Pixar Monsters, Inc. Prequel Titled ‘Monsters University’

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Monsters Inc 2 Pixar Monsters, Inc. Prequel Titled Monsters University

Out of all of Pixar’s excellent films, Monsters, Inc. is definitely one of my favorites. The story was smart and original, the characters were well-acted and entertaining, and the script had tons of heart.

So, when word came out a while back that Pixar was planning a second Monsters, Inc. film, I was both excited and hesitant. I have the utmost confidence in Pixar to deliver high quality movies, and the company hit it out of the park with all three Toy Story movies, but there’s always a risk with sequels that the film will not live up to the original.

Then, rumors came out that the movie wouldn’t be a sequel, but rather a prequel focused on Mike and Sully’s college years – when they were bitter rivals training to be scarers for Monsters, Inc. Now we know that the prequel rumors are true. ComingSoon, reporting from CinemaCon, has shared the news that the film will be called Monsters University.

For me, that’s the right call. While many fans would have liked to see Sully and Mike’s further adventures with Boo (a direction the franchise would have gone – if animation studio Circle 7 had its way), I think that would have ruined the very sweet ending of the first film. With a prequel, we get to see the same characters we know and love, but in a new light that offers more context for the first film. It may still pale in comparison to the original, but at least it doesn’t risk taking anything away from it either (from a story perspective).

Official logo for Brave Pixar Monsters, Inc. Prequel Titled Monsters University

Of course, if you’re a Pixar purist, you might not be interested in anything but the company’s next original film, Brave (formerly The Bear and the Bow). Earlier this week, we shared some interesting concept art from Brave. It looks good so far, which poses an interesting question.

Where do you stand on Pixar’s upcoming films? Are you interested in original films, or do you want to see old characters brought back to life? Would you rather see Monsters University, Brave, or Cars 2?

Source: ComingSoon

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  1. Where’s my Incredibles sequel though?

  2. Nice name haha it will be good no doubt :)

  3. I agree with T wheres the Incredibles sequel???

    well as long as they dont do any sequels/prequels to Up or Nemo, I’m fine….

    • Oh come on! Id love to see the floating nursing home. : ) I do agree though, The Incredibles seems to have franchise written all over it.

      • Dont get me wrong I wouldnt mind another Up but its amazing as a stand alone movie, I just dont think a sequel would be as emotional and uplifting as the original

  4. Brave, definitely. While I don’t object to sequels in principle, or in general, I have a sour spot in my stomach when I think of Pixar doing more sequels.

    Not because I think the movies will be bad, but because it seems that a studio that built a reputation for giving audiences “something new” (to quote Ratatouille) is losing its drive to push not just good stories, but expanding the boundaries of the animation medium the way they had been doing, by taking ideas that on paper would make average studio heads panic, and turning them into gold.

    Good or not, Pixar is behaving more and more ‘safe’.

  5. I think a prequel like this would be more suited as a short then as a full feature. Plus, Im not to keen on the whole college theme. I can see the stereotypical monster stoner now. I agree that this is one of Pixar’s best and they’ll be hard pressed to improve on such a classic

  6. Wasn’t the magic door sequence stolen from an anime film?

  7. Prequels are a lazy idea though. You already know how the story will end, that was the problem with Star Wars. BUT! Monsters Inc is still my favourite Pixar flick by a million miles.

  8. Pixar’s animation is the best….

  9. stupid…

    a sequel would be better

  10. I absolutely love Pixar, which btw my girlfriend thinks is hilarious. I Don’t like the ideas of them doing sequels/prequels (other than Toy Story). I’m afraid Cars 2 won’t live up to the original. However, if they insist on going back to the Monsters Inc. universe, I do agree a prequel is the better idea. The ending to Monsters Inc. was great and definitely wouldn’t want to sour that. But like a few of you are saying The Incredibles is the route they should be going. That has major franchise written all over it.

  11. Just because we know they end up as friends, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be predictable. Pixar is the stongest animation studio out there and I like many others wish to see original films first (or incredibles 2) but any news from them is good news

  12. Pixar has officially ran out of ideas.

    • Not yet. Atleast im hoping they havent. The day they make an up or nemo sequel…thatll be the day.

