NBC Unveils ‘Mockingbird Lane’ Images & Confirms Pilot-Turned Halloween Special Release

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Although NBC has decided to pass on reviving the Munsters into a full series (for now), the network has set the reboot, dubbed Mockingbird Lane up for an upcoming Halloween special, which airs October 26 as a lead-in to a Halloween-themed episode of hit series Grimm. While the project may have received mixed reactions before it’s even aired, NBC has released some new visually vibrant shots featuring the modernized Munster family of 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Despite their new habit of eating people, judging by these photos Bryan Fuller’s rebooted version of the Munster’s remain just as close-knitted as the much-loved 60s comedic family. In token Fuller fashion, the new Mockingbird Lane images display a similar macabre quirkiness fused with animated color that made his 2007 series Pushing Daisies such a cult hit.

Check out the new images from NBC’s Mockingbird Lane Halloween special that features brilliant color, but heavily toned down make-up, compared to the original.


Mockingbird Lane stars Jerry O’Connell (Crossing Jordan) as Frankenstein-styled father Herman Munster and Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) as his vampire wife Lily who try to raise their budding werewolf son Eddie (Mason Cook) and their unfortunately human niece Marilyn (Charity Wakefield) with the help of Lily’s father Sam Dracula (Eddie Izzard).

The hour-long spooktacular special will explore the origins of the Munster Family and kicks off when a scout trip turns ugly after the troop is attacked by a baby bear – only it turns out that this “bear” is actually young Eddie’s first transformation into a werewolf. Unaware of his metamorphosis, Eddie’s wild night forces the family to move in order to protect the family secret. Things for little Eddie go from bad to monstrous when he learns the shocking secret of his family: they’re flesh-eaters!

Director Bryan Fuller is known for his whimsically dark comedies, such as Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Wonderfalls, that all end up getting the axe long before they should  - which may be the case with Mockingbird Lane. Although some may have initially reacted poorly to the idea, and some of its casting choices, Fuller has proven on more than one occasion he knows what he’s doing. Perhaps his other NBC psychological thriller pilot Hannibal will fare much better.


Check back with us for more on Mockingbird Lane and catch the Halloween special Friday October 26 @ 8/7c on NBC.

Source: TV Line

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  1. This should have never even been put into production. How in the world did ANYONE think this was a good idea?

    • So I take it you have viewed it in its entirety then?

      • No, but you don’t have to stick your nose a inch away from feces to know it’s going to stink.


        • So you havent seen one frame of it I take it?

          So have you read one line of the script?

          And by the way, have you ever smelled the feces of something with liver failure?

        • You know some people are just really stubborn.

  2. According to another article on this site they dropped around 10 million dollars into this I think. Wonder where the money went?

    • Portia de Rossi dresses and makeup

  3. Prediction , it Bombs and doesnt even last more then 1 season , Friggen Period.

    • it’s a one shoot now, a halloween special… so yeah it won’t last a season in that sense.

  4. The Source Material Looks almost “non” exsistent? Why even Drag The name The Munsters into this terrible looking Show? Why? If they called it something total diff then maybe itd be a something. dunno , dont care , what a waste. Just when I though Munsters Today series or whatever that was called I thought was the worst slap to the Munsters jeess….

    • well, i´ve watched the promo and it looked very good and interesting. maybe if the pilot hits,then they could air the series on screen.

  5. Reboots like this always are a good idea!

    Knight Rider, and Bionic Woman worked out so well!

    Yeah, how about more of these.

    • I’m going to assume that you’re being sarcastic.

    • no offense, but i did hated as a kid -knight rider- and – bionic woman-, the series were boring as hell and the new k.i.t.t was also bulls..t. i have get my fantasy in the head trough dc and marvel comics,or did watched everyday -return of the jedi-.

  6. They aren’t ugly enough. One of the fun riffs on the Munsters was that they were all ugly, and the one cousin was pretty, but they played it like SHE was the ugly one and THEY were normal. They ALL look normal in this pic. That’s not the Munsters I grew up with…

    • Actually Lily was rather pretty in the original show.

