Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

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most anticipated movies 2010 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

As we come to the end of 2009, it’s time to look forward and put together our list of our most anticipated movies of 2010.

Last year could have been worse – 5 of our 10 most anticipated movies of 2009 turned out to live up to our expectations (including Watchmen, Up, and Star Trek), while the other five ranged from mediocre (Public Enemies) to downright disappointing (Terminator Salvation, Wolverine, Transformers 2). Of course “most anticipated” does not necessarily mean “movies we think are going to be awesome” – it’s “movies we hope are going to be awesome.”

This year the task was made a lot easier thanks to our senior editor Kofi Outlaw putting together Screen Rant’s 2010 movie preview, giving us a one-stop list from which to gather the biggies. While last year was a group effort, this year I’ve decided to pull rank and come up with the list myself, with some fine tuning help from editors Kofi and Rob Keyes.

So, without further delay…


Screen Rant’s 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010:

20. The Green Hornet – December 22

the green hornet seth rogen logo Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

Green Hornet made it onto the list just on morbid curiosity. I’m a big fan of the 60s TV series and was hoping to see a serious take on it on the big screen. However the production has not been smooth to say the least with apparent differences of opinion between Seth Rogen, director Michael Gondry and Stephen Chow (who eventually left the production altogether), production delays, script changes, etc. We’ll see what the final product looks like at the end of 2010.


19. Edge of Darkness – January 29

edge of darkness poster Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

An older Mel Gibson as a father set on avenging the death of his daughter? Consider my ticket purchased and my seat reserved.


18. The Last Airbender – July 2

lastairbendermp 280x373 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

M. Night Shyamalan has been a victim of his own success (and his ego) with each of his films getting pretty much worse than the one that came before. However here he will be tackling something completely different from anything he has ever done before, and based on the one trailer we’ve seen so far it looks like it may turn out to be impressive. We’ll see.


17. The Wolfman – February 12

the wolfman poster 280x419 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

Benicio del Toro is a great actor and I’m looking forward to seeing him as the tortured soul cursed by the, uh, curse of the werewolf. It looks like they’ll be trying to do as much as they can with practical visual effects (although I’m sure there will be CGI as well) and that suits this film.


16. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – May 28

prince of persia the sands of time poster 280x419 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

Is this going to be any good? I have no idea – but it looks like a helluva production. And Jake Gyllenhaal as a buffed out action hero? Curiosity factor alone is enough to put this on the list.


15. The Book of Eli – January 15

the book ofi eli Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

Denzel Washington as a righteous, post-apocalyptic bad-ass? Check. Gary Oldman as the bad guy? Check. A trailer that emphasizes both of those to utter awesomeness? Check. See you there.


14. Robin Hood – May 14

Robin hood poster Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

While some were disappointed (myself included) that director Ridley Scott decided to drop a couple of unique concepts for the story from the final product (Russell Crowe playing both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, the sheriff as the good guy and Robin as the villain), this still looks like a great, reality-based update of the story.


13. Alice In Wonderland – March 5

alice in wonderland full banner Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

If there was ever a film that was suited to the twisted vision of Tim Burton, this is it. I’m not the biggest Burton fan and some of what I’ve seen in the trailer doesn’t quite work for me (the Red Queen’s head is so huge it looks cartoonish), but overall this is bound to be a feast for the senses and probably the closest a screen version will get to the source material.


12. A Nightmare On Elm Street – April 30

a nightmare on elm street remake 270x430 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

The original Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror classic and we’re all curious to see how this reboot/remake turns out. From what has been shown it seems like they may tone down the humor and dial up some of the more realistic aspects of the story. Really looking forward to Jackie Earle Haley’s take on Freddy Krueger.


11. The A-Team – June 11

a team 280x194 Our 20 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2010

With some interesting casting choices (Liam Neeson as “Hannibal” Smith, Bradley Cooper from The Hangover and Sharlto Copley from District 9) and director Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces) behind the camera, this could turn out to be a fun hat-tip to the original series.

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  1. For some reason, I thought Thor was coming out in 2010… its not anymore right? It got pushed to 2011?

  2. Films I’m looking forward to: Iron Man 2, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Deathly Hallows, Clash of the Titans.

  3. Matt: Thor was never coming out in 2010. It’s always been 2011.

  4. Thats cool, but I never said anything regarding Thor.

  5. for some reason, all of them are the kinds of movies to have the “hollywood formula”. that list has more taste then “my pen is out of ink.” stellar predictions, screenrant. do you work for hollywood or somethin’?

  6. daybreakers anyone. that movie looks awsome. it should have been between 10-15

  7. green lantern and deathly hallows.

  8. For me it’s all about inception.

  9. @realist

    No, we don’t work for Hollywood. From what’s available these are the films I’m most looking forward to.


