Mortal Kombat Getting A Reboot?

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For quite awhile now there’s been speculation and talk about another Mortal Kombat movie to follow the entertaining first one and the abysmal (but still fun icon razz Mortal Kombat Getting A Reboot? ) sequel. The last we heard on that front was word from Chris Casamassa (who played Scorpion in the first Mortal Kombat movie) that a third movie was on the way. However, that was back in July and at that time he said he was set to start shooting another Mortal Kombat last September. Well, September has come and gone and here we are, sans Mortal Kombat 3.

The guys over at Bloody-Disgusting have received word straight from Warner Bros. that the Mortal Kombat franchise is getting the reboot treatment, with a writer already attached in the form of Oren Uziel. Uziel hasn’t written anything that’s been made, but his Shimmer Lake screenplay did land on Hollywood’s 2009 black list, which features the best screenplays never to be filmed. Unless that screenplay is a balls-to-the-wall action film, then I don’t see why they would have chosen Uziel for this. Now I know Mortal Kombat doesn’t need a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer to pen its script but at least they could have chosen someone with better (or any) experience writing action flicks…

There’s no other info on the Mortal Kombat redo for the time being, leaving us fans to speculate about what we want to see in a reboot of the franchise. Well, personally I’d like to see them work in a bit more (read: LOTS more) graphic violence during the fight sequences. After all, the highlight of the original games (which were very controversial when they came out at first) were the fatalities at the end of the fight, which ranged from pulling your opponent’s heart out to freezing them and pulling out their spinal cord. I realize they can’t show that explicitly on-screen, trying to give the Saw franchise a run for its money, but still, I would like to see the action be a bit more badass and brutal than the campy stuff we got with the previous two movies.

I liked the tournament setting and plot of the first Mortal Kombat and wouldn’t mind if they recycled that story. After all, that was the focus of the original game – a tournament – and not the silly nonsense seen in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Just focus on one character (it probably should be Liu Kang again), make him enter the tournament and have 90 minutes of kick-ass fighting. It’s not rocket science!

Mortal Kombat game still 570x427 Mortal Kombat Getting A Reboot?

As for the idea of another Mortal Kombat in general, whether it should be a reboot or a continuation – we all know the rule: video game movies suck. Now there exceptions to that rule (the first Mortal Kombat being one of them) but generally speaking there hasn’t been any movie based on a video game that has risen to any sort of level of greatness. The law of averages says it will happen at some point – will this Mortal Kombat project be that movie? Anything is possible but somehow I doubt it.

Are you glad Warner Bros. is seemingly rebooting the Mortal Kombat franchise? Or would you like to have seen a third installment? And do you agree the reboot should be more brutal like the video game?

Stay tuned for more on this project as news comes out. Until then, just as a bonus, here’s a funny video from the “smosh” guys over at Youtube – “Mortal Kombat!”

Source: Bloody-Disgusting and Youtube user “smosh”

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  1. Awesome insane gore and brutality could bring this around but a poorly written pg video game movie should be direct to DVD.

  2. These movies, reboot or not, will continue to SUCK for generations to come…They might as well throw in Jean Claude Van Dam

  3. The first MK movie is one of the few video game to movie transitions that isnt truly awful, it is quite an enjoyable little flick. But honestly, why bother spending millions of dollars on making something nobody really wants.

  4. Talking to Ross about this earlier, it really doesn't make much sense to reboot this franchise. The popularity of the game has long since waned and I don't see where the films that followed it did any better.

    Perhaps this is a film better left untouched?

  5. I'm a bit biased because I grew up on MK games and movie but the first movie is still one of my top 3 favorite movies. I have watched it all the way through at least 30 times. I have all the soundtracks on my ipod. And I still get a “tingling sensation” everytime I see one of the actors from the movie getting work (Robin Shou in Death Race was awesome!).


    I'm going to have to disagree with you on one point:

    “Unless that screenplay is a balls-to-the-wall action film, then I don’t see why they would have chosen Uziel for this.”

    MK:A was just that. Too many characters brought in to do to many fights. It was a mess (although I still loved the fight scenes).

    MK 1 set up the action with a pretty neat story, great music, lots of tension/build up and careful editing.

    If anything, the reboot needs a careful, “film” approach to it, not the silly videogame-to-movie approach that DOA, Street Fighter and Tekken (eww). Judging by the Tekken trailer, it will be crap and it's very similar to MK (a tournament that will effect the human race while having personal stories intertwined). They need to be careful.

    Another thing, I hope they don't include weapons for the fighters in the remake. The video game reboots, I thought, were not that great when they introduced weapons. MK is all about hand to hand combat. Some weapons are okay (Liu Kang's first fight in MK1), but keep it hand to hand.

    Anyway, I can rant forever about it. I'm glad it's happening and I'm glad Chris C. is involved. They HAVE to bring back some of the original actors. We need Lambert back! Sorry, but seeing Dexter's dad as Raiden would make me throw up a little.

    Robin Show is still in great shape and can pull of Liu Kang.

    Linden Ashby still looks fairly young, although I'm not sure he's young enough

    Tagawa still looks pretty menacing, but he's overweight. Need another Shang Tsung.

    Talisa Soto = BRING HER BACK! She's not doing anything :)

    And it would be amazing if they brought back JJ Perry, Keith Cooke and Chris C. to do stunts and play the ninjas.

  6. I would LOVE to see a new movie and I agree to stick with the tournament-style and not some cheesy story. Bottom lin is that people are going to remember the individual fight scenes, not the oscar-caliber dialoge. Maybe focus on other characters, the villians are always more fun!

