Is ‘The Mortal Instruments’ The Next ‘Twilight’?

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the mortal instruments 570x226 Is The Mortal Instruments The Next Twilight?

Ever since Twilight made author Stephanie Meyer a millionaire, it seems as if the publishing industry has caught teen angst/fantasy/horror fever. Naturally, the fever spread to Hollywood where new movies about teenage werewolves, vampires, and various other classic movie monsters are appearing at an alarming rate. According to Variety, the most recent fantasy franchise to make the jump to the big screen will be Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series.

For those unfamiliar with The Mortal Instruments, here’s a quick blurb from the Variety article: “Story revolves around teenager Clary Fray’s search for her missing mother, which leads her to a city filled with mysterious fairies, raucous warlocks, vampires and other demons.” Collectively, The Mortal Instruments series of books have spent 28 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The Mortal Instruments film, which will compile the first three books of the four-book series, is being produced by Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne of Unique Features. Constantin Film will also play a role in producing the film. For the screenplay, Unique has signed screenwriter Jessica Postigo, who wrote the still unreleased Operation Checkmate, which details the hostage of Colombian-French politician Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio.

It would be easy to dismiss this series and others like it for seemingly cashing in on a fad, but that’s unfair to both the author and the filmmakers. Since I haven’t personally read the series myself, I’m going to hold off on passing judgment for the time being. However, if there are any fans of these books out there in Screen Rant land, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Source: Variety

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  1. W00t!!! TMI has a great story/plot/characters. It would be fun seeing it on the big screen.

  2. No I doubt it ! I’m sorry nothing in the YA will be like Twilight. These are good books but you have to hit a certain amount of craziness to your fanbase to even come close to Twilight.

  3. I hope NOT, if the movies follow the same line of the Twilight, better don’t do that.

  4. I hope so, The Mortal Instruments are fabulous books. As addicting as Twilight, but with even more depth to them. And I’m a HUGE Twilight fan, so that’s saying alot. :) Even my friends who didn’t like Twilight loved these books.

    As long as they do the story justice, they could be awesome movies.

  5. I’m a big fan of the Twilight series but if I must compare the two, I would have to say that the The Mortal Instruments books are much better written and developed in terms of the story line and character base. I eagerly await the movies! Jace will be the new (and more manly) Edward and girls will go crazy one again :)

  6. Having read the books, one factor kind of icked me out, but it’s an integral part of the plot. As for whether it’s the next Twilight… I really hope not.

  7. I’m not familiar with this series but I can tell you that trying to cram three books worth of story into one movie raises a red flag for me. I can understand wanting to tell a complete story in case the film isn’t popular enough for a sequel, but that’s a lot to put in 90-120 minutes.


  8. It is truth that Iā€™m fan of the Twilight series / stories. It’s like that a natural amagin stories in your books series, so i like it very much.

  9. I hope not. We already are cursed with the whole Twilight craze, and don’t need anymore crap like it.

  10. I absolutely love the MI series and the Twilight series. I have to say that I am a 26 yr old, happily married woman, but I completely fell for the MI series. All the characters are beautifully written, causing you to love even the bad guys in some fashion!

    I am extremely disappointed to hear that they might combine all 3 books into one movie. They will completely lose out on the details that make the series so wonderful. I can maybe see two 2.5 hr movies, but not one!! Seeing these books brought to life on the big screen would be more intriguing than the Twilight series, because there will be so much more unique aspects of the fantasy life of the books that will have to be brought to life. I’m dying to see the runes, seraph blades, and Isabelles whip! Gah, please not one movie!

    I don’t think it would be exactly cashing in on a fad. Cassandra has done a wonderful job writing the story, and already has a huge fan base made of Twilight and MI fans alike. One could say that Eragon and Twilight cashed in on the HP craze, as those are both fantasy films/stories that have done very well. I think these works of fiction deserve to stand alone as having a rightful place on the big screen, and not just riding on the coat tails of other films.

  11. OMFG Yess It Should Be Made Into A Film šŸ˜€ I Hope They Hold Auditions Lool

    Im A Fan of the twilight Saga BUT TMI Series is Soo Much Better Cassandra Has Put As Much Effort into the Plot 7 Characters As JK Rowling Has With Harry Potter & It Clerly Shows Unlike Twilight.

    *Finger Crosssed* that Alex pettyfer is Jace Wayland Coz That Would be Sooo Dammmn Hawwt LMAO

  12. Thats why I aalways thought we got lucky with the LOTR trilogy,
    They didnt have to cram it into one or two films .
    I wont be seeing this .

  13. I think it is an amazing idea! Twilight is an amazing book and so is the mortal instrument series. Everything about it is crazy. It keeps u guessing every second. Stephine even read this book and she said its a world she would love to live in!!!

