Rumor Patrol: Katie Holmes In Mission: Impossible IV?

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mission impossible 3 Rumor Patrol: Katie Holmes In Mission: Impossible IV?

For the past couple of days the internet has been abuzz about the possibility of Katie Holmes joining Mission: Impossible IV. The website Monsters and Critics is citing a “source” that claims to have any and all information regarding Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Mission: Impossible IV villains. Although, I have a feeling that like Transformers, there’s more to meet the eye, so let’s take a look and see if we can’t debunk some of these rumors.

The site states that our favorite height-challenged thespian is “desperate to work with his wife” and since Cruise could (almost literally) pick any film and role for his wife to be a part of, his extensive film knowledge leads him to believe that “an evil part for her in the fourth film would be perfect.”

Says the source:

“Tom is very excited about taking Mission: Impossible in a new direction and he sees Katie as a big part of that.

“They have wanted to work together for a while now but the idea of being a couple on screen in a romantic comedy is a bit dull. This might give them a chance to have some fun both as a couple and as hero and villainess.”

While there is no doubt in my mind that Tom Cruise could get Katie Holmes in Mission: Impossible IV if he really wanted, I don’t see someone like Cruise doing the whole nepotism type of thing – not now, anyway.

The past couple of films Tom Cruise has been part of (sans Tropic Thunder) have more than underperformed at the box office. Also, J.J. Abrams is now a part of the whole Mission: Impossible franchise (even though he’s not directing the next installment) and Abrams doesn’t play those types of games. He makes choices because the person is right for the part, not because of who they’re married two (although saying no to Cruise can be a hard task).

Also, reps for Katie Holmes have stated that this rumor is just that, and that there is no truth to it. While we don’t know if what they’re saying is true, I really hope so.

The villain for Mission Impossible III was the amazing Phillip Seymour Hoffman. If they follow up his performance with someone who was the co-star in the female romantic crime comedy Mad Money, I’ll eat my shirt and I don’t have many shirts.

Still, if the Cruise/Holmes camp are in the mood for nepotism, I’ve got a great idea for a film the Cruise couple could do, based on a classic television series:

cruise dawson creek Rumor Patrol: Katie Holmes In Mission: Impossible IV?“I don’t want to wait, for our lives to be over…”

What do you think about this rumor? Would you be interested in seeing an evil Katie Holmes? Would this make a good film? Have you ever been a spy who’s adversary was a woman who weighs 120lbs?

Let’s hear it! (Especially the spy part.)

Mission: Impossible IV is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Source: Monsters and Critics [via: Digital Spy]

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  1. I doubt this rumor is true but I wonder if this means the next villain will be female.
    my dream wish for this movie would be for it to include Peter Graves,And explain that the Jim Phelps Jon Voight played was a fake Phelps so the real Phelps could retire perhaps under a new identity .
    That would explain why Voights Phelps went bad.
    he got tired of living another mans life .
    J.J. Abrams has said he wouldnt mind working with Nimoy and Graves in MI IV Reprising their roles as Phelps and Paris ,
    So, we shall see .

  2. @Gary

    Bad idea, IMO. I get that a lot of people didn’t care for the Phelps is evil twist, including Graves himself, who was set to reprise the role until he found out about that little plot detail, but I’m really, really against needless retcon.

    Revealing in part IV that Phelps wasn’t really Phelps would hurt the first movie, and since it is arguably the best in the trilogy, that would be a mistake.

    As for this rumor, if it’s true, than I’m out. Plain and simple. Unlike many, I can still go to a Tom Cruise movie and enjoy it, because regardless of what goes on in his personal life, the man can still act. But the minute he tries to bring his personal life into the movies with him, that will be the last straw for me.

    Not to mention, Holmes bears more than a passing resemblance to Michelle Monaghan, from III, and she needs to be back for the next on. It would just serve to confuse viewers.

  3. Josh Rose,
    Cruise has combined his personal and professional lives FOR YEARS .
    He costarred with Nicole Kidman In Days of Thunder when he was dating her,
    And he costarred with her In Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut after they were married.

  4. I don’t see Katie Holmes doing action but, I thought the same thing about Keri Russell before she did a fine turn in M:I-3. Though, her scenes were very brief so who knows how it mind have turned out had she a longer part. I only use this reference because there are performers who make credible spies/action star types. Katie Holmes doesn’t fit that bill, in my opinion. While Tom Cruise has groomed the beloved Mission: Impossible series into his own franchise, maybe it’s time he assume the senior agent role and allow younger agents to take to the field. Of course, this would draw attention away from him — which I’m not sure he is willing to submit to at this point. But if the M:I brand is going to continue into the future, it might be the right time to have a changing of the guard before TC reaches an age where it’s no longer credible for him to do the sorts of stunts and maneuvers that have been so common in the films.

