The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

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Screen Rant Most disappointing movies of 2010 The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

Another year of movies has come and gone – and everyone is producing lists of their best and worst movies of the year. We have already unveiled what we thought were the 10 worst movies of 2010 and the top 10 movie moments of 2010 but we thought we would also do a list highlighting which movies we found to be the most disappointing.

While 2010 brought us its fair share of thrills, excitement, drama and laughs in such films as Inception, Kick-Ass, Black Swan and Toy Story 3 (to name but a few) the year inevitably brought us its fair share of disappointment, too.

NOTE: To be clear, this list is not representative of what we consider the worst that cinema had to offer in the past 12 months, as some of the selections do have redeeming qualities. Rather these are the movies that we expected a lot from – but they just didn’t quite deliver. For our “worst” list, click on the link above.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Here is Screen Rant‘s selection of the most disappointing movies of 2010 in order of release (and don’t forget to vote in our poll on the last page):

Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland full banner The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

We start off with Alice in Wonderland, popular Gothic director Tim Burton’s take on the classic Lewis Carroll tale about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole to the eponymous land of Wonder (or “Underland” as it’s called in this version). Burton put a fresh spin on the material by making Alice a few years older and purporting that she’d already been to Wonderland and just couldn’t remember, although the residents of the weird and wonderful land certainly remembered her (“It’s the real Alice!”).

When it was announced that Burton was going to be taking on this classic tale it was like a match made in cinematic heaven. The filmmaker’s off-beat, quirky and distinctive style seemed perfect for the story, and getting his faithful movie star Johnny Depp to play The Mad Hatter was a perfect piece of casting if ever there was one.

So where did it go wrong?

Alice in Wonderland trailer image The Mad Hatter The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

Well, first off, the 3D format of the film didn’t serve to enhance the titular Wonderland but rather detracted from the experience. 3D is supposed to immerse you in a film’s world, not give you a headache – the scene in which Alice tumbles down to Wonderland, for example, not only had my head banging and spinning but my stomach was none too pleased either!

Aside from the 3D, Burton’s version of Wonderland was just a little too zany and overly busy, with the bright visuals getting annoying very quickly and characters that, despite being distinctive on paper, became sort of indistinguishable from one another. The plot didn’t help matters either, with a narrative that was muddled and often confusing instead of suspenseful or exciting. All this led up to what has to be the most disappointing final showdown of the entire year.

Burton and Depp’s seventh collaboration wasn’t a total disaster, with some fun to be had in segments here and there, visuals that are stunning (before they got quite tiresome) and some inspired casting including Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Stephen Fry as the grinning Cheshire Cat and, of course, Depp as The Mad Hatter. However, to our disappointment, this particular vision of Alice in Wonderland wasn’t the magically memorably ride we were hoping for.

Clash of the Titans

Next up we have Clash of the Titans, the one and only remake on this list (if you can believe it). Director Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) had some of the richest mythology in history (no pun intended) to play with and a budget that could be used to run a small country. And yet, despite all it had going for it, Titans was indeed one of the biggest disappointments of 2010.

Despite having more big-scale action sequences than you could shake a stick at, there were only a couple that were in any way memorable: The scorpion attack scene in the desert and Perseus (Sam Worthington) flying on Pegasus, ducking and diving around the dreaded Kraken. Apart from that, the action scenes were either bland, boring, unmemorable or just plain silly. The latter description also applies to the dialogue, which seemed to try everything it could to stop us from being able to take it seriously.

clash of the titans 3d The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

A special mention must go to the disappointing 3D. Instead of shooting the film using 3D cameras, as should be done, Warner Bros. decided to shoot Clash of the Titans using standard cameras and then convert it into 3D during post-production over a very short 8-week period. Who would care, right? 3D is 3D no matter how it’s done, isn’t it. Wrong! Titans had some of the worst 3D in recent memory, with most of the visuals looking less like a realistic enhancement of the onscreen events and more like cardboard cut-outs looming out of the screen at the audience. Quick tip, Hollywood: If you’re going to go the 3D route then do it properly.

So while there is admittedly some fun to be had with Clash of the Titans, overall it was a huge disappointment, made all the more dissatisfying because of the fact that it arguably had one of the best trailers of 2009.

Continue to the most disappointing superhero movies of 2010…

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  1. Iron Man 2 SHOULD have been the best of the year. IMO, the story for the first film was mediocre, but the film worked b/c of RDJ and Favreau’s directing. The sequel had the potential to be great. We’re done with the origin, and there was plenty of source material to draw a great story from. All we got was just a big commercial for THE AVENGERS. Not to mention the acting was horrible (especially Scar Jo), and the story was horribly rushed.

