Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4 Now Online

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Episodes Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4 Now Online

It’s been a busy couple weeks for Mortal Kombat with the release of the latest game (read our review at Game Rant) in the long-running fighting game franchise as well as the weekly debut of new Mortal Kombat: Legacy episodes from director Kevin Tancharoen.

This week marks the fourth of nine planned episodes in season one of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries – and focuses on Outworld inhabitants Mileena, Kitana, and Tarkatan warrior Baraka.

Following on the heels of episode one and two, which featured the real-world conflict between Deacon City Police operatives Sonya Blade, Jackson Briggs, and Kurtis Stryker as well as Black Dragon mercenary Kano, last week’s episode was a stand-alone story focused on Johnny Cage – concluding with a run-in between the declining actor and sorcerer Shang Tsung.

The episode marked a shift in the series – reminding viewers that while Tancharoen brought a gritty, real-world, feel to the franchise, he wasn’t going to shy away from some of the more fantasy-based elements of the Mortal Kombat mythos. Episode four continues in this vein with a focus on the fall of Edenia and, as a result, the subsequent stories of Outworld residents Kitana, Mileena, and Baraka.

Check out Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4 below:

Anyone who has been following Legacy will remember that this isn’t our first look at Kitana, Mileena, or Baraka – Tancharoen tweeted out a pair of teaser photos back in March of the lady fighters and the Tarkatan warrior, and later offered a full sneak peek of Baraka in the New York Times.

At the time, the girls were par for the course but after seeing the full Baraka design in the Times (which featured an Orc-like resemblance), some fans were skeptical of the Legacy interpretation (as well as Tancharoen’s ability to pull-off fantasy elements). However, the final on-screen Tarkatan may not look exactly like his in-game counterpart but the implementation of his dual bladed fight choreography, however brief, makes up for any unwelcome alterations.

Mileena Mortal Kombat Legacy Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4 Now Online

Baby Mileena in Mortal Kombat: Legacy

The new episode also gives us our first look at series antagonist Shao Kahn and Queen Sindel (prior to her resurrection) as well as the return of Shang Tsung. Kahn, who appears less imposing in the webseries, is also given a more human story-arc – presented as a brutal but insecure ruler, instead of the heartless caricature featured in the game.

Episode 4 is only part 1 of the Kintana and Milleen storyline – so we’ll have to wait until next week to see the conclusion. In the meantime, if you’re new to webseries head over to the Mortal Kombat: Legacy Season One YouTube page to get caught up – then check out our coverage, and analysis, of prior episodes:

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New Mortal Kombat: Legacy episodes debut at midnight PST every Monday night.

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  1. These episodes are getting worse and worse. FAIL!

    • Mortal Kombat is awesome so far! I just found a blog that’s giving out the preorder DLC for all the costumes, and the new Kenshi character DLC!

      I just got my Reptile Klassic Kostume but I don’t know if there’s anymore keys left. If you want to check it out, here’s the site:

  2. I love the amine mixed with the live action. Really reminds me of Kill Bill, which is definitely a good thing. But this episode is a little under par. Hopefully part dos will make up for it with some real action

  3. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant,bring on the next episode, this is what the Mortal Kombat films are supposed to be like, and i love the fusion of anime with live action in this episode (clever).

    Shao Kahn was portayed in a realistic fashion, Baraka was a badass (so releived he’s no longer a plastic surgeon), Mileena is an excellent character and one scary baby!. Although, i hope they haven’t killed of Queen Sindel completely.

    This reboot of Mortal Kombat has even managed to capture the feel of the games with its violent tone, magical elements and sinister atmosphere.

    Tancharoen has done in under 15 minutes what Kasanoff and Anderson couldn’t pull of with two movies and a crap power rangers style Saturday morning TV Series. His respect for the MK mythology is clearly evident, fairplay to the lad.

    My only problem is that the episodes are way too short, i could easily watch an hour of this stuff. This is the MK reboot i was hoping it would be, finally!

    • Dont worry she’s not killed off it shows how she comes back in the game storyline. that’s what I liked what ed boon said on the making of the series he said it shows how everyone got to the tournament then the game storyline takes it from there. Pretty cool if you ask me.

      • Thats good, i was thinking that maybe she would simply be in the MK reboot simply to justify her presence, but if Tancharoen is staying faithful to the source material and Sindel is resurrected later in the story then i’m looking forward to the tournement scenes even more, because that is what is looks as though its building up to.

        Looking forward to seeing the rest of the characters, its good to see the aproach he took with Shao Kahn as well.

