‘Monk’ Returning For TV Movie; Sequel Already Planned

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monk logo Monk Returning For TV Movie; Sequel Already Planned

After almost three years of being off the air, Monk creator Andy Breckman has revealed that everyone’s favorite obsessive compulsive detective will be returning to television this year in a two-hour TV movie.

Speaking with MY9TV.COM, Breckman said that he had “just” finished writing the script for Adrian Monk’s long-awaited return. Continuing, Breckman went on to say that the Monk TV movie will be titled “Mr. Monk for Mayor,” and will see Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) run for mayor of San Francisco.

While there has been no word from USA about Monk’s return, Breckman said that the TV movie is set to begin filming this summer and is expected to premiere on television this December. And if news of a Monk TV movie isn’t enough to have fans stocking up on wet-wipes, Breckman also noted that if “Mr. Monk for Mayor” is successful, he’s all ready to write a sequel.

Even without any formal announcement from the network and/or confirmation from any of the actors involved, it’s hard to doubt anything Breckman is saying.

For USA, Monk was the first breakout hit for the network – a series that many credit for helping the network become the cable television juggernaut that it still is today. And while Monk may have ended almost three years ago, it wasn’t because of low ratings, but because Breckman felt that he had told all of the Adrian Monk stories he wanted to tell.

monk tv movie cast Monk Returning For TV Movie; Sequel Already Planned

Now that Breckman has returned to writing stories of an eccentric detective with keen observations, there really isn’t any reason for Monk not to return, especially if everyone involved in the original series is onboard (which it sounds like they are).

In the Monk series finale, the truth about his wife’s death was revealed and some heartbreakingly earnest growth to the character was shown. Catching up with San Francisco’s famed detective three years later, “Mr. Monk for Mayor” opens up numerous avenues for Breckman to breathe new life into the characters that fans followed for over 8 years.

Not to mention, it will provide fans with something that is always wanted when a series comes to an end: a chance to know what happens next.


The Monk TV movie is expected to air this December on USA

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Source: MY9TV.COM


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  1. omg i love monk so much and i soo happy that its coming back but in the episode mr monk and the bad girlfrien he went into an elevator and in the begining of the series he was afraid someone please explain that

    • Along with scores of other phobias, Mr. Monk suffers from claustrophobia.

    • cuz monk is affraid of elevators. no matter how big a building is he will take the stairs. and natalie and sharona in the episode where sharona comes back they fight over takin the stairs or the eleveator

  2. i live for monk. Great actors. Great storyline. Miss it alot. Would absolutely love a new or continuing episode. So much junk on TV. Why do they take the good stuff off and leave us with stupid?

  3. I sure hope this is not true: http://www.spoilertv.com/2012/06/monk-rumor-no-tv-movie.html#disqus_thread

  4. Love MONK…please continue the series…missed you so much…FULL SUPPORT!

  5. Thank you mr monk,I can’t wait for the new show,I loved mr.monk I still watch I every Friday I don’t have it on DVD yet,tell mr.monk I have a crush on emmyclarke,played on show I have a crush on her I want a autograph from her I wish she come to Portland ore,make a movie please,I crush on her,I wish show more monk on tv,I watch it on friday,so I hope everything goes well with the new monk show can’t wait I wish the crew come up here in Portland ore pleas I want to be in back groun I think I can act I be back ground,my favourite show is hollowheen,the bike guy,I wish emmyclarke should get more credit in show,I hope mr.monk brother in it I hope I can’t wait see you later

  6. Nicole and I saw a few reruns and decided to purchase a Netflix streaming plan for the sole purpose of watching every episode in the order that they were aired. Although, we currently have abandoned cable for computer time and Netflix(there has been nothing on we cared for enough to keep it for) we would have it again to see this show return. Although, there were a few episodes around the beginning of the last season that were not up to par with the majority of the shows and had some glaring inconsistencies they were still fun to watch and the acting was always good enough to pull it through. Tony Shalhoub and Ted Levine truly shined as Adrian and his friend/co-worker Leland. We enjoyed performances by both Monk assistants and therapists (We truly missed the actor who played Dr. Kruger) and even Monk’s nemesis Harold was a truly enjoyable character. We anxiously await the TV movie and may have to add cable back to Fios just to see it.


  8. We all want a show not a movie

    • Agreed, a continuing story of Monk is great~ I pay extra on Verizon FIO to record every show that comes on, even if I saw it before, the show makes be relax, look at life a little different, and how many of us have some of these similar problems. Just a few!!
      There are so many shows, that I laugh out loud by myself, and I think the writting is great, and Tony is great, but all of the characters are wonderful, but I must say, I miss Sharona – I like Natalie, but Sharona was the best. Monk and Sharona’s character (so tough I love it) had so much chemistry, so opposite – You need Sharona back. When she used to fall in love with all these crazy men and Monk knew that there was always something wrong with them. The rest of the cast is perfect!!!

      I still now, go home and watch my Monk.

      I hope the writers put together another serial of Monk, Tony great job.

    • Who cares!? It’s Monk!

  9. Bearing in his role in Silence of the Lambs, I always thought it would have been cool if Ted Levine turned out to be the killer. “I’m sorry Monk, it was never supposed to happen! But she knew too much…”

  10. I do hope this happens! I love Monk. Great characters, great show!

    • Me too, but I hope they bring back Sharona!

  11. im so happy I love monk

  12. im on instagram @MONKISH1 and on twitter.com/kimberlyann

  13. The announcement for the movie was over a year ago. Is this movie version going to happen? Will the entire original cast be a part of the movie? Any updates at all on this? Thanks!