    Yes, I’m aware the films are building up to THE AVENGERS, but it felt like Marvel wanted to fill it with references and forget they were making a movie about Iron Man.

    I will say the film had great special effects, and the action was fun, but the final battle was weak.

  2. I know it’s not a fun genre pic, but how much of a crushing disappointment was “How Do You Know?” Yikes.

  3. I disagree with the first and third…

  4. I just watched the first 20 minutes of last airbender and I am surprised I got that far.

    • Ditto

      • dude me too. it sucked

    • You have a far stronger stomach than I. I couldn’t stand watching more than 10 minutes of the Last Airbender movie before laughing hysterically at just how awful and wooden the acting and dialogue were.
      My nephews looked at me like I was crazy.

  5. I’m gonna say TRON. I knew, simply from the trailers, that Alice wouldn’t be that great, so I can’t really say I was “disappointed” in it. I actually liked Clash and Iron Man, even for the moments others say they didn’t like. The new Clash had a better storyline and character development than the first, and Iron Man did exactly what it was supposed to do: set up Tony Stark as an Avenger. I agree, they could have used Ivan much more effectively than they did, but I wouldn’t call it disappointing. And finally, I can’t say that I actually expected Airbender to be a good movie. I kept my expectations low on purpose because I’m always wary of TV to movie adaptations; they never seem to work that well. I did, however, get my hopes up about TRON, and they were dashed.

    • Yeah it did kind of missed it mark there didn’t it?

  6. Out of all these movies…I would say Iron Man 2 was the biggest let down for me.

    You know what? On New Years we will have went through our first decade of this generation we should be talking about what has been the most dissappointed movies of this last decade.

    Wow, what a list that would be.

    • @D Man

      A good topic for discussion.

      For me two of the biggest let downs of the decade were Superman Returns and Indy IV.

      For me Superman is still the best superhero and a Superman movie in this current era of special effects could have been one of the greatest films of this decade. So much potiential for an epic spectacular and instead we got a mediocre effort.

      Despite Harrison Ford’s age, Crystal Skull was still a let down, mostly because all of the original creators of Raiders were still in tandem, Spielberg, Lucas, Williams etc. It juust lacked everything that was so special from the previous three and the end proved to be just a cash in for all concerned.

      • lebsta,

        I agree with you on both of those. :)


      • Totally agree. Especially with Superman Returns. Miami Vice was big let down for me.

  7. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I LOVED Alice in Wonderland. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved IM and enjoyed IM2 but I agree it could – no should have been better.

    • I really liked Alice. But I didn’t see it in 3D, so maybe that helped. I just it was great… IMO

  8. Wow. I usually agree with most posts on screen rant, but i have to say that, with the exception of the last airbender, i completely disagree with this list. tron legacy was my favorite movie the year. and while iron man 2 wasn’t as good as the first, i still loved it. clash of the titans was loads better than the original 80’s version. and alice in wonderland was brilliant. to each his own, i guess.

    • We encourage disagreements that are backed up with WHYS (as you have) 😉

  9. My brother went to see Clash of the Titans, and he told me that the audience burst out laughing when Liam Neeson said “Release the Kraken…” Ouch!

    As for IM2, I share everyone’s disappointment. It had the potential to be better than the first IM, but it seemed like there were too many missed opportunities, and too many characters upset the storytelling more than it should have. It also had a “rushed” feeling which neither RDJ or Jon Favreau’s talents and abilities could cover up.

    • Haha, that “release the Kraken!” line was effective in the trailer, out of context, but in the film it was pretty cringe-worthy.

      • It didn’t work in the bed room either j/k.

        • Lmao will ave to try that on the gf

          • Try “Welease Woger”…

            • I might just do that lol

      • Hey, it worked in the “Pirates of the Carribean” didn’t it??Sarc.

  10. Last Arbender is a movie that disappointed me the most. Even the visuals weren’t that much to brag about. When I first heard of the film failing on sooooo many levels, the first thing I thought was: “Well an angry ob is definitely coming to M. Night’s front door, and me with it.”

  11. I Loved tron legacy woulda been my film of the year if not for inception.

    My biggest let down of the year was kick ass I’m a huge fan of the comic and I enjoyed most of the film it was just the changes Hollywood made that killed it for me fans of the comical know where I’m comin from ie the jet pack bit drove me mental

    • Seriously? I thought it was “kick-ass”. I actually preferred the changes they made to the film. The jet pack scene made my eyes water from laughter, Katie wasn’t a total b-word, and Big-Daddy wasn’t a fake cop.

