Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

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Legendary Pictures Godzilla Modern Day Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

Godzilla is certainly one of the most prolific actors, or actresses (depending on which version we’re talking about) in history with over thirty films, as well as numerous cartoons, named after the giant monster.

Following only a bit of speculation last summer, Legendary Pictures has announced plans for a “modern day epic” based on the Godzilla franchise with a tentative 2012 release date. Legendary will be co-financing and co-producing the project in partnership with Warner Bros. The partnership is nothing new as the pairing has provided moviegoers with several critical successes including: 300, The Dark Knight, and The Hangover.

Legendary secured the rights to the giant lizard/dinosaur from the Japanese based Toho Corp – who have guided the franchise for five decades and will still oversee the film’s release in Japan.

CEO of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull, praised Toho Corp for their dedication to Godzilla as well as offered his excitement at having the chance to produce the next Godzilla installment.

“Godzilla is one of the world’s most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise. Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has.”

Of course, the giant elephant, or komodo dragon, in the room is the 1998 modern day Godzilla epic produced by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich – the updated version that featured Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, and hordes of infant Godzillas. Though a commercial success, the film was a critical failure, and did little to reinvigorate the franchise with Western audiences.

Godzilla 1998 Modern Day Modern Day Godzilla Film Striking in 2012

Legendary Pictures has a decent track record, and there’s certainly room for optimism that we may finally get a solid Godzilla update for contemporary audiences. Though, without question, the balance between paying homage to the source material and providing a believable and engaging experience in a modern setting will be an extremely delicate process.

Legendary Pictures is expected to announce a director for the upcoming Godzilla project in the near future.

What do you hope to see in the upcoming modern day Godzilla project?

Source: Variety

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  1. I want a American Godzilla sequel. The Original creators from Tokyo are jealous and proud to admit that the American version was closer to reality and were fearing that it would be otstanding.
    (they would earn more money if they joined forces and invested the time and desire more wq new animal, robotic monsters of our time)
    The advise for the authors the BBC videos about dragons and how to spin hypothetically that threw the fire, add some energy efficient and we have a radioactive atomic breath.
    So the young hatched monster would satysfy as all.
    I want sequell with at least 4 monsters from the Godzilla series and a good scientific plot.

    • American Godzilla should be renamed “Attack of the Giant Iguana!” So lets hope they don’t mess up Godzilla. An lets hope Toho will reconsider and keep doing more Godzilla movies.

    • Because you have mentioned being closer to reality, you have overlooked the whole Godzilla franchise all together. Godzilla was never trying to be scientifically accurate. It is simply an allegory for modern day issues and it is also a form of entertainment. And as I quote ‘rawr’. Yeah that’s the sound Zilla made when he was roasted in Godzilla: Final Wars.

  2. I think the film needs to stay VERY close to the TOHO Godzilla brand…TOHO, if you’re listening, please keep the America filmmakers honest on this.
    American filmmakers:
    Please don’t go off the deep end make it too complicated, too gross or too gory. Please know that the concept of Godzilla is still awesome – he’s radioactive, breathes fire, and is big enough to topple skyscrapers. You don’t have to put him on steroids to “modernize” him – you just have to make a good movie!

    The great thing about Godzilla is that he has demonstrated that he is a timeless icon, and you don’t have to necessarily cross generation boundaries to create a good monster movie that kids and adults will both love. DON’T OVERTHINK THIS. Godzilla 1985 is the closest thing I’ve seen to a great American Godzilla movie. If you can come up with something on par with that (but better), I will be a very happy twenty-something.

    Godzilla fans want to see the Godzilla they fell in love with, they want to feel sorry for him, and they want there to be justice/peace after all of the destruction occurs. It’s not about creepy plots, twists of fate or mass destruction (well, we do love destruction but we want to see it done WELL)

    If you don’t think it’s important to satisfy the loyal fans than you are wrong – they are the ones who will drag their friends and family to see this movie.

    Give Godzilla a personality – it will do you well to humanize him more than his horrible predecessors. No iguanas. Godzilla is not a reptile. We know that Godzilla isn’t real, and that’s why we want to see him kick @ss in the movies. The storyline doesn’t have to be possible; it just needs to feel realistic.

