Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 6 Now Online

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 6 Now Online

For some Mortal Kombat: Legacy fans, the last couple episodes have been somewhat of a let-down. While some viewers enjoyed the animation-heavy installments that followed the exploits of Kitana and Mileena, others had hoped for a greater focus on live-action fighting.

With Outworld and Edenia behind us, and only four episodes left in the season 1 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, director Kevin Tancharoen has saved a number of fan-favorite characters for the home stretch. This week – God of Thunder, Thor… I mean Raiden.

One of the primary questions surrounding Mortal Kombat: Legacy, as a result of its gritty real-world roots in the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth shortfilm, is whether or not Tancharoen will be able to successfully balance both the real world and fantastical realms featured in the game series.

We got a taste of the director’s vision for the fantasy-based elements in the aforementioned Kitana and Mileena episodes 4 and 5. Unfortunately, the installments relied on hand-drawn animation to convey some of the more supernatural elements. In moderation, the animated sequences were great – and managed to disseminate an incredible amount of Outworld and Edenia backstory with an exposition-heavy voice-over. However, if the series returned to animation every time Warner Bros. didn’t want to pay for a CGI shot – there’s no doubt that many fans would feel as if the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy was subsequently fading into mediocrity – instead of the high-profile, in your-face, action series that seemed to be promised at the outset.

Fortunately, tonight’s episode is a return to form for the series – featuring fan-favorite Elder God, Raiden. Not only does the character enjoy some cool CGI effects – the installment swings the real-world versus fantasy-based elements (i.e. lightning powers), closer to the Rebirth format.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 6 below:

While the fundamental plot-point behind how Raiden got stuck in a mental hospital isn’t exactly made clear, there’s no doubt that the episode should be especially pleasing to Rebirth fans. At the very least, viewers who enjoy the more traditional episodes, will also enjoy a number of iconic moments in the episode.

On a side note, the episode also solves the mystery of Blue, a character that Tancharoen teased in a pre-release image with the caption: “Blue is not Kitana” – leaving many fans to wonder when the character would pop-up and how she would fit into the Legacy narrative.

Until the next installment airs, if you’re new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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  1. Pretty impressive.

  2. brilliant, and pretty grim, good stuff

  3. finally an episode with one o my favorite characters and once again the combat is lacking even though it was better than the last couple of episodes. they had better hurry up and get to the tournament because I need some action dammit, and was it just me or did Raiden seem to fight more like a brawler than an experienced martial artist? I mean Raiden couldn’t even take out a couple of orderlies

    • i like how nobody blinked an eyelid that he had blue guts lol

    • I wonder if you were in the directors spot of making this web-series, how would you go about it? seeing as you don’t like it. – _ -

    • The problem is even if Tancheon wanted to make it more like the game he simply doesn’t have the budget to do so. Episode six was brilliant considering what he has to work with.

      I agree that Raiden seemed a little to weak considering he is ‘protecter of earthrealm’ but have to remember that he is ‘semi Mortal’ (i think) when entering earthrealm. The CGI and FX were brilliant but i’m not sure why blue blood was used (even though it was still pretty cool).

      Can’t wait for the next one, Tancheon is even asking for feedback regarding which characters viewers would like to see in future episodes. Considering it seems he’s playing this whole thing by ear i reckon he’s doing a fine job.

    • Only the Cage episode was decent? That was the worst(!) one out of the bunch. The rest were not that bad, except for seeing Shao Kahn. Total let down on the guy playing him.

  4. Good stuff, one of the best episodes so far, and Henry from Sanctuary as Raiden interesting choice

  5. An improvement by far. But why no lightning attacks? Now I’m interested in what happens to Blue…………..

  6. he needs to focus on the character favorites wheres lu kang? why is the story so focused on jax? i want to see alot of scorpion and sub zero. and what the hell is up with the guy they got to play shoa khan? he cant deliver a line plus he looks waay to human i want the skull face mask.. the spiked shoulder padss… and goro. the characters hes been showing me arnt all that interesting cage? katana? maleena? character back stories that i dont think to many people care about. i want to see where scorpion came from. clan moments with sub zero. but raiden was cool i just wish he used lighting i mean cant he just teleport?

