Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8 – Scorpion & Sub Zero (Part 2)

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8 – Scorpion & Sub Zero (Part 2)

Director Kevin Tancharoen has found some solid momentum in the final episodes of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. His Mortal Kombat: Rebirth-esque Raiden episode drew mostly positive reactions from fans – despite a number of liberties that may have been difficult for MK purists to swallow.

Then, one week later Mortal Kombat: Legacy returned with arguably the most highly-anticipated episode of the series (rivaled only by the premier), part one of the iconic battle between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Now we’re getting a look at part two.

While some fans may have been a bit let-down by the lack of action in last week’s episode, part one of the Scorpion versus Sub-Zero plotline, there’s not doubt that the two fan-favorite characters looked great – delivering on the earlier teaser images (which featured Scorpion walking in the forest and Sub-Zero in a pre-fight stance). Additionally, despite a heavy-reliance on subtitling (which was apparently off-putting to some viewers), the episode successfully presented the origin of the pair’s iconic rivalry – while staying true to each character’s portrayal in the MK canon.

This week, viewers are treated to the aftermath of that rivalry. Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 8 below:

Fans will undoubtedly be excited for the events portrayed in episode eight of the series – as the installment picks-up right where the prior one left-off and finally delivers the long-awaited fight between the two rival assassins (as well as a surprise cameo).

Some die-hard fans of the game series will fault Tancharoen for some of the liberties he’s taken in Mortal Kombat: Legacy but it’d be difficult to question the director’s passion and reverence for the MK characters. No matter which fan-favorite fighter you prefer, both characters get some serious time to shine this round.

While Tancharoen may have felt most at home in the gritty real-world setting of the Jax, Sonya, and Kano episodes as well as the recent Raiden-centric story, there’s no denying that the director also delivers in this genre sample – with an entertaining nod to modern Japanese filmmaking. Certainly some of the styles that Tancharoen has tried-out in the series run were more successful than others – but, if nothing else, he’s definitely given his audience an interesting set of lenses through-which to view the franchise.

Will episodes 9 and 10 (featuring cyber-initiative ninjas Cyrax and Sektor), the last pairing in season one of the series, be Tancharoen’s Michael Bay-esque action-finale?

As an added bonus, be sure to check out the satirical feature “Mortal Kombat: How It Should Have Ended” uploaded at Machinima. Let’s just hope Tancharoen manages to tie-up season one of Mortal Kombat: Legacy better than this:

Until the next Mortal Kombat: Legacy installment airs, if you’re new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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  1. Who is the white bald guy? I don’t get it?

    • Quan Chi. Debuted in MK4. Major villain. Started the Scorpion/Sub-Zero feud and is the greatest sorcerer in MK. Also allied with Shang Tsung and killed both Liu Kang and Shao Kahn ( turned out to be a clone).

      • He still needed an introduction. Or at least give his name. If you havent played the game, these minisodes make no sense.

        • Or if you play the games, and follow the original story, you wouldn’t be confused on the characters.

    • Quan Chi needs a deeper voice, he looks like a bootleg version of the harry potter villan. But this one doesn’t scare me. On the new MK video game quan chi is crazy!!

  2. Broken record: These episodes need to be longer. You just get into them, you’re all settled in to have some great MK fun and then when there is a big climax, the episode ends. All of these webisodes could probably be condensed, if written for film, into a really short intro section of a movie I bet. I really wish these guys got a green light for a full length picture.

    • I also wish Quan Chi didn’t look so puny.

      • I agree big time, also pretty much what everyone else is commenting on is they should be much longer than that. I mean mini episode and all but seriously the actual time of episode not including previously on and credits it was only about 4 mins long! LoL cmon now.

        • he looks like maynard james keenan from tool!!

          • LOLLLLLLLLL i was thinking the exact same thing!

            • i want to see a tool song in the trailer and maynard play quan chi. that would complete my life

  3. it was “quan chi” the sorcerer of outworld

    • wrong sorcerer of Netherrealm not outworld

  4. So…was it quan chi as sub zero the whole time and setting him up? Or was it quan chi as sub zero just in the village? Confusing and way too short. The flashbacks lasted as long as the episode it seemed like.

