The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

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TRON: Legacy

olivia wilde tron legacy The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

The mammoth buildup to this belated sequel is inevitably what landed it on this list. Disney was fueling the fire of anticipation as far back as summer 2008, with a teaser trailer shown at Comic-Con featuring new-and-improved Light Cycles giving the online film community something to salivate over. TRON: Legacy was indeed one of the most talked about and anticipated releases on the 2010 schedule, with the studio making us wait until the last couple of weeks of the year to finally see the finished product.

After months and months of promotional material that frankly went well past the point of overkill (with the amount of trailers and clips released you felt like you’d seen the movie before it actually opened), Legacy was finally unveiled just a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately it didn’t live up to the expectations everyone had for it.

The problem with the film lay not in its visuals or action – which are undoubtedly impressive – but rather with the script. The story was generic (some would say phoned-in) and the dialogue was as cheesy and eye-rolling as you’re likely to come across in a big budget, over-the-top Hollywood film. Things hurtle along nicely until the film feels the need to continuously screech to a halt for needless and overwrought exposition.

tron legacy recognizer The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

To be fair, the point of Legacy isn’t the story or dialogue but rather the visuals – and the film definitely delivers on that front. Although not as ground-breaking as those found in the original Tron (at a time when CGI was scarce and unsophisticated), they were still striking and memorable, enhancing the already thrilling action sequences. The pounding, infectious score by Tron-esque electro outfit Daft Punk was perfectly matched to the digital world of the film.

Along with Iron Man 2, Legacy probably has the most going for it, out of those on this list, enough to make it worth a watch, particularly on the big screen (I’ll be curious to see how it fairs on DVD/Blu-ray). But after two and a half years of build-up, we moviegoers deserved more than what this long-awaited sequel ultimately delivered.


So there you have it, Screen Rant‘s biggest movie disappointments of 2010. Now it’s time for you, our loyal readers, to chime in with you thoughts: Which films were you most disappointed by? Do you agree or disagree with our choices?

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  1. alice and iron man 2 dont deserve to be on this list……they were awesome

  2. Yup Tron and Iron Man 2 were awesome. Seen both 3 times!

  3. I guess the biggest disappointment for me this year was Iron Man 2.

    From the opening MTv-ish Vegas show shot to the comically bad battle between Rhodie and drunk Stark, let’s not forget the Whiplash, can live through a car slaming into him and a wall, (Starks bodygaurd doesn’t carry a firearm???) No its more practical to carry a prototype Iron Man suit and let Stark battle it out for himself ??? Wtf???
    What was with the Starks Dad/Walt Disney-ish (Disney’s take over of marvel) inlfuence of the final act,,, puke!

    If that wasn’t a kissmybt tribute to Walt Disney I don’t knw whts going on.
    Overall the film was aweful,,, made me sick. Blah,,,

  4. How you could’ve expected anything from Tron Legacy is beyond me.

  5. Tim Burton’s Alice was also done in “fake 3D.” Numerous critics were telling people to see it in 2D not 3D. Interestingly enough, Harry Potter was going to be released in fake 3D and Warner Bros. pulled it just weeks before its release, probably because they were afraid of the same thing happening.

  6. I’d pick The Last Air Bender as the most dissapointing of the pack.
    Tron was worth the wait, you guys are accurate about the rest.

  7. Wow!!! all the praise that TRUE GRIT has gotten is baffling. It was just alright the acting was good, not great. Thats like saying Barney should have won an emmy for best dinosaur. It belongs right here in this category along with Tron, Clash of the Titans, and The Last Air Bender And the Expendables!

  8. Disagree with Alice and Tron. I watched Alice in 3D and really didn’t see the problem with the 3D. No stomach turning. As for the bright visuals, why are you complaining? Alice in Wonderland was always meant to be a bright, colorful world. The plot was probably not suspenseful nor exciting because everyone already knows it! lol. For these reasons the movie is a disappointment?

    And Tron as a disappointment really? Aside from the somewhat weak plot, which I can agree with you on, the movie is exactly what I expected. What else were you expecting but visuals? The second I saw the first trailer I knew I wanted to go on that ride.