      • Granted, but she was pretty in a strange way. Those that weren’t outright ugly were still strange. These look like regular people. How is that The Munsters?

  7. I don’t care how great the script is, if everyone looks at it and says “that’s not the Munsters”, then it’s not “the Munsters” it’s something else and the production designer failed the premise. The Addams Family movies were (mostly) great because they were spot on, but even larger than life.

    • This just seems like they took some other idea and put the Munsters name on it to get it through the production maze faster.

  8. They showed the commercial for this tonight, wow. I need to figure out how to sucker someone, I mean convince some wise investor to give me some money…

  9. Personally I thought The Munsters sucked big time.
    In fact the only thing I like from the orig. cast was Munster go home becuase of Terry-Thomas, John Carradine, Hermoine Gingold, Ben Wright, Richard Dawson, Robert Pine and Arthur Malet.

    I have liked everything that Bryan Fuller has done so far and will likely like this as well.

    • I must agree Fuller is a genius. I would likely pan this were his name not attached. I loved Wonder Falls, Dead Like Me, and Pushing Daisies.

      I would never have seen an Avengers film since I have never been a Marvel fan however when I knew Joss Whedon was involved…

      Same thing. Chris Carter, Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams (for the most part), and Bryan Fuller are simply great TV. I would likely try anything they put into production.

  10. The people have spoken. Facebook, and elsewhere…not one good thing has anyone seen from these phony looking stills provided by the publicity department. Casting looks absolutely horrid. NBC, get creative and hire people to write ORIGINAL stories, and stop trying to Ca$h in on a bygone era’s genius…you obviously do NOT understand the genre…

    • Agreed. Hollywood keeps re-’inventing’ which is another phrase for we don’t have any great original ideas so why not steal from the past?

  11. A Bryan Fuller Show always gets a chance from me,he is doing great stuff,and his shows are all under appreciated and end before their time.sadly ! He is not main stream enough is guess ! Will watch this for sure,hope a show follows !

  12. If the pilot draws decent ratings do you think NBC will reconsider?

    • Sounds like that is what they’re hoping for. A reason to reconsider.

      • No sounds more like they want to make some of the money back they spent making this thing…

  13. Stupid waste of time and money that will fall flat and deservedly so!

  14. The whole idea of the Munsters was to take the family sit-com and give it a twist by making it a family of classic monsters. If you turn them all back to humans you just have a family sit-com. I don’t really see the point in taking away the one unique concept of the show.

  15. I would of hoped the final monsters had their face paint on, looking like the old versions at least, I liked the fact the munsters used to look like franinstin style to them like the addams family , whats next Addams Family show with normal looking people, no thing and the butler looking human actor instead of his munster counter part, you get my point its like the munsters without the right look, ever one has seen the movies of the munsters and do not want to see herman looking human, his is sposted to look green etc.. and the warewolf is sposted to look like a werewolf kid, I want back the orginal munster family on tv not human looking addam family members, how is lilly suppost to be the ugly family member if the rest of them look like normal humans, but I don’t want the network to can it because of this problem, I want them to fix it, otherwise the rep-ugs have one more thing to compain about besides sesemy street show on pbs 9 etc…

  16. Just saw this tonight, with great my defenses fully up, and It turned out I enjoyed it. I was not necessarily a fan of the original, but I saw where they were trying to go with the update. Izzard is very good when you settle into the conceit. Let’s see what else they have to offer, if anything. Whatever they decide to do has to be better than the original, of course Fred Gwynn would blow the husky kid from Stand By Me out of the water.

  17. I watched the show in its entirety anticipating some connection from childhood to the Munsters. The show with its blood lust and removed heart was horrible. Please NBC do not repeat this mistake of a program and if you do please place it at a later time so that kids might not be subjected to such barbarism.

  18. Loved it, it’s not the original but all remakes are changed and I think this one deserves a chance

  19. I watched the show on Hulu over the weekend, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I liked the Munsters that showed on Nick at Nite when I was younger. This one has been updated for a new generation, and I enjoyed the dark humor very much, and the play on Herman was great! I hope they reconsider and bring the show back. There are quite a few shows on air now that could be replaced by this!