  4. Everybody is complaning that Mortal Kombat Legacy is the worst series ever made I don’t b**** when everyone thinks the shows are worst but Kevin Tancharoen is trying hard to keep the MK origins to the game the worst things is going about like 9 minutes and sometimes 10 or 12 minutes on every episode but more people will still review this episode tomorrow.
    6 out of 10 for this episode but I think the first two episodes were better.
    Thank You.

  5. It just feels like the scope of this is too ambitious for what it can afford to be. Maybe if they had stuck to the more “real-world INSPIRED by MK” vibe, it would have been more manageable. This is fine- but not nearly as enjoyable or creative as the pilot was.

  6. the best episode so far

  7. does he really need 2 minutes for damn credits ?!??!
    i’m starting to hate the cliché endings, it got annoying after ep[isode 2 (the end of kano, jax and sonya story(which never explained how they got into the tournament). i would have rather preferred him to have 5 full 20 minute episodes then having this mess (no fixed duration for the episodes, kill the anticipation for me and alot of others).

    just watch next week episode will end within 7min, i just know it will.

    i’ll still be watching these b/c of the fight scenes (his choreography is pretty good), but my expectations have been cut short due to said reasons. long credits, short/random episode duration and cheesy ‘cliff hangers’ equal disappointment.

  8. Wow.. ok so we didnt have the time to film half of the 10 minute spot so we animated worse than half of the cartoons on cartoon network. I know this is free but its suppose to act as a promotional tool and that episode didnt help. The last 3 were cool but this one was horrible. Baraka looks like he’s searching for frodo. Shao kahn looks like johnny cage could even beat him. Shang Tsung was smaller than sindel! seriously? Im going back to playing the game now and crying.

    • Lolol In comparison to the plastic surgeon Baraka, i’m releived.

      As for the animation, i don’t watch Cartoon Network so i can’t comment, but i thought it did the trick considering the shoestring budget it was made on.

      • They should have kept the actor (Lateef Crowder) who played the doctor and just revamped him for the current Baraka.
        Same cat who was in:
        Undisputed III
        Tom Yum Goon aka The Protector (Tony Jaa)

        Khan could be more “Khan” looking but oh well, I just hope they don’t F up the “Japanese” God of Thunder this time…

        Overall, the series is looking pretty good. I dig the build up as they introduce the characters. The anime blend was pretty good and probably saved them a ton of money on special effects

        • Like i said though.. Its suppose to be advertising for the new movie and setting up for that.. you would think they would try to put alittle more time and effort into it since it could be a big money maker

          • oh and btw.. Does anyone else think “Firelord” from m night shamaladingy’s “the last air bender” when looking at SHao Khan?

  9. Great job guys. keep up the good work. Im lovin’ this! it feels like the old movies were such a waste of good matierial. FINNALLY! somebody who gets it! cant wait for more!!!!

  10. A bit of a fail by omitting some important info. Shang Tsung did not simply “clone” Kitana but combined the clone with that of a Tarkatan warrior with the side effect being Mileena inherited the race’s mouth.

    Also a bit confused about why they would give the baby the full blown mouth like from the original game but elsewhere it’s just a mouth of sharp teeth that were easy to hide in her youth? She should probably have been wearing her mask the whole time to cover up her “deformity”.

    Not sure why they decided to change the origin Sindel so much either. She is supposed to take her life and Shao Khan brings her back from the dead, turning her into a sort of loyal zombie.

    and last…….yeah I’m not too sold on the Tarkatans. They look more like LotR goblins that the race from the video game. Maw of sharp pointy teeth and arm blades are their defining features.

    • Come on be fair, i’m a huge fan of the MK franchise and want any kind of adaptation to be as close to the source material as possible, but you can’t expect every detail from the game replicated down to a T.

      Do you think it would have been relevant to have an actual conversation or storyline about why ‘her mouth was different when she was a baby, but changed as she got older’ its irrelevant.

      And according to the lad who replied to my comment, apparently Sindel will be ressurected, which will be cool.

      • I could agree with you in those details needed to be altered for this but the fact is they didn’t. They didn’t explain Melineea’s origin correctly and could have been done with what, 10 extra words? They then compounded that mistake by having the baby with a deformed mouth like from the game but then flip flopped it for the older version. It’s all about being consistent which they were not.

        As for Sindel……the correct origin seems a bit more plausible than having her turn into a spirit to co-inhabit her daughters body. I will wait and see how she is brought back though.