    I think the most successful Godzilla movies were the ones where he fought against “evil”. Don’t make Godzilla the antagonist – but as stated, he definitely needs to kick @ss. Godzilla is not nice, he just wants to survive. And I want him to survive for more generations to love and enjoy. Don’t screw this one up!

    • I think the most successful Godzilla movie is the original “Gojira”. He did play the antagonist and with the way the story was told, it was incredible. I always like Godzilla better as “a force of nature” instead of the defender of the Earth.

  3. I’m kind of excited especially considering the company remaking this movie. If there’s anything to be noted in successful modern American movies is the BAMF special effects. But all I’m really hoping for is staying with the original design of Godzilla and his near-invincibility.

  4. A Godzilla film should be more about Godzilla and less about the human aspect. Don’t put some stupid love story in the middle of it and have Godzilla be the background. Godzilla is not a force to be messed with. Powerful and mighty and unstoppable. Don’t fill the movie full of giant monsters. One is fine but I think that Godzilla can hold his own and don’t need a monster to fight him. Maybe we as humans are the monsters. Anyways I hope this one is better than the last one. I was always a fan of Godzilla growing up. The only thing I liked about the last American Godzilla movie was his look and size. All though I thought he could have been bigger. Also the ultimate big monster match of all time would be Godzilla VS King Kong. My money would be on Godzilla.

  5. i have a great idea for the concept. the mountain area in pennsyvania is huge. they could have a nuclear accident at 3 mile island and let go from there. most of the area in pennsy is so abandon he could rise out of the mountains and start wrecking havoc .


  7. mathew brodrick tem que voltar

    A poltergeist in fact.
    A primal spirit that has existed on the Earth since prehistoric times
    It’s mind is that of a dinosaur that is eternally going through the motions of being a dinosaur.
    Like the ghost of a soldier who constantly repeats his march across the field of battle upon which he had died.
    Godzilla’s spirit, not knowing that he is already physically dead, believes he is still alive.
    An Earthbound Spirit trapped within his corporeal form in a flash of Thermonuclear fire!

    Dinosaurs were the absolute peak of evolutionary life forms on Earth.
    Their diversity filled every imaginable ecological nitch until, by whatever means, meteoric or otherwise, doomed them to extinction
    . When a spirit leaves the body, it is usually allowed to “step into the light” to merge with its spiritual source.(Heaven or God)
    The dinosaurs that were killed by the extinction event, died so quickly that they were deprived of their spiritual transition.
    Their spirits were thrust into a dinosaurian PURGATORY where the last living memory they had was a flash of bright light and a huge wave of heat, radiation and pain!

    The Godzillasaurus, one of the last remaining living true dinosaurs, was deprived of its “White Light Spiritual Transition Event.”
    At the time of its death by the intervention of a thermonuclear event!
    Another event resulting in bright light, searing heat, radiation and pain.
    Godzillasaur’s transition was split asunder and all the SPIRITUAL ENERGY of the Dinosaur PURGATORY poured out of the source and into the body of the dinosaur.

    Something along the lines of spiritual demonic possesion!
    It literaly became the living spirit of ALL the dinosaurs that had died from that explosive extinction event!
    It’s actions may even be influenced by possesion of HUMAN spirits that died in a similar instant and horrible manner. (Nagasaki and Hiroshima!)
    Perhaps explaining its affinity for Japan.

    The early speculation that it was a peculiar mix of bipedal carnasaur and armored stegosaur may have been close to right.
    It is an amalgam of ALL those dinosaurs and more!
    Its Bodyform is a mixed-up concensus of what all dinosaurs aspired to become. Bigger! Stronger! Impervious to all harm!
    Because the last, living memory of all those spirits was of light, heat, radiation and pain, they all chose a Bodyform that could not only be immune to these things, but be able to inflict them upon others, in self defense.

