‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ Interview: Kevin Tancharoen And Ed Boon

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:14 pm,

We recently had the opportunity to interview the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web-anthology director Kevin Tancharoen, and original game creator Ed Boon, at the Los Angeles press day for the launch of Legacy.

We spoke with the director about the storyline and tone of the web series, and Boon about the upcoming Mortal Kombat video game (now in stores), and pondered the possibility of a Mortal Kombat feature film reboot with both men.

Tancharoen used his original trailer/pitch Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, to propose a grittier and more contemporized version of the franchise to Warner Bros., in the hopes that it would lead him to the director’s chair on the next Mortal Kombat movie. Warner Bros. greenlit the web series, ostensibly, to test the waters of audience interest in Tancharoen’s take on the franchise.

In our interview, the director states unreservedly that the series will have to do “very well” online in order for the studio to seriously consider the film. As to that, the the first Mortal Kombat: Legacy episode was released last week and has already received over 5 million views. The second episode has now debuted (see it HERE), and is already racking up views.

A new Mortal Kombat feature film is still little more than rumor, conjecture and speculation at present; Warner Bros. has, however, announced plans to release Mortal Kombat: Legacy on both DVD and television, presumably due to the success of the web series’ first episode.

Tancharoen and Boon are very much in sync when it comes to their hopes for a feature and say they talk about the prospect “all the time.”

Take a look at the full video interviews below, in which the director and creator discuss how Tancharoen approached the mystical aspect of the franchise in the web series (YES the web series will retain the mystical elements), the expanded story in the game, and their mutual hopes for the future.

Kevin Tancharoen Interview:


Ed Boon Interview:


Make sure to check out our interview with Mortal Kombat: Legacy stars Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade) and Michael Jai White (Jax) by going HERE. Stay tuned for new episodes of the web series every Tuesday.

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  1. Why does this site constantly talk about mortal kombot? Does anyone care about this show?

    • @Brian

      Your annoying

      • I guess you do.

        • do you feel better? did you confront your demons? can you sleep better at night? why did you click on the article? why did you feel the need to comment? why why why?

          • Right?! If you’re not interested in the material or the article then don’t read it and comment on it! Youre not forced to have to read anything about mortal kombat if you dont want to man..

    • We talk about what we want to talk about. If it’s not to your liking, there are many other articles on our homepage, or other sites that I’m sure would only talk about the things you want to talk about.

      • Kofi, you should talk about whatever you want to talk about, for sure…

        But it sucks when a guy takes time out of his day and writes an article for us to read and enjoy and also posting interview videos and the first comment he gets is a freaking complaint about THE SOURCE MATERIAL of the freakin article? Like he could just click on the article he was interested in at all, he had to click the one that he “doesnt care for” and say there TOO many articles on this website with that material??

        I dunno man, trust me im with you with freedom of speech and all that. Its just im somewhat new to the site and I really enjoy everything the guys at screen rant write, and I think its really disrespectful to make comments like that…

        Whats really crazy is when people start bashing a movie, then site writes an article with an “All Hope is Not Lost” theme to it, and people bash that too LOL!

        • Hey Tim!

          This is a pretty late reply — but I just wanted to thank you for your comments. I really appreciate that you are looking at this from our perspective as writers/contributors! That’s really refreshing and nice to hear.

          Oh, and btw, I am a female writer on the site — but I have a androgynous name :).

          Thanks Again!


    • If you don’t like it don’t read it. Simple as that.

  2. Its better then talking about garbage like harry crapper and twilight stuff. and whats wrong with MK? We fans are happy to see something happening with it…and done in the right way

  3. I like the web series. It is better than what we have seen of the franchise for the last ten years. Why so many haters nowadays? People are so negative and miserable. Hollywood doesn’t need to make movies and you don’t have to see them. I wish people understood this. It is nice to have expectations of a film or director and it is good to have interest. I just wish people weren’t such babies about things like this. Asking why Mortal Kombat info is posted here? 5 million views in a week for a web series that is nine minutes long sounds like quite the success to me.

    • what really pisses me off are the people who dont like this ‘change’ in the franchise (realistic tone of the series etc). they dont understand that b/c they don’t like something new/different hollywood keep rebooting/remake things b/c they’re scared of not making enough/meeting peoples ‘standards’. i personally like the series so far, its got everything mortal kombat has – brutal fight scenes, blood/some gore and all the characters i think people forget that at the end of the day MK is a martial arts movie,so there isn’t going to be a overly complex plot or deep meaning to certain things (like nolan movies).

  4. So far so good but the real make or break moment for me is the sub zero/scorpion battle (get over here!!) not forgetting raiden. it will be interesting to see how they introduce him

  5. I kinda grew out of mortal kombat as a kid about MK3. But this watching this web series is kinda getting me back into it the way its been presented. The acting and production as been done really well. Its feels modern and not cheesy like the stuff from the past. Keep up the good work!

    Is there something we can do to support the web series in being successful. I mean, when I watch the clip on screen rant, does that count as one of the 5 million views they’re getting with the series, or do I need to go directly to their site? I want Kevin Tancharoen to get good positive feedback about the outstanding job hes done SO FAR with the series…

  6. Why did my head get chewed off for just asking if anyone cares about this show. It was a real question you guys are so deffensive. Im a fan of mortal kombat but this mini series is the same as any MK movie. Different approach but same quality. Budgeted bad writing. I do like the direction but everything else needs a face lift.

    • This is Screenrant buddy. Please tread softly around these parts. Especially when it comes to bashing an established franchise that has a great and broad fan base(*see Superman articles). You can say what you want, but you have to understand that it will get some feedback. You shared your opinion and you are entitled to do so. That is the beauty of this site. Anyway just shrug it off. It’s all good.

  7. It got 5 million views and who would like to bet that number drops significantly week after week. I’m not trying to be a hater but I would like to see crazy cool MK action or if its going to take place in the nolanish universe give me some good plot and characters just my opinion.

  8. @Brian

    Mortal Kombat was one of the top trending topics around the web when we published this article. The new webisode dropped, and so did the video game. So YES, people want to see these articles, and we have the numbers to prove it.


    The series is building UP to “crazy cool MK action” we’ll get Barakka, outworld, and all the mystical stuff soon enough.

    For a web series, this has been handled very well, IMHO.

    • OK Kofi I’m really not trying to be a troll, I know there are plenty of other websites out there thanks. I was just wondering if anyone actually liked these web series. I watch it and its just like every single movie that Cuba Gooding Jr. comes out with that’s straight to DVD but it just shows us 8 min at a time instead. People say its great for a webseries I dont understand that. Good is good and bad is bad. That’s like saying In the Name of the King is a good movie for Uwe Boll films. 5 million viewers is a testament to MK fans not to the quality of the webisodes. The only cool thing about this series is that the characters are based on MK universe. Just because it has the characters we love doesn’t mean we should love it.

      I’m not saying I hate it. I actually like the directors style and approach to the material. I think it will be great if the director gets a chance to make a good full length film with a descent budget. Dont be mistaken we are just watching another poorly written low budget MK movie just in small chapters. I guess its just protocol that MK films have to have no real story line and low budget (I don’t mind low budget unless it looks budgeted) action. I guess I’m just trying to say is I hope a Studio out there will just say “F*ck protocol”

  9. I for one, am glad that MK is getting back to establishing some new momentum for the franchise. I have been apart of it since it was first introduced. Spending a rack of quaters into the machine at the arcade right next the Street Fighter II video game. I remember that sense of accomplishment I would feel when I would pull off a finishing move. Wow. Those were the days.