Brad Fuller Talks ‘Monster Squad’ Remake

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monster squad remake Brad Fuller Talks Monster Squad Remake

Platinum Dunes, the company behind the modern remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street, is sinking its teeth into another 1980s remake - The Monster Squad.

The original Monster Squad, which came out in 1987 and was directed by Fred Dekker, revolved around a group of pre-teens who squared off against Universal’s entire classic movie monster line-up (Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Gill-man, and Frankenstein’s Monster).

After exhausting his Ouija board adaptation talking points, Brad Fuller spoke with Shock Till You Drop on the status of The Monster Squad remake – and whether the film would include the original monsters or bring in a new roster.

The producer was coy about the exact line-up of monsters audiences should expect, stating that he doesn’t have an answer yet – but that they are “definitely using the original film as a blueprint.”

According to Fuller, the team is still working on finding a writer for the project and they plan on having someone “in the next two or three weeks.”

Whoever that writer turns out to be – they’d better have seen the original film, Fuller goes on to explain:

“We have three or four different takes, some stick closely to the original – others are going to be a bit different. It’s about sitting down with Rob Cohen and the studio and figuring out which storyline we’re going to go with. But I can tell you all of the story lines, whereas Friday the 13th isn’t like the original, this will be close to the original. It’s about a group of kids who have a monster squad, monsters come to their town and they’ve got to figure it out.”

In my opinion, given the pantheon of upcoming movie remakes, The Monster Squad actually sounds like something that  should be made.

According to Screen Rant’s Top 5 Rules for Movie Remakes, The Monster Squad easily falls under Rule 2 (the original is terribly dated in either setting or pacing and style) as well as Rule 4 (the remake does in fact bring something new while respecting the original).

monster squad Brad Fuller Talks Monster Squad Remake

While the original film wasn’t particularly successful when it first premiered, it has gone on to become a cult classic among people who grew up in the late 1970s and early 80s. The original film’s built-in fanbase, coupled with a resurgence in the popularity of movie monsters in the last three years, hints at the possibility of the remake actually becoming a success.

Would you like to see The Monster Squad remade? What monsters would you like to see included in the line-up?

Source: Shock Till You Drop

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  1. The Mummy's pretty useless. I say get rid of it and bring on Jack Torrance!

  2. Hugo Weaving can play Count Dracula and he can make an awesome villain. Casper Van Dien can play The Werewolf. Ray Romano can play Franky The Frankenstein, Doug Jones as The Gill Man, and Nathan Lane as The Mummy How does that sound ?

    The Brides of Dracula will be played by Laura Vandervoort, Keira Knightley, and Mischa Barton and the first scene of the movie In a Horror Journey Van Helsing will be played by Daniel Craig.

  3. I wouldn't mind seeing all the monsters shown in the pic if they can come up with a story that actually justifies their presence.

    • THIS MOVIE SHOULD NOT BE REMADE, PERIOD. ITS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND REMAKING IT IS A BAD IDEA. EVEN IF THEY DO A GOOD JOB (WHICH IS DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL IS SO GOOD) IT WILL ONLY BRING POSERS INTO THE INNER CIRCLE OF REAL MONSTER SQUAD MOVIE FANS. IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. I understand the remake for nightmare on elm street and friday the thirteenth (and they were not very good). They make sence because the average person knows who JASON is and who FREDDY KRUEGER is, so a remake makes sense as people who are familiar with the characters or at least heard of them get a shot to see a modern day version of these characters. Making a monster squad remake doesnt make sense because 99 out of 100 people dont know what it is. So making a remake would only bring people in who dont know whats going on and not appreciate the original, let alone the posers who will jump out of the wood work and go buy the 20th anniversary dvd (but most likely they will re-re-release a dvd at the time the movie comes out). Even though us real fans have an original VHS copy or a even rarer Lasor Disc copy (which i own, along with my original 1987 uncut movie poster) So the movie being made into a remake is as unnessicary as a remake of the first “Die Hard” or “Ferris Buelers Day Off” which with the way remakes are going i wouldnt be surprised if they made it. Honestly I’d rather see a Goonies remake than the monsters squad, and i the goonies has a spot in my heart, but nothing compares to the monster squad in my eyes. It means alot to me, as well as many other die hard fans and a remake will just be distasteful and a slap in the face to all the real fans out there. If Rob Cohan and Mr.Platinum Dunes really wana go ahead with this remake they better do an AMAZING job or i will boycot ever movie they make from now on. They should email me for ideas or have me on set or script editor or something cause im pretty serious about this project. ALSO— the score by Bruce Broughton is a masterpiece and should not be messed with at all. Anyone who wants to protest this with me email me at or find me on facebook and put monstersquad in a message so i know why your joining my page lol. Also i have a youtube channel by the same name with no spaces in it. Or of course you could send me a letter, my address is 666 Shadowbrook rd :P