    • It is more and more likely it will not happen…

  14. I absolutely love monk. And I miss him . Her always made my day !!

  15. What is the latest on my all time favorite monk. Cant beat him ever

  16. From reading the reviews on Amazon it seems that the movie deal fell through. Is this true and, if so, why?

    • Yeah, the movie is most likely not going to happen.
      And why? there are a lot of reasons mentioned, but who knows? Some say its because of a weak scenario, other that the actors werent ready for it. Others state that their was never an idea to make a movie and it was the press/internet that came up with this movie.
      (the movie was said to be an idea, but never been a real idea or something that was discussed for real.

  17. When I first heard about this, my heart was racing! I can’t believe it’s finally coming back! I’ve had dreams about it and it’s finally coming true! Im in love! Well, then rumor goes around you have crunched the numbers and aren’t going through with it… You would kill me. I live for monk. And I would die the day I met Tony Shalhoub! Please bring the show back. You won’t regret it! We Love You!!!!!!!

  18. Love Monk, always made us laugh, feel sorry for him, and get red face for him. Love to see him come back.

  19. I’m looking forward !!!

  20. Oh, my gosh! This is wonderful news! Personally, I hope that for the sequels, Andy Breckman will consider adapting many of the Monk novels into film (all of Dr. Kroger’s scenes can be easily rewritten for Dr. Bell, so this is no stumbling block). The novels I would most like to see onscreen are: “Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii”, “Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants”, and “Mr. Monk in Outer Space”.

    In case you don’t know, the villain in “Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants” is BY FAR, the most complex and diabolical adversary Monk has EVER encountered. His name is Ian Ludlow, and he is like the antethesis of Adrian Monk. He serves as the consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department, but he is also a megalomaniac book author who specializes in the mystery/crime thriller genre. As such, he is actually able to commit a murder, manipulate REAL police investigations, and then fabricate and customize his very own plot twist to the outcome.

    Near the end of the novel, he elaborately frames both Sharona AND Natalie for crimes that HE committed, and he smugly presents his evidence through a series of false “Here’s What Happened” summations, which really electrifies the drama. While reading Ludlow’s words, I could only think of ONE actor who could portray this kind of character…. NICOLAS CAGE.

    To me, Nicolas Cage IS Ian Ludlow, and Ian Ludlow IS Nicolas Cage! He would be SOOOO perfect!!!!! Andy Breckman, we’re all waiting for you!!!!!

  21. Additional comment: I am somewhat aware that not everyone likes Nicolas Cage’s acting (according to one source, even Cage himself is in on this ‘joke’), but I just wanted to say that I thought he was quite interesting to watch as Ben Gates from the ‘National Treasure’ series, and he was quite good in ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, as well.

    I think my personal assessment of his acting skills is that whether he plays a hero or villain, he seems to be a bit of a renegade. His simple boyish face with the spiked hairdo on top (you know what I’m talking about), paired with his ‘devil-may-care’ attitude, is what makes me think he’s the perfect actor to portray Ian Ludlow.

    In fact, people seem to say his acting is a little unorthodox – you just know that when Nicolas Cage stars in a film or joins in a series, he’s going to shake things up a little… but to me, it is EXACTLY this kind of presence that makes him so perfect for the role of Ludlow onscreeen, which stands diametrically opposed to Adrian Monk’s caring, honest, and determined personality… with that occasional serene smile he gets when he’s solved a case.

    If you have the book “Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants”, read all of Ian Ludlow’s lines of dialogue with Nicolas Cage’s voice in your mind, and it will SHOCK you how dramatic the novel, as a whole, really is: During the ‘Big Arrest’ climactic scene with the false summations, you can almost FEEL the absolute glee Ludlow is getting out of the whole madness, and he undermines AND intensifies the drama of the moment with his smug voice. It’s like he’s MOCKING Adrian Monk and his abilities because he already knew that Monk’s friends wouldn’t believe him when he suspected Ludlow.

    He’s gonna milk the tragedy for all it’s worth, bobbing his head flippantly as he spouts off his accusations in complete, twisted Monk-fashion, while basking in his ‘superiority’ as a detective and book author. Just think of it: Pairing Tony Shalhoub with Nicolas Cage as morally opposed, brilliant detectives? WOW….. now, that’s magic. I think fans would LOVE it.

  22. 6 pieces of silverware on one side and only 5 on the other – doesn’t look like my Monk.

  23. I am so Excited for the new movie & hopefully the Monk sequel!!!!!

  24. I love Monk! My DVR is filled with his show’s. Along with the movie I hope the TV series returns also.Miss Monk/love Monk!

  25. I hope he’s bringing back Sharona also. I love the two of them together. Totally addicted to the old show. Can’t wait to see the special.

  26. Tony Shalhoub is on another show. The pilot was marginal, but good enough to watch it a second time. His new show could end up being cliche. Also, he’s still Monk to me. I will believe in the Monk movie as soon as I see any indication of it actually being made. I doubt Monk will ever come back to TV. It was a good run, but it was time for it to end. You know it’s a good show when it leaves us wanting more.

    • i agree

  27. So? Where is this movie? I’m still waiting…

    • The movie has been cancelled.

  28. A show please. I know that Columbo actually came back after a hiatus of several years so I can see them doing a show. They certainly have. A lot to work with so it is possible they could do it.

    • If EVER there was a show that deserved an encore…. Monk is it. Please continue.