  11. These webisodes make promise for one thing, a series of movies. There is more than just the video game, a long story of pre-, post- and during the tournament, and I would like to see them elaborate on all of it. There is enough to make it a huge series of films, as big as star wars. People want to see it made into a real world adaptation but keep the fantasy. Look at how huge lotr is (all the comparison of orcs and the tarkatans in this series), as well as harry potter and so forth. All those movies stick pretty closely to their books and would like to see MK done in a similiar fashion.
    These webisodes are fun to watch but there are things that, of course, could have been done better. I wasn’t all for the anime in this episode, I thought it was a little cheesy. I also thought they could have got more of a bada$$ to play shao kahn. I do like the potrayal of shang tsung so far and would like to see more of his mischevious sorecerous ways. And I do agree as they should have kept mileenas mouth the same at all times, or atleast had her wear her mask.

    • The first paragraph i agree with completely, couldn’t have put it better myself, hopefully the studios are paying closer attention to this reboot, as opposed to Kasanoffs dismal attempt which killed of the movie franchise.

      Although, i think everybody is forgetting that this reboot is kind of prequel to the videogames. Shao Kahn may turn into the badass that everybody is hoping for, and Mileena will have her mouth veil (or whatever it is), just not yet.

      I’m glad Shao Kahn was more subtle to the one in MK2, he was camp as hell and basically rubbish in Annihilation. The lad who plays Shao Kahn in this reboot can act and makes his character more realistic. He gives a beleivable performance because he isn’t over acting, which may be a well thought out process before he becomes like the MK games more tyranical emperor saying stuff like ‘you weak pathetic fools’.

      The animation was a good idea, there is no way they had the finances to use CGI for the set peices (the CGI in the previous MK films were rubbish anyway).

  12. Loved the animation sequence.

  13. Seriously? That was terrible, everything about it, Baraka looks like an orc, Shao Kahn is not in the least intimidating, Mileena did not look like the creepy tarkatan she devil we all know and half the episode was done in lame motion comic animation, Not to mention it was just downright boring. I thought this whole thing was gonna be cool but now i reall really dont want this man making an MK movie. So its a little less cheesy (which is debatable) but in no way is this crap better than the og MK movie. Im shocked people enjoyed this.

    • In all fairness Anderson’s MK was a good film, the CGI used in that film wasn’t too bad (if they had kept it to a minimum). I wouldn’t of even had a problem with Anderson making a few more MK flicks because he handled the mythology well. The worst thing Anderson did was bring Lawrence Kasanoff onboard, then it all wentdownhill, but lets face it, Anderson’s was a studio run film intended to cash in on the MK franchise, as was Kasonoff’s (but worse).

      Maybe Baraka could have looked better in this reboot, but there is ‘always’ room for improvement.

      The majority of the episode wasn’t animated because it was a story based in Adenia, you forget the budget that Tancharoen is using to make this series, he used his head and it was a smart, cost efficient, and not to mention, effective move.

      I can’t wait for Tanchareon to make a feature lenght movie, hell forget the movie make it a full blown TV series, in fact it would probably fair better on the small screen and recoup all the expenses that he’d lose if he made it a theatrical release.

      Either way, he is sticking as close as he can to the source material, i just wish he had the financial backing to make a full blown TV series. Even the characters in these short episodes have been well cast, not only can they fight, but they can actually act, which makes the short stories even more engaging.

      • Fanned and Fanned some more!

  14. People who think this isn’t how Mk is are crazy. These episodes are prequels! Shao Khan will become a jerk and get his mask, Sindel will be resurrected and be his slave, and Mileena will cover up that nasty grill. I mean come on, why would they squeeze every single detail in one episode. These have been good so far, well I didn’t like the Johnny Cage episode but this one and the pilot are my favorites so far.

  15. ARGHHH! What the frank?! These episodes are so awesome and as soon as they suck your soul in to grasp your 110% interest they end the episode! BLEHHHH!!!

  16. Early on to begin the episode with the anime sequences were fine with me but I didn’t like it taking up so much of the rest. But I guess they didn’t have much money to spare.

  17. it’s good, i;m just curious on how these story lines will mix together. Hopefully it adds up to really long episode that features the underground tournament mentioned in the teaser.

    • Thats what i think, once all the back stories and characters have been introduced we’re going to be seeing Fatalities all over the place, can’t wait!

