Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 5 Now Online

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 5 Now Online

Mortal Kombat: Legacy continues to be a crowd pleaser on the Internet. The first episode is nearing 10 million views, episode two and three are about to hit 3 million – and last week’s Edenia/Outworld-centric episode has almost reached the 2 million mark.

This week we’ve got eyes-on the fifth of the nine planned episodes in season one of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries from director Kevin Tancharoen. As expected, episode 5 continues the story of Outworld inhabitants and “sisters” Mileena & Kitana.

As mentioned, last week’s episode chronicled the fall of Edenia – which resulted in the dispatching of King Jerrod as well as the forced marriage between Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn and Sindel, Queen of Edenia. Unable to bear her “imprisonment” at the hands of Shao Kahn (and out of fear the Emperor would corrupt her daughter), Sindel took her own life to protect the soul of the infant Princess – but not before Shang Tsung used Kitana as a blueprint for Tarkatan-human hybrid (and loyal Shao Kahn disciple) Mileena.

The episode drew mixed reactions, due in part to Tancharoen’s heavy use of voice-over narration and stylized animation in place of live action shots. Some fans thought episode 4 was a cool change of pace, while others felt it was a cop-out – especially after the production-value bar was set so high during the CGI-infused battle between Jackson Briggs and Kano in the first episode of the series.

Fortunately, while part 2 of the Kitana/Mileena story does utilize similar animation sequences, it also features one of the coolest fight sequences in the series so far.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 5 below:

Episode 5 seemingly concludes the Kitana and Milleen storyline – so we’ll have to wait until next week to see which kombatant takes center stage in episode 6. There are still plenty of characters we’ve previously confirmed for the webseries that have yet to make an appearance – including fan-favorites Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden – as well as the Lin Kuei assassins turned robo-ninjas Sektor and Cyrax (who were hinted at in the first episode).

Until the next installment airs, if you’re new to webseries, head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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  1. This is ep.4 not ep.5

    • Take a look again. The embed may have been messed up. It is episode 5.

  2. That one fight sequence was cool, but seriously, that episode was 5 minutes and half of it was animation. I want MORE. MORE!

  3. This was pretty good, although i hope Tancheon isn’t going to rely too heavily on telling the story through anime.

    There were scenes which could of been perfectly pulled of through live action, these episodes need to be much longer, i felt as if i’d only been watching it a minute or so once the prolugue had finished, but i’m still enjoying this reboot.

  4. They’re looking worse and worse. And shorter. Did they really have to animate Kitana looking at a crib? And I’ll ask again, aren’t Kitana and Mileena supposed to be beautiful? Cool fighting but I’m sure they could’ve found better actresses, no?

    The first three episodes were great but I think they blew it with Baraka and the sisters.

    • would you prefer somewhat attractive and capable of doing their own stunts (thus making combat seem fluent) or would you prefer a women with big breasts being swapped out every second just to do a simple action, lie swing their arm. f***ing grow up, you like big breasts then go look at porn, also both characters are being portrayed as teens not 40 yr old botox obsessed whores.

      • Me grow up? Haha. I would actually prefer both. I didn’t say anything about big breasts, moron. I said they should be beautiful. Sorry for offending your precious Mortal Kombat.

        • Alex you have a very strange obsession regarding Kitana and Mileena, they are barely out of their teens. Anyway, even though ‘acting wise’ their roles are a little undemanding, they have both proven capable of filling the roles of Kitana and Mileena.

          • Indeed they have a I think those two are pretty myself…then again Im 19

          • If they have to sacrifice beauty for actors as opposed to models, then I prefer it that way. Still, it’s hard to nail down exactly how Kitana should look since she’s hardly seen without her veil. If you’re judging their beauty on their eyes alone, then I suppose that comes down to personal taste. If you’re judging based on their bodies, refer to the first sentence in this reply.

            I think Swaine’s reply was a bit bullish, though, Alex hardly revealed anything resembling obsession.

            I am more concerned with the other criticisms made to this episode and the previous one. They are getting shorter, the animation is unexpected and unwelcome, and it makes Kitana/Mileena’s story feel like a wholly separate narrative rather than one in the same cohesive universe as the first three parts.

            And Baraka looks ridiculous. Horrible.

