Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 – Cyrax & Sektor Now Online

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 – Cyrax & Sektor Now Online

It’s a bittersweet time for fans of director Kevin Tancharoen’s web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy – as the last, and arguably most exciting, episode in season one of the project has arrived online.

The final episode chronicles the infamous Lin-Kuei cyborg initiative – which transformed some of the clan’s most esteemed assassins into mechanized mercenaries. Robotic versions of Cyrax and Sektor were hinted at in the first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy and serve as an eye-popping way to close-out the series (for the time being at least).

It’s been nearly two months since we last got a look at a new episode in Tancharoen’s series – with fan-favorites Scorpion and Sub-Zero closing out the week-by-week run of episodes 1-8. Despite the hiatus, episode nine in the series is sure to impress anyone who has enjoyed following Mortal Kombat: Legacy since its debut at the beginning of April.

Cyrax and Sektor may not have the same fan-fueled clout as the traditional MK ninjas – but, despite being a bit light on character development, the pair has some of the coolest action-shots featured in the entire run of the series.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 below:

There’s no doubt that Tancharoen’s web series has been received with mixed feeling from die-hard MK fans, struggling to find a balance between the franchise fantasy elements and gritty real-world aesthetic - much like the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film that informed their creation. However, whether or not you’re hoping to see the series continue, either in web series or feature film form, it’s hard to dismiss that Mortal Kombat: Legacy is going out with a bang (and fatality).

The future of Tancharoen’s series (as well as feature-film hopes) remains unclear – as there was no official announcement this week at Comic Con 2011 about a Mortal Kombat: Legacy season two or big screen film. However, the uncertainty isn’t for lack of interest on the director’s part – as, assuming fans and the studio agree, he’s got ideas for other characters and stories he’d like to explore.

Be sure to check out our full coverage of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Comic Con 2011 panel and stay tuned to Screen Rant in the coming days for an interview with Tancharoen – where he foreshadows where he’d like to take the series next as well as what characters he’d like to bring into the fold.

In the meantime, if you’re new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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  1. Definitely some impressive special effects there! I’m still unsure of what I feel about his take on the series, but I do enjoy the webisodes. I’d like to see a movie made, but it’s going to be tough to do right.

  2. i want more!!!

    • Me too!

  3. Way awesome! 10 min. episodes are not fair! Mo’ Kombat Please!

  4. That was amazing, I really want to see more of them and Raiden.

    • Episode 6 was Raiden buddy

      • I know, I said I want to see more of him.

    • Are you kidding me? MK annihilation was a god awful movie. The plastic Sektor and Cyrax were but-ugly. I think going full cgi for the both of them was the best possible way to do it. Also the fight scene was magnificent

      • Did you read my post, I said the movie was crap but the costumes were 1 billion times better because they looked realistic, organic, whatever you want to call it. Plus, that was how Smoke/Cyrax were original visualised (in MK3 game), they were never full on metal robots.

        The fight scene was flashy, sure, but doesn’t make it good. Robots fighting with those flashy moves? Not buying it.

        That’s just my opinion

    • inorganic? Well we are talking about CYBORG ninjas. I dont think the psychics that apply to a normal human would apply to something made to exceed the limitations of flesh and bones.

      • yeah, inorganic. The Cyrax/Smoke fights in MK:A felt VERY organic. This looks like a fight scene from the new Hugh Jackman movie “Real Steel” (?)…it’s all CGI and it looks silly.

  5. one of the better episodes of the series (along side ep1 and the kitana/mileena ones). its good to see he fixed the quick cuts and dodgy camera work that was present in scorpion/sub, i was beginning to think he would make that a permanent habit.

    i thought there was going to be part 2 to sektor and cyrax…
    kevin’s told people that if he gets a 2nd season it will be based around lui kang and kung lao, so fingers crossed they give him the green light. its also rumoured that he’ll be in charge of the new mk movie, which is a better (more darker according to some) version of the original mk movie (wich sucks badly in all aspects).

  6. U enjoyed this episode really. Can’t wait for season 2, I wouldn’t mind a movie either.

  7. The episode was awesome, the special effects are great and the fight scenes are the best part.

    I hope there will be Season 2 for MK: L maybe included Liu Kang, Goro and another great characters in it.

  8. gooo mortal combat!!!!!

  9. I absolutely loved the storyline and the concept. But it looked so silly to have the entire fight, CGI. like someone posted above, MK:Annihilation blended the fight scenes perfectly with the CGI and actual costume.

    If they had done an alternate take on the characters possibly and make them look a bit more realistic, rather than the armor, it would make more sense and look better

    • This guy went from uber realistic to super unbelievable. Make up your mind!

  10. From someone who has studied 3D Animation, that was very impressive for a low budget. Those complaining should think before they speak about how “horrendous” the CGI was. It was wonderful and a step up.

    • No one said CGI was “horrendous”, in fact, most commented on how good it was. My complaint with the CGI is that it looked silly in the context of the “realistic” take on MK universe. On its own, the CGI is fine but not in the MK universe.

      • Don’t they have an extremely low budget? For what they have to work with you seriously gotta give them some sort of credit, because from my point of view they did an excellent job.

        What would you have them look like?

        • MK: Annihilation versions it seems.

        • I did give him credit, but not for that final scene. I’ll take the fight scenes in MK:A over this “nu/extreme” martial arts any day.

