Mortal Kombat Web Series Will Precede New Movie

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mortal kombat game flyer Mortal Kombat Web Series Will Precede New Movie

In 1992 one game took over the lives of every male between the ages 13 and 30 – Mortal Kombat. With (what was at the time) state-of-art graphics, sweet fighting moves and loads of violence and gore, Mortal Kombat would consume your time and your quarters. Of course, Hollywood attempted to cash in on the popularity of the game with a decent Mortal Kombat movie in 1995, a very bad sequel in 1997 and a mildly entertaining TV show in 1998.

While hardcore gamers have been excited at the notion of a third Mortal Kombat film for years, their hopes were in vain as the project was stalled by various obstacles. Then last year a silver lining appeared in the dark cloud in the form of a new and unexpectedly awesome viral short film released on the web by director Kevin Tancharoen called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth.

The video was Tancharoen’s viral attempt to grab a directing job from Warner Bros. – and it worked because WB has indeed hired him to write and direct ten more short films for the Mortal Kombat franchise.

According to our friends at Bloody Disgusting, Kevin Tancharoen will work with Todd and Aaron Helbing to write the script for the ten episode web series and filming is expected to begin shortly. Twitch is reporting that fans will be able to watch the first episode this upcoming April – which is the same time the new video game releases.

mortal kombat characters Mortal Kombat Web Series Will Precede New Movie

Besides the return of Reptile, Jax, Sonya and Scorpion, fans can expect to see the other following Mortal Kombat characters:

  • Shang Tsung
  • Liu Kang
  • Sub Zero
  • Durak
  • Kabal
  • Kitana
  • Mileena
  • Raiden
  • Cyrax
  • Sektor
  • Kung Lao.

Michael Jai White (Spawn),  Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) and Ian Anthony Dale (The Event) will return as Jackson “Jax” Briggs, Sonya Blade and the ninja assassin Scorpion. There is no word yet if Richard Dorton and Lateef Crowder (Tekken) will reprise their roles as Reptile and Baraka, but fight choreographer Larnell Stovall will return for the project. There are rumors of some well-known MMA fighters joining the project but names have yet to be officially announced.

The ten Mortal Kombat short films will build a story arc that will be used in the Mortal Kombat reboot film supposedly releasing in 2012. Though the release date of the film is not confirmed by WB it makes sense and with the time and money being invested there is a good chance that fans of the game won’t be teased this time. Hopefully WB will allow Tancharoen to continue his work as the director for the reboot film.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the dark and gritty viral sensation Mortal Kombat: Rebirth then check it out HERE. It should give you a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming series and new feature film.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth web-series drops April 2011.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting, Twitch

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  1. SWEET! I know some people disliked the gritty feel of Rebirth, but it’s very refreshing.

  2. One thing I don’t like about MK Rebirth is that everything seems too realistic. MK Universe didn’t suppose to be realistic. I like the dark and gritty part. But we need some “magic” to make it a real Mortal Kombat.

    • I’ve been a fan of Mortal Kombat since its inception in the early 90s. I had to sneak behind my moms back to play it and read up on it b/c of the content.However,I think after seeing The Last Airbender,and tons of mystical films like Lord Of The Rings,MK Rebirth will benefit from the realism and include some sort of magic. I agree with you completely. I’m glad that they have allowed this guy to create this version b/c after two movie properties,and a tv show that followed the same architect,this could be something unique. I’m still hoping Tony Jaa can be reached to play Liu Kang in the film. That would be insane.

      • the realistic style to MK Rebirth is a joke they need to keep the mystical element and still have it gritty and dark. why u compare the good awful “The Last Airbender” to Mortal Kombat. that movie failed cause M. Night did not know what his doing. Tony Jaa as Liu Kang would never happen his english is not good best person for the role is Shin Koyamada

        • right on MACE

          MK does not work in the realm of realism. The mystical/dark arts is what makes it great and unique.

          No thanks to Tony Jaa. American audiences will not buy him. Plus he already did the stunts in MK:A, so he’s had his chance :)

          Robin Shou is still around. I just saw Death Race 2 and he’s still in shape and looks youngish. He could pull it off.

