‘Mission: Impossible 5′ Confirmed by Viacom CEO

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Mission Impossible 5 starring Tome Cruise Mission: Impossible 5 Confirmed by Viacom CEO

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol managed to at once be a blockbuster hit for Paramount, a needed shot of life for a fading franchise (maybe Tom Cruise’s action career), and a genuinely fun and enjoyable live-action debut from director Brad Bird, whose previous expertise was crafting animated flicks like The Iron Giant and The Incredibles.

So, with that kind of trifecta, is it any surprise that the Paramount – and parent company Viacom – want to keep a good thing going?

The answer in this case is “Not at all”: An established franchise that’s suddenly a hit again. Cruise suddenly bankable as an action star again. Supporting actors who could potentially carry on the franchise (Ghost Protocol’s Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Simon Pegg). A smart director in Brad Bird… What’s not to like?

Back in December we heard that Paramount was fast-tracking Mission: Impossible 5, now we’re getting confirmation on that subject, straight from the top. Check out what Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said (oh-so-coyly) during a shareholder meeting in NYC, when the subject of Mission: Impossible 5 came up (as quoted by THR):

Dauman was asked by a shareholder if there were “any plans to develop an additional sequel.” His response: “Oh, yes.”

Mission Impossible 4 continues to impress at the box office Mission: Impossible 5 Confirmed by Viacom CEO

Again, a Ghost Protocol sequel  is really a no-brainer, given that M:I4 is sitting pretty at a $679 million worldwide box office take. However, the question of who is returning is somewhat less certain at this point. It’s easy to assume that the cast will be locked in for another go, but whether Brad Bird or Ghost Protocol writers Josh Applebaum and André Nemec will return is a harder call to make.

Then again, as far as the greater public is concerned, the overwhelming sentiment will likely be that it’s a good time to go on another Mission, regardless of the personnel details.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol sequel ((is that what we’re calling it? Not Mission: Impossible 5?) as news develops.

Source: THR

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  1. I liked the 4th one but I’m tired of seeing them

    • I guess your done.

  2. they should do sort of a fast five thing with the fifth one. and by that i mean one big reunion. bring back certain people from all four films. like max, or thandie newton, and bring back luther and michelle monaghan in bigger roles

    • Michelle Monaghan’s character was killed off.

      • No she wasen’t. She is at the end of Ghost Protocol.

      • Did you stay for the whole movie?

      • Watch the vid again, bro ;) her death was a cover up.

  3. All I want to know at this point is if Brad Bird is directing and when it’s coming out. I’m looking forward to this.

  4. Yay another movie with endless sequels! I remember when I was little and my mom would read me stories that had no end. I loved them.

    • come on, the fourth is considered the best in the series. and i agree. so how can you act like that when the sequels are actually GOOD. if they keep getting worse then yeah i would agree with you but not in this case

      • I’m with jerry its not that the movie will be bad it just loses its touch sometimes you have to crave something new

      • I’m not saying that M:I4 was bad by any means. My point is that stories are meant to have a beginning middle and end. I realize Hollywood doesn’t want to follow this because they want to milk their films for everything they can. I’m with the few who do follow this 3 arc structure. A good example of this is Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

      • Not all sequels are a hit from the first actually more actually suck and kills the movie then they make it better

      • Mission Impossible 4 was awesome, but my favorite so far is #3.

  5. looking at tom cruise current scheduale i would say we wont see another M:I movie before late 2015.he is now filming oblivion and right after that all you need is kill which are bith HUGE,HUGE films.and after that probably top gun 2 and maybe some smaller movie.this means that he will probably film new M:I in late 2014…
    as for who is returning-i am all in for brad bird again,but seeing how this film is at leist 4 years away there could be new talented director that comes out-like josh trank this year,that could do even better job.
    as for jeremy renner and paula patton-i really dont think anybody cares about them that much…renner is going to be busy anyway whit his own franchise like bourne and hancel and gretel and avengers sequels will be there.
    as for patton,im sure that they can find some other eye candy by then…
    as for pegg,im sure he will be there since he brings a lot of money from UK(unless they bring in daniel radcliffe)
    the bigger question is-what will they do to top burj khalifa scene.im sure the budget will be much,much bigger this time so i have no doubt that they are going to try(tom cruise that is…)

    • No one cares about Renner? You mean one of the main reasons this movie is awesome and why he’s one of the best actors out there?

