Is ‘The Mortal Instruments’ The Next ‘Twilight’?

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the mortal instruments 570x226 Is The Mortal Instruments The Next Twilight?

Ever since Twilight made author Stephanie Meyer a millionaire, it seems as if the publishing industry has caught teen angst/fantasy/horror fever. Naturally, the fever spread to Hollywood where new movies about teenage werewolves, vampires, and various other classic movie monsters are appearing at an alarming rate. According to Variety, the most recent fantasy franchise to make the jump to the big screen will be Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series.

For those unfamiliar with The Mortal Instruments, here’s a quick blurb from the Variety article: “Story revolves around teenager Clary Fray’s search for her missing mother, which leads her to a city filled with mysterious fairies, raucous warlocks, vampires and other demons.” Collectively, The Mortal Instruments series of books have spent 28 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The Mortal Instruments film, which will compile the first three books of the four-book series, is being produced by Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne of Unique Features. Constantin Film will also play a role in producing the film. For the screenplay, Unique has signed screenwriter Jessica Postigo, who wrote the still unreleased Operation Checkmate, which details the hostage of Colombian-French politician Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio.

It would be easy to dismiss this series and others like it for seemingly cashing in on a fad, but that’s unfair to both the author and the filmmakers. Since I haven’t personally read the series myself, I’m going to hold off on passing judgment for the time being. However, if there are any fans of these books out there in Screen Rant land, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Source: Variety

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  1. Read both series and they are both awful. I wish something original would actually get popular for once.

  2. I was obsessed with Twilight, but now I only have only one comment regarding TMI in comparison to Twilight…..” Sorry Edward, I never thought I would ever leave you for anyone else, but TEAM JACE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!” The mortal intsrument series is soooo much better than Twilght. Jace and Clary blow Ed and Bella outta the water any day. Still love the Twilight books thank you to Stephanie Meyer for introducing me to wonderfully romantic world, but I must give credit where it’s due. TMI has everything Twilight has with more characters, intense romance, and action . More is at stake and you aren’t focused only on the the star-crossed lovers the whole time. All the characters have great adventures, importance, and romance as well. So big thanks to Cassandra Clare for taking me on the thrilling TMI ride thus far!!!! Can’t wait for the final book in the series to come out.

  3. “It would be easy to dismiss this series and others like it for seemingly cashing in on a fad, but that’s unfair to both the author and the filmmakers. Since I haven’t personally read the series myself, I’m going to hold off on passing judgment for the time being.”

    How is it unfair? Why reserve judgement? I’m not. You seem an intelligent fellow, so neither should you. This is a blatant cash-in on one of the worst genres in film and literature. Do the right thing man, pass it up.

  4. mortal instruments was better than twilight saga such as bella was willing to lost her humanity to become a vampire…. so stupid! There is nothing a immortal life it was geh duh… a human life was worth for & dying was a part of it, cherish it while still alive! at the end of your life you will find peace for eternity! mortal instruments was between mortal and half human half angel which is really interesting! i think vampires was burn to hell for good!

  5. let’s just take the main themes of both books and let them speak for themselves

    Twilight: Getting a boyfriend and keeping him at expense of everything else and letting him fight all your fights for you since you’re a woman and obviously that must mean you cant do anything on your own

    TMI: My dad wants to destroy the world and rebuild it where he’s king, I should probably stop him… but I am after all a teenager and not as unstable as most people would be in this situation so I’ll carry on a relationship with my bad ass ex brother and he’ll help me through this even though I could probably kick valentine’s ass on my own…

    so the verdict Buffy the Vampire Slayer wins :D

  6. Not everything is all about Twilight. The stories about vampires and werewolves exists long ago and thousands of writers are using these as materials to create a new and different stories. I personally liked Twilight when I first read them and so does The mortal instruments (TMI). They are unique in their own stories. I loved The TMI series not because it is “like” Twilight. I love it because of the plot, the characters and the world that the writer created.