          • Really? And you think American audiences who were either too young or were never heavily invested in MK will just automatically shell out for a gory Kung Fu movie about a four-armed monster named Goro, a half-lizard assassin and a shape-changing sorcerer?

            That description I just laid out has about as much mass appeal as a Grindhouse flick.

            Fanboys are going to complain – but we’re starting to realize that fanboys complain no matter what. I say let this guy take a chance with his vision – MK Rebirth speaks for itself in terms of the interest it generated.

            • Kofi, don’t just bundle me into the “fanboy” label and dismiss my opinion.

              Same goes for your narrow and obscure “description” of what MK is. You can’t conclude that it won’t have appeal based on something like that.

              Say what you will about MK, but almost EVERYONE knows MK when they see it. They see sub zero/scorpion costume, they know it’s MK. They hear the theme song, they know it’s MK. The short film looked NOTHING like MK so you can’t really speak about its popularity based on the viral play it got on youtube. A dog eating its poo can probably get 10x more hits than the MK short film, so what?

              The first film and the original video games is what got people interested and invested and if they stray too far away, like the short movie did, it will not succeed (and yes, it will piss off the fanboys).

              • well said ogb

                i cant wait for the realitic version of Dr Strange with no magic. cause to some people its not realisitc enough

                • you guys kill me, if you leave out the mystical attributes of Mortal Kombat then you dont have Mortal Kombat, you have blood sport with costumes that would be ridiculus in anyother setting other then MK. You cant pick and choose, plus if you want a fatality which is what makes Mk what it is thenyou have to have the supernatural or mystical side as well.

                  • u replying to me about MK have u read my comments on this page i said from day one MK is about mystical elements

              • i so agree you still have to keep it mk as much as u want to srtay away from source material.

              • Except MK us not Spiderman. People know and recognize comic characters much more than they do MK.

                ALSO fanboys are currently complaining about the new Spideys mechanical web shootets not being realistic even thouh it’s true to the comics – so yeah realism plays a role in these things it’s safe to say.

                All I’m. Saying is that the guy who did the leg work – on his own – to make an MK movie a relevant possibility again should be able to try out his vision without a lot of ridicule.

                Add to this the fact that nobody knows for sure yet whether or not magic will be involved or not! So what’s the complaining really even about?

                • actually i think more people are complaining that spidey’s logo looks like somebody squashed a spider, ate it, then threw up the remains on the suit…

                • MK is the most recognize video game everyone knows characters just like comic book characters

                  • actually no its not Super mario and Pac man is .. Just saying

            • what u on, people watched a young man been bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him powers, a man with 4 extra metal tentacle, a alien symbiote takes over a guy and turn him into Venom, or even having a one arm man turning into a lizard. i guess all this description also falls into a Grindhouse flick.

              if u so happy for him to take away all the mystical element from MK. i guess u would be happy if they took all the mystical element from Dr Strange or Harry Potter and make it realistic.

              we fanboys dont complain no matter what. we want respect of what made this game a classic. look how they changed the story for all these video game movies i.e. the recent TEKKEN, Street Fighter, Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li been butched in a bad way. u only like MK Rebirth only cause it had blood but the story of it is bad and why the hell would Jax interview Scorpion instead of Kano. another thing killing of Johnny Cage once again is a epic fail it was bad in the video game and in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation now MK Rebirth does the same thing woah his vision is so good that it did not do anything new with Johnny Cage.

              • lol Mace, preach on

                That’s the best way to put it, show some RESPECT to the source material because the source material is what became popular. How many times is Hollywood going to remake something and stray away from the source material and then fail and NO ONE IS HAPPY. The list of such movies is LOOOOONG.

                MK is still fresh. MK the video game is on every websites TOP 10 MOST WANTED IN 2011 lists. The interest is still there.