  7. Eh, I’m done with this series.

    • thats very interesting Phil, want to talk about it?

  8. Disturbing

    • Do you mean the quality or the content?

  9. its obvious that in the story raiden is being banished by the elder gods and that they temporarily stripped him of his power so that he would have to find the ability to build a rapport with some of the humans in earthrealm.

    This series is fantastic in my opinion and especially since ed boon is in it that obviously shows that tancharoen knows what he is doing…BOON HAS EVEN SAID THAT TANCHAROEN KNOWS MORE ABOUT MORTAL KOMBAT THAN HE DOES.

  10. I liked it. I thought it was the best one out of all of them. I think the people that are complaining the most are the ones who should understand and appreciate this the most, weird.

    • Ha! I had the same thought – was thinking about making a reference to Sucker Punch too… apparently lobotomies utensils are the new get-out-of-jail-free card.

  11. MUCH BETTER! that was actually pretty awesome yet made me sad for blue. You start to feel bad for her but you never know what might come of that character. I was kinda waiting on the use of tazer guns on him and how it wouldnt affect him lol 2 thumbs up on this one. Right up there with the jax and sonya storyline..

  12. this is the first one out of the bunch to make me feel for the main character. Really well done, i loved the whole execution

    • I agree with you anchampion03. I really got into the characters in this one. Raiden was great, as was Blue. I really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to see what comes next.

  13. Tancharoen, if you take the time to read this. Thank you, finally my childhood can visualized on film by a skilled director who appreciates the material. This is severely lacking in Hollywood and I wish you all the success that can come.

    Outside of the original Rebirth short, this is one of the best episodes in my opinion. Great mix of realism and mysticism. Also Black Dynamite as Jax and Sonya’s characters are spot on. Keep up the good work, remember you can’t please everybody.

    • Jon,

      I do have to agree with you there. This is how I like the direction and vision. Like if you took Big Trouble in Little China and made it hard! well, minus the 80′s feel. LOL.

  14. I think that was the best yet, I kind of wish at the end he went and met Lui Kang as the end teaser. I think that would have been awesome.

    • I’d definitely want to know who the actress who plays Blue.

  15. The production value on this is terrible, not to mention the story, acting, editing, cinematography. All of it screams B movie. If they make a full length feature, 2 things WB should do.

    1. Do NOT use this director.
    2. NEVER use Imageworks because Green Lantern CGI looks like ass.

    • If it wasn’t for this director there wouldn’t be an attempt at an MK reboot in the first place.

      The production value is low because Tancharoen isn’t taking the same PG rated aproach from the first two movies. Furthermore you can see he cares about building up the story before the actual tournement, as opposed to a bunch of MK favourites fighting for ten minutes in each webisode.

      Tancharoen has the right idea with this reboot, if WB decide to greenlight a feature movie based on these webisodes they’ll be making the right decision, Tancharoen may even get himself a trilogy based on the sure success of an MK movie made by him.

      The stories are fine, the acting is fine, there is nothing about these webisodes that are as bad as the sceptics are making them out to be.

      I would prefer to watch this reboot than any of the previous efforts, maybe you prefer another MK: Konquest.

      • Do you have a dog in this fight, Mark? Sure sounds like it.

        • Not in the least Gibbo, i just don’t see any any directors climbing the walls looking to risk their careers for a poorly funded project that they are passionate about, especially when the movie is a violent yet mainstream franchise which two directors prior have managed to taint simply for the studios(and their own) financial gain.

          Rp1n stated not to use ‘this director’ but its Tanchareon who is aiming to release MK movies as close to the mythology as possible, and considering the budget he is working with he’s doing a grand job, especially considering these webisodes sre already superior to previous efforts.

          • I agree with Rp1n completely. Do NOT use this director for a MK feature film. And the CGI for Green Lantern looks like amateur hour.

            Obviously, Mark, you don’t work in the industry to know how ravenous first time directors are. Of course he’d do it no matter how small the budget. He did it here. The shorts looks and feels cheap.

