‘Mission: Impossible 4′ Trailer – ‘Mission: Familiar, But Still Cool’

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mission impossible 4 photos Mission: Impossible 4 Trailer   Mission: Familiar, But Still Cool

Give credit where it’s due – each subsequent entry in the Mission: Impossible franchise has managed to top its predecessor, in terms of upping the ante and devising new death-defying maneuvers for Tom Cruise’s agent Ethan Hunt to perform. This winter’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol looks to be no exception.

Brad Bird is making his live-action directorial debut with the fourth Mission: Impossible film – and going off the official teaser trailer just released, the movie should boast just as much thrilling action and exciting set pieces as one would expect from the director responsible for The Incredibles.

Chances are good that if you’ve seen any one (or all three) of the previous Mission movies, the new Ghost Protocol footage will hit several familiar beats. However, it looks as though Bird has done a good job of making said recognizable plot elements or action sequences feel innovative and fresh.

The plot even looks to mix things up a bit with Cruise as Hunt butting heads with Jeremy Renner’s Agent Brandt, who’s being positioned as the franchise’s new leading man. Add a customary mystery plot involving treachery within the IMF and Tom Wilkinson (whose involvement with Ghost Protocol has been kept a secret, up to now) as a new shadowy official that Hunt and Co. must contend with – and the latest Mission: Impossible film looks like a fairly promising addition to the franchise.

It should also help that Ghost Protocol features some respectable non-American thespians – including Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire), Lea Seydoux (Inglourious Basterds), and Michael Nyqvist (the Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo adaptation) – as its villains. Hopefully, they’ll be more like Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s nasty Owen Davian from Mission: Impossible 3 – and less like Dougrary Scott as the less intimidating, but more just silly, Sean Ambrose from Mission: Impossible 2.

Check out the official Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol teaser trailer (via Yahoo! Movies) below:


Certain sequences (ex. when Hunt scales the Burj Khalifa in Dubai) in Ghost Protocol were actually shot in the IMAX format; that Cruise generally performs all his stunts should only make said action bits feel all the more realistic and exciting. The A-lister is looking rather grim as an older agent Hunt (especially in comparison to Renner’s younger and cleaner agent), but that seems to be an important factor in the plot of the film. Besides that, Cruise still looks as convincing an action star as ever, regardless of whether he’s running away from exploding cars or beating up bad guys with his bare fists. That should be welcome news for fans who’ve been hoping to see the actor kickin’ butt and taking names onscreen in a better movie than last year’s Knight and Day.

Lastly, the use of Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down” in this trailer is unexpected, but works well in giving the Ghost Protocol trailer a bit of extra oomph – before the classic Mission: Impossible theme starts playing, at least. Hopefully the final product will be a clever and fun adrenaline rush as well.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters on December 16th, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. looks awesome cant wait =D

  2. Hearing Tom Wilkinson say the famous “Your mission, should you choose to accept it…” will be enough to get me in the theater.

    “Re-think the impossible” was a bit of a cheesy teaser line though.

  3. Never understood the Tom Cruise hate. The guy can sell a punch like no other.

  4. Niiiiiice!!! I want someone on YouTube to put a video together of Tom Cruise running and dodging vehicles from all of his movies, haha!

  5. Awesome! M:I:III was awesome and this one looks great too!

  6. Awesome! this one looks like it could be the best one yet!


    • agreed

  8. I would love to see Tom Cruise out of this franchise to be honest. And I’d really love to see a good sold trilogy birthed out of a reboot so the continuity can flow better than it has with these films. But don’t get me wrong, they have been entertaining and the first one is a sort of classic and nostalgic for me at least. But I do like that this one seems to fit in with with 3, because thats what bugged me about 1-3 is none of them felt like they were in the same universe so to speak, they felt to disconnected.

    But also, if this is another Ethan Hunt on the run from the Government because someone is framing him and he has to solve the problem and restore honour to his name, then I’ll be annoyed. Because even though 2 was boring, its the only one that isn’t about a Government conspiracy. So yeah those are my random thoughts!

    • Same here with the disconnected continuity, but… didnt ethan get married in 3? so how are they gonna explain that? i guess her character wouldnt be very important to the plot, but i hope she is at least mentioned.

  9. Yes. Just… YES!

  10. Okay, I’m in… but will M:I 4 be able to do well at the box office opposite another big action sequel with an awkward subtitle (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) which is also scheduled for release on Dec. 16?

