Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 15, 2010

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This week:

The Expendables Eat Pray and Love while Scott Pilgrim versus bad BO; when it rain man it pours for Barry Levinson as the veteran has two new films on the way; Christoph won’t Waltz away with a role in Spider-Man; David Fincher exists a Black Hole; Hawaii Five-O has a new Hero; it’s confirmed that Judge Dredd is an Urban cowboy and lots more.

Box Office

Stallone managed it. The ageing action icon managed to grab the top spot at the box office and solidify his title as king of old school action with The Expendables. With a little help from his friends, the Rambo and Rocky star managed to shoot up an estimated $36 million in green. The film, which also stars Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Terry Crews with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in cameos, had pretty mixed reviews (read Vic’s), and its legs shouldn’t be that great, probably playing out like a sequel with a huge dip next week. It’ll be profitable though and we might just get to see The Expendables 2, maybe with added Schwarzenegger!

expendables spoilers Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 15, 2010

Julia Roberts’ comeback movie Eat Pray Love opened in second place with a strong $24 million. It is the Pretty Woman stars first real headlining of a movie since Erin Brockovich in 2000, so it looks like she’s now in Meryl Streep territory. If Eat Pray Love plays out like Streep’s It’s Complicated or Julie & Julia and it could end up in the region on $100 million.

Last week’s champion The Other Guys dropped to third, but another $18 million ups its cume to $70 million. $100 million in now in range, it’s the hit that Will Ferrell needed after last year’s pricey bomb Land of the Lost.

Inception brought in just under $12 million, bringing its grand total to $250 million. While it won’t break any records – it’s highly profitable and will solidify Christopher Nolan’s reputation as Warner Bros. golden boy. Maybe an Oscar nomination or two might help. It could also lead to Hollywood green lighting some films that have brains. Possibly.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World played out the way that everyone knew it would. The Edgar Wright directed comic book adaptation couldn’t break out of its own niche box, and it managed to bring in $11 million. Old Scott tried to take on the world, he had to settle for Stallone, his Expendables and Julia Roberts and they opened a can of whoop ass on him. Sorry Scott, better luck next time.  At least it’ll have a long life on DVD and develop a huge cult following. I want to be first to coin the phrase “A Scott Pilgrim Pilgrimage”!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World art poster Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 15, 2010

Despicable Me continues to impress after bringing in $7 million for a $222 million total. Step Up 3D also danced off with $7 million, giving the 3D dance pic a total of just under $30 million.

Angelina Jolie’s Salt crossed the century barrier after bringing in $6.5 million. $103 million in the bank means that we might just get to see a sequel. Dinner for Schmucks also banked $6.5 million, giving the poorly reviewed comedy a total of just under $60 million. It might scrape to $70 million, meaning that it’s not a total embarrassment.

Cats and Dogs 2 managed to bring another $4 million into the kitty. The family film has now scored $35 million in total. It’ll top out at just over $40 million.

Movie News

1. It’s been all quiet on the Barry Levinson front for quite a while now, but the director now has to new projects in the pipeline.

Production Weekly states that the Rain Man director will start shooting an indie sci-fi thriller called Isopod next month. Details are scarce at the moment.

Levinson is also circling Old Timers, which “follows a 60-year-old hitman assigned to kill his partner and best friend after he botched up a hit. However, the two friends decide to have one last great night together doing things they’ve always wanted to do before the hit.”

Levinson could really pull it out of the bag in the casting of this one. Anybody else love to see Sean Connery and Michael Caine in this?

Sources: Pajiba & Production Weekly

2. A rumor has been circulating that Inglourious Basterds’ breakout star Christoph Waltz was going to play the bad guy in new Spider-Man film.

Christoph Waltz Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 15, 2010

According to Superhero Hype it’s not true. Andrew Garfield is the only confirmed actor for the 3D film opens on July 3, 2012.

Source: SuperHeroHype

3. David Fincher has extracted himself from the adaptation of Charles Burns’ Black Hole. It would appear that someone else will have to call the shots on the Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman scripted feature.

David Fincher Weekend Movie News Wrap Up: August 15, 2010

Fincher is currently working on the American adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which is set to star current (former?) James Bond star Daniel Craig.

Source: Pajiba

4. Heroes‘  Masi Oka has signed onto the 21st Century update of Hawaii Five-O.

According to TV Guide:

“He’ll debut in the fourth episode as the coroner and be billed as a guest star. But with the body count expected to spike considerably in Oahu, this coroner could potentially be busy for several seasons.”

Alex O’Loughlin takes over the role of Steve McGarrett. Book ‘em Dano!

Source: TV Guide

5, We told you that it was going to happen and now it’s official. Karl Urban IS Judge Dredd.