      • I think I just had massive expectations for it that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to I didn’t like the fact that they became a couple after she found out he wasn’t gay it just felt wrong.

        The whole hit girl c word coverage did my head in to that’s all that ever was mentioned whenever she was asked about the movie big whoop a kid swore I hear worse than that every day from the kids walking home from the local school I would love to see a version that sticks to the comic but I guess a fan of any comic would say that about changes Hollywood have made to comic movies.

        • I have to agree with you I was a little disappointed with Kick Ass also.

          • I am in the “Kick-Ass was kick-ass” camp 😉 I had a bucket load of fun with that one – it was pretty much the superhero movie I’d been waiting to see, one that had its tongue lodged in its cheek but wasn’t a full parody. And the action was, well, KICK ASS! 😛

            • Me too. I was really surprised by the 4.5 out of 5 rating so I checked it out, and I really enjoyed it.

        • Controversy like that is pretty annoying. I just ignore it. And I can see your point with Katie, but still. I hated her in the books. That’s why I liked it better. Didn’t make full sense for them to date but still. It inspired confidence in date-less nerds everywhere.

          • i think the fact that people in the media thought it was controversial really annoyed me do they not live in the real world as I said earlier I hear worse than that obviously the violence was extreme but that was pretty much ignored for the language thing

            Katie was annoying but hot as hell lol

            • Nobody ever mentions that the parents seemed to have no problem with their kid saying that kind of language in a movie. That’s something people seem to overlook. Anyway, LOVED Kick-Ass. One of the few films that I can stand Nic Cage nowadays.

              • Little Monster,

                Oh, I’ve thought about that. I’ve also thought that they’re just words in a script. I’ve read that she knows better (and her parents wouldn’t allow her) to use language like that outside of the confines of the film.


              • I think I remember reading an interview with them and they said that they were ok with it all as it was fake and within the context is the movie I agree with you that not many people seemed to pick up on that side of it especially here in the UK it was overshadowed by the mighty c word bs

          • I know they made that one major change in the movie, but I thought the book was developed along WITH the film? Could have sworn I saw that in a “making of” coffee table book…


            • There were a few changes Vic as we have mentioned above, mark miller hadn’t even finished the last comic by the end is the movie production he worked alongside Jane Goldman finishing the script hence the making of (that’s my understanding of it anyways ) let’s hope the nemesis movie is better on a side note has anyone read his new character superior read the first 2 is an interesting idea imo

            • Since we’re on the subject of Kick-Ass, did anybody read the new Kick-Ass 2? I saw the cover of it on Goggle and read the first few pages and thought it looked good.

              • Yeah I’ve read it its pretty good I have high hopes for it I just wish miller would finish nemesis before he carries on with kick ass I think I will have lower expectations for the sequel so I might enjoy it more

      • The deviations made it a different entity. Better or worse is another matter, but all those who seemed to think it was a 100% faithful adaptation are 100% wrong.

  12. great article, and I especially agree on IM2

  13. Gotta say tho tron legacy a disappointment?? Ok the script wasn’t great and the story was a bit thin but was the original script and story any good? trim legacy did the same for me s the original did, it looked felt and sounded amazin,

    Iron man 2 gets a bad rap coz its a stepping stone film in a broader scheme of things like the avengers etc I agree on its own it isn’t top but it could’ve been a primark worse,

    Last arsebender? I lost my faith in shamalamadingdong after watching the vilage doin no loss there

    • As I said in the article, this isn’t the WORST films list just the disappointment. I really enjoyed IM 2 but taking into account just how great the first one was and the fact that it didn’t meet those levels already set then it can only be labelled a disappointment.

      • My recollection of watching IM2 is that there were several GLARING instances of WTF is this??? Hammer doing the electric boogaloo at the stark expo made me cringe, and Tony fooling around in the armor at his party like a drunken frat rat was idiotic beyond explaination! I agree completely that Ivan was woefully written to the point where Micky couldn’t even save him, and that Tony was about as engaging as a used car salesman. Some of the film was sweet, but man oh MAN…the dumb stuff was uber stinkorama.

        End of rant…

        Here’s wishing all the regs and staff at ScreenRant a happy and prosperous new year with fresh popcorn, decent (even if uneccessary…) 3D, and having a good time…ALL the time! :)

    • I was going to reply but Ross already explained it. :)


  14. Sorry primark worse!!!!????
    Trim legacy!!!
    Apologies damn predictive text

    • I LIKE primark worse!