  4. I loved watching The Monster Squad growing up, and I love that there's a remake in the works. I think the original lineup should be kept (since they're original Hammer Horror monsters, they shouldn't be changed). I'm looking forward to hearing more on this!

  5. As far as someone directing they should go with Bryan singer He flippin rocks

  6. I loved this movie as a kid…I say keep the main villains. I have no idea on the cast yet but there is only one man who should direct this movie…JOSS WHEDON. Dont agree? Watch Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel, then tell me I'm wrong.

  7. One of my favourite movies as a kid. Just didn't know why. But I love it- a remake may not be a bad idea.

  8. part of me says keep the classic monsters, but another part of me always wanted to see a version with “contemporary” characters ie Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Jason, and Michael Meyers.

    • I think buttly muddwater is on 2 something I love the OG movie but the monsters of the past there’s no outlet 4 the wolfman is the only 1 that kids can understand simply cause that’s the only monster movie in 10 years or better no franky no dracula the only mummy the know is the 1 with brenden frasier and the blacklagoon is nothing 2 them but freddy jason micheal meyers pinhead and leather face are monsters more in tune with kids nowadays I was born in 83 I love the OG and eather way I’m there but my you should think about how crazy it would be to have all the slasher films monsters go’n after some kids big box office bucks

    • Seriously? Putting pinhead,jason and freddy into monster squad remake has to be the worst idea ive ever heard in my life. consider yourself banned from calling yourselves fans. I say keep all the monsters just tweek them a little. Like give the mummy supernatural abilities ie plague of locust ,storm call. And in future reference keep your brilliant ideas to yourself or give them to micheal bay.

  9. I hate to be a kill joy, but lets keep in mind Platinum Dunes is mike bay’s producction company.

  10. I too would love to see it modernised to include this generations of Movie Monsters, Freddy, Jason, Meyers, Pinhead, Leatherface etc etc but i feel there would be a few issues:
    a) Getting the rights to show all these in one movie
    b) Monster squad is essentially a kids movie and to have a G Rated movie with those Icons in it would cause a massive uproar

    I grew up with Monster squad as a kid and my brothers and i used to watch it over and over again – simply awesome. I have no isses with a remake, it would be nice to see the remake go Rated R include all the new age monsters it would be Hardcore !!

    • the problem with those characters is that young people can’t beat them. In all of the original movies where these creatures were the main antagonists, they actually died. Any sequels they may have made to bring them back had poor excuses for their resurrection.
      The modern serial killers are blatantly unkillable. Demon Pinhead, Nightmare Freddy, Undead Jason, even Michael Meyers has gone beyond his original formula of just luckily avoiding death to being outright immune to it. Leatherface is possibly the only one out of the group that the kids could kill and, let’s face it, that would really kill off the credibility of these killers which is the entire point of why their franchises continue to pay off and the whole point of a Monster Squad movie is to defeat the monsters not to be yet another dead teenager movie.

  11. Just do this movie right, with original monsters, and real people and costumes. I hate CGI, perfect example the new nightmare on elm st was horrible, to the point that I was cringing. My personal opinion is, just leave this movie alone, for tons of people like me it’s a great way of being reminded of our childhood, and a great capture in time on film.

  12. I just found out about this, typed monster squad into my search engine on a whim to see if I could any cheaps dvd copies online anywhere, and I see this article, proclaiming that Monster Squad is going to get a remake. Heh.