              • or even subzero and them offering scorpion to sub zero

              • Fanboys will always complain, because fanboys EVEN complain about the original creators when they put out a sequel. But guess what, they still added Outworld, Edenia, and magical powers to the mix. I think the original teaser trailer was just a pitch, however they’re obviously keeping some of the elements from it, but it seems as though they’ve scrapped some of the others. It seems as though they’re replaced baraka, and possibly replacing reptile.

                Now I know this is 6 months old, and we’re 8 episodes into this little miniseries. I still like it, I still want to see them go ahead with the movie.

                I hope this is a lesson to fanboys, not to harp on some of the bad or incorrect aspects of a project, before its in it’s final stages. It speaks for itself, Ed Boon, and everyone of the original MK developers lover the idea. Ed Boon > all fanboys.

                Ps. Fanboys are worse than people who sit around complaining about politics. smh

            • Kofi

              Paul posted an article and a link to the trailer on a movie discussion board. We’re discussing it. I personally don’t like it based on what I saw and I’m expressing my opinion. That’s the reason I’m complaining. From what we were provided, I don’t think it’s the right direction for the franchise to go in. All my arguments are logical and not “fanboyish”…it’s not like I said “Booo! This sucks!”.

            • you guys act like just because fanboys dont like it they wont see it. anyone who’s ever seen a mortal kombat movie will see this just because of the title. and the realistic/gritty feeling will apply to a much bigger audience, we all know how well the dark knight did and that was FAR more realistic and gritty than the first batman.

          • American audiences won’t buy Tony Jaa? Seriously? If he can fight and do his part,he could still the show.Hands down. Who cares if he doesnt speak english. If they would keep the film in the terms of mystical/Dark arts,it would be a bonified remake and cover ground seen from the campy versions of the 90s. This guy has introduced MK in a manner of realism,gritty and downright violence set in reality.

            I compare it to the last air bender b/c the elemental settings and abilities reminds me of MK. Anyone who watches can get a little Sub Zero vibe,Raiden or even a Shaolin Monk feel from the games and various movies. I wouldnt mind seeing some “mystical/dark arts” providing they are done within the confines of the urban setting seen in Rebirth.

            You fanboys crack me up with wanting something “fresh and new” but then you complain about the content thats released. Stories are meant to be done in alternate or different setting;providing us with an experience not seen before. Its called “A new take”. The Ultimate Universe, Earth One,these are a prime example. Ive been a life lone FANBOY of MK and im glad to see something different. Stop dismissing something before you give it a chance.

            • Prophet, I said American audiences won’t buy Tony Jaa as Liu Kang/Kang Lao (whoever the protagonist will be) because he’s the main character and will have to act. If you think the American’s eat it up then you’re very mistaken.

              I love how everyone is throwing around the word “fanboy” as a means to dismiss someone else’s valid points. That’s ignorance at its best.

              And no one is “dismissing” this, I said I’m WORRIED and I DON”T LIKE the direction it’s going it. I didn’t say I won’t watch it, or give it a chance, or boycott it.

              • That is my mistake and I apologize.

        • As someone who has seen all the MK movies,and watched the current film,Im sure this film will do great. Its a proven fact,something fresh,done by someone who actually knows what they are doing with garner success from the audience. Scott Pilgrim is a prime example. Mixed financial success. Fans critical acclaim. Mortal Kombat has had its mystical period on the big and small screen. Now this take has to right a new chapter. They can infuse mystical arts to the new take easy. Black magic,unexplained ability,anything can be done. But the setting of the original films would honestly make more people say “sigh again” or even possibly “this looks like an R rated Last Airbender”.

          The movie has to be violent and dark,and should have the characters done in unique fashion. Im currently anxious to see if they use Shao Khan and Goro. And how would they do it.

          • Finally a post to agree with.
            There have already been enough “mystical” Mortal Kombat movies.

            I don’t see any purpose in another mystical Mortal Kombat movie that is NOT to show off some fresh 3D.
            It won’t add up anything to the story.
            MK Rebirth, on the other hand, convinced me with the new approach.

            It’s very silly to compare it to Harry Potter… you guys.
            What would a realistic Harry Potter be like? Illusionists?
            Yet, it’s possivle to imagine a ‘realification’ of MK, with the exception of some characters, of course.