    For awhile I’ve taken reviews/opinions from this site into consideration when making a decision about watching or not watching a movie. I guess not anymore. Lately, everything that I’ve watched and later on read the review of on this site was in complete disagreement with my own. It’s as if all of a sudden everywhere critics are expecting every movie to be worthy of an oscar and are “disappointed” when it the credits roll and it isn’t.

    To be honest this top 5 “disappointments” of 2010 sounds more like top 5 “nitpicks” which in turn is like the lonely opinion of the usual, crazed, banished Avatar-hater. lol

  9. You obviously have no movie taste. Clash of the Titans’ 3D was amazing, as was Alice in Wonderland (the 3D was pretty bad, I have to admit). Then there was Iron Man 2 and The Last Airbender, and I’ve never seen Airbender but Iron Man 2 was one of the best movies of the year.
    And don’t even get me started on TRON: Legacy.
    TRON: Legacy is the best movie of the century, unless they release an even better Tron 3, which is in production, as you know. And if people don’t think that everything was amazing from TRON: Legacy, they have no movie taste.
    Which is why I recommend you actually watch movies before you make movies look absolutely terrible when they are missing out on something amazing.

    • Nate troll harder.

    • I agree wholeheartedly, Nate. I myself am a cud-chewing, goggle-eyed sock puppet; a drooling, grunting, lard-brained zombie; a gurning, hooting, thick-fingered excuse for a human being; a slump-shouldered, knuckle-dragging, empty-headed mollusk with opinions like unset blancmange.

      You rumbled me, buddy. Nothing left for me now but the plastic carrier bag and hairy string.

  10. Last Airbender was worst for me. I am a huge fan of the cartoon and was looking forward to seeing the movie. I couldn’t sit through the first half hour. I was so disappointed. Did anyone who made the movie even watch the show?

    • according to M. Night Shyamalan (sp?) he loves the show lol and watches it with his kids whenever he can

  11. The first Iron Man was mediocre, and the second was one of the most boring, stupid big-budget films I’ve ever managed to sit through. The only thing it had going for it was Scarlett Johansson’s costumes.

  12. … Prince of Persia…?

    • foopher,

      That’s not on the list because we never expected it to be good. 8)


  13. Why is JessSayin’s comment 5 days ago always on the bottom?

  14. Its interetsing to see how many have been disappointed by TRON LEGACY. I myself find it strange that TRON LEGACY, just like AVATAR, is a film I very much enjoyed at the theatre (on iMax of course) but for some reason have no interest in subsequent vieweings. I’ve tried several times to watch AVATAR on my big screen at home on HD BluRay since its been out and darned if I can finsih it.

    The true mark of a good to great movie is one where subsequent viewings of it are enjoyable (even if not as much as the first viewing) and you can watch it once every 1-3 years and keep enjoying it each time. For me this would be:


    all of which I watch at least once every 1 to 2 years.

    • BCC,

      Indeed, for me, that is one of the hallmarks of a great film, even if only on the guilty pleasure level.


      • @vic

        That topic ( FILM GEMS – The Movies We watch again and again, year after year, are the true hits) might be intersting in a poll or article.

  15. # The Last Airbender was true to the characters i guess, notable visual effects, nice martial arts and all in all like the anime. Don’t know what people have expected.

    # Clash of the Titans was totally okay, why the hell did someone watch it in 3D if it wasn’t filmed with 3D technology? Your fault, the movie was okay.

    Alice in Wonderland – I haven’t seen it, it looked too much like an LSD trip and I don’t do drugs.

    Iron Man 2 was a true failure except for Robert Downey Jr. The “The Shield” story interruption was bugging me the whole time. Samuel L. Jackson is an AWEFUL Nick Fury. Wtf.

    TRON: Legacy – I’ll watch it tomorrow i guess.

  16. I must say this article hit the mark of the most disappointing films of 2010. My motto, if it is over advertised–over hyped, then it probably sucks.

    Wonderful 2010 Screen Rant. I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring us!