    Like many others, I was a huge fan of this growing up, and am very torn about the idea of a remake. I mean, sure we know that one of the guys involved with the original will be one of the driving forces behind it, but that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which way he wants to push this. I myself would prefer less CGI and more of the old costume-style monsters. I’d be willing to let a little CGI slide if they could slip it in seamlessly for a hyrbid-style filming where you can’t tell that it’s CGI even if you know otherwise, but movies dominated by CGI often lack a certain substance that the good ones without it often possess in spades. James Camerons’s Avatar managed as well as it did I think by going so far in the other direction that you can’t tell CGI from real because it all looks CGI, which just works somehow. Kinda separates from reality and makes it semi-animation/Pixaresque but ultimately very fantastic (in the knights and dragons fantasy sense,) and almost ehtereal and unearthly I guess. Probably pretty appropriate really, but I dunno if that’ll work with a Monster Squad remake.

    As for monsters to be included, I wouldn’t mind some new monsters but I think they’ve got to include at least some of the originals. I mean, maybe they could do without the Mummy or the Creature Frome The Black Lagoon, but they need either Dracula or a Dracula-Equivalent as the driving force behind the Monster Squad’s enemies, and… I’m not sure about Wolfman. On the one hand, redoing the classic “Wolfman’s got nads!” line could be very redundant, but on the other hand that was a classic line and it would a shame to remove it. I dunno really. I guess Frankenstein’s monster is also a tossup for me. He was the reason for Dracula’s whole moving to the town the Squad resides in, yes, but a replacement monster could possibly serve as well if a good enough explanation is developed. And new monsters… I dunno. Sasquatch maybe? Been a while since I’ve seen, or even heard of, a GOOD apelike movie monster. And the only two I can think of are both King Kong (orig. and remake.)

    Sorry for the long text, I guess I just feel strongly about this.

  13. My cousin and I absolutely loved Monster Squad growing up. I am for a remake for the sole reason that it may bring more attention to the original movie, and collect some new followers. I just hope that with whatever storyline or monster choice they go with….they don’t ruin the movie with too many computer effects or cgi. In the original they used good old costumes and make up. So many remakes these days, in my opinion, are ruined because of the over use of technology. I think there is more talent, visual appeal, and overall beter movie making when raw materials and creativity is used.

  14. @Rachel—- half the fun of the monster squad is saying “here is a movie you never heard of, now watch it” haha they cant make one as good as the original so the remake will only bring more people in to watch the original and they probably wont get it lol as for the CGI the costumes by Stan Winston are perfect, wolfman is a little weird but cool in its own way. IDK what they are gonna do for the new one. Though CGI nowadays can be better than some of the other old movie make up of the glory days of the 80s. Take point the original hell raiser, clive barker is awesome but some of the make up in that is just silly. I will def see the remake of the monster sqaud but i still think its sacred and shouldnt be touched. I was listening to the score by Bruce Boughton in the car the other day, i was driving on an empty road driving home late at night, it was only me though, no one up front making “spooky sounds”

  15. My fear is that I will not be able to watch it with my kids.

  16. The only thing wrong with most remakes is that the story usually delves hard into the original’s backstory rather than getting to the point. Sadly, a downfall s much as a remake for Monster Squad would sorely need backstory to explain what I imagine would be modern takes on each monster. For example, the origin of Gillman had him originally being a more beautiful and sympathetic creature misunderstood by the humans who hunted him for being different. Gillman hasn’t received much if any attention in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Meanwhile, there are modern takes on every other monster in the gallery.
    Dracula has the god-awful Dracula 2000 and Underworld series and Vampire Diaries if you’re into that. Wolfman has the Underworld series, Vampire Diaries, and American Werewolf in London/Paris whichever one you liked more. The Mummy is known as Imhotep in the 1999 film starring Brendan Fraser and its sequel. Hell, even Frank’s Monster has had recent adaptations. My personal favorite is Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein wherein Deucalion (the monster) turns on his creator and tries to stop his scheme of world domination.