            Even if it takes Subzero to use liquid nitrogen, i.e. It is possible to picture a more real vision of MK world.
            I like the idea and am looking forward to see it!

    • Same.

    • I don’t think the director will abandon the mystical elements of MK; remember he only had so much to work with in a short film. Since WB is funding this, I’m sure they will give him the proper resources to create the mystical elements everyone is talking about. Let’s just wait and see what the guy can do. Hey, he can’t be worse than Uwe Bol, can he? :-)

  3. YESS!!!!!Bring it on!!!!!!

  4. Round 3…FIGHT!!!

  5. Noooo! Not a fan of the hyper realism of that short film. It doesn’t feel like Mortal Kombat at all!

    I’m a huge, life long fan of MK and by no means am I against change. But this is not the direction it should go in.

    Why not wait for the video game to come out, which has a TON of buzz around it, and make the movie off of its success? The new game goes back to the roots (characters, graphic violence, etc.) and the movie should do the same.

    I don’t want my MK to look hyper realistic, hyper edited fight scenes where you don’t know what’s going on, nu-metal playing during fight scenes, etc. Bah!


  6. I loved that short film, I think I watched it about 15 times in a row, and I’m a kinda big MK fan so the lack of Mythical elements in the short were ok. Only thing I want to know is, will the guy who played Johnny Cage be back cause I hope so he did pretty good for the short time he was in it.

    And besides to everyone who says that its too Hyper-realistic, just wait magic might get shown in the new episodes if they are longer than the Short Film and having the two together will be Bad***.

    • @Seth -You sure you watched it 15 times? I only ask because Cage had his head chopped off it it :)

      Who knows though, that fight was a flashback so it’s possible that took place after the events in the upcoming web series and film…that’s just a guess of course.

      • @ Paul Young

        lol ok maybe not 15 times but I saw it quite a few, but why I say that is because I read a post after the video from someone who helped made the short say that they were playing with the idea that Cage’s death was a fake for something later on if they got to continue but i have no clue where it is at now.

    • I love this short film. The martial artist who plays Johnny Cage is a guy named Matt Mullins (5 time world champion), and unlike the actor who played Cage in the 1995 movie (who had not an ounce of martial arts skills as evidenced by his poor fight scenes), this guy is the real deal. I hope Mullins is in the movie too.

      • Actually, most of Linden Ashby’s stunts/fight scenes were done by Brad Martin, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. They covered it up really well and the fight scene with Scorpion was AMAZING! Not sure what you were looking at.

        Johny Cage is all personality so they had to bring in an actor and I hope they keep it that way, no more MMA/Wrestler/Martial Artist actors in major roles please.

        • The Johnny cage fight was the best fight scene to me in that movie but the one i imitated the most was the lui kang vs shang tsung. Just the start though when the theme music started to play. I would just randomnly shout “MORTAL KOMBAT” in front of friends and family and just start hitting them while beatboxing/humming the beat lol… Good times, good times.

          • Hahaha Jago, I have similar childhood memories of mortal kombat.

            I remember I was at a party in college and they started playing the Mortal Kombat theme…that was one of the best things ever.

            Reptile fight scene though was the best one. Even the beginning when some random dude just says “Reptile” and reptile proceeds to front-flip-kick Liu Kang through a brick wall still gives me goosebumps.

        • umm the guy playing johnny in rebirth is a small time martial artist, he played price in blood and bone (the guy michael jai fights in the end).

          there may be story to MK:R but lets face it, the thing that really pulls people in are the fight scenes.

        • I was specifically referencing early scenes in the movie where they had Linden Ashby actually execute a series of moves – they were unbelievably awful! In fact, when I first saw the movie, I had a hard time believing (throughout the rest of the film) that Johnny Cage was “one of the best martial artists in the world” after seeing those first scenes.

          I believe the opposite – I think they need a martial artist/actor. I hate movies where you know the actor has no fighting skills whatsoever, and the guy in the fight scene is always a stunt double, every time.