Producer Andrew Macdonald confirmed the news by saying:

“The main thing about Dredd is that it’s a fantastic comic that was completely messed up 20 years ago. Our idea is to make a very hard, R-rated, gritty, realistic movie of Dredd in Megacity, so we’ve got to get the tone right. He’s not going to take off his helmet. His bike is going to feel real. He’s going to hit people and it’s going to feel real.

There’s been a change in comic-book movies; they were treated unseriously and now they’re treated seriously. We’ve cast a guy called Karl Urban to play Dredd. We’ll be shooting in Johannesburg, it’s being directed by Pete Travis, we’re shooting with the people who did District 9 – and if we get it right, Alex has a couple of ideas for other stories as well. It’s not based on any one comic, and John Wagner is involved in every decision.”

Am I the only one who is excited by this?

Source: Empire


  • Word on the street is that a Lord of the Rings theme park could be on the way. You can read about it here. Better watch for the queues though – they could be Mordor!
  • Are you interested in seeing some not very exciting behind the scenes images from the forthcoming Hugh Jackman starrer Real Steel? If you are -  go here
  • The MGM bankruptcy rumbles on and The Hobbit and James Bond are still sitting in limbo. Hey there’s an interesting mental image for you to ponder!

Go here to learn the latest news on the troubled studio.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. Connery retired didnt he?

    • That and he’s 80 years old… Caine is 77. Neither of them could pass very well for 60 anymore, at least not in my meager opinion. I’d love that casting 10 years ago.
      The premise conjures memories of The Bucket List when I picture those 2 in the lead roles.
      I’m picturing maybe Harrison Ford and (believe it or not) Stallone.

      • I like the Ford idea, but how about Tommy Lee Jones??

        • I could see that too…

          • You know that are quite a few good actors in that age bracket that can also play those roles: Liam Neeson (who would be AWESOME!), TLJ, Harrison Ford, Carl Weathers and for a totally “out there” choice, Richard Gere….

            • Don’t forget Kurt Russell. He’ll be 60 next year. A “Tango and Cash” reunion of sorts if you paired him up with Stallone. The problem is would it be any good? I’m thinking 2.5 star material, unless they could get a very good script out of somebody. Who do you root for in a movie with stars like this? I say give the win to Weathers, I still think he got a raw deal in “Predator.”

              • i really liked tango and cash, i dont think ive ever seen stallone play a pompous ass before that film lol.

      • @anthony
        Connery did retire – but heck a good script might make him have a go at another film. I’d hate for his last film to be LXG!

        Although Connery and Caine are older than the script – they could always age it up! The “old” actors of today like Kurt Russell, Stallone, Ford, Gere et al don’t really look that old. Think of how Space Cowboys looked!

        Ever see the Paul Newman film Twilight? Nothing to do with vampires, but it also starred Gene Hackman and James Garner – that’s the way to go with this film!


        • Connery won’t come back for anything, he was offered a fortune to appear in Crystal Skull, before the story was rewritten but said no despite Ford and Spielberg practically begging.

          He’s a miserable sod.

          he turned down Lord Of The Rings, and there was nothing wrong with that script!

          • @ DrSamBeckett
            I seem to remember that Connery said he couldn’t understand Lord of The Rings. He turned down The Matrix for the same reason. To be fair they’d be pretty hard to visualise in script form.

            His role in Indy 4 would only have been a cameo. Maybe he didn’t think that it was worth his time away from the golf course!


            • Do you not think it would have been perfect, at the end of Crystal Skull, when Indy’s hat blows away after the wedding, the camera had panned up and Herny Joners Snr was standing in the door way?

              • Man – I would have killed for Connery to be in there!


                • niall, i actually like LXG!! i know im gonna get ripped for saying that lol, but i like movies like that haha.

                  • sam, that woulda been AWESOME..i didnt like the way lucas and spielberg “killed” him off just because he said no, have a little more respect than that guys, come on.

                    • I think maybe they were a bit pissed off with him for not coming back.

                  • I kinda like it too.

        • I’d rather not see them “age it up”, especialy if there are any action or fighting type scenes.

          There are ALOT of great actors in that age range. Some great ones mentioned here, almost all of whom I’d go see in this type of movie. 60 isn’t that old (especially now that I’m pushing 40 myself)… this would make a great baby-boomer flick that could draw quite a crowd if cast right.

  2. Not surprised ‘The Expendables’ was number 1, but am surprised how badly ‘Scott Pilgrim’ performed.

    • Exactly

  3. With such a weak opening Scott Pilgrim won’t do good even with good legs. Sad it was a great film 2nd best of the year right behind Inception. Sad to see it perform so badly.

    • I loved almost every minute of that film. Shame.

      • Sometimes you’ve got to wonder who makes the choices at opening 3 movies on the same weekend. It’s obvious where the action junkies and drama (?) junkies were going to go, that eats up a large quantity of the available audience. They should have put it a week earlier or a week later…

    • Is Scott Pilgrim really that good?