    It raised enough of a question to wonder how all of these monsters would work together in the same picture. It’s much harder to imagine a group of modern realized freaks working together. Still, the sense that Dracula and the Mummy being blatant villains has been preserved as has the Wolfman’s role as semi-unwilling servant and Frankie’s heroic stripe. The only creature left unchanged (un-reimagined) remains the Gillman. Though it’s possible that Abe Sapien from Hellboy is supposed to be our modern adaptation but I haven’t heard confirmation of that.

  17. @thatblanck
    I beg to differ on giving a good reason to get these monsters together. His name is dracula. Vampires in literature have been known to call upon creatures of the night. To come to there aid. The more powerful the vampire the more creatures they can call. Matter of fact you know the medallion drac wears. Why dontthwy use that to explain his control over the monsters. But with a limited ability. Were if he combines it with the crystal not only does it give him the ability to control an infinite amount of monsters. It also enhances all of there abilities( wolfman grows bigger and more demonish also never turns back.)(mummy turns young and is able to raise the dead.)(creature more demonish and ability to shoot fireballs out of his mouth) ok i was reaching in the last one. Point is the amulet has beendiluting evils power. That i think is a pretty good start. I mean couldnt be any worse than what micheal bay tries to come up with.

  18. @thatblanck

    I beg to differ on giving a good reason to get these monsters together. His name is dracula. Vampires in literature have been known to call upon creatures of the night. To come to there aid. The more powerful the vampire the more creatures they can call. Matter of fact you know the medallion dracula wears. Why not use that to explain his control over the monsters. But with a limited ability. Were if he combines it with the crystal not only does it give him the ability to control an infinite amount of monsters. It also enhances all of there abilities( wolfman grows bigger and more demonish also never turns back.)(mummy turns young and is able to raise the dead.)(creature more demonish and ability to shoot fireballs out of his mouth) ok i was reaching in the last one. Point is the amulet has been diluting evils power. That i think is a pretty good start. I mean couldnt be any worse than what micheal bay tries to come up with.

    • @josh… not gonna lie, that is kind of a cool concept (minus the creature and fireballs, WTF is that about? lol but the amulet itself is as scary german guy says “con-cen-trated good” it only becomes vulnerable at midnight every 100 years (100 years, gotta make it sound official) So with your way that would mean dracula would have to get the amulet at midnight then all the monsters change, and then the squad would have to fight them, or face the doom of the creatures of the night coming back. So as a purist, i dont want this remake happening, as a regular guy, thats a cool concept, kudos.

      Now for the post about putting the “other” monsters in, that wouldnt make sense. POSSIBLY Jason and Freddy, because they have been exposed in the same realm (IE the jem that is Freddy Vs. Jason) but pinhead, myers, even leatherface, WAY to much of a stretch. But still wouldnt make sense. When Fred Dekker wrote this he wanted it to be the “universal” monsters mixed with the little rascals, so mixing in the “newer” monsters wouldnt really work, might as well throw jigsaw in there, while were at it why not the guy from Feardotcom :P

      • Both of you are rite!! I love this movie so much, I would hate to see it remade and might I add remade wrong. Look I think they should just stick to the orignal script and add some fof the deleted scenes to it…I like ur idea on the minsters too!!! But in all honesty its not the monsters I’m to worried bout, cause i’m sure they will keep them the same or the script…ok script yea well maybe I am…for me its the kid actors…can the kids they get fill the shoes of the originals…yes therevare sime pretty good kids out there but can they give or even come close to doing everything the same?? Look at the remake if steel magnolia’s…it was ok but I found myself just seeing the original while I was watching it and just comparing the acting between the 2 movies. The acting was just not up to par with the original which made it kind of hard to enjoy the movie. Idk I just think they should leave all originals alone.They ruined Freddy, Michael, even Jason…I didn’t care for any of the remakes, they were slow and boring and the killings sucked, hostels killings were more gruesome. Monster squad is a classic n should just stay that way. I’m surprised they don’t go back further and try to remake a real classic n redo Casa Blanca or West side story….why do the have to touch the movies from the 80′s?!?!?