  15. Iron Man 2 was very much superior with just as much humour and more action. You can’t deny the Iron Man / War Machine combo at the end and Scarlett Johansson was the hottest she’s ever been.

    The original which was good but not great by any means. The reason for the first film’s high praise was that it was such a fresh novelty – from the remergence of Downey Jnr to the fact that it was much lighter in tone when compared to recent comic book movies. I just think it was a case of the sequel giving more of the same – with better delivery – whereas a lot of people wanted something different.

    Critics especially still had The Dark Knight firmly embedded in their psyche and probably demanded than Iron Man 2 be of a similar vein to that film which was foolish to say the least. Weeks prior to it’s release and people were already looking to use IM2’s opening weekened as some sort of barometer against TDK.

    Although TDK is probably the better film as a whole if i had to select one for repeat viewing then I would definitely go for IM2. I know many still look at TDK as the centre of the comic book movie universe, but it was too long and certainly lacked a slambang finish, something you can’t accuse IM2 of.

    For me the only disappointing aspect to draw on was perhaps the box office haul. Yes it was a success outgrossing it’s predecessor with £625 million but I thought it would gone just north of £800 million. Maybe IM3 may achieve that though that will depend a bit on the success of the Avengers movie.

    I would have definitely put Green Zone on this list, possibly at #1. Just expected so much more from that movie.

    • I hate when people compare other comic movies to tdk ( I’m a MASSIVE Batman fan by the way ) not all movies have to be dark and deep iron man is a different tone completely the reason it didn’t do so well was that it just wasn’t that good the first one was just a really good movie and unlike tdk they couldn’t top the first film let’s hope a new director can revitalize the franchise

    • You can’t deny the inane insensate babbling of RDJ and Paltrow over the top of one another in IM2 substituting for the witty and well-acted dialogue of the first film, lebsta. The one and only fine exchange (from the trailer: Pepper throws helmet out of plane cargo hatch, Stark gives her a look, leaps after it saying “You complete me…”) was cut out completely. That one seconds-long beautifully timed scene said more about their relationship than four minutes of coke-fuelled drivel ever could. Or did.

      Mickey Rourke. His best scenes were all in the trailers: thereafter condemned to conduct his own computer-ridden downfall from afar, his grotesque monster hands bashing away at a computer terminal like some cyber-age Ahab, only not nearly as interesting. Or entertaining.

      • Pepper Potts was just wasted completely,IMO.

    • I don’t compare it to TDK, but the first IRON MAN. I was hoping the sequel would improve on the story since the origin was out of the way, but it only made it worse.

      Scar Jo was hot, but so was Megan Fox in TRANSFORMERS 2. But that doesn’t mean their acting was great. In fact, it was downright awful. I did like the Iron Man/War Machine fight, but it was too short. And like Ross pointed out, it was just like a repeat of the Iron Man/Iron Monger fight in the first film.

      • To add more to my complaints about Scar Jo. Her action scenes were cheesy as hell. I was cringing when she fought the security guards in Hammer’s facility.

  16. Really? All of those movies made money, lots of money, I’m not trying to start an argument, but this list feels odd, considering all the bombs this year.

    • John,

      We have a separate article listing the BAD movies from last year.

      Getting a little tired of explaining the idea behind this one. It’s not that these movies were necessarily BAD, it’s that we’d hoped they would have been BETTER.


      • Understood, and you’re absolutely right.

        • John,

          Didn’t mean to dogpile on you – it was just the third or fourth time I’d heard the exact same comment. :)


  17. I have to agree with Tron being on this list. As someone who could not stand Avatar I was hoping that this would be the 3D film that finally converted me. It seemed to have evrything going for it. From the technology finally being able to match the filmakers vision, having the original team colaborating with the production, bringing back some of the same characters and for me getting to look at Olivia Wilde. But as much as I wanted to like it and was hoping to I just couldn’t get past the big mess the script was. It seemed like everything got dull the second someone started to talk. And also I have to say that I am always willing to let my imagination go and enjoy pretty much anything a good action, sci-fi or fantasy movie will throw my way but, I have to admit from the moment the security guard making probably $12 a hour walked halfway across a railing about 400 feet in the air to yell “Hey you stop” at Sam I was done.

