Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 2 Now Online

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Mortal Kombat Legacy Clip Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 2 Now Online

Today is a special day for Mortal Kombat fans. Not only is the 9th iteration of the successful and violent video game franchise hitting store shelves today, but episode 2 of director Kevin Tancharoen’s re-imagining of the series origins has also released online.

The first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy introduced us to Stryker, Sonya and Jax as they attempt to take down Kano and Black Dragon’s ‘Cyber Initiative.’ Episode 2 concludes the events of the warehouse trap and action sequences, starting the transformation of two key characters into how we know them as from the games.

This episode is the second of the 9-part series and when combined with the first episode, can be considered the introduction to the story. No new characters are introduced just yet, so watch and enjoy more of Jackson “Jax” Briggs (Michael Jai White), Sonya Blade (Jeri Ryan), Lieutenant Kurtis Stryker (Tahmoh Penikett) as they attempt to take down Kano (Darren Shahlavi).

Sonya is finally able to step into the action now that she’s escaped, and pretty much everyone else is dead. Jax’s ignorance of “protocol” got a lot of people killed so I don’t feel too bad he’s losing his arms. His replacements will be much cooler anyway.

The defining moment of episode 2 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is undoubtedly the punch that tore Kano’s face apart, beginning his transformation into the metal-plate-faced villain we know him as from the games and Mortal Kombat film.

Visually, the show is looking good and it features a cast we can all rally behind. Despite what Jeri Ryan told us about Legacy in our interview, there is still “camp” to be found, from her firing the gun backwards at her fallen opponent to her intensely long slow-mo staredown when she escaped the room at the end of episode 1.

If you were fighting Kano, would you turn your back to him for this long?

Mortal Kombat Legacy Kano Jax Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 2 Now Online

Despite the camp factor, I’m very excited for what comes next as we meet the new (and improved?) Jax and Kano. I think I can speak for everyone in sharing anticipation for the introduction of other key franchise characters who reside in the Netherrealm (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Baraka, etc.)

If you’re a series fan, check out Game Rant’s review of the new Mortal Kombat.

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  1. i love it hope they keep it up this series is/will be awesome

  2. wow this was pretty good. Definitely could have made it as a low budget film IMO.

  3. I’m not all that familiar with the game series but this series is awesome

  4. Barrrrharhs I wish the episodes were longer. It’s taking too long to establish character. In 2 episodes we’ve seen so litte.

  5. These guys are doing an awesome job!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

  6. Jax wins, Fatality!

  7. Better than the first part and I think it gives us a good idea of what this series is trying to accomplish. If we have to settle for the origin story for each of the main combatants rather than a resolved plot, I’ll take it. As long as the Baraka photo was just a joke. Or a horrible accident. Or what the actor looked like pre-makeup. It doesn’t mesh at all with what we’ve seen so far.

  8. For the 7mins we get, it wasn’t to bad, wonder if they will show Jax next week or move on to another segment of the series. When I saw Jax turn around all I could think of was “FINISH HIM” Haha, I do like how Kano look with the robotic half of his face

  9. I was wondering the same thing, whether we’ll see Jax again. I’m thinking we wil, in the last episode or two.

  10. it was pretty sweeet!

  11. Good stuff. Can not wait for the next episode.

  12. and good times were had by all :)

  13. Excellent, but i have two complaints if they want us to take them seriously.

    1. Don’t pull crap like the Sonya shooting backwards without looking and hitting the guy no one knew was still alive. that’s cheap.

    2. Right after receiving a partial facial implant and new eye, do you think anyone’s gonna immediately wake up with both eyes wide open like that? i know it’s done for shock value, but again, it cheapens the “grittiness” they’re trying to go after and being pretty successful with, for the most part. I’m also not sure about Jax punching a guys face off, but at least we get an idea how Kano got his face.