  18. Wow……

    • Yes, ‘Wow’…and ‘Wow’ spelt backwards is?… thats right…’Wow’

  19. @ 1st comment & da rest of the self minded ignorant ppl
    hes not tellin the MK we knw hes making his own version of MK quite complaining
    if u have a problem DON’T WATCH iT SiMPLE as THAT.
    ur still going to watch the rest of the series & buy it.
    hate when not sure grown men or childish immature bois talk crap, but still watch it.
    i knw the MK story but yet im not complaining CUZ iM MATURE ENOUGH to appreciate
    theres @ least sum1 watchin to film a MK series to ppl who appreciate this kind of thing.
    MK is not jus suppose to b about fighting this is da semi beginning of MK it has to have story as it shows obviously
    if the director jus made fight scenes it wouldn’t have no meaning to it. & i knw u still would complain if it didnt have a story.
    but N E who i like it. it had lot of talkin in this episode but made sense. hopefully we c scorpion & sub-zero duke it out soon.

    • Well now that we have seen that Baraka isn’t the surgeon anymore, i’m now looking forward to seeing Reptile (as he no longer needs to feed on heads to survive) but yeah the Scorpion and Sub-Zero episode is gonna be brilliant

  20. I liked this one. I have liked them all so far. I will take what I can get. What more could you want from eight minute episodes given away for free on the internet? I see a lot of potential in this director. Yeah they should be longer. Yeah they can be improved upon but look at what he has done with the little that he has. People that are complaining that it is too short is good, it means they want more. The people complaining about these “webisodes” are still watching them. Would you eat free food that sucked and spit it out, talk smack about it and go back for more? Because that is what people are doing so it can’t suck that bad. I see this all the time and it never changes. How can people feel entitled to this? You bought the video games, the movies, the toys, watched the show. If this isn’t good enough then stick with what you have. No one has to watch this and no one has to make this. There hasn’t been anything released in how long and when we do get something it is not what we wanted. Sorry, obviously I am not talking about just this particular series. I might have to go get a script for prozac so instead of being discouraged I can join in and feel like I am owed something just because I paid for something related to it in the past or because I know how the stories went and these ones don’t go that way. Lacking masks and wide mouths? Hahaha. Oh yeah, who really thinks that this is going to lead to a tournament? The video game is the tournament. At least thats how I have read it. Do you really think we will get all this back story and then a full out tournament in 12? 8 minute episodes? I am all done for now.

    • I completely agree with your opinion, and although you are correct in stating that these webisodes are a prequel to the videogames and that the videogames are in fact ‘the tournement’, maybe your not able to see the bigger picture of what Tancharoen is trying to acheive in the long run.

      Tancharoen has so far laid the foundations very carefully and is being very clever in builing up the ‘pay of’, the tournement is the ‘money shot’, and he knows full well what the MK franchise is all about, and why it has being succesfull from the very first MK videogame, the fusion of fighting, gore, interesting fighters and fatalities and what will be the webisodes finale, the tournement itself.

      Tancharoen isn’t daft,even in the very first promo (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth) the emphasis was placed on a variety of fighters competing in a tournement. Why would he make the Webisodes as violent as they are unless he intended to put it to full effect in the finale (Fatalities).

      Basically Tancharoen is saving the best for last.

      Its the finale of his vision of MK which will prompt WB to give him the greenlight to make a feature lenght movie, in my opinion.

  21. im sorry man, but these arent all that great…fight scenes arent even that good…its like watchin a reallly bad movie on the sci-fi channel.

    • There great considering what they have done with such a small budget, and they are still better than the previous MK efforts.

      Sure they look like made for TV, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing e.g. Dexter, Supernatural, Smallville, Spartacus etc.

      The fight scenes are pretty good

      • Well it isn’t exactly hard to surpass the previous MK films, considering they were rubbish.

    • Felt the exact same way, resembles an upgraded sci-fi film.

  22. Hopefully i’m not the only person who thinks this series has gone down the drain (should have stuck with the Rebirth idea). I’ve enjoyed the short story about Johnny Cage, but the rest are complete trash.

    Shao Khan and Baraka are a joke, and where the hell are the boobs on Mileena and Kitana?

    Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile will be the highlight of this web-series.

    • No disrespect but you can’t be a fan of the MK franchise if you are seriously suggesting that Reptile’s back story should have had him victim to a rare disease that suggests that he needs to eat human heads to survive, and that Baraka is a black market surgeon with piercings that cannot be removed regardless of many times he is punched and kicked in the face, it was stupid! I’m glad Tancharoen realised this and changed it back to the orginal mythology.

      If Tancheon had made this webisodes in the image of MK: Rebirth it would have had short lived success from people who rememeber playing Mortal Kombat. But the people who actually apreciate the mythology and fantasy elements will back these webisodes a lot further than a handful of sketpics who have a preference to knock somebodies work as opposed to seeing the best in it.