  5. To add to Gary’s point …. TC also co-starred with Penelope Cruz in the film Vanilla Sky while they were dating. So, it isn’t out of character for him to star with family/loved ones. He also worked with his cousin William Mapother in Eyes Wide Shut, as I recall.

  6. “They have wanted to work together for a while now”

    Didn’t that whole “Beniffer” thing a few years ago teach anyone anything? Don’t star with people you’re involved with if you’re that high profile, it’ll end in disaster.

    Seriously, disaster raining down everywhere!


  8. “…but the idea of being a couple on screen in a romantic comedy is a bit dull.”

    lol. My wife would kick my butt if I said that. Seriously though, I don’t like the idea of Katie playing the villian in the next MI. Weak.

  9. I think he has made some great movies with his significant others, but I am not a huge supporter of this MI idea. I would prefer to see them play a couple. This villian/hero thing sounds blah…like they think it is their little inside joke when we all know. Plus, I am with you that she looks so much like Michelle Monaghan. Maybe that is part of what makes it seem weird.

  10. I know I am a chick and I am posting where a bunch of MI fans have been posting, but I was hoping for a chik flick collab for Tom and Katie. I really was. I thought the would make the next big romance film that would sweep the nation off their feet. I must say, I am a little disappointed. What is a girl to do?

  11. @ Mel C …. I recommend watching Love Affair with Warren & Annette until this particular dream of yours comes true. :)

  12. If this doesn’t kill this laughable “action” franchise nothing will…

    I hope they go with the title, “Mission Impossible IV, Rise of the Thetans!”

  13. I would settle for the next Jerry Maguire type. I loved that movie.

  14. Dull? Dull? I would pay to see them in a romantic comedy before I would MI with Katie as the villian. Get real.

  15. YUCK. I have liked the MI series…up until we start hearing about talentless-Katie joining the cast. One word…yuck!!! She is completely delusional about her talent. And so is Tom (about her talent, but love is blind). At least Tom can act. He’s great and fun to watch in this role.

  16. “Would you be interested in seeing an evil Katie Holmes?”

    We have…many times; her (supposed) acting skill is the most evil, heinous thing committed to celluloid since the Barney movie!

  17. I so hope this is just a rumor that will die a natural death and never rise again! I didn’t like the third installment of MI. Real disappointing after the first two. And every movie Cruise has been in with either his wife or sig-other has flopped. I am so not interested in seeing Holmes paired with him in any movie especially an action flick! I had hoped to see the original “Phelps” in the first movie and didn’t like the new character or the fact that the whole team perished. Would have liked to see them stick a little closer to the original series and have a “Team” pull off those “Impossible Missions”.

  18. I think that the only way that Katie could pull it off is if she played as a Scientologist as a Villian.

    Wait! Oh Snap!

  19. So if JJ Abrams is part of the franchise now, maybe he could get Joshua Jackson on the MI4 list, then I wouldnt mind Katie being in it. Id rather see those two paired up in a film than Tom with her.

  20. Are they freaking crazy? Make the romance…suffer through the dull for the fans. Come on you two!! Tom has been amazing in the romantic movies he has made and Katie is adorable. I would love it! What is wrong with them?

  21. Katie played a villain, or at least villainous, in a couple of her past movies – The Gift and Abandon. Also, I’d consider her work on Batman Begins to be close to evil, just not the villainous sort. 😐

  22. Is he stupid? Obviously not based on his success, but it seems to me that he could use a blockbuster that really endears him to the world. While many people love the MI series, it is not something that tugs at your heart for him. In my opinion he should be looking for his next Jerry Macguire where people will leave the theater thinking something like…that Tom Cruise is a lovely man. With all the sh*t they have had to deal with since they got together, it would make sense to me to have his audience fall in love with them…and that Katie Holmes is such a stunning, bubbly girl. She would be just fantastic in that genre. I mean, I had never heard of Renee before Jerry MacGuire.

  23. @ Jason: Nice comment…or so I thought when I made it. (*GRIN!*)

    Dan Lister says:
    November 18, 2009 at 10:21 am“Would you be interested in seeing an evil Katie Holmes?”

    We have…many times; her (supposed) acting skill is the most evil, heinous thing committed to celluloid since the Barney movie!