  17. I agree with you on most points except iron man. it was brilliant. tony stark seemed dislikable, but that’s how he is in the comics in the beginning. he’s arrogant and goes through a depression as an arrogant drunk in one of the pivotal arcs and exceotional arcs in the comics. yes, some audiences might be turned off by the marvel universe interruptions, but it is in no way a bad movie. great one liners, tempo and some good laughs. it is one of the best movies of 2010. only the critics it seems fell negatively(no offence but you guys rarely explore the source material). many people i know pointed out certain annoyances but said overall it was brilliant.
    the last airbender was of course horrendous. nothing, no scale, no comparison, no excuse. and it really really any curiosity that would make people watch the original series, which set a new yard stick for programming.

    • I really don’t care if a drunk, dislikable Tony Stark made a good comic-book storyline 40 years ago. Iron Man 2 barely had any story at all, not to mention almost no action (I think there were all of 4 action sequences, and it took a half hour to get to the first one!), and what little action there was was unimaginative and dull. Calling the characters paper-thin would be generous. Every one was either a dumb caricature or entirely devoid of personality.

      If I want to see the heroes win by “crossing the beams” I’ll watch Ghostbusters again. At least the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man didn’t just stand there waiting to get blown up!

      • Ironman & Warmachine didn’t just stand there waiting to get blown up, they reacted to what Ivan’s remark meant & thats when they notice the drones were remotely rigged to blow along with Ivan.

        • Ah, thanks for the clarification. I was talking about Ivan, but I must’ve missed that line. (My brain was probably completely numbed by that point.)

          At any rate, that whole fight sequence was still boring and unoriginal. :)

          • Oh i see. Its easy to know still Ivan’s armor was thicker too, especially when being attacked one on one by the both Ironman & Warmachine. It the ending of Ironman 1 all over again sort of speak till the two blasted at Ivan at the sametime.

  18. I thought that Tron Legacy was pretty good!
    They placed a lot of lines and quotes from the first one and the music way way better.
    But that’s just my opinion.

  19. i just watched last airbender. it wasn’t that bad. it was a kid’s movie, not some oscar contender. kinda what i expected. i’m not a huge fan, but everyone gets on m. night’s case for not delivering, yet there are worse directors out there. i never watched the cartoon, but adaptations are rarely spot on and faithful, and even when they are people complain. i’m just waiting to see the 3rd night chronicles film, which is supposedly his idea of the planned unbreakable sequel.

  20. @DK Kuul A

    I agree. There was just no drama in that fight. One thing you can add is that neither Iron Man or War Maching actually get hurt in the final battle. Okay, so they get beat up by Vanko for a bit, but nothing major like parts flying off. Look at the final battle in Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN. The Green Goblin was picking Spider-man apart.

    Whiplash was supposed to be a “threat” to Iron Man, but his electric whips have no affect on Iron Man or War Machine. So what, it shorts out the power in the suit, but it doesn’t damage it beyond repair or shut it down. That kind of drama would have made for much better fights. IRON MAN 2 makes Iron Man out to be invincible, and it just doesn’t work. You have to make your main characters feel pain in order for the audience to care.

    But that’s just one complaint I have about the film.

  21. Alice in Wonderland was great for me, I love wacky worlds… but I didn’t watch it in 3D because I was broke that day. (well actually I had spent most my money that day before going to the movies… oops)

    TRON bored the crap out of me, if it wasn’t for bright lights and stuff I’d probably fall asleep.
    But the biggest disappointment was “The Last Airbender”. Really, I’m a big fan of the Avatar series and well lets just say the movie doesn’t do the series any justice. No.

  22. I thought Alice in Wonderland was the bees knees! However I was quite high when I watched it soo… Depp was brilliant – one of the few characters where he hasn’t got on my nerves or wished he would stop being so wooden. He was creepy, huggable, loveable and bewitching all at once. The Alice character was a bit annoying though, Queen of Hearts superb, thanks the Helen BC’s little constant finger taps and irritable face.

    Anyway, I dont agree Alice in Wonderland was a disaster movie 2011, but I completely agree with the other 4 films :)

  23. Skyline sucked.