      I get the impression that even when Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile’s story is told that you will still write some ill conceived remark simply to be a hater, its only in its fourth episode and you already stating this reboot as ‘trash’.

      As for the remarks regarding the previous MK flicks, Andersons was a decent attempt, Kasanoffs was terrible, it made Streetfighter look like a rock star it was that bad, and just when you think Kasanoff couldn’t get any lower, he starts making MK Conquest, absalute gash.

      So its understandable for people to make comparisons between this MK reboot to the previous movies, because you can see that Tancharoen is doing everything right.

      • I love how you start off with, “No disrespect BUT you’re an idiot.”

        Anyways, the reason I enjoyed Rebirth was simply because it had a more gritty realistic feel to it (which is what Legacy should have). I thought the whole point of Legacy was to turn the MK franchise into a new direction, try something new. Reborn did that and I loved it, Legacy just went back to the roots, which isn’t bad but I expected something different.

        The fact is Rebirth never got past that trailer, so you can’t really sit here and tell me it would have been a “horrible” decision when the idea never even got its foot into the ground.

        To be a hater? What is this preschool? If I dislike something it is probably because I thought it was s***, not because I just wanted to be a “hater”. I’m aware it is only the fourth episode, but it has yet to entertain me, that is just how I feel. Just because I feel differently than you do doesn’t mean i’m wrong.

        The previous MK films are a joke. End of story. It is an easy job for anyone to step up from that horrible display of entertainment.

        • I don’t see anywhere in the comment above yours where it says that anyone is an idiot.


          • I know he didn’t actually say that, but he might as well have. “You can’t be a MK fan if you think this way”

        • @Zero-Fear

          Rebirth never got past that trailer for some valid reasons, and Tancheon paid close attention to the construction critism it received and then went back in a flash to fix some serious flaws.

          All the things in your first paragraph that you highlighted Legacy should possess,well Tancheon has already succeeded in doing implementing them. Tancheon has kept the ‘gritty, realistic’ feel from the MK: Rebirth’, and still took the MK franchise in a new direction.

          ‘Legacy went back to the roots’? are you suggesting he should have started MK Legacy with just a bunch of fighting without the need to tell anybodies backstory, because that is one of the main things i hated about the previous efforts, we only saw the backstories of who Kasanoff and Anderson perceived as the central characters.

          Tancheon is telling the story of MK from the viewpoint of these MK characters with as much care and respect as he can, in under 10 minutes, with pretty good fight choreography, an excellent cast who are beleivable, some half decent CGI and some clever direction in anime storytelling. What more do you want for your money, oh thats right, he’s not even charging anyone to see it.

          If i felt as strongly as you do about watching ‘s***’ then i’d pull out some preschool DVD’s if i was you and give MK: Legacy a break, because i wouldn’t continue to watch something that i stated as s***, otherwise i ‘would’ feel like an idiot.

          And you couldn’t be more wrong, how do you think Anderson received the funding for a feature lenght MK movie, because he was being the studios b**** when he agreed to make it teen friendly and pack the cinemas with as many kids as possible, it received moderate success so a sequel was greenlit, Anderson got out quickly and Kasanoff milked it for all that it was worth and killed of what should and could have been a brilliant martial arts franchise.

          So its far from easy for anyone to step up from the previous MK movies, especially when you are trying to please the fanbase, ‘and’ the studios when you are making a reboot on a budget smaller than what it would cost to make one of your ‘Bob the Builder’ DVD’s.

          • Tancheon has yet to show me the same dark atmosphere he set up in Rebirth, I have no idea why you are even suggesting that they used the same gritty realistic feel that Rebirth had.

            What I was trying to imply with “going back to the roots” was that they aren’t changing up the characters origins (like how they did with Rebirth, that was a total change in backstory with many characters).

            I’m just giving my opinion buddy, i’m sorry that you have to try and defend this new MK series with such a passion that you are forgetting that not everybody might share the same views as you do.

            I don’t exactly know what to tell you other than what i’ve already stated. I (as a individual) do not like this series. No amount of angry paragraphs from you is ever going to change that.

            P.S: Like I stated before, it isn’t hard to make a step-up from the previous MK disasters.

            • Not angry at all, i just don’t like people kicking the underdog. People are failing to see this reboot for what it is, this reboot series of MK is like a pilot for WB to make a decision as to whether a feature movie/series based on Tancheons vision would be a financially wise decision.

              And he is using this pitch with Webisodes,and they aren’t any longer than 10 mins, his funding is so tight he can’t make a full episode.

              Yet Tancheon still manages to create a rich story for each of these MK characters each week, and they are free of charge.

