New Moon Rushing To New Release Date

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new moon small New Moon Rushing To New Release DateA couple of days ago, we reported that Chris Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy, The Golden Compass) is taking over as director for the sequel to the big box office hit Twilight, after Summit Entertainment and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke parted ways.  Based on Stephanie Meyer’s second book New Moon, the sequel already has a release date set: November 20, 2009.

All I can say is, wow… They have less than a year to get the movie written, produced, edited and visual effects completed.  Talk about a rush job.

There haven’t been any indications that a script has been written yet, and no doubt writer/director Weitz will have a hand in writing (or re-writing it, if there’s already one done).  That takes more time, as do any script revisions, and I’m betting the quality will suffer.

There have also been rumors that Summit may try to save money and shoot New Moon and a movie based on the third book in the series, Eclipse, back-to-back.  That would mean another screenplay needs to be written quickly, so they can start shooting both films by the Spring at the latest.  Pounding out one screenplay in a short period of time is, to be honest, never a good thing.  Add a second movie, and it spells potential disaster.

My gut feeling is that they won’t shoot New Moon and Eclipse back-to-back, but instead will focus only on the second film.  The cast, featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, will return for the sequel, so you can rest easy, Twilight fans!  Let’s hope they don’t rush New Moon too much, which could lead to a bad film.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. ANyone else sick of seeing Robert Pattison’s face everywhere..geez he always has the same expression on his face…

  2. nope, i love his face

  3. That is an INSANE release date.
    11 months!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Man … and Favreau thought he had it tough.

  4. They do already have a script. It might not be the final but they turned one in the day after Twilight came out.

  5. They didn’t start filming Twilight until March or April of this year, and we got it almost a month earlier than originally planned. I think this timetable is just fine.

  6. I’ll never get tired to seeing Rob’s sexy face. As to filming New Moon, I just hope the new director doesn’t mess things up.

  7. @Paul

    Nice ad. How much did Vic charge you for that?

  8. I am a little fearful that this movie wont do so great since it is starting to turn into a rush job, instead of takeing the time to make an incredible movie.

  9. @INK

    LOL, I didn’t see it until this morning – it’s gone.


  10. I know director Chris Weitz may end up doing a re-write. I wonder if they will end up shooting New Moon and Eclipse back-to-back to save some money, or just wait until spring 2010 to shoot Eclipse…


  11. I’m sorry, but they need to slow down!!! Shooting New Moon and Eclipse back to back? Bad Idea!!! 1. The actors will be too exausted and won’t fully deliver 2.They’ll be so stressed and rushed to do two at once that I’m guessing the quality will suffer

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Summit isn’t totally supportive of these movies? I know the economy sucks, but Twlight brought in some serious bling, and I’m confident that New Moon will do the same! Espically if, like in the book, Jacob is shirtless most of the time!!! (Have u seen taylor shirtless?! DANGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!)

  12. I agree with Katie! I don’t think Summit really cares…. All the ridiculous budgets! I think they just want to make money…. I read somewhere that MTV was originally supposed to produce Twilight, but they dropped it because they didn’t like the script…. We should have known it wouldn’t be that good! I’m hoping they fix things with New Moon… I love the books but if the rest of the movies turn out like twilight, I will be horribly devistated!…. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I wish they would turn it into a TV series instead.. then they could cover everything… and even continue the story if they pleased!

  13. It is a very good idea to turn into a TV series that would cover everything. To say the truth ive read all for books but wen i went to see the movie it SUCKED see for ppl who havnt read the books it would seem like a pretty good movie but if yuh read the book then the movie just doesn’t live up to the books. man thinkin bout how the 2nd book is bearly gonna come out uUNTIL november 09 its a year so i really want ti to come out already but i dont want them to leave out many parts so hopefully they will take they’re time on it so dat ppl will actually like it more than the first.

  14. Bella swan i kinda agree half what you said… That the book is better than the movie… But for my opinion the movie is still good, but the book is better… They shouldve followed what was written on the book… And about the New Moon release date… Damn, it so freakin early… If they rush making this movie, it would be a total disaster… Especially that the original director is gone…

  15. I kinda agree to swan here that the book is better than the movie… But the movie didnt suck… Actually its good…
    And about the New Moon release date… uhh… Its kinda early… Theyre filming it to fast… This movie might suck… Which is totaly not cool…

  16. I agree that they should turn it into a tv series.But at the same time I’d like the movies to be released too,for dvd purposes,ya know?They should really make the movies(knowing they’ll leave out all the-i love this freakin book-parts)then make the tv series including EVERYTHING! If they plan on rushing these next 2 movies,they’ll be horrible.I’m sorry but they BETTER not leave out all the sexy parts Even the simple stuff like the emotion in Bella and Edwards or Bella and Jacobs eyes hen something happens like a kiss or even a touch.

  17. i think i kinda agree to swan ,the book is much much better than the movie,but the movie is not actually that bad its okay.but the release date its kinda early,they should relaxe a little bit!!..

  18. if the movie sucks, im going to start a riot whith my twilight lovers.

  19. We actually did start filming last year with twilight. Right now, we just need to finish up in italy. We will be there, in Venice, for about 1 month. I hope that most of you, maybe all, will love new moon. It is going to be great. Taylor

  20. Stop pretending to be Taylor Lautner or I’ll toss you off the site.


  21. I loved the Twilight book and the film. Although I have 2 admit Robert Pattinson captured my attention from the beginning, he is so fantastic. I really want New Moon 2 b good (even though my fav character is hardly in it *sob*) and i totally agree it’s riot time if this film sucks and they really shouldn’t film the next 2 together even tho i’m bursting 2 see them.

  22. At first I was so mad at Summit for giving New Moon only year. That is no time at all, fans would have been more than willing to wait.
    But it makes sense, when you think about it. All Twilight Saga release dates are NOT GETTING IN THE WAY OF HARRY POTTER. Harry Potter movies come out summer 2009, fall 2010, then summer 2011. so of course it would make sense for Twilight to avoid Harry Potter with fall 2009 and summer 2010!
    Not that I approve of the short time space, but at least it makes more sense now.

  23. As long as Kristen and Rob,Ashley, jackson, kellan,nikki,elizabeth, and peter and of course taylor stay in ALLLLL the movies i bet they’ll be great =]
    but i hope rushing new moon and eclipse doesn’t make them suck or breaking dawn because for anyone who has read breaking dawn oh my! that one will be awesome =]
    and for those who haven’t i totally think you should read breaking dawn =]

  24. I have just started on the 4th book and I can hardly wait for all of the films to be released. I would like to see them as weekly show. I could NOT put the book down, it is probably my favorite series now. I just hope that even if they rush the next films, they turn out somewhere “close” to what was in the book and I hope that the new director will support the actors making the films “theirs”. I feel that in the end, these movies will make them all very powerful people, but I WANT IT TO BE AS CLOSE TO THE BOOKS AS POSSIBLE.
    And I definitely agree, Keep the ORIGINAL CAST!!!

  25. It makes no sense at all if they won’t keep the original cast.. NO to changing of the CAST