Awesome New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Trailer Hits the Web [Updated]

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Mortal Kombat Rebirth Awesome New Mortal Kombat Trailer Hits the Web [Updated]


Kevin Tancharoen, director of the Mortal Kombat Rebirth viral trailer has revealed the origins of the short film as well as the direction he’d take a feature length version – should he be given the chance. Check out the new details HERE.

Early this morning, a mysterious trailer for an unannounced Mortal Kombat project appeared on YouTube – posted under the title Mortal Kombat Rebirth.

The trailer is over seven minutes long and features high production values – including performances by Michael Jai White as Jackson “Jax” Briggs and Jeri Ryan as Sonya.

It’s unclear at this point whether the viral trailer will ultimately lead us to a new Mortal Kombat film or a new video game installment. However, given the real-world spin, I’d say we’re looking at a new film.

Check out the Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer after the jump:

Looks a bit too ambitious for a fan-made trailer, right?

You might remember that Warner Bros. was moving forward on a Mortal Kombat reboot – with writer Oren Uziel already attached to pen the screenplay. Though, shortly thereafter, Warner Bros. was sued by Threshold Entertainment, who apparently bought the rights to the third Mortal Kombat film installment – before Warner Bros. purchased Midway (and subsequently their IPs).

Reptile Mortal Kombat Rebirth Awesome New Mortal Kombat Trailer Hits the Web [Updated]

Either way, it seems clear that someone is making a new Mortal Kombat film. The real-world angle of the trailer (which features Baraka as a self-mutilating serial killer and Reptile suffering from a genetic disorder) fits the recent film-making trend of wooing audiences with less-fantasy driven premises – focusing on grittier, more realistic, interpretations.

In addition, it’s difficult to imagine how this “realistic” vision of Mortal Kombat could possibly translate into an enjoyable gameplay experience – given that the franchise was built on bicycles kicks, thunder Gods, fireballs, alternate realms, and over-the-top fatalities. If Mortal Kombat Rebirth points to a video game – how could that video-game capitalize on previous Mortal Kombat games with such a straight-forward approach? Not to mention, how that straight-forward approach would pretty much castrate the game’s source mechanics.

Scorpion Mortal Kombat Rebirth Awesome New Mortal Kombat Trailer Hits the Web [Updated]

Personally, after watching the trailer, I’m really hoping for a new Mortal Kombat film – a strange thing to say, considering the quality of most video game films. The rivalry between Scorpion and Sub-Zero was one of the more compelling aspects of the Mortal Kombat mythology – and the Rebirth plot-line appears to put that rivalry front and center.

Regardless, one thing is clear – given the upcoming E3 conference in Los Angeles, we’ll certainly have more info soon as to which facet of the Mortal Kombat franchise will be getting a “rebirth.”

What do you think Mortal Kombat Rebirth is leading us to? What do you think of the new approach to the franchise?

Source: Kotaku

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  1. This isn’t really a trailer or a viral gig, it’s more of a proposal to Warner. LatinoReview and JoBlo have the scoop on this and how this works out, including the stunt coordinators, director (he did the Fame remake last year), and who’s who in this thing. They’ve been shopping this baby around Hollywood and plan to make it into a feature-length, but I doubt any of the footage we saw in the 7minutes will actually make it into the movie. It’s like a pilot for a TV series, that’s all. They’ll redo it if it gets picked up.

  2. I actually like both of the mortal kombat movies but i think they were ahead of their time due to the lack of special effects technology we have now and the type of films that are coming out in todays world

  3. It looks interesting, although they killed Johnny Cage off already, lol. Oh well, he was never that good anyway, but he was a pretty funny character in the first movie. But that’s the thing, I really liked the original Mortal Kombat movie, so not sure if I wanted a reboot…

    • I too like the first movie, easily the best game to film adaptation yet, and Cage was such a funny character.

    • Cage is not dead… he got a better deal working with the bad guys so he did a double cross. However what they dont know is the Police told JC to do the Double Cross so he is now undercover.

      But what they dont know is they know the Police knew to make him go double cross and he will die.

      But he doesnt he is just really banged up.


      • But what they don’t know is that he knew that they would know that the police knew that he would double cross so he would see it coming if they would try to kill him since they know that the police knew that he will double cross. But do they know that he knows that they know that the police knew that he would double cross? That we will have to watch the movie to find out… 😀


  4. Dude……I am so in! Great viral marketing……no matter what it is, it went completely under the radar.

  5. doesnt impress me at all, had micheal jai white been kickin ass then yea lol, plus it al most looked CGI-ish to me

  6. and Susan Boyle is going to play Goro

  7. the trailer was great, it would be a great film believe it or not for the upcoming thanksgiving or christmas holidays. jeri ryan and michael jai white are fantastic. reminds me of the dartk knight. i wish they did not kill johnny cage. he is my favorite character.