  7. This will be good and not turn out like that Chun Li movie did it needs to follow the story and character development and the tournament to the games cannon so i would like to see new stars like Shin Koyamada to play Liu Kang Jon Foo or other Asian actors to play Kung Lao and not too much techno music the music needs to be orchrested and some asian sound music in the film but it can have the theme song in the film that won't hurt.
    Thank You.
    Bruce Acosta

  8. I think this would be one of the few exceptions when it comes to me being for a reboot of a franhcise. The first go around sucked so bad they can only go up from there. But then again they did just try to reboot the the street fighter franchise again. Let's just say I'll be looking for the next reboot of that one in the future.

    First and foremost a MK film can't have anything less then a R rating. It just will not work any other way. Plus if i was them I would go with the tournament but with a old school Samurai Sunday, Kung Fu Saturdays influence. You know Ninja Assassins wasn't great but it did have a sort of Kung Fu flick feel to it. And I enjoyed it based on that, well that and how can anyone not like Ninjas?! If they can find a way to mix the Kung Fu flick of Old with the MK characters plus awesome Finishers. I think that's a start, plus MK already have something going for it. It already has Ninjas!

  9. Oh sorry Bruce- But the techno music was the best part of the MK franchise, it stays. Daint, daint, daint,d-d-daint da,daint Mortal Ko,,,,,,!!!

  10. I got to agree, if a remake is done the theme song has to stay.

  11. i really think they should reboot it making it more darker and with better fight scenes that actually show real martial arts moves unlike the other 2 movies that didn't have it. i want this film to actually be rated R and they should add bloody fatalities. i would definitely want to see some nudity in it. for example: kitana getting naked that would be awesome

  12. oh i forgot. the theme song should be the same like the other 2 movies for this reboot

  13. Yes Knkon WD the Mortal Kombat Theme song will stay

  14. Yeah Robin Show (master gen) in “The legend of Chun Li” is ripped and still young looking…would love to see him come back as liu kang. I would love to see a reboot of Mortal Kombat…but i would prefer to see it as a sequal…that way you could cast slightly older characters.

  15. Yeah Robin Show (master gen) in “The legend of Chun Li” is ripped and still young looking…would love to see him come back as liu kang. I would love to see a reboot of Mortal Kombat…but i would prefer to see it as a sequal…that way you could cast slightly older characters.

  16. Thats why its called REBOOT!!! I hate when fanboys cant let go of who played the roles over 15yrs ago!!! They have aged and when a reboot happens they are thinking of at least 10yrs with 2 sequels.. duh!! New cast, raw, gritty, modern.. s*** why not have some weapon fights… remember katana had fans!! USE THEM!! Stop naming all of these old guys who are over 45 and wanting to reboot this franchise… smh..

  17. Dude, calm down (“fa real” lol)

    The whole point of me listing those actors/stuntmen was that some of them can STILL FIT THE ROLES.

    America has not made that many great martial arts movies in a long time. They have little experience. If they do it now, trying to appeal to the mass public, they'll cast Channing Tatum and Robert Patison in the main roles. Robin Shou can run circles around those guys.

    I guess I am getting old because I think typing things like “fa real” and “smh” makes you look like a young little hipster :)

  18. I think its cool if they make a reboot im always down to some action. So I can’t wait to see whats the finishing look is going to be!

  19. No. No. Noooooo!! Don’t do this please. I would pay the WB NOT to see this film. After how bad they screwed up the second installment, I doubt I’ll venture to theaters to see them butcher it again. They should have stopped with the first movie. But they just had to set it up for a sequel. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation was quite possibly the worst sequel I have seen. The second installment went way over the top. It just seemed like they just crammed as many MK characters as possible into the movie. The costume designs were weak at best. It just looked like everyone was running around in Halloween costumes, I mean they even changed the way scorpion looked. Scorpion was bad ass in the first one. He had those hazy eyes, and a simple mask, and quilt stitched ninja outfit, but all was replaced with just all white eyes, and a cheaply designed non stiched ninja outfit, I mean it looked like Scorpion was wearing plastic. Cyrax was the coolest villain in the the whole movie, and you only see him for like 5 minutes. The last installment seemed to revolve around horrible actors. There was way to much talking, they had to give an explanation for everything, which completely demolished the mystique from the original film. Don’t tell me. Show me. Give me one simple explanation why everything is going on and that’s it. I don’t want you to explain every mundane detail of Shao Khan’s plot. Just let our hero, or heroes figure it out for themselves. And also what bugged me about the second movie. There seems to be a whole other sub story that they don’t show at all. There is a scene where all of the major villains meet at somewhat of a round table setting. They all report to Shao Khan how many souls they’ve stolen, I believe Ermac, Rain, Motorro, and Sheeva gave a soul count that was way up in the thousands. Shouldn’t we actually see that happening? To me that seems to be a bigger story. I would have loved to see normal citizens running in chaos. I would have loved to see several militia resistances fail in real time while our heroes try to compete in battle against their alien foes. But we don’t really get an example of any of the Outworlders’ strength or power. We just know that they’ve captured souls while wearing horrible costumes, Motorro, really? They could have designed him better or left him out of the movie all together. In the original movie Shang Tsung let Sub-Zero give a demonstration of what he could do. And all the Kombatants were scared stupid. My opinion, cheap costumes, horrible acting, horrible effects, Cyrax was cool, Jax’s arms were designed well, but the rest of the movie was just well, it sucked balls. Raiden with his hair cut, really?