            • True i don’t work in the industry, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that he is sticking as close to the orginal material whilst steering completely clear of the previous two movies.

              The fact that MK Legacy is low budget actually works in his favour since he intended to create a gritty and realistic tone.

              This statement you made ‘Of course he’d do it no matter how small the budget’ just shows how little you know regarding the movie industry.

              Tanchareon could have promised a feature film to WB made with the same gritty and realistic atmosphere whilst severely toning down the violence to make it audience friendly, but he didn’t because he’s not a sellout.

              Tanchareon showed WB a concept and it payed of,these webisodes are merely to test the water so the studio can make a final decision as to whether a violent 18 rated feature film of MK will be profitable.

              Everything he is doing seems to be working, and only the narrow minded sceptics who can’t see beyond the budget make them selves look daft by offering all these wild solutions that require MORE FUNDING, but i guess you could do better right?.

              Oh and for the record, Tanchareon isn’t a first time director, but i guess you knew due to your extensive knowledge of the movie industry lolol Take it easy Bruckheimer

              • You must be Tanchareon’s lover.

              • O that’s right. Tanchareon did the remake of Fame. That sucked. He should stop trying to make edgy action films for white tr@sh people like you.

                • regardless, he is not a first time director. White trash? lol You sound like the expert, let me guess you have children with your auntie.

                  • Actually with your mom as an after thought, son.

                    • my Mother lied to you, i’m not your real son.

                      P.S. tell your sister she is the best perfomer i have ever seen, she really knew how to work up that Donkey.

                    • All, right that’s ENOUGH from you guys. Cut the crap or the banning will soon begin.


  16. wtf was the point of the inclusion of the mental asylum ? it completely ruined the character b/c it didn’t do anything to establish who he is or how he joins the tournament. i’m gonna edit this episode and cut it down to like 5 min – him going into the asylum, meeting the girl then getting out (not gonna include the asian hat thing either since it was done poorly).

    these episodes aren’t all that great when i come to think of it, i mean sure its a martial art series so it doesn’t have to have crash hot plot etc but it wouldn’t have hurt if he went further back and a little forward with the stories e.g explain how kano became the black dragon leader, his tie in with the tournament, and how jax and sonya join the tournament.

    3-4 more episodes left, lets hope he turns the inconsistencies around (the only story i really liked was kitana and mileena b/c it was a true ‘legacy’ story).

  17. What’s the first thing said in this episode? I replayed it over and over and I can’t understand what he said.

    • i replayed that a few times as well, not sure what he says

    • haha, I thought I was the only one. Glad it wasn’t just me :D

      • Are you talking about the doctor? I think he says “How are we feeling today Lord Raiden?”

        • Yep that’s what he says.

          The Lord Raiden part was really fuzzy, but definitely what he says.

    • @mongoose

      Exactly where I thought they were going to go after the failed lobotomy, electro-shock. Especially seeing as how the “doctor” was such a sadist, let’s inflict new torture on him then BAM – wrong thing to do.

      Would have been really cool to see Raiden bust out on his own…I mean waiting 3 months to get stabbed seems a little odd for a man on a mission.

  18. So….

    He could have got stabbed 3 months ago to get out of the mental hospital? He just decided to wait 3 months… because?

    I’m sorry, I’m not moved by these episodes…yet, I keep watching…go figure.

    • i was thinking the same damn thing. i’ll be editing these episodes (merging parts together and just screwing around with other to make them straight forward) and this is one episode i’m def gonna clean up.

    • Not really if you listened to what he said to the girl “you are the only one who can do this…” basically he couldn’t do it alone & she seems to be a special character perhapse with her own abilities we don’t yet know of. So since she was scared to help him or had previously been caught helping him it took 3 months to finally follow through completely.