          • BW MOVIE FAN

            I’m with you on the actor/martial artist but it goes both ways. Have you seen Cung Lee (MMA fighter) act? Or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Or even Tony Jaa for that matter? They’re all horrible. Sure once in a while we get both (Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, etc.) but that is VERY hard to find.

            For Johnny’s Part, they need charisma and I don’t want to see some fighter who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag struggle through the lines.

            • have you not come across scott adkins, ray park, michael jai white, jet li, those guys have reasonable acting skills and are pro martial artists.

              i’m all for the whole ‘get a fighter to play the role’ thing but MK has some back story to it and needs to have guys that can act (for the most part), otherwise it’ll end up being as boring as ong bak with only the fight scenes as high points.

              • Adkins, Park and White, yes. Jet li has no part in MK. Still, Adkins is limited and so is Park.

                But the original MK did a great job of editing and stunt doubling and it worked. Plus no need for actors in Sub Zero, Scorpion and Reptile unless you go with this Rebirth concept where it’s hyper realistic. Then you need an actor for each role.

                • I agree about Adkins and Park; although I thought Adkins did pretty well in the Undisputed sequels. But I think Jet Li can play Shang Tsung or even Raiden.

                  • Kahless

                    Adkins is one of my favorite martial artist working in movies today but his acting range is limited. His Russian “accent” in Undisputed was horrible but I do LOVE all those movies.

                    And I just can’t see Li as Tsung or Raiden, he’s like 5 feet tall. I was laughing when he was on the Expendables because everyone was at least a foot taller than him. :)

                    • Yeah, he is pretty short. But I wouldn’t say that to his face. :-)

              • Ray Park cant act for crying out loud his a good martial artists but a actor his not

  7. yeahhhh bring it

  8. @Ogb

    Didn’t the Transformers movies stray away from the Source Material ? And i clearly remember both you (Ogb) and i defending it like crazy on several threads here.

    I think you should give it at least the episodes before the movie a chance to see if they at least put enough of the mystical element in it for you to like it. I mean i loved/love the first MK movie and most of the games but i think they dropped the ball on the sequel… I still liked it (just because it was MK) but i hoped to never see another sequel made in the same way. Lets just see where he goes with this and if you still don’t like then end result i’m pretty sure you’d still be alive by the time the reboot to this version is made.

    • Transformers didn’t stray away from the source material in such a drastic way. This short film changed almost everything except character names.

      I’ll absolutely give it a chance. I like the martial artists involved. But if WB gives this guy, who BTW has NEVER directed a movie and did music videos/concert videos, the rights to have his way with MK, I’ll be very very worried.

      And I only defended Transformers because people made it out to be the worst damn movie they saw. It was brainless, fun and exciting but bc it wasn’t Shakespearean in its story people started a virtual riot.

      • Dude there were masturbation jokes, robots peeing on people and calling them bitches… Pretty sure thats straying far away from the source material (which i loved by the way).

        Didn’t he direct the “Fame” movie… Lol, I’ll give you that one. But yeah give it a small chance to see if they add that element and if not wait till the reboot. I dislike TDK very much but i’m still giving its sequel a chance. Just so you know i am agreeing with most of what you said but just saying the end result to this might surprise you…

        • Meh, I feel that the things you mentioned were more or less natural parts of transitioning from a cartoon to a young adult oriented action movie. I didn’t really notice it and I’m a huge Transformers (cartoons) fan.

          You’re right, I didn’t see FAME was in his resume. But that’s not really saying much. Looks like this guy loves musicals and that makes me even more worried. I would not trust a guy like that to handle a violent martial arts movie.

