Synopsis: An original and delightfully gruesome slasher film, Saint reimagines jolly old Saint Nick as a murderous bishop fulfilling a grisly prophecy under the December 5 full moon. Full of creative yuletide horror, Saint is a fun chiller that follows local teen Frank (Egbert Jan Weeber) as he sets out on a bloody, high-energy battle to save Amsterdam from the wrathful “Sinterklaas” and his minions.

Huub Stupel is "Saint Niklas"

Egbert Jan Weeber is "Frank"; Cynthia Abma is "Moeder Lisa"

Sint has no US release date.

Source: Parachute Pictures

Kill List

Synopsis: Beginning 8 months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, ex-soldier turned contract killer Jay (Neil Maskell), is pressured by his partner Gal (Michael Smiley), into taking a tough new assignment. As they descend into the dark, disturbing world of the contract, Jay begins to unravel once again – his fear and paranoia sending him deep into the heart of darkness.

Kill List has no release date.

Source: Twitch


Synopsis: A secret group of elite demonologists in a Brooklyn diocese who battle a terrifying supernatural force that threatens their lives and faith.

Clifton Collins Jr.

Full Gallery HERE.

Hellbenders opens in 2012.

Source: Geek Tyrant

Images from The Hobbit Part 1

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