  19. what the hell was this, what was the doctor doing picking at him , and what was that gray stuff he removed, gross, im a mk fan, but this episode was truly disturbing

    • What he did with the ice pick was Labotomize him which is a way to somewhat make a person a vegitable that can still walk around & all that but still needs assistance. Since he’s Raiden it didn’t have much of an effect on him, if anything it probably supressed his power which is why the simple humans could subdue him. The grayish white stuff was most likely part of his eye or his brain. There’s several ways to Labotomize a person they just chose to go the rout of “Sucker Punch” & do it in the eye.

  20. Was this a clip from saw or texas chainsaw massacre? Even raiden can get caught by psycho’s or was he the psycho?…

  21. Tancharoen suffers the same weaknesses as all the music video directors. He can’t tell a compelling story. He should stick to what he knows. Music videos. I did a little research. His sister is engaged to Joss Whedon’s brother. That’s probably how he got his chance to big break to do these shorts. I’m not impressed. The studio can finish all these shorts and step back and take a look at them in it’s entirety. They’ll realize what MK fans like myself already know. Tancharoen isn’t the guy for the job.

  22. I really loved the episodes featurind Kitana & Mileena. Those felt like MK. Raiden was the one I was most anxious to see.

    And now, they return to the “let´s turn MK into TDK+Saw” mode. Raiden in Arkham Asylum? Sad.

    I fear for Sub-Zero…

  23. Anyone else think Raiden’s hat at the end was way too small? It looked like a beanie equivalent of the Big Trouble in Little China Hat – which by the way, is how I always pictured Raiden.

    • i don’t think that gimmick really paid of at the end where he robs that guys hat, would have been way cooler if a bolt of lighting made it appear, or even if just appeared by electric. The costumes that the 3 storms wear in big trouble in China were brilliant.

      • I have a room lined with plastic waiting for you.

        • you have to wonder if thats gonna pay of in the long run, why don’t you turn into a gym instead

    • Good Guys vs Bad Guys in a martial arts tournament deciding if Earth lives or dies.

      What´s the mystery? The first movie did it.

    • Campy? I can understand the second film but the first one was anything but campy. I certainly had an easier time taking it seriously than this one.

      See, it’s not a matter of nitpicking, purism, or bitching. I am not a purist or even a MK fanboy by any stretch of imagination, yet I though this episode poor. Budget or CGI has nothing to do with it. It’s simply the content of the episode itsef:

      What the heck was the point of showing Raiden trapped in a mental facility? It doesn’t serve any real plot purpose whatsoever(He’s the God of Thunder arrived to seek out champions and take them to the tournament; see any of that here?), and it’s perplexing as well as somewhat annoying to watch(How does Lord Raiden get overpowered and beaten so easily by a few male nurses? And don’t give me any bs about how sedatives can defeat a god, if it’s that easy why not use one on Shao Khan then?).

      I understand the director was going for something touching at the end when Blue stabbed him, but I was just scratching my head in annoyance wondering what the point of this episode was. Instead of wasting limited episode time Raiden could have been introduced in a more relevant fashion with a little Kitana/Meleena-style narration and scenes of him recruiting the Earth heroes from the previous episodes.

      • The first movie was anything but campy? Are you serious? The Johnny Cage jokes? The acting? Yes the first one had some entertainment value. I saw it when it first came out at the drive in with my family. Yes its a good film, but it is very campy. The fact that Raiden is trapped in the mental institution is b/c he landed here after being kicked out by the elder gods. yes there are some questions to be answered, but how do you not say the first two are campy? And I love the first one and hate the second.

        Its a matter of perspective I guess. I myself think this serious is doing a bang up job. Not perfect but extremely well done.

        • Uh… Raiden wasn´t kicked out by the Elder Gods.

          He took human form and descended to Earth by his own choosing. To have him landing on a mental facility is just plain stupid.

          As someone here said, introducing Raiden recruiting the other characters would make more sense than this.

          And… what´s wrong with campyness, anyway?

  24. Wow. That was incredibly BAD. Tancharoen should stick to music videos. It’s clear that the longer format of even a short narrative is beyond his scope. This feels very cheap and meanders pointlessly from one episode to the next. It’s ok since it’s free. If I had to pay for it even as a rental, I’d be pissed.

  25. Interesting approach to the Raiden story, I enjoyed it :)