          • the MK:R short was a show-reel (a resume’ for media guys) showcasing his skills as a director/producer/writer etc. i think he did a great job and if they give him a reasonable budget (no more then 100 million) he could do a great job. my only concern is that he might go over board if he gets a big budget similar to michael bay and TF2

  9. this is awesome news the viral last year was amazing cant wait to see what happens with the rest =)

    want a new game to =)

  10. say what you want to say about this MK: Rebirth, it caused a groundswell of interest. i am not going to be popular for this comment but i hated all the MK movies and laughed at the tv series. because they were over the top and campy. now i loved the games, i spent many an hour playing the arcade games but admittedly i suck as a gamer. even so i still was drawn into the characters world and mythology. think this realistic approach will balance out the story and give it an origin. i mean that interrogation scene in Rebirth was very compelling to me and it had nothing to do with the game. it gave me hope that they will try and create something distinct and not a frame for frame recreation of the game.
    also for your info, Kevin Tancharoen did the video for little or no money. Lets see what he will do now that he has the official support of Warner Brothers. And that does mean more money for things like special effects and better character designs this time. Give this director some credit, he single-handedly pumped a massive jolt of life into this property that doesnt deserve a fourth chance. but like most of you out there, i like a good underdog victory. Cant wait for these videos to roll out. Thanks Paul Young, for reporting on this.

    • Allen, on its own, the short film is good. But please don’t credit this guy for “jolting” life back into franchise. As I mentioned before, the franchise is up and running very very well. The games are very successful. And there are actual people working behind the scenes that “jolt” life into MK every day (Ed Boon).

      You’re not a fan (“hate”?) of the original and you like Rebirth. Fine but you gotta step back and realize that people will expect certain things from a mortal kombat movie including most of the things from the original. I don’t want my MK to look like SAW and I don’t want them to explain in medical pseudo facts why reptile has scales as his skin.

      • ummm i said jolt because it fits. the MK franchise had nothing going for it at all. Kevin Tancharoen made something and now we have a series of videos and what looks like a movie after years of rumor alone. if he hadn’t done it, the closest idea for a new movie production from Warner Brothers would have been several years off.

        let us all stop talking like we have the final authority on the subject. my facts are the across the internet sensation that the Rebirth video has become. look at the youtube video view numbers. 3,498,579 views. 63,181 comments. its going to be huge with that sign of interest. this article even has been viewed over 3,400 times today. i would say the masses are hungry for this. and this director is giving them a buffet.

        • LOL at people who said the short film didn’t have anything to do with the current level of interest.
          I’d like to know where the “Ground swell” was prior to the short film?
          Anyway, everyone is crying about the “magic” being missing. Who says so?
          Ever heard of “Urban Sci-Fi?” Hell, even Buffy the VS blended the elements. Kung Fu/Hong Kong action flicks have been doing it for decades.
          They’ll be able to blend in the mythology with the “Gritty, Urban” feel just fine. There are plenty of non girly Vampire related books that deal with the very subject.

  11. It’s funny how someone mentioned Tony Jaa. The dude is a monk now because of how horrible his experience on Ong Bak 3 was. It’s a tragedy. I like the reboot short. It’s different, and different is good these days.

    • actually according to wikipedia he’s no longer a monk

      • is there proof that that piece of info is correct, b/c if i’m correct monk hood lasts years not months/days.
        if that bit of info isn’t referenced then its more then likely BS and even if it wasn’t i wouldn’t trust it to the fullest extent.

        • Just search google for “Tony Jaa monk”, there’s even pictures. And you are correct, it isn’t usually something that you just go into. I’m a practicing Chinese Buddhist so I’m not clear on Thai Buddhism, but it isn’t something you just quit. I don’t blame the guy.

    • He’s not a monk, that’s incorrect.

      He did have a lot of set backs during Ong Back 2 and 3 and he actually halted production and went into the forest to meditate. Then came back to finish the movies (which were not very good in my opinion).

  12. I find it funny that no one here including the Screen Rant reporter payed attention to this part of the original article:

    “The only plot details we could conjure up is that a few Earthlings will fight to save the planet from Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung, two Gods ruling over parallel universes, or something to that effect.”