    • I agree with you about the waking up portion and the shooting backwards thing. But in the event of Jax punching Kano’s face off, thats perfection. Mortal Kombat is all about the overkill and the effect of violence. Even in this current interpretation of realism, that part is as true to MK as the eye in Kano’s face. Its the fatality portion. Cant wait to see whats next.

      (Hope im not coming off as an ass, just want to elaborate my thought. Trying to to do it in a civil manner)

      • Not coming off as an ass at all. I appreciate your comments and response.

  14. This is like the kindergarten section of screenrant. It’s disgusting. The shows are okay, it doesn’t seem to be moving in any direction, so far we know Sonya and Jax and very little about anyone else the director’s doing a poor job introducing the world these characters live in (Will there be magic in this?). I don’t know how many episodes are being made but it needs to pick up some momentum. Just okay, not the greatest like some are making it out to be.

  15. …But pretty good for a low budget web series, I have to give it that.

  16. I think this episode was much better then the first , im enjoying this every much and am glad to see this take on the franchise

  17. Not bad, defiantly better than the previous episode, but I really hope they start focusing on Sub-Zero\Scorpion soon.

  18. i think these have been amazing so far! to all you nit-pikers out there complaining about the tiniest thing… this is low budget and they have to try and fit a hell of alot into a 8min slot, so for what they have and how they have done it i think is a brilliant achievement.

    if you think otherwsie please create your own and show us how you would do it differently :)

  19. Rob Keyes u dont get it why Jax turn his back on Kano for a little while. its because Kano is dazed and confused from the uppercut and Jax did his fatality just like in the game. when u beat up the character to the end and the other character is all dazed and confused until you do for finishing move “FATALITY”, “FLAWLESS VICTORY” lol.

  20. Finally a fight scene! and it only took 15 mins to get to one, still better than the first episode.

    they should have made each episode 30 min, which fully explained everything per arc (in this case the things that occur amongst sonya, jax and kano).

    i hope his reason for making the episodes so out of proportion isn’t b/c he wants to create ‘suspense’ b/c he’s failing, and people dont like inconsistent duration (i waited a whole week in hopes for a longer episode).

    other then time issues, i think the episode was great, very violent and somewhat exaggerated (i dont think its physically possible to punch someone’s eye out). its just the damn run time that’s pissing me off :(

    • I agree that combining episodes 1 and 2 would have felt much better.

      • they could have even gone a step further and added the whole jax, sony and kano arc into one 30min episode.

    • I agree, this is just a tease. We need a full lenght MOVIE. These episodes are awsome, but we need to see aleast a 2 hr movie. I hope someone does it.

  22. These are really good! How come they only made them like 10 minutes per episode though? Is the plan to put them on TV and right before the credits roll on each episode, throw commercials in between them instead? That’s what it seems like…

    And for the complaint about Sonja shooting the guy with her back turned, c’mon man, are you kidding me? Its a Sci-Fi/ Fictional/ Action movie for crying out loud. Its not supposed to be realistic. Its MORTAL FREAKING KOMBAT for gods sake!

    I am really enjoying these though so far, just wished they were longer. Sucks waiting a week for a 7 minute episode… :(

  23. People complaining about the length, get over it. This isn’t a tv show, they have very little money to make it. It’s more like a movie cut down into 9 Internet sized chunks. On DVD I’m sure it will all be shown together, or re edited as such.

    • i think its going to be broken down into 3 story arcs, so my guess is that each arc will run for around 30 min in total maybe even 20min. its not the duration that’s really getting to me, its the wait for every episode that really pisses me off, i mean c’mon 1 week for 5 min of footage which doesn’t show much besides a fight scene and hints at how the characters become who they are. like i said before, they could have easily put it all into one big episode, and waited a week or so before showing the next arc, that way people wouldn’t have to wait every week for a little more footage.

  24. Lol. Jaxx wins… Disfigurement.

  25. The cheese factor is there but I still love theses. Bring on the next episode! Green light a full budget movie!