Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 7 – Scorpion & Sub Zero (Part 1)

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 7   Scorpion & Sub Zero (Part 1)

The latest episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is officially online and aside from the premier installment, it’s easily the story-beat many fans have been looking forward to the most – as we are finally presented with the iconic Scorpion/Sub-Zero rivalry.

The two characters battled it out over at our sister site, Game Rant, for the top spot on our list of the 10 Most Awesome Mortal Kombat Characters – since the pair, and their intertwined storylines, have been iconic staples in the game series from the beginning.

Director Kevin Tancharoen pulls some serious fan-service in this episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy. Instead of the zombie-like portrayal of the characters in the original Mortal Kombat feature film, this version sucessfully focuses on the motivations and character conflicts that have made Scorpion and Sub-Zero two of the more fascinating fighters in the game series.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 7 below:

While Tancharoen had already teased us with a far-away image of Legacy’s Scorpion (and close-up of his spear), as well as the well-recieved shot of Sub-Zero, it was especially exciting to finally see the characters in action. While the Mortal Kombat webseries is far from the big-budget actioner Warner Bros. (and creator Ed Boon) would like to bring to theaters, some episodes have provided pretty great costume design and choreography – this one included.

Tancharoen may not have always delivered on some fans’ expectations but, if nothing else, the episode succeeds in giving us faith that once part 2 airs, our memories of the plasticky Scorpion and Sub-Zero portrayals in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation will be wiped-clean.

Until the next installment airs, if you’re new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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  1. They are getting better with each episode, and this one was well worth the wait, loved the authenticity of this episode, but they are still to short, i was just getting into that fight with Scorpion and Sub Zero and it finish just like that, gutted lol.

    • They’re actually getting worse and worse. Is the director a student?

      • You know nothing.

  2. Finally a pretty good episode all it’s missing is more time and more action but it at least explains the blood feud

  3. I found the Kitana/Mileena episodes to be extremely disappointing, but they really made up for it with the Raiden and Sub-Zero/Scorpion episodes. I look forward to the next.

  4. Awesome episode.

  5. far better then the piece of trash background story to raiden. every character arc has been different to the one before it and that’s great b/c if shows that kevin can direct different styles of cinemas (e.g realistic, cartoons mixed with realism etc).

    i wonder how he’s gonna fit shang tsung, cyrax and sektor into one episode (assuming this arc ends next week, and he only had 1 more episode left).

    • There’s I believe 9 total so he actually has 2 more. Still not a lot of time to wrap everything up imho.

      • yeah going off of what he’s been doing so far, i assume this arc will end next week, leaving one episode left for sektor/cyrax, shang tsung, quan chi and the beginning of the shao kahn invasion.

        i hope the last episode is at least 20min long (minus intro/credits etc), otherwise i’m gonna be pretty pissed off.

  6. Not bad but it was a bit of a let down we didn’t get to see either’s signature moves used in a combat situation.

    I was also personally disappointed at the Japanese of Mom and Dad (and the translation). They both spoke like gaijin (which they are of course ;))

    Most of you won’t know the difference though so don’t worry about it :)

    • I have absolutely no understanding of the Japanese language, but even I could tell something was really off with the dialogue. Okay episode overall, excited for part 2.

    • THANK YOU! I`m glad I wasn`t the only one that noticed it. If you are going to do something in a foreign language, you should hire native speakers, or just do it in English! Their Japanese was TERRIBLE! I live in Japan, so I REALLY noticed it.

      • To be fair Ian Anthony Dale is a good actor. It’s really tough to find someone with ALL the qualities you want; Looks Asian, speaks Japanese, good actor, available on short notice (and local) and has martial arts training. I know there are a few Asian actors out there who can fake all the Asian languages pretty well (plus a few who are completely fluent in one + English) but to match ALL of those qualifications is difficult at best.

        Kevan Ohtsji’s (Sub-Zero) accent was much better. I would even go so far as to say he probably knows Japanese.

  7. plasticky portrayals?? That was top notch acting! :)
    The only thing worse than the acting was the special effects…

    I guess both are equally as bad in their own way, but, at least we got to see some signature moves in one, even if they did look better in the game. Overall liked the episode, hated the samurai mouth on the face mask though. And wasn’t there 2 Sub-Zeros? A good one and a bad one?

    • I may be wrong but I believe the two Sub-Zeros are actually brothers. Scorpion manages to kill the first and his brother exacts revenge and dawns his brothers persona.

      And if they go by MK9 that’s out, the first Sub comes back as Noob S. (Thought that was a fitting twist to the NS character and the first Sub)

      • The second Sub-Zero (AKA Tundra) appeared in the second game. This is before the first.