  8. Sub-zero as the evil bad guy and Scorpian as the anti-hero, instead of the other way around? Odd, but undeniably Intriguing… Sub-zero was always my fav, but if they do it this way right and make it engaging and interesting, it could totLly work as a fresh and new tAke on the source material

  9. WHOLY #@!$@#$!@#$!@#$ !!! … OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

    that loooks really awesome.. and if its a movie.. hell yeah.. thats how u really go viral.. this is stupendous and awesomeness reeks in every scene of this showcase video <3

    loving it already…

    esp. the "Come'he'ree" at the end of the trailer..

    But Why tf ? kill Jhonny Cage ?!?!?!?!?!??…

  10. This is just the angle from Scorpion’s view… I think there will be angles from other characters as well…

  11. This clip looks too real to be fan-made (no offense to all the good clip-makers), it’s just so down and dirty…I can’t wait to see if the movie sees the light (so to speak) of day.

    I read this on Twitter on another website, a message from miss Jeri Ryan: ” Okay, so… Mortal Kombat. It’s not a game trailer. Actually was made for the director to sell WB (Warner Bros – Red) on his vision for a reimagined MK film.”

    • How can it be fan made when they have a legit cast going?

  12. They need to make this… I love this fresh take on it!

  13. What happened to my comment :/

  14. It appears to be a little of both. Is it possible this is a teaser to bring in money for the project?

    While it looks decent it still looks “low budget” and or straight to DVD.

  15. Id like to believe that this was a production on a new MK release, however with intensive reading it appears that it is nothing more than a ‘trailer’ made at this time in order to be pitched to a director. Personally, id hate to see it as a movie, taking away the story that was built on for so many years.

    However, i would like this footage to be one of many live action cut scenese used in a new game, rebooted and remade in a realistic fashion.

    After all, the game was first called “Mortal Kombat”, and this feature trailer does truly explore the Mortal side of it

  16. I saw this yesterday and I’m sorry it just didnt do it for me. Scorpion in jail??? I mean wat the heck? The fight scene was excellent. Fine but big deal appart from that I didnt feel anything when I saw those character except “oh ok.. thats so and so… he looks different.” Its a shame because Mortal Kombat IMO can be done very well. To be honest the 1st film that came out wasnt really that bad. I gaurantee watever movie they do next will not even be able to match that.

  17. fan made? isn’t that Jeri Ryan playing Sonia?

  18. I really hope this is a movie coming out and not just some hype, I loved the Mortal Kombat films when I was a kid and this looks awesome. It will be cool to kind of see a Nolanesque real world approach to the title, but its one where it was such a loved game that it would have made money even if they had done something more fantastic.

  19. The fight scenes in both Mortal Kombat movies were terriffic, and I do agree that the special effects could look a lot better now. I love this new “trailer” but I don’t want them to get rid of all the “fantasy” stuff, because that is what helps make it so much fun. NEW MOVIE PLEASE!!!

    Oh, and all the soundtracks, scores, etc. ROCK!

    • Just so long as they leave some fantasy like Raiden and Scorpion and the Elder Gods then i’ll be good with the realism.

  20. well baraka looks dumb,and jax’s acting seems forced,and the fighting with baraka and johhny grabs a cigar is dumb. i do however like the whole scorpion/sub- zero thing. but i dislike how they took out the sci fi elements. i would rather see a remake version of the first film. just update it and maybe add qaunchi, and some war scene’s and huge battles. and have shang tsung be a old man and when liu challenges him shang shapeshift into his warrior form intimidating liu. i would just rather see things like that. maybe mk1 remake with a prequel after that and maybe a sequel after the prequel, then end it as a trilogy.

  21. I don’t know a thing about MK, don’t like fight movies (which is normal for a girl :)), but I’ve already watched the trailer four times this night. The atmosphere has carried me away. There is a believable story behind each character, which makes the whole thing somewhat true-to-life, therefore more exciting for me. Perhaps magic and supernatural powers don’t go well with this interpretation. But it can be interesting to see a familiar thing from another point of view, right?
    P.S. I’m a foreigner, don’t scold me for spelling ))

  22. I say go for it. Its got great potential and I’m dying to see more of this, I’ll be the first one in line when it hits the theaters….

  23. This director is trying to push this to the big screen. With some slight changes, this could work. After seeing Street Fighter: Whatever the hell story about Chun Li, I am rather excited and looking forward as what may be created.

    What I liked:

    – Cast…Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage, Jax and Sonya fit well
    – Music during fight sequence
    – The R rating

    What I don’t like:

    – Cast…Reptile and Baraka(with dreads?)
    – Michael Jai White not pronouncing Shang Tsung properly (its Soong not Zung)
    – The “Dark Knight” feel and “Saw” like picture quality

    Anyone else feel the same?

  24. I Thought the trailer was freakin awesome, I would love to have a new Mortal Kombat.

  25. i think it sucks because it doesnt stay in line with the original mortal kombat franchise. it is something all together different wasnt baraka born that way and doesnt reptile com from a race of reptile like people come on you have to be kidding me. i say throw it in the garbage.