      • agree. don’t think they’ve ran out of ideas completely. but if they do an Up or Nemo sequel.. then they’ve officially lost their magic

  13. I’m honestly not too worried about Pixar going the prequel/sequel route. It’s not like they’re milking each of their movies to get every last dollar out of it, the only sequels they’ve done so far are the Toy Story sequels spread out over some 15 years and the soon to be released Cars 2 which was done about 5 years ago now with other movies in between them all. They only go to sequels if there’s more of a story to tell, not just to make a quick buck on a successful name, and they have yet to put out a bad product. Until Pixar puts out a bad film or two that don’t feel genuine, I’ll trust them.

  14. @”Not yet. Atleast im hoping they havent. The day they make an up or nemo sequel…thatll be the day.”

    That’s my point. They used to make original ideas, but now they’ve started doing sequels/prequels to their already established films. Come on Pixar, make something new.

    • Not all of their original ideas were great, the rat movie was quite poor.

      • I’m not talking about quality of the film, but at least they were original ideas. All they’re doing now is continuing with their already established films.

      • i actually enjoyed Ratatouille quite a bit..

      • Ratatouille was my favorite. I engage in the creative arts, though, and the film’s ideals of the passion for artistic integrity, and what the real value of criticism is struck a personal chord with me.

  15. pixar are beginning to worry me – from being a company that only dealt in original titles, the amount of sequels that they are now churning out is upsetting. don’t get me wrong, the toy story sequels have been brilliant, but the thought of cars 2, monsters university and the likes (i’m awaiting the announcement of ‘down!’ any day now) seems like the originaiity that has driven the company for these last 15 or so years is finally running out. hopefully i’m wrong

    • “their amount of sequels?” The only sequels that have been released far are Toy Story 2 & 3. Cars 2 is coming out and they announced a prequel to Monsters Inc.

      However, if we start hearing about sequels/prequels to other films (whether it be Up, Nemo, Wall-E) then i’ll be worried.

      Right now they are still on top of their game.

  16. As of today, Pixar has nine original movies and two sequels (both for their original movie). They have another sequel coming out soon for an original movie, and have announced a sequel for a third original movie while they still have a new original movie coming out next year. By that count, three of their ten original idea movies have or will have a sequel. I think all this “sky is falling/Pixar can’t do original stories anymore” talk is a bit over dramatic.

    • It is dramatic in that the decision to make more sequels is largely a recent trend. Between Toy Story and Up, there had been only one, and in the short time since Up and in the near term, that one will jump to four. It’s a developing trend that’s worrying.

      Then there’s the Cars 2 trailer. Now, I do understand that almost all of Pixar’s teaser trailers have been relatively underwhelming compared to the final product which is usually stunning, but the Cars 2 trailer wasn’t just underwhelming, it was the first time one of their trailers actually turned me OFF to the movie and made me want to stay away.

      The next real test will be when Pixar announces it’s next upcoming slate of films. If the new slate isn’t heavily dominated by original (i.e. not based or derived from earlier Pixar works), I think it’s time to start becoming seriously concerned over the future of the studio.

      And I say this as someone who has come to carve out a special place in the heart for the studio’s work.

  17. Monsters University all the way. That is going to be awesome. Great call on the writing team. I wanted more from the world, but a story set where monsters make kids laugh doesn’t appeal to me.

  18. Honestly, I’d rather see more original content than rehashed sequels. My vote is for Brave!

  19. Although I am not exactly for sequels or prequels, (except for an Incredible’s one) Pixar hasn’t let me down yet and I haven’t seeing any other movie company with as good a track record as they have. So yeah I trust in the people at Pixar.
    These people believe in telling great story’s that have characters that are more than just one dimensional.

  20. This may be one of the only movies, I wouldn’t care how it comes out, I’m going to love it. I am so glad they are baaack!

  21. All being said, I think I need an Incredibles II more. Someone mentioned earlier. Yep.

    • I agree… Although I’m not saying it was a cliffhanger, the ending to The Incredibles do suggest that they can somehow expand the universe.

  22. I just don’t like the idea of a prequel. What I would have preferred is a movie that takes place after the first, but one of the key elements of the story is that they tell us about Mike and Sully’s college years. I think it would also be silly if this prequel has a framing device where Mike and Sully are remembering the past and stuff.