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[Spoiler Warning]

Before the episode even started I began to think about how  there wouldn’t be a Monk-centric Christmas episode to watch this holiday season, so you can just imagine how happy I was to see it all starting off in the holiday spirit – even if it was set 12 years ago. Seeing Adrian with Trudy and him interacting with things before his nervous breakdown was extremely weird. While you could see little bits and pieces of OCD Monk in there, he was generally just a normal person.

It was interesting to watch Trudy live through her final moments; Still, maybe the whole car explosion was a bit heavy-handed as the episode had just started and I wasn’t really in the mind-set to be overly emotional about what was going on.

I liked how the episodes are more-or-less split up into different sections of the story. While the overall arc is about Trudy, this first part focused on Adrian and his poisoning. I’m not sure if the creators were trying to hide it, but I’m pretty sure that Craig T. Nelson is behind Trudy’s death and subsequently, Adrian’s poisoning. He’s the shadow man, right? I suppose it’s never about the “who”, but the why and I’m sure the why will certainly make up for that.

After watching Monk for so many years, I tend to think that it has made me a bit crazy because I really get overly worked up when things happen to Adrian or when he can’t do something because of his “problem” (I suppose this is why Tony Shalhoub continues to get nominated for this role) and seeing him poisoned didn’t help. Although, I tend the think the whole poisoning bit was extremely simplified and they gave more than enough hints about it being Monk’s hand wipes as the source of the poison.

Still, I have to say that one of the things that stuck out in this episode was the foot chase between Stottlemeyer and the “perp” in the train yard. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to be caught so bad in my life and for some reason I was so emotionally attached to that actual chase that I literally yelled out “No!” when said bad guy was finally hit by the train. If they gave out an Emmy for most emotional foot chase, Ted Levine (the actor playing Stottlemeyer) would definitely win.

Oh yeah – Can’t forget about Randy’s whole “there’s blood everywhere” over the intercom. Hilarious!

Despite the fact that this episode might be the calm before the storm (even though Adrian is extremely close to death) I’m glad that they didn’t wait to reveal what’s inside Trudy’s gift that we’ve been waiting to peek into all these years. While I’m sure that the tape enclosed will play a major part in solving the mystery, a part of me wished that it was something else…

…like baby booties?

Sure, I didn’t cover everything that happened in this episode, but I didn’t want to bore you with all my ramblings. We all know the best part is the discussion.

Especially the ones where people call me names. Well, maybe those aren’t the best, but I’m biased.

So, what say you? What did you think of the episode? What do you think we’re going to see next week? Are Natalie and Lt. Disher ever going to get together?

The final episode of Monk has aired and our review can be found on the first page.

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