              Its not the MK series that i’m defending its the director sticking to his guns and being as faithfull as possible to the source material and crafting his work the way he sees fit, and not selling out for a paycheck, even though it could be easily done.

              People are expecting way too much from a 10 minute, free pretty decent mini series that may or maynot greenlight an even better series. But for now he his improvising and using what resources he has at his disposal.

              E.g. He needed to set the story of Ardenia yet had no funds for CGI or giant set peice, so he hires an animator, maybe he couldn’t afford an animator at Disney, so he paid one that could get the job done with reasonable standard, as the story will compensate with quality not quantity.

              Its hard for Tancheon to step up from the previous MK movies because he doesn’t kiss ass, and isn’t making this reboot from money that is simply thrown at him.

              people need to stop thinking that this is some highly funded project that will run into tenth season, when it isn’t even in it its fifth episode yet.

              The same thing happened with the Brothers Strausse with Skyline, it was not a great film, it was more like a suprisingly good made for TV film. But people slated it without taking into consideration the miniscule budget it was made on, but at least they got to make there own film without being bent over by the studios.

              • Lets see if you will get it this time.

                Do not.
                This series.

                Nothing you say will change that, I think the dialogue is terrible at times and the low budget is really showing. Clerks and Halloween had a low budget but they managed to entertain me, while this series still doesn’t have me enjoying too much yet.

                • Lets see if you get it this time…


                  Clerks? and Halloween, your weird. Clerks is a different film that did not rely on martial arts, CGI, expensive set peices,costumes, stunts, i can see you have really thought this through.

                  Halloween was filmed in a different time pal, you draw comparisons from some very random films, why don’t you throw in Frankenhooker and Charlie St Cloud, you know….just for good measure lol, strange lad

                  • Let it go, Mark. The fact that you said that Skyline was “surprisingly good” speaks volumes of your taste in film.

                    • Buy a pair of reading glasses Alex, i was reffering to the miniscule budget when i was talking about Skyline.

                  • All I did was state my opinion about the direction this web-series is taking and you come in with this pompous attitude “You can’t possibly be a MK fan” etc. etc.

                    The point i’m trying to get across is that I love Mortal Kombat, but this web-series is just not doing it for me, I just wanted to throw in what I thought about this new episode. That is it.

                    Reason I brought up those movies was because they all had a very low budget but managed to entertain millions. This web-series is (like you said) on a low budget and has a very specific time frame, keeping that in mind I still whole heartedly believe they could have done better.

                    By the way, I would never bring up Skyline. That movie was terrible all around.

                    • There is nothing pompous about my attitude, i’m just as entitled to disagree with your comments as much as you are regarding the topic.

                      Of course it could have been better, and there things in MK Legacy that i would still change, but i honestly believe if Tancheon had continued on with rebirth its success would have been short lived.

                      I simply think that if you have aleady commited your opinion about MK Legacy as ‘crap’ when it hasn’t even reached its fifth episode,then why bother watching the rest of it.

                      I just don’t think your apreciating what Tancheon is doing with what little resources he has in comparison to Anderson and Kasanoff and all of these other studio run directors.

                      I’m not implying that MK Legacy is ‘excellent’,and cannot be improved upon, because i could write a long list, but all of which would require more funding. So while its easy to sit and judge, critize or whatever, for what it is its pretty damn good.

                      And i was using Skyline as an example, of directors (Strausse Brothers) who choose to make their own films (like AVP2) and are unfairly blackmarked if it isn’t an A-List success.

                      Skyline was not a brilliant film, but it was a good effort at a large concept solo project.

                    • For some reason I can’t reply to the comment below, so I guess I will just reply to myself..

                      “I simply think that if you have aleady commited your opinion about MK Legacy as ‘crap’ when it hasn’t even reached its fifth episode,then why bother watching the rest of it.”

                      What do you want me to say? The last episodes are great when they really aren’t? Hell, i’m not even saying the whole series could pick up and end up being great (i’m actually hoping for that). For me this web-series isn’t my cup of tea, BUT I will continue to watch it because down the road it could prove me wrong. But right now it isn’t looking so good and that is all I was pointing out.

        • Rebirth was entertaining for what it was but it severely limits the possibilities by grounding everything too much in reality. I mean what would you do about more fantastical characters like Sub Zero? Give him a liquid nitrogen shooter?

          In the end I don’t want the tournament to consist of nothing but a group of freaks, serial killers and gimmicks. If you want that go watch Bloodsport or The Quest again.

          • That was my concern when i saw the Rebirth trailer, that Tancharoen was going to try and bring logic to every character e.g. Raiden was going to be the CEO of a major electric company.

