Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

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Legendary Pictures Godzilla Modern Day Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

Godzilla is certainly one of the most prolific actors, or actresses (depending on which version we’re talking about) in history with over thirty films, as well as numerous cartoons, named after the giant monster.

Following only a bit of speculation last summer, Legendary Pictures has announced plans for a “modern day epic” based on the Godzilla franchise with a tentative 2012 release date. Legendary will be co-financing and co-producing the project in partnership with Warner Bros. The partnership is nothing new as the pairing has provided moviegoers with several critical successes including: 300, The Dark Knight, and The Hangover.

Legendary secured the rights to the giant lizard/dinosaur from the Japanese based Toho Corp – who have guided the franchise for five decades and will still oversee the film’s release in Japan.

CEO of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull, praised Toho Corp for their dedication to Godzilla as well as offered his excitement at having the chance to produce the next Godzilla installment.

“Godzilla is one of the world’s most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise. Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has.”

Of course, the giant elephant, or komodo dragon, in the room is the 1998 modern day Godzilla epic produced by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich – the updated version that featured Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, and hordes of infant Godzillas. Though a commercial success, the film was a critical failure, and did little to reinvigorate the franchise with Western audiences.

Godzilla 1998 Modern Day Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

Legendary Pictures has a decent track record, and there’s certainly room for optimism that we may finally get a solid Godzilla update for contemporary audiences. Though, without question, the balance between paying homage to the source material and providing a believable and engaging experience in a modern setting will be an extremely delicate process.

Legendary Pictures is expected to announce a director for the upcoming Godzilla project in the near future.

What do you hope to see in the upcoming modern day Godzilla project?

Source: Variety

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  1. Ah, okay, now I see what you are getting at with “believable”, pretty much the same thing I thought they needed to do, be it Toho or whoever else made the next Godzilla flick.

    Some years ago I saw this clip from a Japanese TV show, called 72 I believe, where he appeared briefly, all CGI, and he looked amazing. Very close to the classic, but somehow quite alot more like an actual beast. Now, I am not saying I would like a movie with only a CGI Godzilla, but im saying it opened my eyes to what it, with some limited use can do for Godzilla. I would really love it to go the route of Jurassic park and do animatronics(sp?) mixed with CGI, and yeah, they tried to go the jurassic park route, lookswise atleast, with the last american movie, but that was ONLY using CGI, and bad CGI at that. Not that I wouldnt mind seeing a try at a good suit, I just dont think they will even attempt that.

    That picture looks very nice, could be a very cool look for big G :)

  2. Yes!!! The Big G is back!!! I'm so glad he's getting the Hollywood treatment and respect he deserves. I know that Legendary Pictures will do a great terrific job with this movie.
    Bring new fans to the franchise.
    Remember, these are fans that are producing the movie

  3. I would really like to see him fight another monster in this one. I doubt they would ever go the kid-friendly hero route where he is high fiving giant robots and gliding on his tail or anything like that (I wouldnt really want to see him like that anyway, not that I don't appreciate those movies for their own cheesiness, but I do prefer the original to them any time of the week), but they could at least make him an antihero by having him fight another, more evilish, monster.

    Though for story tellings sake, maybe it would just be smarter to make it in the style of the original, and then maybe build an franchise from there? Who knows, I shall be a awaiting news for this movie anxiously though… be it good or bad, anything with the name “Godzilla” is worth my attention, at least till it proves itself to be horrible

    • I hope he doesn’t fight another monster, because I want the film to focus on Godzilla. If it’s gets a sequel, then introduce another monster.

  4. Godzilla Returns. In 2012.

  5. Get out the way King Kong, Cloverfield monster, aliens from space, the King of Monsters is coming. GODZILLA!!!!

  6. I'll be glad to see the big guy back on the big screen.

  7. Make KK VS G as a second movie. A second act. Have So. Africa nuclear mining partially responsible for a mutated KK.

  8. nothing will beat godzilla 1954 because hes the original godzilla and i think classics r better

  9. godzilla 1954 was a good movie im happy it focused only on godzilla maybe thats y ppl liked godzilla then they made fight another monster

  10. over the years, people tried to improve godzilla, but heres a fact: the original is fine change it and it will suck trust me the americans messed up godzilla big time!

  11. everyone new series of godzilla (except for the millinieum series) starts with godzilla by himself, i hope hes by himself.

  12. i think if this new movie’s a success, they will make more and mmore for a while

  13. y do the americans have to make the movie? y cant toho make the movie then dub for the english one?