    • Having a reunion would be great though, doesn’t matter what eye candy it is, that woman is a great character. Take for instance Irene Adler(Rachel McAdams) from Sherlock Holmes, nothing could replace her. Unless, they in any of the previous movies died. could not replace her with another mastermind without any excuse like death. then I must say it would be better to have another kind of person, not a female good looking mastermind at all, but maybe just someone with great skills.

  6. TC has always maintained that he wanted each installment have a different director, to have its own look and style. I love Bird just as much as the next person, but no chance of him coming back even though he did make the best entry in this series. Plus I don’t think Bird wants to repeat himself, hence why we have yet to see a sequel to The Incredibles. I for one am all for M:I-5 with a new director.

  7. Really love this franchise and Tom Cruise! very entertaining movies, definitely will see the next one :D

  8. Sweet mi4 was pretty awesome hope all the supporting cast returns renner ans cruise kick ass together

  9. What if they decided to go all retro and take it back to the 1960s with the characters originally portrayed by Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, and Greg Morris? Since we all know from the first movie that Phelps is eventually going to betray his fellow IMF agents, it could add a twist to the seemingly stoic character.

    He could be like young Anakin Skywalker…but with better hair.

  10. My Best wishes always with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. this is just a awesome movie. super like.

  11. Excellent, but not surprising news. I mean a studio trying to bank on a franchise? Who would have “thunk” it? Now that there no word about a Salt sequel or Jack Ryan reboot, Paramount needed something to sink their teeth into.

    As for Tom Cruise, it wouldn’t surprise me if he came back, considering he help bring the movie version of M:I to life. It also wouldn’t surprise me if this would be his last one, where they either say goodbye to him or kill him off.

    But please bring back Luther and Michelle. They were awesome.

  12. i rather brad bird focus all his attention on making the incredibles 2

  13. I really wish people stop complaining about studios “trying to bank on a franchise”.

    Every single movie ever made, EVER, was made to make money!

  14. Absolutely loved MI:4. Love this series…would like it to go @least 2 more w/Tom Cruise, then hand the baton to Jeremy Renner. I hope they keep Brad Bird as director, and the writers Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec…when you find the perfect writers, keep them, please. Different subject, would also love to see a sequel to Knight and Day-must also have Cameron Diaz. Also, someone, please, make a seqeul to Angelina Jolis’s Salt.

  15. I’d like to see a new director of Mission Impossible and film it with more of the style and flare of Charlie’s Angels 2.

    • Charlie’s Angels 2 was an awesome movie.

      • What, are you drunk

  16. The 4th one the best! I was kind of straying from the mission impossible movies, then I saw jeremy renner was in it, I ran to see the movie! All 4 of them together made this movie a HUGE success in my eyes! But I did see it because jeremy renner is in it! And he didn’t fail! But the 4 of them together brought back life to line of movies! =)

  17. I’m super excited for a 5th movie! It’s a great movie series and I like the actors and directors and the writers. Tom Cruise has never mad a bad movie! Lol

  18. MI1 and MI4 are the best out of the lot. MI2 had an intial running time 3 and a half hours as Cruise and Paramount took out a whopping 90 minutes of footage to that disjointed narrative with huge plot holes. Abrams made a huge mistake in giving Ethan a wife with bland copycat character elements of the first movie. So much for originality. De Palma applies sophisticated visual planning to his film as Brad Bird has the best script from all previous Mission movies. I hope MI5 goes into the realm of sci-fi, similar to INCEPTION which is a Mission film in the dream world.

  19. Check out full fledge fan base website for mission impossible 5 : http://www.missionimpossible5.org