            Thankfully he made a wise decision and took it in the direction it was supposed to go. I think there will be signature moves, i just don’t think he’ll make them over the top.

            As for Bloodsport, aside from the acting and the extremely bad in film music, its a crackin flick ‘now i blake you, like i blake your friend’ lolol.

            Unfortunately you may have to expect a gimmick or two when the tournement episodes arrive, you can’t tell me that your not looking forward to seeing a Fatality.

            • Gimmicks are fine as long as it’s not filled with them. The first MK movie tried a bit too hard and was even a bit too gimicky for my taste (but still enjoyable). Did Scorpion’s kunai with rope REALLY need to be turned into some sort of supernatural snake that came out of his hand? And did getting hit with Sub-Zeros freeze have to be pretty much a death sentence? From the game it was merely a hold you couldn’t break out of……just a few examples that I would prefer Tancharoen steering clear of.

              I also really really like Bloodsport, I just don’t want all the MK characters reduced to “realistic”. Doing so would make it all too mundane if you will. As I said, if you want that level of reality you can find it in other movies.

              • Looking at Event Horizon, Anderson could have made that film badass, just like the R.E. movies and Alien vs Predator.

                Mortal Kombat is like a guilty pleasure film, in all fairness to Anderson a few scenes managed to capture the atmosphere of the games e.g. the fight between Sub Zero and Liu Kang. At the time i thought the snake/Harpoon weapon was pretty cool, now not so much, i just don’t like the way he sold out the franchise when he was clearly a fan.

                Sub Zero’s scene where he freezes that guard and he shatters was simply Andersons attempt at a bloodless ’15 rated’ Fatality. But i agree hopefully his freezing people won’t result in death in this reboot, maybe he’ll have different strenghts of freezing lol.

                I can apreciate Tancheons effort at making the characters beleivable, theres no hamming it up in this reboot, thats why Tancheon made a wise choice by introducing Shao Kahn as subtle tyrant, so the transition into becoming a bad ass will look casual at the end of the saga, as opposed to acting like Budha going through anger management (Annihilation).

                I’m looking forward to seeing Scorpions back story.

            • All i’m saying is Rebirth had a good idea that many people enjoyed.

              • Agreed!

          • I’m going on record as saying I enjoyed the Rebirth trailer and hoped it would continue on that line.
            A lot of people are stuck on “Their” version and what should be included from the game.

            I would have liked to see an Urban Adult Fantasy version of the Prior flicks. The first one was ok for the decade it was released and the 2nd shouldn’t even be mentioned.

            Who’s to say that the original rebirth idea couldn’t be expanded on to include all the important details from the game?

            Scorpian as an assassin was a pretty cool idea to me. Cage getting decapitated was nice!
            The magical elements could have been kept also.
            You can always have the dark side, the Hidden World where the natures normal rules/laws don’t exactly line up with ours.
            Augmented humans, mutants or fantastical beasts can all occupy the same space and preserve the original elements while also being a movie for adults.

            That’s my 2 Cents!

      • I like this guy. Tell them…and yes I agree with your response to my post. I hadn’t given that much thought. Touche and cheers sir

        • No worries, sir lol

      • @ Mark Swaine excellent response and analyst…Rebirth plot and story could’ve taint the MK franchise. The only good thing about it was the choreography.

        • Cheers duder :)and for sure it would have tainted another go at the MK franchise if he continued with Rebirth, maybe thats a good a reason as any to change it again to Legacy, but keep everything that made Rebirth appealing.

          • The only thing that is being transferred over from Rebirth to Legacy is the characters, besides that I see no similarities.

            • By characters I meant actors.

              • Rebirth would have a ben a short lived mess, which i why Tanchereon scrapped it

                • You don’t know that. It ‘could’ have been good and it ‘could’ have been bad, but it never happen so we don’t know.

                  • Happened*

                    really wish we had a edit button for our posts.

  23. Pretty cool so far, can’t wait for the next episode.

  24. Um…. the episodes are going downhill fast. Hope they get real good, real soon. This episode just wasn’t very entertaining to me. The mix of real and animation wasn’t real fluid to me and Baraka looks like a joke. I guess I’m just anxious for Scorpion. Don’t let us down!!!!!

    Is Goro going to be in an episode?

    To me, the bar was set high for Rebirth, then lowered for these webisodes…. but hell, I’m just glad for some more MK

  25. Worst of the lot… and I really liked the last three.

    The lack of budget really showed in this episode. While I understand the feel they were trying to obtain with the animation style use, the animation was poorly done and falls on not being able to fund it (this is coming from an animator).