  14. I enjoyed Twilight and all but The Mortal Instruments would make a much better movie. Both books have tales of ‘forbidden love’ but TMI has more action, plot twists, and a set of characters more developed than Twilight’s. May I mention that Stephanie Meyer herself loves this series.?

    As for it’s the next Twilight? I see nothing in common between the books except for their share of mythical creatures; vampires and werewolves. And even those two similarities can be vague.

    So the only way The Mortal Instruments would be the next Twilight is if they do it like they’re doing to Twilight now.

  15. I’m a HUGE twilight fan but like Stephenie Meyer herself said, Jace wins over all. I really hope MI gets a bigger and great fanbase sort of like Twilight but I really hope the fans and magazines ruin the movie like they are starting to with Twilight.

  16. The Mortal Instrument series is hands down a lot better than twilight, but its all a matter of opinion…They both have fantastic authors. You DEFINITELY can’t put 3 books into one movie…if you want it it be good. Make more movies…it will be worth it!!

  17. I love the Mortal Instruments. I really do hope they don’t put the first three books into ONE movie. But instead, making them into separate movies. That way things won’t flow wayyy too fast, and it won’t feel so rushed. And that way, I can ‘savour’ the movie, and see things visually on screen in more depth.

    In my opinion. TMI is way better than Twilight. I hope they won’t make it too rushed, and put certain scenes in almost randomly like they did with Twilight. I could rant on about about the things I don’t like about Twilight, but I’m not going to bother. This is coming from a person who read all the books, and even own the last book. So, yeah.

    Mortal Instruments = BEST TRILOGY, NOW A SERIES, EVER!

  18. The Mortal Instruments remind me nothing of Twilight. I am a twilight fan,but yet I love the TMI way more, there’s a bigger storyline, and you just fall in love with the characters. I cannot wait for these books to become movies.

  19. I personally love both Twilight and The Mortal Instruments series. I think yes they may be similar in some aspects but they are also very different. The mortal instruments focuses more on all different types of creatures such as vampires, werewolfs, demons, warlocks etc. And its not basically based off a love story (not dissing twilight, cuz i absoluetly love that about it) but it has the plot of clary trying to find her mother, finding out about her father, the terribles lies he tell to other characters, and then a love triangle. I think that just like for twilight if a movie comes out it might inspire people to want to read the book. I didnt know anything about the twilight books until i heard about the movie in production and then i read them. And i think that the mortal instruments could be a huge hit if more people knew. It would apeal to most twilight fans i believe. Its the same and yet very different. You might think of twilight because of the type of world and the creatures in it, but with the story line its completely all Cassandra Clare’s ideas. I love both books and will love both movies and well just all the movies for both!

  20. But yes i agree all 3 books into one movie, bad idea. it would cut short so many things in these amazing books. i want to see as much on screen from the books i can. id rather wait for the next moves to come out than miss out on stuff.

  21. wow this would be amazing on film…
    i think jace should be
    i’m not sure really but my best guess would be,
    alex pettyfer,.
    i think…

  22. The series isn’t following the fad, I think it just happened to come out at the right time. Cassandra’s series is sophisticated and still really relavent. I hope they take their time making the movie and really caprturing the feel of the books.

  23. TMI is hands done a gazillion times more well written and better than twilight. The characters, storylines, plots are all well thought of and not just 1 monotonous piece of *** like twilight

    I hope they make it a trilogy of movies. 1 movie for 3 books would really suck!!

  24. I just recently read the first book of this series,City of Bones.I loved it! The ending I didn’t like as much.Simply because of some of the relations in the book.I’m not going to spoil the book for the rest of you :) But I think a movie of this would be brilliant.I think that to make it a good movie you can leave out much and thats going to happen.Making all three of the books into one movie will take out to much of the good stuff in the books.I think they should follow the rout that Twilight took.Make the first move based on the first book and then the movie will make money and so will the books.All of the fantasy teen things are very popular now and I think they would make more money in the long run by breaking it up.That is all it’s about for the production company and such,money.So they should be smart about it.

  25. Oops,I said ‘can’ up there,I meant’Can’t’

  26. Alex Pettyer – please cast him as Jace. He is perfect.

  27. Alex Pettyfer = Jace Wayland

  28. well, its too soon but everyone’s been wanting Alex to play Jace.

    But really, if the movie outfit stays true to the books, theres no way the movie can fail..TMI is really that good! from book 1 down to the last chapter of book 3 ^^

  29. I’m not so sure about it. I love the series, but I’d rather see four movies rather than ,ake a 1+2+3 movie, and have to finish with another movie just on one book. And does anyone know it there are any excerpts from the new book yet? I’m dying to read anything from it.