Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

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Mark Romanek is no longer attached to Cinderella; Guillermo Del Toro is giving At the Mountains of Madness one last try; Hailee Steinfeld joins Kevin Costner for Three Days to Kill; Brad Pitt is eying Pontius Pilate; Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence plan a sitcom; and Drunk History is headed to cable.

Director Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) is no longer attached to Disney’s forthcoming update of the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

Mark Romanek Off Cinderella Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

Deadline reports that Romanek and Disney were unable to come to an agreement in terms of how best to revise the story. The site also suggests that Disney will be quick to find a replacement for Romanek as they were hoping to put the project in production some time this summer.

As of right now, the only star attached to the film is Cate Blanchett, who will play the evil stepmother character. The role of Cinderella, however, has yet to be cast, although rumors suggested a young group of actress (including Saoirse Ronan) have already begun screen testing.

Source: Deadline


Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro’s will-he/won’t-he relationship with adapting H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness looks to have swung back into the “will he” category, as the director says he is “going to try it one more time.”

Guillermo Del Toro Retrying Mountains of Madness Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

Back in 2011 ,it seemed like the project was dead in the water – one of many del Toro projects to fall by the wayside – however, that appears to no longer be the case. Though his attention is surely trained toward getting Pacific Rim finished on time, del Toro has never been averse to lining more projects up in the mean time (occasionally to a fault).

According to del Toro, the plan is to “do a big presentation of the project” and hope that a studio bites. And, if the project is picked up somewhere, del Toro reveals that Tom Cruise is still “game to be on board.”

Source: Indiewire


The Kevin Costner thriller Three Days to Kill – which has become a staple of these news wrap-ups – has added Hailee Steinfeld to its cast.

Hailee Stenfeild Joins Three Days to Kill Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

Steinfeld had been rumored to be up for a role for a few months, and now Deadline has confirmed she’s joining the cast. The True Grit actress will be playing the estranged daughter of Costner’s character, a retired Secret Service agent asked to complete a job in exchange for a life-saving drug.

Along with Steinfeld, both Amber Heard (who had also been rumored for a role) and Connie Nielsen have been confirmed. McG (This Means War) has been pegged to direct.

Source:  Deadline


Brad Pitt is reportedly interested in the lead role for Warner Bros’ Pontius Pilate, a drama centered on the historical figure.

Brad Pitt Eyeing Pontius Pilate Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

Though Pitt’s interest is merely suggested at this point, Deadline surmises that if the actor did sign on, things could start speeding along for the film. The site also reports that the film’s script has the makings of a big budget period film – following Pilate’s evolution from “sensitive son” to “vicious soldier.”

They even reveal that the script, penned by Vera Blasi, has its fair share of intriguing twists and turns that make it more akin to Braveheart or Gladiator than Passion of the Christ. However, as solid as the role and story sound, Pitt does have a full slate of projects lined up, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s willing to commit.

Source: Deadline


Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are both reportedly looking to return to sitcom comedy.

Though a series concept has not been finalized, the two have allegedly been fostering the idea since as early as November, with the project finally starting to gain traction earlier this week. As of now, Lionsgate TV is looking to find a creator/showrunner for the series, which is said to have an Odd Couple feel to it.

Martin Lawrence Kelsey Grammer Sitcom Movie News Wrap Up: Jan 12 2013

The plan, according to Deadline, is to produce 10 episodes of the multi-camera sitcom and structure a deal that says if the ratings hit a certain threshold, a multi-season order would follow shortly thereafter.

For both Grammer and Lawrence, this would be a return to the genre that made them household names and further pushed them into stardom. And for Grammer, the timing is perfect, as his critically acclaimed (but underappreciated) series Boss was canceled after two seasons.

Source: Deadline


The popular Funny or Die web series Drunk History is heading to Comedy Central thanks to actor Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay (Anchorman 2), who will executive produce the show. Check out an episode feature Ferrell, Don Cheadle, and Zooey Deschanel below:

Drunk History‘s basic idea revolves around the retelling of some historical event by an inebriated narrator. As the story unfolds, and the narrator battles their drunkenness, things get more and more incoherent, and thus more entertaining.

Even though episodes rely heavily on celebrity cameos and are most successful (in this writer’s opinion) in short spurts, McKay, Ferrell, and Comedy Central seem to believe the concept could work as a series. Many web series have found success on cable television, but that is oftentimes a fleeting success. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Drunk History is awesome.

  2. What ever happened to brad pitt retiring?

    • only after he gets at least one oscar award

  3. Definitely interested in Pontius Pilate, and pretty much anything Del Toro makes.

  4. I’m up for Mountains but please do not give the job to Cruise he ruins everything he’s in.

  5. If this fails del Toro should try to crowdfund Mountains. What a message that would send to Hollywood if he could even raise a third of the money to do it…

  6. Why does Del Toro use those old, out dated glasses? He should be rockin some Ray Bans.

    • You realize that the glasses that all the hipsters wear now, they wouldn’t have been seen dead in five 5-10 years ago. All the fashionable glasses at the moment basically look exactly the same as NHS glasses from 30 years ago that kids would’ve been ridiculed for wearing.

      Fashion. When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter. It all comes full circle.

  7. Drunk History is hilarious.

    As for Mountains, always loved that story, how can I get even the smallest role in it? I wouldn’t even mind becoming a nameless victim of a Shoggoth.