  14. lets cross our fingers and hope its a good movie

  15. I’m sure that this Godzilla will be superior to Emmerich’s Godzilla, which got nicknamed GINO and also being destroyed by Japanese Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars.
    I hope they don’t make too many cheesy jokes in that movie but keep it in a dark threatening tone like the new batman movies or Cloverfield.
    Emmerich’s Godzilla was too much Jurassic Park like and he also didn’t understand the essence of Godzilla: Godzilla is a slow advancing monster that does not run away from enemy fire!

  16. WES HES BACK wait whats that i heard a boom oh god hes here send help…..ahhhhhhh godzilla help hes here help arrrrr

  17. The Mayans where right. Godzilla will destroy the world in 2012

  18. If anyone associated with the production of this movie reads this: PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get it right this time! The ’98 “Godzilla” was such a disappointment to fans, I hope you will stick as close to ToHo’s G as possible, an actor in a suit versus CGI.The sucess of Cloverfield proves there is still a market for quality monster flicks, if handled correctly. I hope this movie gets made AND is worth seeing. It’s great news to hear Godzilla may again be stomping among us,make us American fans proud this time around.Will this Godzilla be worthy of Gojira? Lets hope so!

    • Unfortunately, this film will most likely use CG and animatroncs, which is lame. Suitmation is far suprior to CG, and looks much more realistic.

      • I don’t know, man. They can do some pretty cool stuff with animatronics. I really like it when they use a combination of effects, like the way Dragonslayer intercut animatronics with go-motion. I do agree that the suit adds character to the creature, but animatronics and CGI can move in ways a man in a suit wouldn’t be able to. A combination of different effects could be marvellous. That was the only thing G98 got right.

  19. One thing that can’t Be in the story is Godzilla being vulnerable to any military. He has to be tougher than that.His presence should not only be menacing and horrific but also terrifying. With all of his senses ,gladiators wit and weapons in tact .I’m talking king of all monsters not Barney. Legendary Pictures knows what I’m talking about and i believe they’ll pull it off with kudos to spare.

  20. “I’d like to see a new kind of monster vs. Godzilla. Like a SpaceMothra. Or like, bring back Gamara and make him electric… and have electric eels, too. Fire Rodan is like the coolest monster; I haven’t seen him in a while. It would be cool to see Godzilla as a baby fighting with other baby monsters… or have families of monsters fighting, like Godzilla & Son vs another family. Or what if another atomic bomb lit off on an iguana, or a chameleon. Or Godzilla vs kung zhu–except that would never happen because Godzilla would win like crazy–but, like, Godzilla vs something from another movie, like JAWS. Ooh, what about Godzilla vs not just a draagon, but MEGA Dragon!”
    (Little man, Big Fan–ideas are endless)

  21. So much is being written about this movie. Lots of great Ideas out there. As an aspiring screenwriter I wrote my own vision of the movie. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

    • I just read a small sample of your screenplay, the scene with godzilla trekking though the wasteland into the city. It definately has the feel of disaster actually occurring, with people being effected (thumbs up for successfully conveying the feel of a true disaster!), as opposed to the more common feeling of just watching a guy in a suit knock some bricks around. I initially had a few problems with the dialogue (it was pretty late, and I was kinda tired) and choice of words used in the descriptions on what’s happening onscreen, but by the end my ability to put the whole thing into perspective and actually envision the work had kicked in, and I was pretty impressed! The action taking place among the military and government officials was, to be honest, something I’ve seen plenty of in the past (mostly in Godzilla movies), and while it does have a worrisome reminiscence to the 1998 “GINO” Godzilla, I think you may have possibly gotten the dynamic right (so long as you’ve got a good director working on it, that is); it has a darker feel to it than any of the other Godzilla movies. Realism with how you portray the people in the scene was present indeed, authentic, and it seemed worth watching. Finally, a Godzilla movie that doesn’t make watchers say “Shut up with the cheesy dialogue, please; I want to see Godzilla blow the space dragon’s middle head off!”. A nice breath of fresh air. If only Toho had more writers like you back in the day to make the human characters worth seeing onscreen. As for Godzilla himself, I have a few concerns.

      I’m not sure what exactly you’re going for with the way you’re portraying the monster. In some ways, the Godzilla you’re writing seems a little too “human”, in some ways, and in other ways, a little too vulnrable somehow. I don’t know, maybe words/phrases like “squint”, and “in pain” threw me off, but the part where Godzilla swats the probe out of the sky like a human swats a fly leaves too much interpretation open as to Godzilla’s character, which leaves a scary wide margine for error that could make him look (potentially, and this is the negative extreme) ridiculous in the wrong hands. Wouldn’t he seem a bit more brutal and vicious if he blew it out of the sky with his atomic breath? The less “human” a monster behaves, the more likely it is that the audience will be afraid of the monster instead of having empathy for it (the “so sad” monster is way too overdone. I tire of the monster being just a “misunderstood creature”, as was the case in about a bazillion monster movies). Secondly, with Godzilla grabbing, throwing & dodging (how, exactly?) missiles, and lunging at planes makes me worry only slightly about how it would look onscreen. Not to mention Godzilla being floored by missile impact, which is something that would (at least I imagine so) be difficult to portray properly, giving the feel that Godzilla might be finished (of course, the audience always knows he’s not) without getting him too much sympathy or making him appear weak. Ultimately, I think things like this just come down to the choice of words used in describing the scene. Not to say I don’t like the way you’re working Godzilla so far; I’m just saying bare in mind that he is, for the most part, a sort of force of nature, so if you’re going to give him a personality, be very careful with it; even Toho has screwed up many times in this area. Don’t make their mistakes (but do give Godzilla a personality, so long as you can get it right and not humanize it too much; such a thing would be a breath of fresh air to be sure!).

