Will ‘Monsters, Inc. 2′ Be A Prequel?

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mike and sully monsters inc Will Monsters, Inc. 2  Be A Prequel?

To date, Pixar has done no wrong in my eyes and with a combined box office haul in the billions apparently the majority of the world agrees with me. Every time the studio announces a new project the worldwide consensus is that it will earn major dollars.

When Pixar announced their plans last year for Monsters, Inc. 2, many people where wondering if they could make a film entirely about monsters that make kids laugh. At the end of the first film, the monster society discovered they could produce more power from a child’s laugh than they could a scream – it was a great ending for the film but it didn’t feel like a strong enough motivator for a sequel.

According to the Dutch site Animatie, it appears that Disney and Pixar might not have to face that problem, as they are apparently planning on making Monsters, Inc. 2 a prequel and not a sequel. The story will apparently take audiences back to Sully (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike’s (voiced by Billy Crystal) college days where they were fierce rivals. While teaching their classes advanced techniques of scaring, Mike and Sully go from working against each other to becoming the best friends audiences know and love from the first film.

This information apparently came from a Disney catalogue of upcoming films sent to a French theater, and since there hasn’t been any confirmation by Pixar or Disney in regards to its validity you should take this RUMOR with a grain of salt.

randall sully mike monsters Will Monsters, Inc. 2  Be A Prequel?

However, in my opinion, this isn’t a bad direction to take the Monsters, Inc. franchise in. Besides giving viewers a chance to see how Mike and Sully became such good friends, a prequel would also open up the story to explaining the reasons behind Randall’s (voiced by Steve Buscemi) disdain for Sully. Taking the story back a few years really gives Pixar a multitude of options and gives them the ability to introduce a slew of new characters.  I’m sure the extra stock of marketable (read: sellable) merchandise wouldn’t hurt, either.

Monsters, Inc. 2 should scares its way into theaters November 2012. How do you feel about it being a prequel instead of a sequel?

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Source: Animatie via /Film

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  1. first

  2. also, i think it’s a pretty good idea… i see no harm

  3. I liked MONSTER, INC., but like CARS I have no desire to see Pixar make a follow-up to it. I wish they would hurry up with THE INCREDIBLES sequel instead.


  5. y dont they just do a sequel

  6. Im hating this idea…but I have COMPLETE faith in Pixar,they know what theyre doing :)

  7. If you are to do a sequel, this is the only way. I like it. I think it would work. One of my favorite Pixar films, I can watch over and over.

  8. I fear that Pixar could be running out of steam given the number of sequels/prequels being done. I think they have a good 20 year track record but I wasn’t that impressed with Wal-E as an overall film and the sequels make me think they’re out of original ideas.

    It happens to every studio at some point.

    • Panda

      Well so far all their sequels have been great lol I have NOT YET seen a BAD pixar movie.

      • didn’t say they were bad, but not original ideas

      • Yes, but I at least understood a little why Toy Story, being their first film, got sequels. What Pixar has been best known for however, was their originality and, Toy Story aside, resistance to doing sequels. In fact, even given the praise the Toy Story sequels have (rightly) deserved, it’s still their original work like Ratatouille, Incredibles, and Up which is what has separated them from the pack of also-rans in recent animation history.

        • Pixar has a slue of original movies coming. Being able to do sequels only makes them stronger because they are brands that work. It’s a sign of strength, not weakness for them. They don’t do it because they need to… they do it because they can. Also, sequels develop in a timely manner… Pixar releasing sequels now only makes sense considering the Studio’s age. As for Wall-e it has nothing to do with lack of creativity, Wall-e was their very first idea for a film. And Wall-e was visually stunning and the storytelling aspect was nothing short of an incredible feat of Animation dominance. It speaks wonders of their ability as animators and storytellers creating something almost virtually void of human dialogue. While not their best film by far, even their worst beats all others by leaps and bounds. Walllllll-e

      • i hated wall.e was just an over long preach about being healthy and saving the environment not what i wanted from a movie in any way but i love all the others

        incredibles was ace my fav bit was in the deleted scenes with the babysitter trying to look after the baby had me and my friend in tears of laughter

        • I’d have to disagree. Wall-E is Pixar’s best movie in my opinion, because the first 30 minutes shows their ability to tell a story without using dialogue.