  7. Its funny how every article compare TMI to twilight or harry potter as if those were the only books ever written in the history of the mankind! I’m guessing teh same lot go to theaters and watch romantic comedies and expect a surprising ending. I think TIM series is about something very different and I am hopeful the director will do it justice in the movie format

  8. I have never read the book but so far i have heard good reviews. However i just seen the movie and i have got to say.. nothing is more cheesy than this movie right now.. i literally walked out of the theater in the garden scene.. that was the last straw.. it was.. too cheesy.. i remember seeing the flower bloom and me thinking okay. that is it i am out of here… and to find out that these two loves bird are sibling make me feel glad i walk out in the middle of the film or i would have puke… the shooting and the scene are beautiful though i gotta admit that the camera angles were great they did good with the scene and the only actress i like is Lena Headey (the mom) she actually is the best and the only known actress in the film. Other than that the film is full of cheese….

  9. Greetings everyone.
    I cannot say anything about the movie because I haven´t seen it. However, I had already read the books, I mean, ALL the Shadowhunter´s books. And… well…

    I´m not fond of Twilight. As a matter of fact, I hate it (please don´t be offended), and at first-sight I thought TMI books were a remake of the Twilight Saga, but then a friend of mine encourage me to read them, so I gave it a try. I really don´t regret it.

    Not only the book was very well-written, but the story-the plot- was the thing that caught my attention. I fell in love with the sarcastic phrases, with the traits each character had and with the way the story seemed to move on. The book is NOT CHEESY, and I gotta say, that is something that I always loved in the whole saga (though In my personal opinion the Book #4 is my least favorite one of TMI book series).

    It saddens me that people talk about how Twilight and The Mortal Instruments are so alike when they are not. As I said on the beginning, I haven´t seen the movie. Pheraps it is not so good, I don´t know, but even if it is, it wouldn´t change my love for the saga.

    That said, I wish you a nice day.

  10. I have read all of the books and seen the movie tonight. Books are excellent, very well written brilliant storyline. As for the movie i dont know what they were thinking but the only similarities to the book and the movie are the characters names. It was a complete mess. Hollywood totally destroyed the plot line and added things that werent even IN the book. Wanna know why twilight made millions? Because stephanie meyer didnt let Hollywood change her story or or characters. She made them stick to her book. The end

  11. I totally agree with Mina. I have read all the books in this series are the are excellent. The movie how ever was terrible, the actor who played jace was all wrong! They mixed up the story line missed out things and even added things that where not even in the book. I’m all for Hollywood converting books to movies but this one was wrong on so many levels, it was disappointing. Considering the movie adaptations of Twilight & Harry Potter where done so very very well.

  12. i think these books are brilliant and i am on the last one at the moment and i have to say i love the film i hope they do bring all the books out into films all the actors was just as i had pictured it well done all

  13. Having read Cassandra Clare’s HP fanfic trilogy when it was initially released, I was hesitant to read The Mortal Instruments from day one. I bought the first two books out of curiosity, but could do little more than skim read the first book as I couldn’t enjoy it.

    I’ll pinpoint a few reasons why:
    -I found the characters inconsistent, changing the way they handled situations or being unrealistic for their ages (fantasy world set aside.)
    -I found things that needed to be explained about the universe, at the time, weren’t explained in favour of useless banter between Clary & Jace.
    -I found far too many similarities taken from her earlier writing, based on another series.
    -I didn’t enjoy the movie, but found the start of the movie’s story was set a lot better than the start of the book. Too many elements of the book were messy and either over thought or over looked entirely for someone that knew nothing about the world Cassandra Clare created.

    Having said this, I love the idea of the story and the major plot line but find a lot of the chatter and to and fro in the story completely irrelevant. I will try again to read it, for the sake of getting onto the second book that I already paid for but I’m not looking forward to it honestly.

  14. Twilight is bad and a longggggg way bad. No comparison. Mortal Instruments is however, more interesting and full of humor. Unlike Twilight, which portrayed a teenager getting pregnant, falling in love with a vampire and neglecting families, friends and studies just to gain immortality and being with a too-good-looking young and rich vampire. Duh. Ridiculous story and I think it’s overrated. Please stop comparing Twilight with Mortal Instruments. It’s incomparable, just like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. People compare HP and LOTR because both series are original and really good but Twilight is just a lamely written story for crazy fangirls not older than 13. One does not simply compare Twilight with Mortal Instruments. End of story.

  15. I really liked this movie, from the plot to the design of the most incredible film effects