12 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013

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12 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013

With so many networks on the air, it can be a bit difficult to get excited about an entire year of television at once. To help keep your hopes high throughout 2013, here's a list of our 12 most anticipated shows.Ranging from the beginning of the year to the end, this list contains 12 shows you should be excited about seeing in 2013.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood (BET)

Real Husband of Hollywood Premieres: Tuesday, January 15The Real Husbands of Hollywood, created by comedian Kevin Hart, is a parody series about the "lives" of Hart, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smoove, Duane Martin, Robin Thicke and Boris Kodjoe.Originally premiering as a segment during the 2011 BET Awards with Samuel L. Jackson, this semi-scripted comedy series (like Curb Your Enthusiasm) may very well be television's sleeper hit of the year.If your interest in the show has yet to be piqued, you should check out a preview HERE.

The Following (Fox)

The Following - FoxPremieres: Monday, January 21Kevin Bacon is taking on network television with The Following, a psychological drama about a former FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (Bacon), who must return to the agency to help bring down a network of serial killers created by Joe Carroll, an imprisoned serial killer - and Hardy's nemesis.The Following marks Fox's attempt at bringing a dark, gritty cable-esque series to network television. The story itself unfolds like a miniseries, where final scenes of the previous episode kick off the next.And unlike CBS's attempt at airing a network-friendly version of Dexter in 2008, The Following doesn't shy away from the gore.

The Walking Dead Season 3, Part 2, & 4 (AMC)

The Walking Dead Season 3Premieres: Sunday, February 17 (Season 4: October 2013)The Walking Dead season 3 helped breathe new life into AMC's hit series by moving the survivors into the prison setting and introducing the Governor and Michonne, two fan-favorites from the comics, who helped amp the suspence during the show's third year. As of recent, showrunner Glen Mazzara has left the series, following in the footsteps of original showrunner Frank Darabont.With AMC playing it fast and loose with its creative minds, everyone is waiting to see how Mazzara's departure will impact the series in season 4 - as well as who gets tapped to fill one of television's most unreliable jobs. Until then, we have the second half of season 3 to enjoy.

Game of Thrones Season 3 (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 3Premieres: Sunday, March 31When Game of Thrones returns for season 3, the tale of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros is getting supersized for its third year on the air.Thanks to the epic length (and arc) of the third source novel, "A Storm of Swords", this season of Game of Thrones will be delivering something special.And bigger dragons.

Arrested Development Season 4

Arrested Development Season 4Premieres: Spring 2013After over 7 years off the air, the Bluth family is finally making their return in Arrested Development season 4. Although the show had difficulty finding an audience during its original run on Fox, Arrested Development quickly gained popularity when the entire series was made available on Netflix.It became so popular that Netflix was able to accomplish what many thought was impossible: they ordered a new season of Arrested Development and will make the entire season available at once exclusively on their service.This could change the entire way we view TV.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Part 2 (AMC)

Breaking Bad Season 5Premieres: Sunday, July 15After five years of following Walter White's transformation from chemistry teacher to drug kingpin, the tale of one of television's most beloved characters will finally be coming to an end. And the world will be watching with bated breath as it happens!What will happen to Walter White? Will Heisenberg be captured? Will Jesse turn on Walter? How will it end? All of those questions - and more - will finally be answered this year.

S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

SHIELDPremieres: September 2013Now that Marvel has its Phase II movies underway, it's time to spread some of that superhero success to the small screen with S.H.I.E.L.D., a series based on the organization created to monitor and protect the world from otherworldly dangers, whether it be a missing alien weapon or Thor's brother, Loki.While it's unlikely that any of the Avengers (or their enemies) will be stopping by network television this fall, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) will be returning to headline the (likely) procedural series.How is it that Coulson is returning? You'll just have to wait and see.