    I very much dislike Shao Kahn’s character, casting, and overall. While I understand the (for whatever reason) they are trying to make him more human, any love based emotion from him only makes him more likable… gives viewers something to relate to and however dumb it is, builds sympathy for him. That’s not how we should feel about Shao Kahn and it seems wrong. As over the top as Shao Kahn’s character was in the movie… I’d actually prefer that to this… but we’ll see what comes of it. Overlords need love to right???

  26. I sure am hoping for the best on this series, but the strengths and weaknesses are becoming evident.

    The Johnny Cage stuff was great, but this was very weak. The VERY small budget is apparent by the use of tricks like explosions off-screen and poor lighting, but those very elements are hurting the fantasy aspects. I could barely see over half this episode, and I feel like that was on purpose.

    Also I didn’t like the narrator’s voice on this. Very passive and sad.

  27. First of all: Mortal Kombat with no fantasy = not Mortal Kombat.

    Call it something else. MK Rebirth was awesome, yes… and as far from MK as humanly possible, only with the same names. They already tried to make a “realistic” Street Fighter, you all now how that went…

    Really liked this episode, but I would leave the animation exclusively for castles, temples… things too expensive to build. Use real actors for the characters.

    About the characters: the “twins” are great, but Shao looks puny. I don´t want one of those WWE-like freaks for Khan, but at least a guy who looks intimidating would be welcome.

    And, sadly, the first thing I thought about the Tarkatans was “these guys died when Mordor fell, WTF?”. Maybe giving a more unique look to Baraka would help distinguish him from the other Tarks.

    Shang Tsung looks great, like the slimy, backstabbing sorcerer type he is. And Sindel looks pretty good, too.

    I want to see Raiden…

    • I am looking forward to reading the screen plays or seeing the movies you guys have in production.
      Maybe all us “experts” on the MK mythology should contribute some donations or script rewrites so it can remain “True” to the intentions of the games creators since we all know how to do it better.

      • When you go to the cinema, do you walk out after the trailers have finished, or pay to see the feature film? If there was a charge to see MK Legacy i would pay it, and still feel that i am getting value for my money, not like all the freebies and cheapskates that watch it and then knock it.

        One thing is for sure, if i was in the movie business i would finance a first season of MK Legacy to test the water. Why how much have you ‘invested?’

        If i was asked to write a screenplay for MK Legacy i would do, and it would be the dogs bollocks, i have written screen plays before.

        • I know this is a personal attack but I really don’t care.

          Coming from a guy who has written screenplays before, you sure have some grammar issues.

          • My screenplays and docs are proof read, i don’t feel the need to be immaculate when leaving comments or replies to over sensitive paranoid people on casual website.

            If my comment above yours was directed at you i would have no problem stating so :)

      • Ah, I get it… you´re one of those “if you don´t like it, do it yourself” types.

        Well then, show YOUR version of things… maybe WB falls in love with it and dumps a load of money on you to make the movie…

        I´m pointing the hits and misses as I see them. Nothing else.

        • Your hits and misses aren’t derogitory,i agree with some of what your comments, and hell yeah i’d a write an MK script, i’ve still got 3/4 of a script for Robocop vs Terminator lol

          • Actually, that was directed at Nate.

            • Jennblade,

              I guess I am one of those people who tell complainers or people who say “they’d do it this way or do it that way. They should have done it like this..” to go ahead and show them how it’s REALLY done.

              I don’t have one post saying I’d do it better. I don’t have a clue how to write a script. I can give my non professional opinion on stuff I don’t like and that’s it.

              So, i’m not submitting anything other than what you just read. Having said that, if the producer said he’s accept donations to make a better product, I’d help, because i’m no animation placement, music writing, voice acting, actor hiring, screen writing, lighting, dialog coaching, make up expert like some of the really lucky people are here.
              I’m extremly jealous of all that expertise actually.

              Stay thirsty my friend..

  28. “However, the final on-screen Tarkatan may not look exactly like his in-game counterpart but the implementation of his dual bladed fight choreography, however brief, makes up for any unwelcome alterations.”

    It certainly does NOT make up for it. Baraka looks ridiculous. At least they should have made him without hair. And aren’t Kitana and Mileena supposed to be beautiful? That last shot of them two… man, were they miscast.

    I’ve enjoyed the series so far but this episode was awful. Time to show some Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

  29. Interesting take on the MK series. It’s surprising that the director isn’t focusing on the more realistic portion of the MK universe anymore. In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to see where this web series goes from now on.

    • Still waiting for season 2, looks like a no show