    • that was probably the best episode yet but I agree with john it was a little confusing

    • I’d assume it was Quan Chi the whole time, but I’m only basing off the fact that in the woods he said “The Shirai Ryu is inferior”, and in the village “I told you the Shirai Ryu is inferior”. So the knowledge of what the Sub-Zero said in the woods can point that it was Quan Chi all along. But I could be wrong.

      • well we need to see what the actual subzeros intentions are in the series then we’ll know for sure

  5. Episode 9 will not be the last, Legacy will end at part 10 Cyrax/Sektor will be a two part.

  6. CT – Thanks for catching that typo (my count was off). I’ve updated the story with the correction.

  7. Excellent, shame they aren’t longer though

  8. I can’t find the music anywhere. I like the music when scorpion was walking in the forest in part one, and it started a bit again in part 2 before he is killed.

  9. Once again, that was awful. Looks like a bad episode of Buffy. Hmm… his sister is engaged to Whedon’s brother… he wouldn’t be happen to be using Whedon’s crew to make these would he? Nah, that’d never happen in Hollywood.

  10. That was awful! What’s with the music? Doesn’t fit at all. Turned the fight sequence into a freaking dance video. And this mixing of Japanese with English… FAIL. Clearly this franchise needs a more capable director. At least the game is still good.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I think some people honestly like to bash things b/c its easy to. This episode was awesome. They are too short, but it was nothing short of good. Seriously, what I dont understand about fanboys (or trolls) like you is your anger and automatic contradictive statements. Mortal Kombat movies have always included this hip-hop/ techno/ club beats style music. It matches the intensity of the fights and the atmosphere. And mixing foreign language with English is nothing to to cinema. The director is doing a hell of a job. Has the series been perfect? No. has it sucked, HELL NO. Its been an awesome, flawed seies so far. There is nothing wrong with bashing something or disliking it. But at least bash it with thought and perspective. Rather than the cliched “FAIL”. Jeez

      • (*Nothing new to cinema)

        • Yea it’s just been done a whole lot better in other films by more capable directors.

          • Oh I definitely agree. But I think the issue at hand is not the presence of two different languages. Its the obvious fact that these actors dont speak it very

          • Problem is that Anderson had a bigger budget to work with, and did everything according to what the studios wanted (instead of the fans) and Kasanof simply killed of the franchise altogether.

            Tanchereon has done a good job reviving the franchise, even if they are 4 minute long episodes, his budget is miniscule and yet the CGI and cast are still better than the previous two films.

            Can’t comment so much on the language used but considering these people can act ‘and’ fight, and almost speak Japanese, then i’d say its a forgivable flaw.

  11. these people watch the episodes and still complain. stop watching them period.
    i like the fact sub-zero did some ice tricks bad ass
    & the spear to F’n dope.
    Q.C. did look retarded should of kept him original

  12. FINALLY! My favourite Character debuts! I was worried we wouldnt see Quan Chi! easily the most interesting character in the MK universe.
    Good episode, albeit a little rushed.

    Always loved Sektor so looking forward to next week :D

  13. Not without its merits. But how is it an improvement on the original movies?

  14. I liked every episode so far, this and the Johnny cage episode being my fav. hope they have second season :-)

    • Oh i forgot…………

      SUBZERO!!!!!!! FTW

      • Sub-zero looked like he was wearing a jogging suit that was cut up lol. Only during close ups for the fight.

  15. wait a minute, they made me wait a whole week just to show a poorly choreographed fight, poor special effects, terrible music (in terms of mood/atmosphere for both the fight and conclusion), to see scorpions famous line poorly executed and a terrible conclusion to the character/arc (in regards to execution).

    but this isn’t the worst out of the current releases, no, the raiden episode if probably equally as bad as the original MK movie*

    i hope he steps his game up for the final 2 episodes, i hope it’s more along the lines of the jax, sony and kano arc. i also hope he wraps everything up nicely (we see jax with metal arms, and everyone come together for the tournament).
    also did anyone notice noob saibot in the debut trailer (guys fighting in the parking lot) wonder if they’ll be in these last 2 eps.


    • i so agree with you cuz everybody is like “it was awesome” WHY? jus cuz sub zero and scorpion is in it, the fight looks worst than the fight scenes in the MK movies in the 90′s and on top of that the music during the fights was so out of place, nobody uses techno music for fight scenes anymore, not even straight to dvd action movies

  16. i like this one. i think if they do a movie they need to focus on one or two characters only and focus on their story in order to have a great story film. i would love to see this film based on scorpion and sub zero with other characters like reptile,goro,kung lao,kitana,shang tsung,and qaun chi, and make it a prequel to the first mk film.