  19. @dakotaplays guitar
    Thanks. Actually thought of the fire ball thing from castlevanias merman.but as i wrote realized it was silly. Oh and maybe im reading wrong or wrote it wrong. I wasnt in agreement with freddy jason ect being in the film. Totally against it. And personally think people that think its a good idea are silly and dont really understand monster squad. While some think it sounds like a cool concept.maybe. just not for monster squad.

    • yeah i just dont want to see them butcher this movie and try to do a re-boot of it… its classic the way it is, just leave it alone. I have an idea, why dont they Re-Make surf ninjas and instead of a game gear its a 3DS… alright im on to something, somebody get me on the phone with Mr.Bay

  20. I can see it now.” This is mr.bay…huh…uhhuh….yes. 3ds instead of game gear. I dont think ive ever heard a more brilliant idea.” He pauses. You here rusty gears grinding.” All we need to do is add an alien origin and we’ve got a blockbuster.” Then he reaches in his ass pulls out four million dollar’s and chucks it at your face.

    • 4 million is 4 million, I’ll take ass money from Mr. Bay haha. But i have another great remake idea. Lets remake one of the most iconic horror movies “nightmare on elm street” but as a twist lets make Freddy Krueger a child molester and ruin the franchise… uh, wait, nevermind. Lets remake Hellraiser but as an added twist when pin head comes out, turns out he’s a child molester. Or we could do ANOTHER reboot of Friday the 13th, but this time Jason is a child molester… it will be a crazy twist! Lets make a movie out of Battleship, but instead of making it like you know about ships battling, lets have aliens. And as a twist, lets make all the aliens pedophiles. TWIST! BOOM! EXPLOSION! TRANSFORMERS!

  21. Mostly just my opinion, but when it comes to Micheal Bay – 90% of everything that gets attached to him turns to… well, feces. Movies, entire franchises even, actors and actresses, scripts, etc. Can anyone see any of the current movie directors most people know managing to make a good Transformers movie that people would watch after what Bay has done to the franchise?

    Keep Bay away from Monster Squad, better for everyone. I only remember a small number of explosions in the original movie because Dracula seemed to like keeping dynamite on hand halfway through the movie, we don’t need Bay getting involved and infecting Dracula with his explosion obsession. What was in the original movie seemed to be at least partially because Dracula wasn’t likely to want to use guns, bit after as his time, whereas dynamite likely was invented not too long after Dracula became a vampire. And, well, kid’s movie; explosions okay, guns, not so much. And when they were used against every but Gillman and (likely but didn’t happen) the Mummy, they didn’t do much if any damage. Probably the message that modern weapons are useless, stick to the stuff that killed them in the movies and legends.

  22. Actually the original scrpt had the entire beginning on a bigger scale. Warrior dropping bombs and zip lining from Zeppelin’s. Explosions gun fights against legions of monsters. It just wasnt in the budget. Not that im saying micheal bay should do it. Unless he was just and im mean exactly just heading pyrotechnics with no say so in anything else it might have a chance. Like it or not the man knows explosion. Going by south park you want good story hire mel gibson.

  23. They are remaking “Creature from the Black Lagoon” for a 2014 release, supposedly. So that won’t be a problem for audiences. But beware of remakes to cult favorites. “Fright Night” was pretty good, but bombed at the box-office in 2011, prompting an announced direct-to-DVD sequel with none of the cast from the first film.

  24. I think they should first do a rated R remake of the original, still using the same classic monsters though. Actually it’s kinda more like a sequel idea I have here.

    Obviously by now the sequel would be totally different. The kids are grown up now, they’ve all went their different directions in life, gotten degrees, started families, etc… But they had a secret pact from their childhood that if ever the monsters were to arise again that they would bring to squad back together. It would be a little more rated R than the original.

    There would still be the classic Dracula, Frankenstein Monster, Wolfman, Mummy, and CFTBL, with Frankie being the good one, but they’d add 3 more….. Medusa, Baykok, and Mr. Hyde (Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde).

  25. now this movie of Monsters squat is scarry’s hell and very profoundly scarry as profoundly as hell ohh yea if they remake them so scarred