‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ Episode 1 Now Online & Ready to Fight

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Clip Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1 Now Online & Ready to Fight

Last year, a video entitled Mortal Kombat: Rebirth appeared on the web with little-to-no explanation. Fans of the game were intrigued by the trailer, but unsure of its origin and intent. Was it a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming game installation, or for a reboot of the film franchise? Shortly after its release, director Kevin Tancharoen (who was best known for helming the remake of Fame at the time) confessed that the short was his public pitch for a feature film that imagined the Mortal Kombat world with a grittier, more realistic tone.

The film was entirely self-made, on a relatively modest budget, and a whole cadre of favors. Many viewers responded with excitement to Kevin’s fresh, grounded, and raw approach. While some railed at the loss of the mystical world that the franchise had been famous for. Kevin assured fans that he intended to include mysticism in any feature he would develop, but in a tasteful way.

Warner Bros. did not immediately sign off on a multi-million dollar blockbuster. They did, however, greenlight an anthology of nine live-action shorts (in the vein of Rebirth) that would coincide with the release of the upcoming Mortal Kombat video game (which is being considered a return to form for the franchise). We had the opportunity to interview Jeri Ryan (who plays Sonya Blade in the series), Michael Jai White (who plays Jackson “Jax” Briggs), director Kevin Tancharoen, and original game creator Ed Boon yesterday about the Mortal Kombat: Legacy, the game launch, as well as a potential feature film, and will be bringing you that coverage in the coming days.

In the interim take a look at episode 1 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, followed by a few teases of our conversations with the series’ cast and creators.

The webseries won’t necessarily act as a direct prequel to a new film, but it will provide viewers with some back-story on many of the series’ more central characters (as imagined by Kevin Tancharoen) and set audiences up for an updated, slightly re-imagined version of the Mortal Kombat Universe.

As you can see, the webseries opens by setting up the rivalry between Jax, Sonya and Kano. When asked if the explosion that we see at the end of this episode and the clip that was released last week, is the cause of the cybernetic upgrades for both Jax and Kano, Michael Jai White said simply (and elusively) that we would, “need to watch.” Judging from the clip, the episode, and the trailer, however, it seems a fair guess that this explosion is indeed the cause (certainly it is made clear in the trailer that Jax will receive the upgrades).

See for yourself in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy trailer below:

Jeri Ryan did not directly confirm that Jax and Sonya would spend the bulk of the series chasing Kano, though she did say there was definitely some ” very bad blood” (to say the least).

As to the balance between the mystical and mundane realities, Kevin Tancharoen, once again confirmed that he wanted to balance these worlds in a “non-cheesy” manner. He notes that the Sonya, Kano, Jax storyline will take place primarily in the real world, while other stories will take place in other realms. For example, the director confirmed that the image of the two ladies fighting that was released in March, is indeed Mileena and Kitana, and that there rivalry will be explored.

Mortal Kombat Girl Fight 570x471 Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1 Now Online & Ready to Fight

The creators would love for this series to translate into a feature film, but as Tancharoen says the webseries will have to do “very, very well” in order for that to happen. So if you like what you see here today, make sure to share and share alike, spread the word and sound the call for more.

Stay tuned for further details from our conversations (including some updates on a new Black Dynamite film in addition to the cartoon) and the release of our video interviews in the coming days.

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  1. Holy crap gives this guy a full budget and let him make a feature length film.

    • this is a ‘test’ set by warner bros to see if the series gets alot of positive feedback/people want more, if so then they’ll green light rebirth, which is the realistic version of MK (this from what i’ve heard is a prologue to the game).

  2. saw this earlier today, pretty good but lacking simply b/c you cant fit alot into 10 min of footage. i’m gonna watch the rest of the series but will probably use a program to splice everything into one big feature.

    also i hope they properly explain how jax and kano get their bionics b/c that explosion wasn’t big/serious enough to ruin ones arms/head (it was after all an EMP style explosion (just like that laser thing the guy at the beginning was talking about)).