    • apparently a new MK movie has been greenlit and will be directed by kevin, its said to be a darker version of the original MK movie.

      kevin has also stated that if he’s allowed to make a second season it would revolve around lui kang and kung lao.

  17. just saying a prequel would be a great film showing what happend before the first film. and i think it would be excepted better. this mk thing is nice and all but some of it comes off cheesy. i just think a scorpion/sub zero movie with kung lao haveinga sub plot story against shang tsung and goro like mentioned in the first film would be sweet to see.

  18. Loved the webisode this week. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi added a nice touch. Where exactly was Noob Saibot spotted, and can anybody tell me if the Mortal Kombat Scorpion Arises trailer on youtube is part of this new game or an entirely different game. Thanks!

    • I just watched the debut trailer again, and I’m thinking that it’s not noob but in fact Cyrax and Sektor before the transformation. Keep watching and it shows another scene with 2 ninjas fighting 2 suits in the parking garage…….

  19. Quan chi is sorcerer of the Netherrealm not Outworld.
    also it was always It was Quan Chi in this episode as sub zero had nothing to donwith any murders. Sub zero got framed.

    The choice of music is from the mortal komabt game album which I actually don’t mind.

    I actually liked this episode and thought it was well done but as a fan of Quan Chi wasn’t to crazy with the actor and the weird terminator jacket he going on there.

  20. Good backstory, maybe the best episode so yet and the fight scenes were awesome.

  21. @Mark and Marc Glave – I removed the entire conversation you two were having although you pretty much worked it out on your own. No sense in letting that type of language stay on the thread though.

    Thanks guys.

    Paul Young

    • Hi Paul

      My bad

      P.S. ‘Everytime you go away’ is a classic lol

  22. The execution of these episodes have been amiss. I really want to know the production specifics & budget restrictions before i judge b/c as of now (even disregarding story changes i do not particularliy like). i dont hold Kevin T as a capable director.

  23. So when is the movie coming out? Coz this is way better than any of the previous MK movies and TV shows. I don’t know why some people have so many complaints…I think I can take in a 2-hour movie of this…good actors…good action…good stories…It should be made into a R-rated movie…don’t ruin it by making it for the little kids.

  24. oh yea this is episode was just awesome! flawed and awesome at the same time! it was FLAWSOME!!!! the cool techno and outdated fight scenes were great too! I also loved how Oscar De La Hoya was cast as Scorpion, flawsome casting choice right there. Oh and Voldemort as Quan Chi was pure genius! it was ridiculously superior than any mk material I have ever seen.

  25. I was not expecting to see quan Chi it was awesome

  26. This is my favorite episode so far (& will probably stay that way since it has my 2 favorite characters in it) so let’s see what else Big Kev can bring to us :D

  27. “how can this be entertaining to people when there are films like 13 assassins”. Im sorry but there is no going back, the bar has been set way high and if people think that this constitutes a good interpretation of mk then sorry u are in denial. Seriously? You dont have a problem with that version of Quan Chi? He looks like the unwanted lovechild of Quan Chi and Kratos…oh well if you all think its great then good for you

    • @Lord Leopold the Wise

      13 Assassins was an excellent film, and again, was made on a much higher budget, so to compare the two would be a little unfair. Nobody seems to understand that Tanchereon has been making this reboot on nothing but peanuts.

      As for Quan Chi, it seems that Tanchereon is casting people who can act, as opposed to casting muscle bound people who ‘look the part’, otherwise there would be nothing but a bunch of Brian Thompsons running around the film set trying to sound imposing,although i would have put a little more effort into his costume.

  28. -jwalka those are just ninja’s in the last 2 episodes, not noob saibot.

    • they have the mask piece that the other ninjas have, and they seem to fight alot like noob from the new game (in terms of final stance etc).

  29. i bet all those people saying this episode was ‘the best’ are just trolling, just to piss those of us who know wtf was going on off.
    seriously the episode sucked badly, like i said before: poor fight scene, in terms of choreography, music for it, editing etc. bad special effects, ridiculous run time and a stupid ending (or opening) to an iconic character.

    and just like the guy who replied to me said: i bet they only like it b/c scorpion and sub where in it.