      • You know Sam it depends who you ask. I’ll say to me it is. For me its easily the second best film of the year so far. It’s also getting some really good reviews. So it’s got a very positive reaction much like Kick Ass just not getting a good Box Office return. Hears hope that he has a good hold on week two in the wake of Expendables more than likely having a big drop second weekend. I really loved Scott Pilgrim it was unique and imaginative. Very stylistic and cool, funny and smart.

        Like I said I highly recommend it and I will say though I found the trailers good they didn’t do the movie justice.

        • People keep telling me its something I would enjoy, so I’ll visit the cinema on the weekend.
          And yeah it is getting killed at the box office, thats because it opened against the Expendables. I’ve never understood this, why open films together like this on the same date?

          • I agree it should of opened just one week earlier it would of done much better. One problem with Scott P is that I think it’s a movie most audiences can watch and enjoy and so not just Expendables, but in a way Eat Prey Love even took away from it’s audience. \

            For Instance my best friend wanted to see Expendables and Scott P, but had to make a choice so he went with Expendables where as my GF wanted to see SPVW and Eat Prey Love, but had to make a choice so went to see Eat Prey Love with her mom and sisters.

            • Daniel, Sam,

              I don’t really think The Expendables is why Scott Pilgrim had a terrible weekend – those two movie target two completely different target audiences.


              • I’m not so sure, while the target markets may differ somewhat, there is always the casual movie audience to consider, the people who arent like us. If Scott Pilgrim had come out last week instead, I bet the numbers would have been higher, in the UK they held the release back an exttra week its not out here until friday.

              • i think too many kids snuck into the expendables, i know there were at least 7 13-15 year old in ther theaters where i watched it.

  4. I was going to say that Pilgrim might have had a low enough budget to make its intake respectable, but apparently the budget was 60-90 million…Ouch.

    I thought that it was a decent movie. Nothing spectacular, but it was really fun and sweet.

  5. I’m probably going to check out The Expendables this week as a matinee. That way I don’t feel guilty spending a couple extra bucks on some SnoCaps…. :P

  6. Snowcaps contain nanotech thats used to gauge your reaction to the movie!!!
    Lol my c theory of the day.
    Imo, what killed Scott Pilgrim saves his world, was the off putting movie poster. Its just some American Idol looking (can’t see his face) geek strumming a power cord that we can’t hear. Uber Lame.
    Does a horrible job of conveying the film. Especially after seeing the faux Chris Evens posters designed for the plot,,, wth???
    Problems I have with Old Timers:
    This kind of plot predictably will end with the main character dying in a redeeming noble fashion.
    And let’s get real, how many Hitmen live to be 60? Come on. :-)

    • LOL

  7. you went all cyberpunk there 790 haha

  8. So Spyglass might be bailing out MGM and saving Bond, hopefully Craig will have jumped ship at this point. I had a cool idea for Bond the other day, instead of taking him back to his roots, show an older Bond, cast Liam Neeson, who tested for the role several times in the 80s and 90s. I’d pay to see that.

    • Sorry to say Drsam it doesn’t look like Craig is going anywhere. I just read an article from him today he promised the franchise isn’t going anywhere and neither is he. He said he will stick to the film and make sure that it will be made with him in it.

      I would pay to See Liam Neeson in anything lol. I’m a fan.

      Sam I’m curious giving your love for Scott Bakula have you seen The Interpreter ? I loved that movie. It’s very funny.

      • DO you mean The Informant? If so, then yes I have, very good and very funny. its good just to see Bakula getting work!

        Regards to Bond, its not that I dont like Craig in the role, I thought Casino Royale was excellent, brilliant way to re invent a classic character and franchise much in the same way as the new Star Trek. But QOS was bordering on the worst film I have ever seen, I have never hated a film as much as that, for the first time it made me not like Bond.

        Craig can come back, I like him as an actor, but I want a completely new creative team and producers in charge, after QOS things need to change.

        • Opps rofl yea I listed the wrong title lol yes the Informant. I loved that movie lol.

          Honestly I hear people speak bad about QOS, but I don’t get it. Its the first Bond film I’ve seen with Substance and character development I don’t get all the hate for it. I think most of the complaining I heard so far had to do with Bond actually being human and having emotion. I liked that. I’m not exactly a Bond fan usually, but I like that QOS tried something with Bond it tried to make a good film with development with substance and bond film with depth was unheard of.

          • But it wasnt Bond. They made him into a brutish thug who killed without thinking. I didnt really see much character development at all.

            But the film itself was just awful. The directing was some of the worst I’ve seen, the editing was incanely bad, the actions sequences poorly thought out. They claimed they wasnted to take Bond back to his roots, practical effects and stuff like that, yet in QOS they felt the need to have the stupid CGI plane and free fall sequence.