          • I loved WALL-E. It was preachy, sure, but I liked the message. I guess it’s b/c I’m a tree hugger, but I thought it did an excellent job at showing how we’re destroying the planet. Although, I would say that TOY STORY Trilogy are their best films.

            • We’re not destroying the planet…maybe abusing it in parts but certainly not destroying it. The story behind Wall-E was the focus of his love or infatuation (can robots actually love?) with Eve. People want to draw some sort of imaginary comparison between the trashing of the planet in Wall-E with what humans are doing to Earth today – it was an exaggeration that just isn’t happening on the type of global scale depicted in the film.

              Sorry Monster didn’t mean to go off on ya :) I liked Wall-E too and think it’s one of Pixar’s best.

            • The planet will be here (and just fine) long after humanity is long dead.


              • Not at the rate we’re going. People don’t seem to care how much we litter or destroy the ozone. But we seem to forget that WE need the planet, it doesn’t need us.

                PS: I don’t care if I sound preachy. I’m a tree hugger and I’m proud.

                • “At the rate we are going?” To what rate are you referring? Litter doesn’t destroy a planet..if you see some just pick it up and throw it away. And you’re about a decade too late for the ozone argument – green house gases is the new pink don’t ya know?

                  BTW, the planet DOES need us. It needs every living thing on it in order to survive. It’s the circle of life. Trees, grasses, plants they all need the CO2 we expel to survive and we in turn need the O2 they produce from it.

                  Nothing wrong with being preachy and proud…doesn’t mean I have to agree with you though :)

  9. It could be a good idea…. only time will tell though

  10. That is simply great. I love the idea of this prequel. The first movie remains as one of my favorite films EVER, so I’ll gladly see a prequel like this in the theaters (which i barely ever do, im a netflix kind of guy mostly).

  11. I want this movie to come out so I can try to sell my life size Mike and Sully : ) no more room in the garage.

    • Hi Steve,
      just wondering,
      i would be interested in buying please get back to me at frgcad@gmail.com

    • Steve, still trying to sell??? I would be VERY interested in buying.
      Email me at Austinr1969@yahoo.com
      Thanks! :)

  12. I wonder if they are running out of imaginative steam, I am only making this observation with all the talk of sequels.

  13. It’s Pixar, what else is there to say? While I wasn’t real excited about Cars (or the upcoming sequel), they have proven to all of us time and time again they have the right stuff to create a great story.

    I loved Monsters Inc. They created some fun and great characters so would have no problems seeing a prequel/sequal, whatever.

  14. they need to make a prequel or sequel to this one, and finding nemo,incredibles, and bugs life these are the films that pixar must do, and green light newt.

  15. Pixar won’t make a movie unless they know that they have a really good idea, and this sounds like one to me.
    I’d much rather see this rather than a sequel to The Incredibles or Cars.

  16. I think Monsters Inc. 2 should be monsters inthe closet vs monsters under the bed :)

    • foopher… I think you’re a genius. Brilliant.

      • Haha. Thank you. I’ve worked hard to become so 😉

  17. “Pixar can do no wrong”

    just keep telling yourself that. what ever they come up with will sure to be great. Though i think a sequel would be better than a prequel and that “Incredibles 2″ would be better than “Monsters Inc 2″, i still trust that this will be another great addition to the Pixar Cannon

    • I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not
      the ‘just keep telling yourself that’ part to be exact

    • Ratatoui… nuff said

  18. I’m ok with this

  19. you know a studio is somewhat ‘desperate’ for cash when they make prequels and sequels to titles that scored big.

    but knowing pixar they’ll make the story engaging and fun so idk about this one, might just sit on the fence for a while.

  20. Pixar could do a movie about zombie ninjas and it would still be an animation masterpiece. My opinion? MI2 will be as epic as their previous movies, prequel or not.

  21. meh….id still be stoked to see it i guess. just wish pixar would keep up with the original movie trend

  22. I didn’t like the news saying it’s going to be a prequel.Monsters Inc 2 movie has to be a sequel, in continuation to what the previous movie had left us with.To whether Boo,Mike and Sully will be reunited again or not.


  24. How much do u want for them?