      All in all – from the one scene I read – I for one, am impressed, and even slightly envious of some aspects to the piece. Mind you, it could be a tad more professional (and be careful with how you portray Godzilla), but so far, you seem to have some good stuff. Keep it going!

      • Chris. Thank you so much for the feedback. That is the kind of information I have been looking for. So glad you are enjoying it. I am very excited and passionate about this Godzilla. I would want to do the creature justice, make him so the true fans appreciate him, and to appeal to a mass audience and hopefully make all new fans.
        This was my very first attempt at a full length motion picture script and after reading it myself a hundred times, I can see where my writing improved as the script went on. Ironically the scene you read was an afterthought. I had reached a writers block and was looking for the ending, when it just hit me. This scene just flowed and it was honestly one of my favorites, as like you said ” it just gave the feel of a disaster.”
        I like the feedback about his personality as well. You are correct, this is very hard to do because I do want to portray him as a terrifying force of nature, and NOT a cheesy campy creature. I want him to be a monster, yet it is a living, breathing , creature. I tried to make it where he shows some intelligence mixed in with basic instincts. The scene where he swats the drone is more akin to any animal that would swat away a fly buzzing around its face. Its not a threat big enough for the death breath, but enough of an annoyance to him to at least swat it away.
        The squinting, shows intelligence, he’s thinking, assesing his situation. And yes he can feel pain, he can be hurt, hes not totally invincible, he just has the ability to heal quicker than anything else. If he was impervious to everything, then it takes away any suspense or belief.
        My portrayal of the military is kind of typical for any movie of this genre. There’s only so much you can do with military vs. monster. Part of the portrayal is “hey we are the american military, nothing can stop us. ” Until they meet Godzilla and then the cockiness fades. They are not inept like the military in Gino, but they become a little meeker once they realize Godzilla’s true might.
        Like you said though, it all depends on a director. If they see what I see, then yes, Godzilla has the chance to truly be the “King of the Monsters”. again.
        Thanks so much for the feedback, I will keep your words in mind as I work on the sequel.

        • Glad I could be of assistance! By the way, you bring up an interesting point about Godzilla not being completely invulnrable, and in retrospect I am quite sure Godzilla has been depicted as being “in pain” – without appearing as a wuss – many times (pretty much every movie he appears in). In Godzilla King of the Monsters, Godzilla charged through a fence of high tension electrical wires. Considering his disliking for electricity (which is often played upon, as the writers at Toho seemed to believe that reptiles would avoid electricity as much as possible), this would have been painful. The sound he makes in the process of ripping the towers down is likely a sound of pain. A similar case is in Godzilla vs. Mothera, when the Japanese request American assistance. In many ways, I’d say this scene would help me better envision the scene in the Nevada desert in your script (only in your writing, it is in fact the target that is being hit; not the ground at the target’s feet. Indeed, the military in your script isn’t inept; they actually hit the target they’ve locked onto.), as the two scenes are similar enough to refer to one in an attempt to better the other. Godzilla’s sounds of pain had (usually) an intense, powerful, ferocious aspect that added a touch of the anger that usually comes from such pain as that which would likely come from getting hit in the face with a rocket. I’m pretty sure my problem was just that I was up a little too late; it was morning by the time I finished commenting on your script! Another accidental all-nighter. When will I learn to stop doing that?

          Anyhow, I am also into writing (and acting, and drawing), and I have been on-again-off-again with writing my own version of Godzilla (partially for the pleasure of it, and partially as a means to sharpen my skills). As far as portraying him as a convincing character, as much as a walking calamity, I have found (and I’m pretty sure you have, too) that a good psychological profile and a few explanations on the character/monster in question is always a big help. I think I may have just gotten my own explanation/character study all done. To tell the truth, my journey through this process has allowed me to think of Godzilla in ways I never would have expected. I never would have thought, as an audience member, about why it is that Godzilla (all the possibilities) attacks civilization. If you are intrested in reading about my version of Godzilla, please let me know. I will give you a brief on my depiction of his physiology, backstory, personality, motivations, and even my take on his powers and unique physical traits, if you wish.

