Sony Sets Summer 2013 Release Date for ‘The Mortal Instruments’

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mortal instruments movie release date Sony Sets Summer 2013 Release Date for The Mortal Instruments

After having spent the last year partially stalled in development, a cinematic adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s New York Times best-selling, young adult, fantasy-adventure literature series, The Mortal Instruments, is making some serious progress.

Just over the past several weeks, the project has officially snagged a new director in Harald Zwart (The Karate Kid), been locked down to begin production later this summer – and now, has an official U.S. theatrical release date to boot.

We now know (via Box Office Mojo) that Sony has set The Mortal Instruments to hit theaters in the U.S. on August 23rd, 2013. That’s probably a wise move, as Clare’s source material is not the best-selling monstrosity that other young adult series-turned-blockbusters are (see: Twilight, The Hunger Games). Not to mention, neither of the film’s attached stars – Lily Collins (Mirror Mirror) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Camelot) – are big enough names so as to make the film more bankable – and thus able to hold its own against some of the “big guns” that will grace the silver screen during the more competitive portion of next summer.

Mortal Instruments will be based on Clare’s book series, which, at the time of writing this, has four published installments (and two more on the way). The story is set in motion when fifteen-year-old New Yorker Clary Fray (Collins) witnesses a bizarre murder committed by a trio of teens decked out in strange tattoos (among other accessories) – one where the victim’s body vanishes into thin air. Shortly thereafter, Clary’s mother disappears and the young woman is introduced to the world of Shadowhunters: warriors that battle demons invisible to those who do not have “The Sight” – a power that Clary (inexplicably) suddenly possesses, setting in motion her destiny to become a defender of humankind.

Lily Collins will play Clary Fray in 'The Mortal Instruments'

Basically, The Mortal Instruments is a franchise that embodies many a familiar character and plot element to those featured in other popular, contemporary-set, young adult adventure series, be they fantasy (The Dark Is Rising) or a member of the sci-fi genre (I Am Number Four). Of course part of the reason Mortal Instruments has proven so popular is because Clare’s approach to re-imagining traditional monster mythology tropes – and offering a female twist on the stereotypical male hero archetype, in a fashion many have compared to that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - is generally regarded as being quite clever.

So far, Mortal Instruments fans appear to be (by and large) optimistic about the film adaptation. The choice of Collins as Clary has gone over well enough, while the news that Zwart will handle helming duties – rather than previously-attached candidate Scott Charles Stewart (Priest) – has also gone over with relatively few complaints. Bower being cast as Shadowhunter “Jace” Wayland has caused some conflict, as many fans feel he isn’t a good fit to pull off the character’s mix of arrogance, charisma, and angelic looks. Of course, we’ll see if they change their song (or not) upon seeing some actual footage of Bower in the role.

Principal photography on The Mortal Instruments is scheduled to start this summer on August 15th in Toronto.


Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. I honestly think this book sucked. I don’t get why people liked it.

    • agreeeedd.

    • Very much agreed. City of Fallen Angels was awful. I read it only one time and since then have been trying to completely expel it from my memory. City of Glass was supposed to be the end, and rightfully so!

  2. This series wasn’t that good. It’s going to flop, IMO. It lacks what The Hunger Games had (appeal to both female and male).

    Plus, Jamie Campbell Bower is really loathed by most of the fanbase. They should consider recasting him if they want any chance of being successful.

    • Very true! It should have remained a trilogy! Jace waa castrated and COFA was awful and pointless filler.
      Now I have to wait extra long for Infernal Devices (which is way better) just because someone wanted to milk more money out of the franchise!

    • Hm I don’t know about the male/female thing, I know quite a few guys who like it mainly because of Simon and the humour, if the action is done right it could appeal I suppose.
      Recast Bower! Please Tesla and Clapton!! This is the main reason why I can’t get excited for this film.

    • Okay so, there is no way that they should re cast Jamie Campbell Bower, he makes the story better, he plays it so well. Him as the ‘bad boy’ but has that ‘good side’ is amazing. No one could play it any better. And really, the movie is already so damn successful, and if they were to recast him there would be so many people that would stop watching the movies and would be very disappointed. Because he plays the part so well and he is damn hot too. So i think that he is completely and truly the right person and the director picked the right person to play the part for Jace.

  3. this kinda reminds me of “the supernaturalist” by eoin colfer (artemis fowl). i would like to see a movie of that more than this. anyone else ever read the supernaturalist?

  4. Although I am very happy that Sony is is finally pushing this adaption further, I don’t know if I will be seeing this. I read the books and fell in love with them. I agree with the article, it offers a twist similar to “Buffy” (don’t hate me!), but the twist is entirely different. I don’t mind Lily playing Clary, but would much more prefer someone such as Jane Levy or Molly Quinn, just because they are beauties in unconventional ways, and also those two are very much underrated. I hate the fact that Jaime is playing Jace. I would much rathe have Ed Speelers playing him (and he was one of the top three people in the running for the role, along with Jamie and unknown Leebo Freeman).

    I am also happy that Sony is making this, instead of Screen Gems, who go too heavy on the effects, and too light on the story.

    • Everyone hated Jennifer for Katniss and look how that turned out

      • Jennifer is an Oscar nominated actress! This doesn’t compare to a rock star’s daughter who got given the role merely because she worked on the Priest that the previos director worked on. Plus a scrawny druggie who critics agree was awful in Camelot.
        This is very different.

  5. I think as fans of the series we need to be positive about this being a great movie! I have confidence that they will choose a great cast because CC really like Lilly and Jamie. LET’S HOPE FOR THE BEST SHADOWHUNTERS!!!