            • Bullish? lolol If you want to be technical Adam then i guess you could say that Alex was being a little superficial considering the martial skills displayed by the two young talented girls portraying Kitana and Mileena.

              Maybe you and Alex should contact Tancheon and ask if you lads can give it a shot as Kitana and Mileena, shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate the same performance, i’m sure you’d both look real photogenic, can’t hurt to ask right?

              • What are you, a politician? Yes, bullish. I agreed that it was more important that the actor is able to act rather than looking the part precisely. AND I said that it’s hard to nail down how Kitana should look since she’s veiled in the game. You can either base her renowned beauty off her eyes or her figure. Eyes would be a matter of taste and if you looked specifically for someone to fill out her costume, you’re doing the film a disservice by not hiring an actor first, a model second.

                It helps if you read the comment you’re replying to, by the way.

                • It helps by the way if you take into consideration that Tancheon cannot translate every detail from the MK videogames into the series, maybe Shao Kahn will give them veils for the 18th birthday, who gives a s*** if he does or doesn’t.

                  Alex has placed way to much emphasis as to whether these two girls are ‘hot’ enough to portray the roles of Mileena and Kitana, and i don’t don’t justify bullying, only leaving comments for gimps leaving pointless comments.

                  and yes i’m a politician, and Alex is a plastic surgeon, and you are his secretary.

        • @”I said they should be beautiful”

          That’s all subjective. I’m sure there’s people who find these two actressed to be beautiful, and I’m sure someone will find your examples of beautiful women to be ugly.

  5. same problems as the previous ones – to short, lack on depth, cliché/stupid ‘cliffhanger’ ending.

    i’m gonna be merging the stories that have ‘parts’ to them and just making them one long episode (should last around 10-15min each). will post an update of my progress (i’m gonna start work on them in a few days time and be doing it alongside the weekly episode releases).

    i think he’s approaching every story arc from a different cinematic point:
    jaz, sony,kano – gritty feel
    johnny cage – made a mockery of action movies with its shaky cam and stupid movie titles etc
    mileena and jade – anime mixed with live action, creating a dark and violent tone (lets face it, there was no way they could have had all the decapitations in this episode as real practical effect, it would have costed way to much (both time and money wise)).

  6. Author Ben Kendrick
    its Cyrax not Cryrax

    • Thanks for the catch Mario – hit the extra key by mistake.

      I spent most of 7th grade playing MK3 and spamming Cyrax’s net, bomb, and air throw, juggle combo 😉

  7. This episode is lame.
    What i dont like is the fact that from the 8:30 minutes video time, it has 2 minutes of the ending, 1.30 minuten of previous episode, which leaves us with 5 minutes of new stuff, which is 25% animation :-S!! whuuut?

  8. Good eposide, I hope the next one is better.

  9. i have to say that i think the girls are attractive and all, but the fighting isn’t all that good and it’s really hard to enjoy any fight scene when it’s edited to the extent that you can’t see one full punch all the way through, it doesn’t need to be cut up that much honestly it destroys it. additionally the other episodes were way better, the animation sequences are very irritating, there is hardly any real action in these sequences, if i wanted anime i would read the MK comics, this is supposed to be live action so have it be. i’m looking forward to the rest of these as long as they don’t abuse montage or anime. i’m very grateful that they are redoing mortal kombat to make it more gritty, but over edited anime is not gritty, however the johnny cage episode was pretty damn awesome, and i appreciate the story line. also this fight scene was a bit too dancy for my taste, i greatly enjoy artistically done and acrobatic fight scenes, but this was over the top like a dance, have them on the ground for more than half of it, work on the intricacies of good martial arts, it’s choreographed after all.

  10. I call shenanigans, that episode seemed way too short there was too much anime where there should’ve been live action

  11. What is up with this episode being only 5.5 mins? The “movie” is 8.5 mins total but literally 35% is taken up by reviewing of the last episode and credits? By comparison the 1st episode was nearly 11 mins of actual story time. WTH Tancharoen? Episodes 4-5 should have been combined plain and simple.

    The Mileena thing with the mouth is really starting to bug me. It looks fake and “hiding” it wouldn’t really seem possible. She should simply always be wearing a lower face mask to cover her Tarkatan heritage.