Dexter Season 8 (Showtime)

Dexter Season 8

Premieres: September 2013If all goes according to the plan of the producers, this year will feature the final tale of television's favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan. But what, exactly, will happen in the series' final moments? Will Dexter get away with his murders or end up behind bars?Although producers have already revealed a bit about what fans can expect to see next season, the shocking Dexter season 7 finale had already set things up for next season, where the repercussions of certain events could either help or hurt Dexter's attempt at staying in the shadows.Of course, if Showtime has its way, Dexter season 9 could still happen.

Girl Meets World (Disney)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Cory & TopangaPremieres: Summer/Fall 2013When Disney first announced that they would be developing a sequel to the hit ABC series Boy Meets World, titled Girl Meets World, nostalgia took over the Internet and, for the first time, most everyone agreed with each other: bring back Cory and Topanga!Now that the pilot is completed (by Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs) and Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed on, it's time to sit back and wait for the return of one of television's most iconic couples, now with children.More importantly, it's time wait and see whom from the original series will be making their return, even if it is brief.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (BBC America)

Doctor Who 50th AnniversaryPremieres: TBA (Anniversary: November 23)Doctor Who, one of television's most beloved series, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and everyone is waiting to see what executive producer Steven Moffat has in store for the fans.Although not much has been about announced about Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, hopes are high that a few of the 6 remaining actors who played the Doctor previously will return, along with a few former companions. No matter what the plan is, expect the BBC to go all-out to celebrate this television milestone.

Hit Somebody (TBA)

 Hit SomebodyPremieres: TBAHit Somebody, originally planned as Kevin Smith's final feature film, is now receiving the miniseries treatment, making Clerks 3 his final film.Even though Smith still plans to retire from film after everything is said and done, his first real attempt at a scripted series may very well spark the next chapter of his career - taking the cult director's tales from the theater into your living room.

Derren Brown in the US (TBA)

Derren Brown in the USPremieres: TBASince most American's will be unfamiliar with Derren Brown, here are a few things you should know:Derren is one of the greatest magicians in the world Derren is one of the greatest performers in the worldFrom getting someone to admit to a murder they didn't commit (HERE) to bringing about the Apocalypse for one "lucky" individual (HERE), Derren Brown has replaced the typical magician TV show with a series of extremely compelling social experiments that only he could pull off. (Listen to Editor-in-Chief Kofi Outlaw's awakening to the greatness of Derren Brown - HERE.)Last fall, Derren Brown finally filmed a pilot for a US show. Other than that, nothing else is currently known: network, timeframe – if we'll even see it on television. However, with Derren Brown's popularly continuing to grow, it's only a matter of time before he breaks big in America. Fingers crossed that it'll be this year!


The Office & 30 Rock Now that you've check out our list, you should have more than a few television shows to be excited for this year.Additionally, fans of The Office and 30 Rock won't want to miss the final episodes of either series, both airing this spring.Which TV shows are you most excited for in 2013?
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  1. Correction:3 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2013

  2. Spartacus?

    • Yea Spartacus: War of the Damned is one of my most anticipated shows returning this year. I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

      • In bloody death (of course that is how they all end).

        • Now that I think about it, despite always being well talked about I have yet to see turn up on any of these Most Anticipated Lists……what gives?

  3. cant wait for walking dead,game of thrones, breaking bad, really hope that season 8 isn’t the last for dexter. And not to forget season 3 of spartacus!

    • Part of me wants to see Dexter continue, but part of recognizes it probably needs to come to an end. Lets go through 10.

  4. There’s actually 7 remaining actors who’ve played the doctor, not 6 (8 if you’re including Matt Smith).

  5. Um… “Community” is returning next month… I’m pretty sure a lot of people are excited about that, too!

  6. Seriously? No Homeland?

    • This. And Justified.

      • ^^^^^ This

      • Holy crap forgot about Justified. This is not a very good list it is missing some good tv shows.

        • Sons of Anarchy, Justified, and Homeland are all better than a few of the shows above.