  6. About time!! And hopefully they will keep the great description Clare puts in between Jace and Clary ;)

  7. About time!! And hopefully they will keep the great description Clare puts in between Jace and Clare

  8. I didn’t know that there is so many kids in ScreenRant website.

  9. I think that the books were very well-written, and I am very excited about the movie. Like Matthew D. said, Cassandra said that Lily and Jamie portrayed their characters perfectly and that there was great chemistry between the two. Like Luke said, when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, everyone was so angry about it. Now the movie’s out and everyone loved her performance. This is the exact same thing with Jamie. I’m gonna believe that Jamie is the perfect Jace and I look forward to the movie.

    • Jennifer is a nominated actress for an Oscar. Jamie is nowhere near the same as her. Most of the reviews for Camelot slammed his performance as Arthur. He’s not that great an actor, he’s better than Lily Collins is (who is awful), but not that great. Not enough to justify giving him this role when he’s not even that attractive.

    • Amen to that! I LOVED this series more than the Hunger Games (dont get me wrong i loved them too but i lovr these just a tad bit more) and am so mad at who they casted for Clary ans Jace. I just hope that they still potray the romance, action, comody, and drama to make up for it. But I can tell u that I am allredy disaponted.

  10. There is always a large portion of a fan base that doesn’t agree with the casting of the main roles. I mean, I personally hate Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, but I have lots of friends that love him. It is just that no actor ever really looks exactly how we would picture them in our head, but that’s just the way that it is. It is impossible to find an actor that would fit everyone’s image of a certain character as everyone has different ideas of how a certain character should look.
    So excited for more casting on this movie though :) As some of you said. If Cassie loves Jamie then I love him too :D

  11. I have a feeling this will be bigger than Twilight and Hunger Games. The books are amazing, it has a great plot and awesome characters.. i don’t understand why people bash the movie so much(even less the books *glares at the bar reviews*). Sure, the cast is not the character’s i envisioned. But, it’s her story… This is the way SHE see’s them and I trust the author to make it work. Also, I can’t wait to see who will play Simon and Magnus.

    • There’s no way this will be bigger than Twilight or The Hunger Games. I work in a book store and both those books had huge release parties for their final books. CC’s fifth book came out last week and there was nowhere near the level of excitement for that as there was with Twilight/THG/HP. It won’t be as huge.

  12. Optmistic??? What bloody planet have you been living on?
    The protagonist is being played by a rockstar’s daughter who given the role without have to audition because she connections with previous director, Stewart; the lead male was given to a scrawny druggie looking guy who was AWFUL in Camelot; the director is the same guy who did the awful new Karate Kid?!?!
    99% of people find Bower repulsive.
    They spent way too long on this movie where they should’ve sped ahead like Hunger Games.
    And how is this not a powerhouse? This has hit the best seller list many times, wins fan voted contese online. This is irresponsible ‘journalism.’

    • Well, you may not be optimistic about this movie – but, if you look around the internet, you’ll notice there are plenty of hopeful fans out there.

      However, I do admire how you completely slam everyone associated with this film, make a hilariously exaggerated claim about Bower’s lack of popularity, ignore that I described TMI as a NYT Best-seller (just not one as massive as Twilight or The Hunger Games) and then slam my journalistic integrity, while also overlooking how my article is clearly meant to have an editorial bend.

      Clearly, of the two of us, you’re the one being fair-minded and reasonable, not me. :-P

      • Honestly I don’t know why people are being such butt heads about this as well because it isn’t like with any other film franchise that has done really well that have been based off of books had a questionable actor/actress in the beginning. But after all the hub bub about it and the movie comes out and people accept who is portraying their beloved book character they’re (mostly, I can’t vouch for everyone) completely okay with it. I mean, I cannot wait for The Mortal Instruments personally and if Cassandra Clare thinks that Jamie and Lily will fit HER characters perfectly then I will have to trust her judgement. Right people? I completely agree with you Sandy and I cannot wait for the other Instruments movies and books and Clockwork books and even the new series she is doing. GO SHADOWHUNTERS!!!!! :D

    • I totaly agree with evrything u said

  13. I really liked the books, even if I read them totally out of order. I can’t wait to see what the movies will be like (hopefully very close to the books) though I am wary after seeing The Hunger Games, because I think that they could have done a better job matching the book.

  14. I love this book series soo much Im actually really addicted to the first couple of them and while reading them Lily and Jamie werent the Clary and Jace i had in my head… I would have loved if they would have casted Alex Pettyfer as Jace just because to me he is Jace he is very good at being playing the full of himself role like he did on Beastly, now dont get me wrong i know he didnt want the role, but even if they casted Jamie Alex will always be Jace to me. I would have also liked to see a natural red head be casted as Clary just because it would have felt more real… But i cant wait for the movie!

  15. I think the books were great, although I do agree that they should have ended when Valentine dies. Since they are making a movie, it better be great. Avatar: the Last Airbender was a perfect example as what a bad movie is, I hope this one isn’t one of them.

    I’m just waiting for the trailer to come out. :D

  16. This is stupid! Why Bower playing Jace! You are going to lose a lot of money because of this.. Alex Pettyfer would of done a better job.. Jerks.

  17. i for one can’t wait to see the movie. and if you hate the book so mush why are you on this site any way. no one wants the hear y’all go on about how mush you hate it. i like all the cast members they have casted for the flim. Everyone was a good pick for all the characters.

  18. Remember, Twilight started out smaller and popularity grew, which could be what we see here. Pattinson was not well known and neither was Stewart, and I’m confident that Bower and Collins can pull this off, the trailer looks fantastic.

  19. I can’t wait this will be efficiently exquisite.

  20. I watched the movie loved it, went out bought the books now can’t wait and hopefully get more movies.