    I should have added Daybreakers to my “also” list at the end.


  10. sex & the city 2!!!!! no, just kidding, Iron Man 2 actually. really, i don’t really want to see the other one. really I don’t.

  11. The Bruce Willis Film Red for the cast alone would be on my list,got a bad feeling about Clash of the Titans .

  12. My top 15 most anticipated for 2010…

    1. Iron Man 2
    2. The Expendables
    3. The Other Guys
    4. Little Fockers
    5. Inception
    6. Edge of Darkness
    7. Toy Story 3
    8. Green Zone
    9. The Book of Eli
    10. Shutter Island
    11. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    12. Clash of the Titans
    13. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    14. Predators
    15. Daybreakers

  13. Many of these look very exciting, but I am waiting to Alice in Wonderland … the trailers look awesome.

  14. After all this time to make a sequel – TRON better be good.

  15. Yeah, I’d move the placement around a bit, but otherwise your list looks a lot like what I’m looking forward to. 2010 might turn out to be a better year for movies.

    I can not wait for clash of the titans. It looks amazing, and your 100% right. Alice in Wonderland was a movie waiting to be made by tim burton. I think he’ll do the book justice.

  16. Some others that I’m really looking forward to that you hadn’t mentioned:
    Youth in revolt
    The Crazies
    Hot Tub Time Machine
    Repomen (Big one I’m looking forward to)
    Priest (sounds like a kind of neat plotline, but to little information to really tell anything about it yet)
    Gaurdians of Ga’Hoole (mostly because of Zack Snyder)

  17. sounds like a good list… however I am adding The Road to MY list because it is still not in wide release…. why?!?

  18. John Carpenter’s “The Ward”


    The Joneses

  19. I’m not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but Shutter Island and Inception are intriguing enough for me to want to see them.

    Other movies I’m hoping to see in 2010…

    Iron Man 2 (that pretty much goes without saying)
    Tron Legacy
    Toy Story 3
    The Book of Eli
    Green Zone
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Wolfman

  20. “Cody says:
    December 28, 2009 at 9:44 am
    Matt: Thor was never coming out in 2010. It’s always been 2011.

    Matt Keith says:
    December 28, 2009 at 9:46 am
    Thats cool, but I never said anything regarding Thor.”

    LMAO!!! :-D

    Anyway, pretty good list. I would also add Red to that, and IM2 is also my top most anticipated movie of 2010. And Edge of Darkness, Book of Eli, Toy Story 3, Tron, Expendables, Daybreakers, and Clash of the Titans, woot!! Can’t wait…

  21. I have Iron Man as my wallpaper on my desktop.


    From 2 years ago.

    ’nuff said.

  22. I don’t share the same enthusiasm for 2010 as you do. Although it does appear to have a few potential gems with Inception, Toy Story 3, Iron Man 2, the majority just look like crap. Shutter Island I want to love, just am scared since it got pushed back to Feb, not a month known to have solid releases. Hopefully some of these movies prove me wrong, but other than a few could be another dud, especially w with the summer blockbusters again.

  23. @Craig

    As I pointed out, these are movies that we’re HOPING will be great – movies to get excited about if they turn out to be good. I’ve been hearing great things about Shutter Island from people who’ve seen the film, BTW.

    And I’m a blockbuster kind of guy, hence some of the films listed above (and I’m betting a lot of people are looking forward to most of those).


  24. If 2011 has all the movies out that are rumored to be out, it will easily top 2007 as the best year for movie releases ever.

    - Spider-Man 4
    - The First Avenger: Captain America
    - I Am Legend: Awakening
    - Men In Black 3
    - Transformers 3

    There are also rumors of Terminator 4 and Star Trek 2 coming out in ’11.

  25. dam… 2010 is shaping up for GAMES and MOVIES iam be mad broke.

  26. My 2 most anticapted films for 2010 are easily Iron Man 2 and The Expendables. There are some other interesting films on that list, though. The Book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, Inception, Clash of the Titans, Predators and Daybreakers are all films I COULD see in the theater, but wouldn’t be heartbroken if I had to wait until the Blu-Ray release. The Green Hornet is on my “No Way In Hell” list. I can’t stand Seth Rogen. ANYBODY else and I’d be interested in it, but with Rogen I just can’t do it.

    I have to disagree with one thing, though, Vic. Watchmen was awful. IMO, Wolverine was a MUCH more entertaining movie to watch, and so was Transformers 2.

  27. Watchmen was brilliant. One of the best of 2009.

    Looking forward to Inception, Alice in Wonderland, Book of Eli, Potter and Iron Man 2 for 2010.

  28. I had Book of Eli much higher on the list but I let my editors talk me into dropping it farther down.

    We’ll see who’d right in the end. :)