellboy”, H.P.Lovecraft, Alan Moore etc…

    Also I downloaded a Dredd vs Judge Death ebook for my kindle. So far it’s really enjoyable. Dredd and Anderson are battling a Death cult with genetically altered Vampires intent on taking Anderson out because of her psychic abilities. They are the only thing capable of stopping Judge Death.

    Just trying to spread the word to the unconverted. (^-^)

  2. *I find myself unable to give two s**** about Maleficent.
    *They’re still making Riddick movies? Who the hell is watching these?
    *Dredd is gonna be such a badass film. But I disagree with you guys at SR, the marketing of Dredd isn’t exactly anything to be proud of at this point. I have yet to meet a person who even knows what Dredd is, let alone the fact that it’s coming out this year. And in my job… trust me, I should be meeting people who know about films coming out this year.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Dredd looks like a really stupid movie?

    • No. But,(imo)it’s unfair. It doesn’t look stupid to me. The 95 one looks stupid, as did “Batman Forever”, “Batman & Robin”, “Ghost Rider” “Fantastic four” etc… “Dredd” looks unlike other CBM coming out at the momment.

      It’s an uphill battle for “Dredd”, he’s the underdog going up against huge American brand names that are going to make even more from toys and merchadise. “Dredd” is aiming at a smaller audience (18+), and is attempting to be faithful to the tone of the comic without selling out.

      It’s pretty hard when people are so dismissive of something they may not be familiar with. Unfortunately the people that have heard of Judge Dredd think of the awful Stallone film and think that IS what Judge Dredd is……well it’s not.

    • As stupid as any comic films look, if you like.

  4. Sorry but I don’t agree that Chronicles of Riddick was an overblown mess, and I’ve seen plenty of commenters on this site that agree.

    I enjoyed it a lot and actually liked it more than the first one, so you can keep your dismissive film-snobby comments for your reviews and just give us the news please. Thank you.

    • Yeah, I kinda enjoyed it. There was just parts of it that looked a little made-for-TV, but I can’t explain quite why.

      I think they did tell a story that was a little too big though. It didn’t quite meld with the first one. It had it’s moments though.

      I heard the anime was good but I haven’t seen it.

      • The anime kind of serves to link 1 and 2 together, but I didn’t find it that enjoyable on its own.

    • Thank you PEDREM!!! Well said.

  5. Riddick: I am crossing my fingers for this one. “Pitch Black” was really good, but “Chronicles” was, as Browne says, completely overblown. They tried to do too much with it and failed at nearly every turn. I think the universe the filmmakers attempted to build is fascinating, yet the leap from “Pitch Black” to “Chronicles of Riddick” was just too big. The progression, that is the building of the universe, should have been much more subtle and piecemeal. David Twohy has great ideas, though his follow-through is severely lacking. Hopefully the third installment in the Riddick franchise will return to the smarter, more intimate sci-fi that was “Pitch Black.”

    Dredd: I’m not sure I’ll see this in the theaters, though I am looking forward to the revision. I’ll admit the Stallone film was guilty fun, as terrible as it was. But it’s like growing up watching Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. You hate to love them. I’ve not read the source material for Dredd, but I know the premise, and therefore I’m hoping the new film adaptation is much closer to it. Good sci-fi focuses on intelligent story with a science-fiction backdrop. The environment, the setting becomes a character in the story, yet the story itself is the real draw.

    • Go on, see it in the cinema. If it’s really good you may wish you had. (*-^)

  6. Can this reporter be any more smarmy? Call it your opinion, but in mine, Chronicles of Riddick was just fine. No need to try to make up a fact that isn’t true.

    • not defending the writer or anything, but it’s something called an “opinion,” not a made up fact, there’s a big difference

      • True, but this article is entitled “Movie NEWS wrap up”, so he didn’t need to put down the predecessor to a movie being reported on. This wasn’t an opinion piece, and the way the opinion was stated made it seem like it was being panned off as fact.

        • That Riddick entry did have a bit much snark to it… it should have been toned way down prior to publication.

          Vic (Owner:

  7. I actually like Chronicles of Riddick, not as much as Pitch Black, but it was entertaining nonetheless. I’ll be in the theater for Riddick (which I agree is the best title for this film).

    • I liked Chronicles, too, and consider it to be a good character for Vin. I discovered Pitch Black by sheer accident and consider the difference between the two movies to be akin to Alien and Aliens. I agree the title could use some work but I will very likely hit the third feature in the theater.

  8. Im only going to watch Maleficent only because its supposed to be based off the Sleeping beauty storyline and because of Angelina Jolie is in it.

    • Have to admit, I am not into the whole, back story, “Wicked” type take on the villain angle. But that “formula” take hasn’t reached its peak yet and so I think the timing might be good for Maleficent. Angelina is probably the best person for such a role. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. But let’s face it, everything about this film from hype to outtakes is still in its infancy. It isn’t supposed to be released till 2014 after all, therefor any buzz, both negative and positive is premature. I’ll reserve judgement till 2013.

  9. In reference to Maleficent, they’re showing A LOT of behind the scene’s stuff from the production of it.By the time 2014 rolls around We all might be uninterested. I love Angie, but I don’t recall ever seeing this much from her movies that are no where in sight yet.

  10. “…while the second installment was something of an overblown disaster.”

    This is an absolute opinion about The Chronicles of Riddick. I, as well as all my movie buddy’s, found it to be great sci-fi. I am really looking forward to the new movie as well.

  11. Olympus Has Fallen sounds great!