    • EMP don’t disrupt human body functions so it not that type.

  3. not as impressed as i thought/hoped i would be

    • please feel free to make a better one :) i thought this was sick!! nothing wrong with it at all!! cant wait for more!

  4. Nice it was well done and I agree with J up there it was a pretty good short considering time and budget, it was very well thought out and executed. Fight scenes where pretty tight, and it was a pretty decent cast for a short , looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Im really looking forward to seeing some more of the Fantastical characters in their shorts

  5. I absolutely loved it. Obviously u grin and bear the lack of budget and what u have to fit in 12 mins and 12 eps, so keep that in mind. This could be the best video game adaptation.

  6. Seriously. I LOVED Rebirth when it first showed up, but I was iffy about this Webseries because I haven’t seen many I’ve liked, but I got to say.. Well done! Now if only we can see what he can do with a Feature Length movie and a larger budget!!

  7. YES!

    I was actually quite disappointed that the web series wasn’t going to contain the real world aspects of MK ‘REBIRTH’, this however I thought was very good. I’m excited to see more. Is that guy from dollhouse supposed to be’styker’ because I didn’t quite catch it… If so, that is awesome.

  8. That was pretty darn tight! White got to show off a bit and the weapons looked sick!
    More please.. and they’r throwing in a Black Dynamite II to boot?! Whoop!

  9. Nice! I liked this short film a lot! I don’t know much about the game, so whether or not there will be fantasy elements isn’t really important to me. I’m basically excited about any well done martial arts action film. Michael Jai White is phenomenal, as usual, and I’m excited to see more of him. Hopefully the other martial artists we saw in Rebirth will be back as well. Looking forward to the next episode!!

  10. Not a bad start….. Are all the episodes tied together or standalone parts to be tied back up in the videogame? Impressed!

  11. haha quan chi looks like maynard james keenan from TooL. but ill give this a chance. im more interested in the sub zero and scorpion storyline. cant wait

  12. These are the characters believe I saw in the trailer:

    Sonya Blade
    SubZero (and possibly brother)
    Quan Chi
    Baraka (can’t imagine whom else that would be)
    Shang Tsung (or Shao Khan)

    There were also some possibilities for Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage but nothing that had a signature marker.

    • The guy that says “does that look fake to you?” was Johnny Cage

  13. I saw Rebirth and loved it. This first part Web series is not a dissapointer either. Bring on the feature film!!!!!!

  14. Ohhhh man! I’m so glad any testing promotion of this pitch didn’t just end with the rebirth pitch. I really wanted this idea to spawn something the first two films couldn’t accomplish. This HAS to be done. I think this could be amazing if given the right tools. Everyone spread the word and build up the hype!

  15. Tight. I hope this really works out because an actual film needs to be done. Get them 7 of 9.

  16. Oh my goodness – it has Helo from BSG. He delivers every line the same way haha.

    Not bad so far

  17. I liked it a lot. The first Mortal Kombat movie will always have a special place in my heart and I actually don’t think this series has gotten too far away from that interpretation of the games. It is certainly grittier & more realistic though, I’ll give it that.

  18. OMG this is amazing, and I am needing the rest of this ASAP I am not a movie goer only because movies aren’t this good anymore, but it is definitely reminiscent of that good stuff that keeps me wanting sequels… ENCORE ENCORE

  19. I believe dats reptile tho, who’s da dude with the hairy arms? And i seen another creature that may be baraka n I wonder whose skull subzero stomped… This goes h.a.m

  20. this looks sick for some of the people complaining come on just the trailer and 10 min episode 100x’s better then 2nd mk movie CAN’T WAIT to see the rest of webseries.

  21. The weirdest part for me was seeing Tahmoh actually swear, it was weird to me that he didn’t say “Frak it, Let’s move out” instead. lol, otherwise very cool, and look forward to more!

  22. I really liked the first episode.

  23. I wanna se it …
    But how and when comeout