    Thus came into being the Physical form that we refer to as the Classic ORIGINAL Godzilla !
    His body is held together, telekineticly, by the will and self-image of those spirits.
    That is why his body does not conform to, or have the weaknesses of biological entities.
    He is held together by his thoughts.
    He insists upon believing He is still alive.
    He transferred his “Original Spirit” to his son before he melted down.

  9. I think they should show some scientist messing around with some fossilized eggs,and a rumor has been going around that someone has dna from godzilla. The president of japan finds out and forms a plan of creating a,”Godzilla 2″ by putting his dna in the egg,and altar the genes to become a “new” Godzilla in which they end up using to fight the Godzilla that has been a menace towards them in their case. Both Godzillas give a hel of a fight,but the clone ends up dieing due to his body being not as good b/c he’s a clone. So after a few beatings and atomic breaths,his body couldn’t handle it. The people of japan are furious. So their last resort,is King Kong. [yes I know king komg is smaller,but they can size him up for this movie] So they go to skull island to find king kong,but they are jumped by tribal men,they explain themselves and their intentions to the tribe. Afterwards,they perform a ceremony summoning the “great ape.” So king kong is summond and they try to lead him to Godzilla,get them to fight,and BOOM. One awesome match. Sounds good? Or a bad idea?

  10. I doubt this film will be out this year. It’s almost March 2012 and no preview, no news, nothing, I say summer of 2013. I’d rather that happen than do a rush-rush job for a summer release this year

    • I agree with you, Mike. I, however, am not even sure a Godzilla movie is going to be made at all, though I hope it will be. I would think it would be delayed for 2013 or 2014. Though this news is slightly disappointing, at least we know it isn’t being rushed, or worse, being made by the same guys who made that OTHER Godzilla movie. You know the one, from 1998. The one that makes me shudder when I think of it.

  11. IMDB have it listed as “Godzilla (2014)” so who knows, maybe it was pushed back a little and delayed?

    I actually didn’t mind the 98 version, sure it had a love story thrown in there but I liked how it was mostly the human reaction to this massive creature wreaking havoc through New York (even if the humans in this case were your typical Hollywood scientist types and not actually given real personalities).

    • Well, the 1998 Godzilla movie was passable as a movie, but it simply wasn’t Godzilla. One does not tamper so with such a famed pop culture icon and get away with it, as far as reception goes; with an iconic character comes requirements that were simply not met. But as you said, Dazz, it was adequate on its own. The fact that it was Titled Godzilla is part of what bothered me, but I am not upset about the movie now as I was when I was a young child.

      Back then, I was a hardcore Godzilla fan, and I didn’t really notice the problems the movie had until the end. They killed Godzilla (Or rather, a creature named after Godzilla to rake in fans) with airplanes. This stuck out to me more than the lack of Atomic Breath; one of the biggest points about Godzilla, at least to me, was his indestructibility, especially when dealing with the military. This is where my bitterness towards the ’98 film actually began. That said, I do respect your opinion, Dazz; the movie itself, by itself, discluding the title, was OK, not good or bad, just OK. The only problem, for me, was that they not only called it Godzilla, but really hyped it up, and being a fan of the original Godzilla, particularly for the things Tristar left out about the character, I was kind of bothered.

      I will admit, however, that Gino did have a pretty cool lower jaw, all nice and tough-looking and what not. Also, it certainly sounded somewhat like Godzilla, I’m only wondering where the atomic breath and indestructibility went. The Japanese Godzilla, for these reasons as well as the fact that he never retreats from any attack, was much more threatening and more menacing overall than the Tristar version. And also, yes, the idea of humans reacting to a giant monster ripping through the city was interesting, but it would have been awesome if it were actually the Godzilla we were all familiar with. Then again, maybe I should just lighten up, perhaps?

      Whatever the case, I did look on the Legendary Pictures website, because I was wondering if the project had indeed been scrapped. Apparantly it hasn’t; Legendary has, earlier this year, claimed to still be working on a Godzilla movie based on the monster created by Toho. Fairly good news, but with the lack of trailers and publicity going to it, I highly doubt the film will be released this year. 2013 or later would be a believable release date.

  12. I can’t wait for another godzilla movie to come out ! I am in the process of collecting all the godzilla movies I’ve only got about half so far !