The Wonder Years

(1988-1993, ABC)

The Intent: To tell the story about young Kevin Arnold’s (Fred Savage) life growing up in the tumultuous eras of the ’60s and ’70s.

In Actuality: The finale of The Wonder Years not only reveals what happens to many of the familiar characters in the series, but that the now grown-up Kevin Arnold (Daniel Stern) has a son who wants to go outside to play. This means that for the past 40 hours of storytelling (115 episodes at 21 minutes each), grown up Kevin has basically been neglecting his child. Upon having his son ask him to come outside and play with him, Kevin responds, “I’ll be right there.” After 40 hours of ignoring his kid, he better be.

The evidence of child neglect can be seen below (SPOILER ALERT: This video reveals the fate of all the characters on The Wonder Years)

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