            I didnt like the characters, well no, the only good characters, Mathis and Agents Fields, were both killed off. The villain was poor too, I did like how Bond left him in the desert to die.

            Making a sequel to Casino Royale was a big mistake in the first place. They literally reinvented the wheel.

            I fyou want character development from Bond, watch On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, many people rip on Lazenby, but he had to follow Connery, and he was very good in the role. The film is just brilliant. Definitely the inspiration for the finale of Inception in the ice base.

            • You didn’t like that it was a sequel ? I loved that it was a continuing story. One of the things I never liked about Bond is that it’s a franchise with the same character that hardly connects any stories. Every film just seem like an entire new movie all together. That and the fact that every 10 years or so they just remake the old films with new actors. Until Craig came along and started being originalish

              • They are meant to be seperate stories though, they dont need to be interconnected, its part of the reason the series had endured for such a long time. I think of the Craig films as less Bond more Bourne.

                • I get that they are meant to be that way I’m just saying I think it shouldn’t be. I realize that it’s just my opinion and I’m probably alone just for me it’s always better when the stories are connected and not stand alone. To me it seriously hurts the quality of a franchise.

                  So ok the other Bond films were meant to be that way, but this Bone franchise is a continuation maybe that’s how these ones are meant to be you know? I don’t see how it hurts anything and to me it’s only a positive not a negative. I don’t see anything negative from continuing to story. If 23 gets made soon and Craig is in it I’d like to see a continuation as well. Daniel Craigs bond is the first Bond I’ve actually enjoyed. Though I think I would very much enjoy a Liam Neeson Bond as well. It’s just for me the connection of the stories made the Craig Bond Franchise that much better for me.

                  Anyway bed time if you respond I’ll continue this conversation when I wake up. Much like Batman I rarely sleep, but we both do need it from time to time 6 hours should be more than enough.

                  • Plenty of time to sleep when your dead.

  9. So glad to see Pilgrim’s crap numbers. Now the internet can move on…

  10. Lol!!!
    Connery could have co starred and everyone would still complain about the monkeys, Shia and the alien plotline.

    • My only complaint was the monkeys, the rest was fine with me. I prefer Skull to Temple Of Doom. Give me interdimensional aliens over Kate Capshaw constantly screaming and pretending to act any day of the week.

        • haha sam!!!

  11. Well i saw The Expendables last Saturday and it was better than i thought it would be, especially Arnold’s & Bruce’s cameo appearance scene with Stallone. What got a laugh outta me was what was all that was said by the three of them, especially Willis,lol. How old is Dolph Lundgren? He still looks pretty good for whatever age he is. I loved his character, especially the fight scene between him and Jet Li. Not to mention what he says to Steve Austin,lol. Im still surprised its #1 while figure most people would be claiming to hate it etc. I hope the sequel will include Arnold in a role aswell as Willis even if his character has minor role. Others would be Van Damme, Kurt Russell i hope since i thought he and Stallone made a great duo in Tango & Cash and Steven Seagal.

  12. See Vic I don’t buy in to the different target audience. Comedy and action are technically targetting a different audience but people who watch action still like comedy. The same applies here. I know plenty of people who wanted to see Scott P but decided to see Expendables instead because they had to choose. It’s not like every one who goes to see expendables would never watch Scott P. For example before I read reviews I had planned to watch expendables despite really wanting to watch Scott P.

  13. I don’t know how you seriously sell “Scott Pilgrim” to an audience over the age of 15. The first trailer came off as really juvenile to me. I noticed they quickly changed that in latter trailers but the real tell was the audience reaction just before the “Predators” film. Pure and vocal derision from the audience on the night I went. Others I’ve talked to haven’t heard about it or don’t even know it exists. I’ve noticed this is especially true coming from the women I’ve talked to about it. They seem more interested in “Salt” or “Eat Pray, Love.”

  14. Yeah I liked Indy4 Ants. Even have the dvd. :-)

    • me too, i have all 4…i just wish that the box set i have of the first three wasnt ruined by “Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark”

    • I have the dvd, rushed out and bought on release, i think for me the nostagia ovepowered the crapness.

  15. Ants check out, “Death Race 2000″. Stallone is a total pompus ass in that flick.

    • i have that one 790 :) i have the remake too, dont ask me why lol

  16. So you didn’t like “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”???

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that,,,

  17. Ah gotcha I believe the film has been known by both of those titles. Its not considered a misprint. ;-)

    Yeah I picked up the remake of Death Race and I was surprised that I actually loved it. It didn’t have the same story as Death Race at all so it wasn’t really a remake imo. ;-)

    • yah it was actually good as far as blood and guts go.

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  19. Oh great here we go again with the cougar spam.

    acougara please jump out of that window!


    • i wonder how many people here actually went to that site hhahaha