          Again, glad I could help you out (and I now see what it is you were getting at with the character you were trying to add to Godzilla; a primal, yet intelligent being. I’m pretty sure you could have lots of fun working the intelligence into Godzilla, especially if you try to do it in the most unpleasant ways possible! A smart reptile could definately have the potential to be really creepy, if his mannerisms are done right [I had a brief mental picture of the "smart Godzilla", and liked what I saw in my head]. I wonder what it is, however, that drives your Godzilla to do what he does, not that I advise any over-explanation in the actual script; there’s a reason [and given your insight into writing, I'm quite sure you know it as well as I] it’s called OVER-explaining, but I am curious. Is it that he’s just passing through, or does he have something to gain, or could it be something else? If you have not considered this, take my advice, it’s a great thing to have in mind! It gives a very deep understanding of the character being portrayed, allowing for an ultimately more believable depiction. It’s easier for the audience to believe it when the writer believes it. In my case, Godzilla attacks for a variety and/or combination of reasons. When you have a thourough understanding of what you’re creating, you can think as your version of Godzilla would think, and build from there. It’s like a performance on stage, minus the people [whom you cannot see, as there is stage light blocking them from view] and potential stage fright). Thumbs up, and best of luck!

          • Chris,
            Again I thank you for the feedback. I would love to hear/read your vision of Godzilla. Try contacting me through my blog and we can share ideas and visions, (I dont want to take over this sites comments page out of respect).
            There are many explanations coming for my Godzilla, and why he does what he does. As well as how he and his intelligence will evolve. But saving that for the sequel I’m writing. This first one was a basic introduction, it leaves enough questions and hopefully enough intrigue to have general audiences coming back for more. And no, I definitely do not want sympathy for Godzilla, I want people to be terrified of him, he will be an anti hero of sorts, but he is not here to protect us. He just fights for his territory.
            The next chapter will feature characters the fans will love, and the general audience will be wowed by. But since that is still a few months away, lets keep them guessing.
            Until then, I thank you again for the feedback, it will help strengthen my skills, and hopefully the sequel will be more epic than the original. (like Batman Begins went on to the Dark Knight)

            • dude are seriously mean that

  22. i hope the 2 Godzilla is better then the first one i seriously want see this movie.

  23. WOW! A new up coming Godzillia film. I’ve always been a fan of Godzillia(orginal Japaniese films) But, i think the american film failed to show that Godzillia may be a monster but is always defending Earth from OTHER alien monsters. This new film better be good like the old ones :)

  24. Oh, I would also like to see King Gahdora, or however you say it, to return as he was my favorate bad monster. Jet Jaguar and Gigan were good to. But that three headed terror always made me smile at the destruction he did :)
    It would be cool to see some other earth monsters again such as: Mothra, Angerus, Fire Rodam and more.
    SPACE GODZILLA was a terror of a sight, boy was he ugly. His uglyness, to me, made me think he was epic! So I would like some old monsters to return as new.

  25. I sincerely hope that they make this one darker and that it kicks the humans @$$ES(e.g Skyline)!! I am SO SICK of movies that feature an unstoppable force that’s eventually taken down my man’s bull$#it Armies(e.g. Independence Day and EVERY OTHER FILM EVER MADE!)!! Let Godzilla do what he does and KICK @$$, and DO NOT take names!! Go Godzilla!! ;-D

  26. meh, I hope he kicks butt to, the last one sucked! Make it so he atleast survives and have some spirit of the original Godzilla in him. Make him the modern one if nesersery, but give him more spirit

  27. Could everyone please keep a level-head about this. There are two things I always see on the internet: 1.) People who claim that Godzilla failed in ’98 and will fail again. Just because someone mishandled the source material doesn’t mean a good movie can’t be made from it. 2.) Godzilla purists who believe Toho should be doing this. I’m in favor of an American coorporation tackling this because they’re far more likely to succeed at delivering Godzilla to a new audience. Plus, Gareth Edwards’ inclusion suggests they aren’t taking the same approach as “Clash of the Titans.” So far this is looking like a dream come true. Just keep your expectations in check, and keep an open mind.

    • I agree; Legendary Pictures handled Batman pretty well, and I honestly don’t see any reason for Legendary to handle Godzilla as poorly as Tristar did back in ’98. Just for the record, from what I’ve found, it appears Legendary is working with Toho to stay as true as is possible to the original Godzilla. I bet it’s going to be awesome, but we’ll have to wait until 2012 or so to find out.

  28. I hope Super Godzilla and Bagon comes back and make a comeback as the most powerful monsters in the world