    • No

  7. Can’t wait for the return of Doctor Who! Love that series, glad it’s growing in popularity here in the U.S.

    • my 17 year old daughter watches it. i’ve watched it a few times, i just don’t get into it.

  8. None of these. The show I’m looking forward to the most is COPPER on BBC America.

  9. Agent Coulson that was killed in “The Avengers” was a LMD (Life Model Decoy), not the real Agent Coulson.

    • You are speculating.

    • if those conspiracy theories are true then the show will be terrible. Anytime people die, and then aren’t actually dead, it never works well. ie: 24

    • Ever since I saw the film, I’ve never believed that he died. If memory serves, the last you see of him is Fury standing up and medics moving in. You only ever hear Fury SAYING he’s dead.

      My guess is that Fury lied, part of his plan to goad Cap and Stark into action.

    • he could be an lmd on the show

  10. Yeah! Walking Dead!! Love it!

  11. Dexter has to continue; This was my deceased son’s favorite show! Please don’t stop at Season 8! Love Dexter!!!

  12. Hannibal?

    • I was just wondering about that too.

  13. Without Justified, this list loses a lot of credibility for me. Not to be too critical. But I would put that over several items on this list.

  14. anyone know wtf BB comes out so late ? bloody annoying having to wait 7 months more months for an ending >:( besides that the shield show is the only other tv series i’m looking forward to and burn notice, though i doubt that’s going to be any good seeing as how everything is resolved and they’re just milking it now.

  15. I dont disagree with the shows on the list but after reading comments i think it should be longer. Community Justified Homeland Hell on Wheels just to name a few

  16. hey, where’s COPPER?

  17. would havr liked to see boardwalk empire on the list as well as arrow

  18. would have liked to see boardwalk empire on the list as well as arrow

  19. Remove that Derren Brown crap (the only ones who are profiled, manipulated and predicted to a T in his Apocalypse show are its gullible viewers) and add Supernatural instead. ;)

  20. Mad Men Mad Men Mad Men.

    Man Men!

    • Yeah, that went well.

  21. House of Cards? Fincher and Spacey. What is not to like?

    This should be the last season of Dexter though. It somehow dug itself out of jail after the awful sixth season. To continue past season 8 would be doing a John Travolta and begging for handcuffs again. Let it go with dignity.

    Also, Boardwalk Empire. It was a beautiful third season and there were some very intriguing set ups to look forward to in the fourth.

    • No,Dexter has to continue at least through season 10!

  22. As much as I am looking forward to SHIELD, I still can’t get over the fact that there are no actual Superheroes or Agents from the comics! I hope this changes.

  23. No Luther?

  24. “ARROW”

  25. Mosts Looking Forward too..

    The Newsroom – cant believe its not fetured on here?
    Walking Dead ofcorse,
    Derren Brown… THAT WILL BE BIG! He is amazing!
    Hit Somebody, I know nothing about this as yet, but i love Kevin Smiths work so i have high hopes and im sure it will be great.
    the Following, Im going to see what thats like, again im hoping it will be good.

    • And Breaking Bad!

  26. Arrested Development should be number 1

  27. I agree that Arrested Development is numero 1

  28. Game of thrones 3
    Spartacus Season 3
    Justified season 4
    Vampire diaries season4
    Broadwalk empire season 4

    • Breaking Bad Season 5 part 2
      Walking Dead Season 3 part 2 and Season 4

  29. Pls can u send 2 me best and list season movies. I like Game of d throne.

    • Couldn’t tell what you mean but looks like you want to know good shows…
      Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are my favorites that are going. Smallville and Sopranos are good, I have recently watched those. Sons of Anarchy is okay, but way too dramatic. Elementary and Sherlock are really good. And I heard positive reviews of The Wire, Broadwalk Empire, and Mad Men. From what I’ve seen of Mad Men, it’s really dramatic but okay, The Wire is pretty good and I’m only on episode 2, and I have yet to start Broadwalk Empire.