  12. Anybody else think it was way too dark? Could hardly see what was going on. The fight scene could have been the best, but as dark as it was and as fast as it was with the close ups, I really have no idea.

    The 2 minute post credits and the recap at the beginning are total B.S.!
    I agree with mongoose! Both are unnecessary and irrelevant and just tick the fans off more and more. If we want a recap then we’ll go watch last weeks! And just like applause or questions, save the credits for the end! All the double episodes could have been edited down to one with no problem.

  13. I guess there will never be a literal translation of what MK is supposed to be. This series IS getting worse, overall it’s beyond dragging it’s laying face down. You’re telling me there aren’t hotter chicks out there who do martial arts? Choreography matters little seeing as how the fighting scenes had terrible lighting to mask bad editing. Five weeks of introductory stories that have failed to move anything along, no more excuses, might be time some admit to themselves it sorta sucks.

  14. Im slowly losing interest in these webisodes.

    • Agreed. I was so pumped when this was first announced (although I was hoping for a theatrical version of Rebirth). Now each episode is progressively sucking any interest I had out of me.

  15. Episode 5 was no better or worse than the last one (which i thought was pretty good) but i see no reason why episode 4 and 5 have been released as seperate episodes, we haven’t waited a week for anything groundbreaking, even though it was still worth watching, and it is still better than the feature lenght movie attempts.

    Hopefully episode 6 will move things along.

      • I’m crying on the inside, i’d much prefer to be a nerd than a repressed little virgin like yourself, get back to your grannies basement or draw the curtains you little gimp lolol

        • Shh. Relax, Mark. Relax.

          • Thankyou Alex, i’ll try, weirdo lol

  16. I have a feeling they are saving their webisode budget for the people a broader base of people care more about (Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden), who will need a lot more special effects. I am fine with the anime portions, if it makes the more fantastic characters better in the long run. Sub Zero best freeze some people though, and it better be live action when he does or this whole argument of mine goes straight out the window lol.

    • lol, how the heck are they gonna interject a god into the mix? Hadn’t even thought about that.

  17. Here is another thought. The 1st 3 webisodes were all on earthrealm, these past two apparently were not. At least thats how Shao Tsung makes it sound. With that being the case, maybe they went with the anime to show how it is more of a fantasy realm than the real world.

    I am just throwing these things out there.

  18. Some of the acting is awful, and the beard was downright laughable.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. With people arguing about hotness and breast size, I would of settled for some people who could act.

  19. I was more into the first two episodes. Haven’t been enjoying or getting excited about anything since.

  20. Liu Kang may be next.

  21. I’m hoping to see Kung Lao’s or Kabals back story

  22. Five minutes?? Really?! Why didn’t they just combine this episode with the last one? Both were hideously short, it makes no sense. Each episode is getting shorter and worse. I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting my time. The next few episodes better be longer and a lot better in every way possible.

    This webseries just goes to show how many people are still interested in the Mortal Kombat franchise. People would flock the movie theaters to see it. But if they do go through with it I am starting to hope that they find a different director with more experience. This guy is starting to not do it for me.

  23. I would love to see another Mortal Kombat movie. The first two webisodes were fantastic. Unfortunately, the latest three were a series of disappointments. At this stage, I wouldn’t pay to see a feature film in the theaters directed by Kevin Tancharoen. I do hope I am proven wrong in the webisodes to come.

  24. i really find the movie an awesome one; eventhough it is a bit short.

    you know a mortal kombat addict can not give shrtcoming observation.

  25. Meh atleast there was a cool fight scene but yea 5 mins mainly filled with half movement animation is abit frustrating if youre again going to promote your work. Id put 5$ down saying that there wont be any animation in the movie.. soooooo why put it in here? because they wanted to cut corners..

  26. this is what blows and this is whats going to hurt this web cast only being 5 to 15 mins. they need to make a time of 25 at least

  27. The first 2 were awesome. The Johnny cage was OK. Theses last 2 sucked. I really like Mortal Kombat and these last ones are a real let down. and whats with them being shortened? If you guys are going to continue please put more effort into them like the first 2. I would go see the first 2 in theaters. I wouldn’t even watch the last 2 in theaters for free.

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