      • Yes, Sub Zero is two different people. The first one was the older brother and appeared in the very first game and he was killed by Scorpion in the tournament. The younger brother became Sub Zero and appeared in everything after that point in time. Then the elder brother was resurrected as Noob Saibot. The original back story is that Quan Chi is actually the one who destroyed Scorpions village and family and Sub Zero killed Scorpion himself. This video seems to change that around a lil bit and blame it all on Sub Zero but ive read around the internet that the two men that summon Scorpion are in fact Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. Ive compared images and the man on the left does look quite similar (minus the white skin,I dont know the character well enough to know if that is permanent) to the man appearing in the clip of Quan Chi in the Legacy trailer. I cant really tell if the man on the right is Shang Tsung tho because you can only see his eyes. And if that is him, they probably covered his face so viewers wouldnt catch on too quickly. And if it IS true that these two men are Quan Chi and Shang Tsung then it is very possible that they are the ones who destroyed the village while Scorpion battled Sub Zero instead of it being the Lin Kuei as it appears to be in this episode. Only time will tell when next weeks episode finishes this story arc and the season finale premiers the week after.

        • There are two actors credited as Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in the credits. So I guess you theory is right. I’m surprised no one else noticed it.

          • Wow I’m such an idiot! I didn’t even think to check the credits. I checked the Johnny Cage episode credits and online resources for Quan Chi’s casting and they match the two men in this episode. Thanks for pointin that out AAa! I also looked up some info on QC and in the game series it is never explained why his skin is white so in this series I guess they are saying it is more of a body/war paint.

  8. Very Good Episode! The only letdown for me is Scorpion’s Mask. Can’t wait for part 2 :)

  9. Great!! This is MK!!

  10. Love the episode, but hate the cliffhanger.

  11. Yeah I’m liking this episode! It seems very authentic.I hope they make this into a movie!

  12. I don’t understand the constant shortness of episodes cutting out big moments right before they begin. This show is the ultimate incarnation of blue balls.

  13. Best episode yet. Tho that MK Annihilation scene is a guilty pleasure of mine lol. First time I saw it i was a kid looking back now the choreography is really poor and the guy playing sub-zero looks like Nic cage haha :D.

    • i tried watching Annihilation again the other day but switched of when Sindel spoke her first line, Sub Zero (Nic Cage lol) looks like a history teacher, but the animalities were the final nail in the coffin, they did a good work on Motaro though.

  14. Did anyone else think that Sub-Zero’s mask was a bit tacky? And part’s of his costume look like a grey jogging shirt?

    Other than that I say this is the second best episode of the series. The next one will be number one, guaranteed. Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero……..FIGHT!!!!

  15. Easily my favorite episode. The Jax, Sonya, Kano & Stryker arc felt anti-climatic. The johnny Cage episode didnt feel like johnny cage. I felt cheated by the Shao Kahn, Kitanna & Mileena Arc especially with imagination. And the raiden episode made no sense to me. I wld rather of had seen him in dark area surrounding by fog speaking to the Elder Gods before being sent to Earth Realm. The whole screaming in an asylum was huge turn off & then stealing the asian guys hate at the end was very uncool.

    But all seems redeemed with this Episode. look forward to Original Sub Zero killing Scorpion and his family turning him into a vengeful spectre.

  16. AWESOME! I loved the portrayal of scorpion! I can only hope they keep him with that mask or maybe the same one with a scar across it. Def makes you feel worse for scorpion seeing it.
    As for the clip of the old one.. i dont see anything wrong with it.. i mean whats wrong with extreme wire work and crappy fight scenes? you dont know where youre going until you see where you have been.. and that just makes that 10 min clip look all the better!

  17. Enjoyed it, the episode before this one was great aswell. Looking forward to see more Raiden, along with Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

  18. Great episode. Needs to be longer. 9 minutes isn’t cutting it.

  19. SUPERB!!! Well done on Director Tancharoen… Keep more coming…

  20. Awesome. I didn’t know WB was making a crappy tv show to replace Smallville.

  21. Season 2 is gonna be excellent, WB are gonna increase the budget for sure

  22. I swear they could have made a KICK ASS film for this movie!!! GEEZUS!..Let them do it already.. this would make a killer film….

  23. HECK, make it a online TV series.. with 25 min episodes.. if they can take a page out of Smallville and turn this into a dark story, keep it online and offer longer episodes and more in depth story.. this will dominate online TV and create a whole new niche.. amazing.

  24. I have only one question.

    Why does the guy playing Scorpion appear Caucasian while the rest of his family is unquestionably of Japanese ethnicity?