            • Zero, no one is saying MKA was an awesome movie, we’ve all admitted that it sucks, let it go… But the fight scenes were very well choreographed, the costumes were great and the music fit. Something I can’t say about MK:L, it feels “off”

  11. That was excellent, CGI was flawless and the costumes were faithfull, they certainly beat the heck out of the plastic tony hart efforts from Annihilation.

    Was a bit gutted that the episode was so short again, but can see the effort put it.

    WB should quit musing and just let Tanchereon get a trilogy of MK movies underway. The budget doesn’t even need to be sky high given what he can do with the little money he uses.

      • True, but the Cyrax/Sector costumes in MK:A looked like a primary school art project gone wrong.

        They even moved like their videogame counterparts in MK: Legacy, would have liked to have seen the net/saw/missile move though.

          • You sound gutted that they were agile like they are in the videogame, as if you would have them stomping around like some kind of a battery opperated robot you’d find in a Christmas stocking.

            I’m glad they were flexible and flying around, was the dogs bollocks. As for the costumes, my opinions are based on what i have seen of Sector and Cyrax so far in the MK games, they are faithful recreations, simple as.

            Now Kasanoff’s imagining of Cyrax and Secktor is a different story, it was terrible, like he was made from parts of vacuum cleaners and peices of plastic, it looked crap.

            • Mark, you played the recent game and that’s the only material you have to compare. MK3, MKU, etc. had costumes that were exactly like the one sin MK:A.

              Yes, they do work better, half ninja half robot. Not a fracking ninja robot. You do realize that these robots will have to fight real people eventually and that’s going to look even more stupid.

              As for your opinion on the MK:A costumes, fine, you didn’t like them, but that’s how they looked in the videogames on which the movie was based…it was supposed to look like that. Same could be said about MK:L and the new game but in the end, a CGI fight scene is NOT mortal kombat.

              • Lol i was playing the MK games while you were still in nappies, not only do have the recent one but the originals as well and if you can honestly tell me that the costumes in MK: A were faithfull to their videogame counterparts then you need to visit the opticians pal, because they were not supposed to look like an overgrown Kinder suprise toy.

                And yes i realise these robots will have to fight people…ahem, just as they did in the videogames lolol. MK is based around Sci-fi/Fantasy/Martial arts, if its ultra realism that you are looking for then watch the trailer for Rebirth.

                Your going to have to accept the reality that some CGI will be used in the fight sequences,unless your expecting some poor soul to actual perform some of the moves from the game.

                • Mark, calm down there you old fart.

                  I said the Cyrax costume was faithful and the Smoke costume, when did I say ALL the costumes were faithful. Stop making stuff up and then insulting me based on this nonsense.

                  You mean the CGI cyrax fought CGI PEOPLE in the game, WOW!!! What an EYEOPENER. I’m talking about if a movie was made, the all CGI cyrax fighting a real person would probably look silly.

                  Jeez man, stop taking what I say out of context and actually read what I write, you might not have to be so hostile.

                  • Lol not insulting you, and i’m not that old either, but your making little sense.

                    CGI fused with human interaction isn’t exactly a knew concept these days and can be done easily.

                    I have read your comments, and making as much sense from them as you can, but it sounds as if you suggesting none CGI characters for Cyrax and Sektor yes?, how would anybody be able to move in those outfits, let alone perform any kind of martial arts, CGI is the only logical option, unless they use the costumes from MK:A, which would look rubbish, and the only costumes i have reffered to are Sektor and Cyrax, i said nothing about Smoke or the other characters.

                    Don’t be so sensitive dude, not being hostile, and i’m not insulting you, its just banter, don’t take it so seriously ok :)

                    • You do sound pretty old given the fact you were playing MK when I was in my “nappies” :)

                      CGI/human INTERACTION is fine, but a full on choreographed fight scene will be difficult to pull off if quality is the priority.

                      And like I said before, MK:A had the right idea with the costumes, and with today’s advancements in special effects, make up, etc. they can make Cyrax/Smoke/Sector look truly badass while a martial artist wearing the costume can easily pull off all the necessary moves stunt work.

                      Btw, “banter” often times doesn’t work on message boards simply because the tone and all the other nuances do not get translate very well over text. That’s the reason for the confusion.

  12. NICE!!!!!

  13. screw da haters there will always b haters.
    this episode was da shizzzness.
    ps i had no $$$$ for Con had to pay bills n rent

  14. WOW i really started to lose interest in this project around the Kitana/Mileena eps but holy@*$# that was pretty Awesome.

  15. Personally i like the paintball masks being used as face masks.. I guess they used up the budget on the cgi..

  16. I”m definitely liking this!!! VERY NICE!! Awesome fatality!!! :D

  17. That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I hope they do a season two. There are still many characters I would like to see webisodes about. Characters like: Liu Kang & Kung Lao, Goro & Sheeva, Night Wolf, Kabal, Reptile, Smoke, and Noob Saibot. It would be cool to see Shaolin monks, shamans, Shokans vs Centaurians, and more ninjas. Leading all to an epic movie or a serialized TV show.

  19. That was hella cool, but does antone know when or if the tournament is going to brgin? because I thought there were only supposed to be 10 episodes amd at roughly about 11 minutes each that doesn’t give us much play time