  18. I agree with most of this list, especially IM2 and clash, but I think the list is incomplete because I’m probably the only person that thinks inception needs to be on here IMO the trailers really misled for the amount of action it actually had in it

    • really ??? Wow wasn’t expecting anyone to say that but that’s your opinion and I respect it

      • Inception as HUGE letdown for me as well.
        I didn’t find the story engaging, I found it pretentious and chatty, and most of the visuals just were… meh. I was expecting something that would make me think. This didn’t. It felt like rehash of a bunch of better-written stories I’ve come across over the last 50 years in sci-fi novels. And honestly, the protagonists did not really make you feel anything for them. I didn’t care. I was never drawn in to their story, their plight, their issues.

        • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  19. the last airbender was so bad i couldnt even get through a quarter of the movie

  20. I was right with you untii you hit on ‘Tron Legacy’. In fact, I could not disagree more . I’m not exactly sure why SR holds the time between films as a minus. As groundbreaking as the first film was, as fun as the first film was, it also had its fair share of cheese.

    Yes, there wre a few things about Legacy that bothered me – the way the Tron character was handled, the Zuse character…but I would hardly call it a disappointment. I thought it lived up to the hype. It’s been a few weeks now, and on reflection, I’m more forgiving of Kevin “Zen” Flynn.

    So what would I put in place of “Tron’?

    Repo Men

    But everything else? On the button.

    Despite all this?
    Alice, Iron Man 2 and Clash were also three of the top ten higest grossing films of 2010. Now you are disappointed!

    • After giving it some throught, I’m knocking off ‘Repo Men’ for one ‘Robin Hood’- the true omission from the list.

      • We discussed putting Robin Hood on the list.


  21. I was most disappointed by Clash of the Titans and Tron: Legacy. Liking both the Titans movie from the 80s and the original Tron, I thought these updates would at least refine and get a leg up on their predecessors, and deliver with better special effects. But it seems that special effects are all they have, and in the case of Titans, even those are spotty at times.
    I’m not holding my breath, but I still hope that Hollywood studios begin to realize they need good scripts, they need good acting, and they need actors who fit the roles, not just the big names at the ready.

  22. Why is Tron Legacy on here, you guys have no taste in movies.

    • Jimbob,

      Sorry I won’t believe we have no taste in movies until your brother Billyray chimes in to say the same.


      • Hahaha!!!


  23. Ross…

    I will just say that for two of these five films, we simply must agree to disagree…most strenuously. Every point you said disappointed (and nauseated) you in “Alice in Wonderland” I found wonderfully appropriate and well-played…and fun. I thought it a great sequel to the ALICE novels. As for “Tron: Legacy”, I found it an excellent sequel to the original “Tron” and thought the acting, effects, AND story were very well done.
    Opinions will differ on these and quite a few other films, I’m sure…

  24. Good write-up on Tron Legacy. I completely agree. If it had just come out of nowhere, it would have been better. But because of the huge build-up and saturation in marketing, it was a little bit of a let down.

    • Easy on the language Jimbo, this is a family site.
      Besides, a man’s entitled to his opinion.

  25. Disagree on Iron Man 2. Guess you never got around to seeing ‘Jonah Hex’
    Good review though.

    • Nope, didn’t see Jonah Hex, although I’ve heard I’m not missing much 😛 Was it really all THAT anticipated though and one that everyone had very high hopes for?

      • Didn’t see it, or Airbender.

        I liked Tron: Legacy because I wasn’t ‘led’ to believe it would be another Inception. It’s a Disney for crying out loud.

        I got what I paid for, an ‘E’ ticket ride.

    • SteveM,

      I have a new favorite analogy:

      If you go to a restaurant and order a meal that isn’t as good as you expected for the price you paid, since you didn’t COOK the meal, you have no right to send it back.

      Is that right?


      • Especially if the description is on the menu (like a trailer).

        Another one is, you here a single of an album, purchase the album and every other song other than the single (trailer) isn’t as engaging.

        Just a thought. :)

  26. I actually kinda like A.I.W., well maybe it was more I found the girl who played Alice extremely cute.

  27. I haven’t watched (and I won’t do it) Alice in Wonderland, but about the other films I enjoy Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender (probably because I haven’t watched the cartoon) so for me and I really agree with you that Iron Man 2 was really dissapointing, my parents and I were expecting so much more and the thing I hate the most was the last fight scene, it was good but too damn short! I mean they fought like for 2 minutes and then BOOM Whiplash is dead and the last fight scenes are suppose to be the greatest. I can’t say anything about TRON legacy because I will watch it tomorrow, mostly because of my dad and to watch Thor’s trailer in 3d (because I dislike the original TRON).