    And add that to this quote from Tancharoen’s interviews MONTHS AGO:

    “So with all that mysticism, I want to infuse it. But I also want to infuse it with a little bit more of a demonic presence, as opposed to an Asian mysticism presence, so that it feels a little bit more evil. That’s the thing about Mortal Kombat. I love that it was all the bad things. It was evil, it was bloody. It was your way of being twelve and rebelling. “I’m not gonna play Sonic the Hedgehog — I’m gonna play Mortal Kombat.” I definitely want to incorporate all of that stuff, but I want to incorporate it in a very tasteful way. Not in an over the top, campy way, where everyone one is just throwing fireballs, and throwing electricity, and having an unlimited supply of special moves. Because then, if you do that, to me they’re not special anymore at all. And I want to incorporate all of the very iconic things that have made Mortal Kombat so special.”

    So YES the mysticism WILL be retained but with all that said I still have a hard time trusting KT and I hated MK:Rebirth but we’ll see what happens here

    • Thanks for the info!!!

      I’m still worried. Sounds like he wants to make an ultra realistic and “dark” version of MK…all the characteristics that are the current trends in Hollywood.

      There was literally one fireball in MK. It wasn’t campy. The mystical elements were handled tastefully and in the realm of that movie they were believable.

      Sounds like he’s criticizing the original for being over the top…

      • When it comes to the powers i think he was criticizing those who mainly use the powers while playing the game. In reality Sub-Zero would/could just freeze anyone he encounters and be done with his fight within seconds/minutes. If anything i think he’s trying to level everyone to a certain balance that way their more believable as opponents… Kinda like in Johnny cage’s match with Scorpion. After Scorpions “pet” pretty much died in the first movie johnny cage was able to go head on with scorpion. Scorpion still had one secret move up his sleeve but he only used it once at the end. Either way i think he’s trying to make something different from a different point of view (scorpion being the anti-hero) that could make this project good… Point is i’m curious to see the outcome.

        • Again as much as I hated the Rebirth video…..That’s a very good point because you have to make sure that the people in the environment react to those supernatural events realistically as they unfold as well as use them in an way that’s not ridiculous. I hope he keeps the semi-ensemble aspect of the MK story though by having it focus on different characters storylines while still maintaining a focus on a main storyline.

          I hope I didn’t let my poinyt get lost in ranting lol

  13. I’m not sure, but I think I had a Nerdgasm just hearing the title. Lol.

  14. I have to agree with many others in that I liked the darker approach but the ultra realism really didn’t do it for me. There needs to be some mystical / supernatural elements to it or else it just becomes a bit too ‘mundane’.

    I know why Tancharoen took this approach…….it follows in the success of the Dark Knight and its more realistic and practical approach unlike previous incarnations. It worked for Batman because of how that particular character functions but Mortal Combat needs something more or it will just become another gimmicky martial arts show. I mean how many bad guys can you surgically alter, adopt diseases for, or give props to before it just becomes too much to swallow? I don’t want another Bloodsport, Enter the Dragon or The Quest with a few gadgets thrown in.

    Sadly no one has translated the game right yet. The original came closest but with the PG rating and comedic elements really didn’t quite hit the mark. #2 was just plain over the top silly because of a bad script, poor acting and terrible FX (Montaro was just……/cringe). The TV series was eh and suffered because of TV tameness and of course a limited budget.

    This new take unfortunately goes a bit too far into left field but at least the acting, directing and script are good. If Tancharoen could find a way to subtly incorporate more supernatural elements into it then it might work. Maybe part of the realistic approach had to do with budget because good special effects aren’t cheap so he stuck with what he knew he could do.

  15. It already looks better. The problem with the first movies was that they took an Adult video game and made a child’s movie. You need blood, guts and violence for this movie. It must be R rated. Otherwise don’t waist our time.

    • here here!

  16. Kevin Tancharoen, the guy who made the (awesome) short, had said in an interview that he will not ignore ‘magic’ if given a chance to make the movie. (I really don’t care even if he does.) So quit whining and give him a break.

    • People really need to stop throwing around the word “whining” so carelessly. It seems to be the all in one catch phrase for anything other than a comment that doesn’t offer praise. Was are offering our OPINIONS, not whining. Is that not the whole purpose of this site???