  8. Del Toro was born to make “At the Mountains of Madness”…

  9. I would love to see the presentation he has planned, the concept art by Keith Thompson is effing CRAZY awesome

  10. it’s Saturday night…I was afraid the week would go by without news that Del Toro attached himself to another vapourware movie…he must of thought the same!
    Del Toro reminds me of that guy he accepts the huge workload in the office to look like a hero but gets fired for failing to do any of it. Just focus on one thing at a time man…he’s got his fingers in at least 5 projects, all of them, other than Pacific Rim, at various stages of nothingness!

  11. Martin Lawrence has never been funny. Annoying, yes. Funny, no.

  12. It’s weird that at one point Del Toro said that he felt “Prometheus” had sorta stolen his thunder since it would cover similar themes to ATMOM. But since “Prometheus” turned out to be pretty crappy, it’s well worth him giving it another shot.

    I think that was an excuse anyway. I think he’d been putting too many film projects on his plate and ended up canning half of them.

    • Well I like PROMETHEUS because it challenges you to come up with answers on your own!

      Let me detail an apology for several of its apparent faults.


      1. biologist that tries to pet a creature that sent him multiple warning signals.

      - Well the space cobra didn’t seem to have any fangs and people right here on Earth handle snakes on TV without any protection all the time. Now if I remember correctly our friendly biologist had just smoked a joint and he and his buddy was still alive after being in the place for most of a night so is it so hard to believe that he grew a little brave and after all he was wearing a suit that had protective armor.

      Of course WE know he’s in an ‘Alien’ movie so he should be more cautious because anything strange in an ‘Alien’ movie can kill you. However that’s kind of flawed thinking because this is suppose to be a prequel no one in the movie knows the dangers of LV-426 and no one in the movie knows that this place is dangerous to the extreme. Really though the first encounter with the dead Engineers should’ve been a clue to the audience that Ridley is messing with them. Well my first thought when the geologist runs off anyway is that the horror part of the show was about to begin. when that didn’t happen I just wondered what’s going on, then I remembered this isn’t the first time Ridley has messed with us.

      Lets Look at ‘Alien’ briefly for an example. When Ripley was trying to get answers from Mother, Ash is all of sudden in the room with her. He’s magically in the room! The audience presumes from the previous scenes that to enter that room is a big production so how did he get in without Ripley noticing? Years down the road we chalk that up to clever direction, it has shock value, or from within the movie Ripley was so focused on what she was doing that Ash slips in because he had a better clearance or a big company conspiracy etc, etc, that allowed him in so easily so she never noticed. My point being that Scott did that and we aren’t bothered by it but we’re bothered by crew members we assume are the best of the best in their respective fields doing things in the prequel that we wouldn’t do because we KNOW what to expect in an ‘Alien’ movie. Perhaps we are missing something though and this should lead us to think about things a little differently.

      2. The crew is stupid why are they out there?

      -Some things that happen lead us to believe that these boys are less than professional. Perhaps they aren’t! So why are they on board? Well we have to make some assumptions no matter what we believe, so lets take their actions at face value and conclude they are from the bottom of the professional barrel. Why were they hired then for this mission? Well who hired them? It’s my contention that it was Vickers, the very one that would like to take over the company! If Weyland finds his proverbial fountain of youth that can’t happen. One better way to sabotage a project and not look like you sabotaged it is to hire the semi-incompetent. It helps if they are disposable as well. A biologist and geologist aren’t important in getting back home.

      So why is Vickers even along? Well from either prospective Weyland’s or Vickers’s; You keep your enemy closer.

      3. Why did Shaw give birth to the Squid baby, and then it was never brought up again for the rest of the movie until its convenient size explosion at the end?

      -My initial impression was that it died on the operating table. We know that didn’t happen but only later when it grew and escaped containment.

      4 How could anyone be so stupid as to just run straight ahead while A giant circular ring rolls towards you and not do the right thing, run in a gradual diagonal direction away from the thing?

      - Ugh, I admit this is a simple trick and that few get it but let me reveal a possible reason for it. OK the Juggernaut ring is on the ground falling but it’s falling slower than some of the parts of the Prometheus wreck! So what do you do run diagonally and get hit by the now rapidly falling Prometheus junk or run forward as fast as you can using the Juggernaut as shelter hoping you can reach better shelter in front of you that could possibly withstand the falling Juggernaut? What Scott fails to do is include a visual Que that it’s the surviving astronauts goal, to get to better shelter! As a viewer you feel anxiety and think their actions are crazy initially but, and this is important, it isn’t luck that Shaw found safety from the falling ship. As a viewer Scott wanted you to put it together correctly but didn’t want to clue you in too much so you felt the anxiety of the moment, he’s messing with our emotions again. Sure it’s visually confusing and It breaks with long standing tradition. After all in a western, when you see the train coming around the bend and the cowboys are pulling the bandannas up over the lower half of their face, you know a robbery isn’t far behind. Some hate not receiving the setup of course and get mad about it and it becomes easy to call it a flaw.

      Perhaps a better set up would’ve been to include Vickers getting killed by a piece of the falling Prometheus as she ran sideways, instead of making her seem as smart as Shaw only to be crushed by the Juggernaut because she was too far behind. But then would that have cleared up any question about whether or not Vickers was human?? I guess we’ll never know that.

      • The movie sucked…move on already.

      • I’m sorry, I’m not reading all that. The movie was a massive letdown. I expected better. If you enjoyed it then that’s great for you. To me it was on a par with Alien Resurrection or one of the AVP movies. I expected much better from Ridley Scott.

  13. luv to see del toro make a justice league movie or green lantern or wonder woman movie or the flash movie or captain marvel/shazam movie.