  11. looks great

  12. O Yes!!! Yes!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! :)

  13. Looks excellent! Can’t wait!

  14. I’m not a big fan of this Mission Impossible series, but will watch it on Netflix as a rental.

  15. The music is awful….

  16. Yea that eminem song takes it down a peg, sorry marshall this is mission impossible not XxX: 4 starring snoop dogg

    • dont see how the use of an eminem song put the movie in line with a xxx film

  17. Its like like a mix of James Bond, Bourne Supremecy, and Fast Five put together! AWESOME!!!

  18. I always felt like 1 and 3 went together, as far as continuity cuz at the end of the first he quits. Then in the 3rd, which was released 10 yrs after the first, Ethan has been out of the game for 10yrs. So I always felt likr the 2nd one was out og place and didnt fit

    • haha he didn’t quit! Initially he did, but the whole point of the last scene with him on the plane when the lady offers him a ‘film’ to watch is him getting another mission suggesting his still in the field. And no where in mission impossible 3 do they say that he’s been out for 10 years. Yes he had been out of the force, but he’s been training new agents since sometime after M:I2. Nowhere is a time frame mentioned. So two fits and stuff, but the continuity in that IMF and Ethan’s personality changes in every film so does the entire look and operation of things and thats what I hate.

  19. After #2, I wasnt feeling the series no more. #3 made me a believer againg. The bridge scene with the jet and him slamming into the car was so beautiful when I first saw it. Im in, question though…

    Where is Ving Rhames??? Hes not in this one?! Sucks man I loved their chemistry… :(

  20. Looks really good. Can’t be any worse than part 3.

    I love that Cruise is still doing most of his own stunts, he may be a religous whacko but the guy has some real guts still doing crazy stunts at his age.

  21. Whoo!! That was awesome it looks like it is more thriller & action!looking forward to it..Paramount is always the best in terms of entertainment!Going see Transformers 3 2moro :)

  22. I agree where is ving rhames? And why do they always need a new boss for every movie?

  23. I choose to accept this mission. As far as the Eminem song, it’s dope and is on his last cd, it wasn’t made for the movie. It fits because it’s relating to the context of the movie. Seems as if the team is going all out to clear themselves.

    • The funny thing is, Eminem’s music normally just isn’t my thing. In this trailer, though? I actually thought it worked quite well. Go figure.

      • I thought the song worked well too. If the had simply played the Mission Impossible theme music it would have been rather blah and expected. I’m glad they changed it up a bit.

  24. Vic, or whoever is moderating now, will you please ban this SPAM BOT.

    • Thanks guys!

  25. Not a Cruise fan here, this is a pass for me, looks just like all the other sequels…

    The only Tom Cruise I like was on South Park; & maybe the one on Family Guy – “The Force field is down – run!” LOL

  26. This movie is going to pale in comparison if Rhames isn’t in it.

  27. I’m not really a Cruise fan, but I really like the M:I movies

  28. Cruise is definitely a good action star (and overall actor). The first MI is and always will be my favorite. The espionage of the first was wonderful. The other two were good but not up to the first. This one…it looks like there will be a little more espionage along with the action instead of just action. Either way…I’m there.

    • JoeK, i totally agree with you, about Mission Impossible 1 being the best film in the franchise. What made Ethan Hunt stand out from other ‘super agents’ is that he managed to defend himself, clear his name and thrawt the villian’s dasteredly scheme: without ever using a gun:P He may have pointed one at people but he never pulled the trigger. I don’t even know if Jack Bauer himself, could have pulled that off ;)

      Then John Woo, comes along and gets his hands on MI2 and all of a sudden Mr.Hunt’s philosohpy on conflict resolution takes a 180 and all of a sudden he’s a ‘Manslayer/Gunslinger’ and he has long hair. There were some stylish moments in the sequel but it all felt to hyper-real and glamorus.Where as the 1st film was stylish and noir.And almost had a Mad Men era feel to it, even though it took place in the 90′s.

      MI3: now Hunt is crazy about a new girl, even though he went threw so much to save and be with Thandie Newton’s character in the last film.Er…okay ;) It was still watchable but none of the sequels have been able to recapture the magic i felt during watching the first film :(

      In any case, i probably will still see MI4, either in theatre or on Netflix…

      • i don’t know about the “not firing a gun”, but he did cause a helicopter to explode with the dual colored explosive gum, thereby killing 2 people, so i would hold off the nomination for sainthood

        • ” In times of war, circumstances dictate action.” What I praise Ethan hunt’s character for is doing all within his power to not use lethal forece. In the scenario with helicopter: he didn’t have any choice.It was ‘do or die’ Kill or be killed…

  29. Eminem sounded COMPLETLY out of place, even moreso then tool in the second captian america trailer…