      I could also say, stop whining yourself……but I won’t ;)

      • I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

  17. Anyway back in the real world… Warner Brothers would never make a “full on” MK movie with gods, demons and dragons etc. Tancharoen was working with 7000 and two days. The creative choices he made were for budgetary reasons as well as trying to get a certain tone. People need to read up on his other ideas before claiming the movie with have NO MYSTICISM or NO SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS. I”m am loving this approach, all the way. Just hoping he doesn’t get deterred by the small amount of naysayers.

  18. You guys do know that the director of the short said that he would be including the more mythical elements of the series if he were to make a movie/more short films?

  19. To everyone saying that the director will expand on mysticism/dark magic read what Sweetre wrote (a quote from the director). He’s already talking about “infusing” the mysticism…what does that even mean? From his own quote, it seems like he wants to make a horror movie in the mortal kombat universe. Not my cup of tea.

  20. Ogb u r a FANBOY MK Rebirth I believe will b amazing just like u REstated about the Realistic Dr Strange tht I agree would b bad but look at the Dark Knight tht movie was phonemenal u wanna kno y bc of the………REALISM Dunn dunnnn dunnnnnnn now I kno Dark Knight doesn’t hav any magic so dnt start on tht but there r alot of things to batman tht rnt fit for reality like ice man but once again it was great

    • Sonof

      I IZ nt A fnBoyZ (trying to write in terms you’ll understand).

      Batman the comic book and the superhero is actually pretty realistic. No special powers, just money. So yes, a transition to the grittier and more realistic style that Nolan executed perfectly went really well.

      This guy is no Christopher Nolan and Mortal Kombat is not and never was grounded in reality AT ALL!

    • are u comparing TDK with MK. u know in the Batman universe can made realisitic. MK is not a realistic universe at all. u saying a realisitc Dr Strange would be bad who is a Sorcerer right, so i guess its alright to make Shang Tsung who is also a Sorcerer a none Sorcerer. u cant agree about Dr Strange and dont agree with MK.

  21. Okay buddy, I’m FUMING MAD NOW! ARGH so upset that a 12 year old with zero spelling and grammar knowledge is arguing with me! AHHHHHH!!!!

    Anyway…tell me which character in MK does not use powers/magic?

    • Some of the characters you could argue had no mystical powers (Kano, Kung Lao, Jax and Stryker come to mind immediately) but by and large most had some special magic power; From Cage’s green orbs and slide kick attack to Shang Tsung’s shape changing powers.

      Its a story based in the supernatural so the gritty realism really makes the story seem a lot less than it could be. The overarching story still needs to be about a battle for the sake of the Earth against otherworldly forces and not just a glorified and updated Bloodsport.

      It was however very clever for what it was though and I do commend Tancharoen for what he accomplished on probably a very limited budget. Of course if he does ‘infuse’ supernatural elements into the movie, he has sadly already doomed Reptile and Baraka to being mundane. Turning Reptile into a simple serial killer/cannibal with a skin condition and Baraka (one of my faves from MK2) into a Wolverine wannabe just didn’t sit well with me.

      • kano fired a laser from his eye, kung lao threw his hat like a boomerang and jax could fire wierd purple beams from his hands…. soooooo wrong!!!

    • Sonya Blade and Stryker

  22. How many times can they worsen the MORTAL KOMBAT franchise? turning a martial art/mystical based storyline into a gritty realistic feel of a movie is EPIC FAIL? want examples? Legend of Chun Li? Tekken? Resident Evil?

    And Tony Jaa is definitely not a good choice for Liu Kang, Robin Shou did a good job for portraying the role. And Donnie Yen for Kung Lao!

  23. The Mortal Kombat movie is happening so with cast like Jeri Ryan should be left out and the movie should have new actors like Shin Koyamada to pull of as Liu Kang a younger actress to play Sonya Blade and there will be some actors from web series to be featured in the film.
    The Mortal Kombat should the younger actors and web series actors to star in the film.
    Thank You.

  24. Rain Bi from Ninja Assassin should play Liu Kang!